LUSTFUL EROTICISM: MY SILENT SEDUCTION ! - (Dark Forbidden Pleasures ! )

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group


Vampiric Eroticism: My Silent Seduction of Telepathic Hypnotism (Eternal Bloodlust) (My Vampiric Eroticism.)



Warning Mature Content: 18+ ONLY PLEASE !!



(Note: FROM 2018.

This is a dark fantasy story that happened to a young man  the other day when he was visiting the library.  Personally, this is how I desire to find myself: locked deep within mysterious, enticing encounters with sexy men; secretive, erotic encounters of alluring and dark sexual tension with innocent, lustful desire.  Forever locked within the shimmering, smoky lights of the underground city's neon world. ;-) 


This is all from his point of view.)



I adorned my buff, masculine protege in an expensive dress shirt and gothic-couture dress pants that day; a vogue of sensual innocence.



  Admiring myself in the mirror, I concluded that I looked very innocent yet handsomely cute.  My shiny, straight hair lie in a combover style offsetting my broad shoulders.  After finishing my work for the day, I vanished down the glittering, dark city streets until I finally decided to vanish into the downtown library, my favorite mystical haunt.



  This is a grand, mystical library with many colonnades, dark hidden rooms and ancient lore, just how I prefer it.  Truly elegance en-grande; lavish and regal.  It reminded me of the macabric underworlds I adore to relish my dark thoughts within. 




I was entranced in perusing the titles of various unknown authors and silently went up a dark flight of steep, mystic stairs, stepping into the second story middle section of the library where a number of complimentary chairs sat for the patrons.


  I vaguely remember catching a glimpse of two shadowy forms out of the corner of my eye, both on laptops, as I silently stepped into a darkened aisle where the fantasy section resided. 


I was on my knees, curiously reading the back of a rare fantasy title, and then quietly turned to walk down another darkened aisle.



  The dull red glow of the lights above reminded me of excursioning through Dracula's castle of death and I couldn't help thinking of one of my favorite games, Castlevania.




As I was turning my gaze to search the shining, neon directory above me, I caught sight of a young man, perhaps near my age, sitting on a laptop next to a young girl, staring forth into my eyes with such a fierce, piercing gaze of sexual desire and lust.  Those eyes and that mouth tempted me like a vicious, hungry panther pawing and crying in a deadly lament. 



His dark, viciously alluring eyes dripped in mysterious hypnotism, luring me into their telepathic power.  Almost as if he were a vampire himself and was tempting me with his hidden, telepathic secrets.

Those sweet, handsome lips of his curved ever so slightly at the tips and upper part. 




 I desired so very much to passionately kiss those delicate, vivacious lips he had.  Stroke his gorgeous hair and caress his sexy, masculine body all over.  Feel his warm, manly hands desirously caressing my privates and alluring derrier. 


  Running his warm hands up my beefy chest slowly, enamouring my mind in an orgasmic entrancement, massaging my nipples, while we kiss each other in temptuous allure.  Very incredibly sexy!


His perfectly shaped nose tilted gorgeously and ruggedly, just as a handsome man should.  Even his perfectly shaped ears tempted me strangely.  His shiny, straight hair, cropped short and textured in an alluring, lavish style, fell slightly onto his forehead on one side of his face, framing the whole ensemble beautifully.




Try as I might I could not resist withdrawing my gaze from his.  His dark, mysterious countenance and lustful, yet curious innocence of sexual longing that rested within his eyes intrigued me to no end. 


Yet, an evil wanton seemed to flash from those vivid eyes, vicious and merciless, as if he was reading my thoughts and trying to succumb me to his power; his bloodthirsty soul. 



I turned my head only fleetingly for a moment, a wry grin stealing across my face, (I couldnt help myself, he was so very alluring and handsome) trying to compose myself in this obviously awkward, yet enticing, encounter.


I started to go erect and felt very horny around that time because I was so aroused by him. 


How very enticing indeed! 



My bulge was getting so very large that I had to hide my crotch area.  As I crossed behind a solitary bookshelf, I bent down to hide myself in a dark space the next aisle over.  I was ashamed yet not sorry of my dark thoughts regarding him.



I just wanted to cry in vicious innocence at how seductive and gorgeous he was.  I would do anything to be his vampire slave. 


I shall weep in horny lust while I gaze up along his masculine, beefy chest and deep into his fierce eyes while Im tonguing and sucking him naughtily. 


Have him tell me what a naughty boy-slut I am.


I just want to be eternally locked into his Vampiric Eroticism; a silent seduction of telepathic hypnotism.  Be forevermore his lifepower of eternal bloodlust.




Then a moment's hesitation and again my eyes returned to his momentarily before I vanished behind another bookshelf.  Sure enough he was gazing up from the light of the laptop, his eyes peering deep into mine in a type of dark lustre and radiance that astonished me. 


He also was gazing me up and down, like a feral prey, just like a vampire. 



The whole time this was going on the young girl next to him was oblivious to the whole silent revelry and sexual tension going on around her between us.  Her eyes rested straight ahead on the laptop the whole time, never leaving it. 

Almost as if the dark fates of the universe had allowed this small amount of time to be given to me and this handsome stranger.  To be completely honest, he was unbearably sexy and very seductive.  I desired to have more of him. 



It was a very hot eye-sex encounter.  Except, between two horny men.



Racing thoughts and panting breath overcame me as I stood in the dim light.  Goodness knows the sexual thoughts I had regarding this young man. 


What does his privates look like and how well endowed is he?  I'd love to suck and passionately lick it all over, starting from his dripping tip and sucking all the way down his thick, throbbing wet shaft.


  Licking all his creamy warm delights up lavishly.  Enticing and thrilling...



Ive never wanted anything more in my life than to be suck a big, thick, warm and throbbing wet penis.  And get sucked and fucked hard, dominated by a horny, hung man. 


Oh yes! 


The young man was perhaps aged twenty-five or so.  Give or take.  Not very much younger than I. 


What was he thinking about me? 


Did he find me sexually attractive? 


Im also a young man so the thoughts raced throughout my mind in neverending succession that perhaps he was sexually into me; desired me in a sexual, lustful passion.



Obviously, he was evidently intrigued by me at the very least.
Perhaps the whole sexual allurement of him was only a facade in my mind and he was only staring at me in a kind of mysterious curiosity because he enjoyed my outward appearance in some form of manner?


  Purely rubbish. 


How could I think that when there was obviously a very strong sexual tension and connection between us; if only fleetingly.  That was only with the eyes!  To think!  He more or less was seducing me with his stare. 


Gay eye sex. 




I pondered and pondered,  'What kind of dark mystery is this?  Should I speak to him or make a notion of being intrigued by his obvious curiosity regarding me?' 


 I am very shy and quite reserved but this man is something different and excites me in a manner I'm not accustomed to. His piercing eyes made me think forbidden thoughts and dream dark, naughty fantasies;  dark sexual fantasies that made me even more horny with the knowledge and re-enactment of it in my mind.



'What would he do with me if we were alone?  Would he seduce me?  Have hot and passionate, horny sex with me?  Could I be the submissive one?  Or would I be the dominant one who seduces him?' I thought to myself.


  Imagining him taking advantage of me and being the dominator while I stayed submissive excited me in a strange arousal that filled me with dark lust and revelry.  Imagine bending him over.  That sweet, sexy ass of his would wreck all havoc within me. 




  The lusty, hot things we could do together.  The dark and unconditional loving mannerisms we could give each other. 

Even if he were a vampire, I'd let him feed his bloodlust dry for my lifegiving veins.  His fangs gnashing and tearing together as the blood flows delicately down his dripping lips of dark allure.  Tainting the very soil with hellfire and arcanic desire. 


Desire of the unknown between two men.



This couldn't be anymore perfect.  I smiled in a wry, innocent fashion of naive lust.


My eyes shifted directions endlessly to and fro in the dark lit aisle I was in.  The silence was maddening and all this had happened in complete, total silence.  The silent seduction.  How very fitting for a title for this erotically enticing encounter. 




I silently stepped throughout the aisle, too lost in the moment with my deep thoughts to care for browsing through any book titles, and stopped when I came to another dark corner next to a lamp in an alcove above me. 


It was as if time and the world had stopped only for us and I couldn't shake his piercing eyes and flawless face from my mind.  I waited in this stance for another minute or so then walked down the opposite aisle until I came to the end. 



At this corner was another dark entryway with a red, glowing exit sign above.  Regaining my composure and the courage to gaze out into the middle section where the young man was sitting, I slowly walked forth into the light and peered my head in his direction.



Alas!  They were gone!  Vanished into thin air!  I had not even heard them leave.  Were they phantoms or spirits it would have never even been heard by the blind; perhaps even felt spiritually by the blind, dumb or deaf.




Again, the thought came to me, 'Vampire.'  Dark and mysterious -- just the way I like them. 


After gazing around and walking throughout the room to try to catch a glimpse of the young man again if he was still in the area, I walked away in a quiet, solemn dejection.  To no avail!

The mysterious stranger was gone and so was his tempting power of lust.



'This couldn't be anymore perfect.' I thought to myself, silently withdrawing from the foyer of the arcanic library, the grand doors shutting behind me in an enchanting, dark permanency. 


The mystical stranger had left his mark on me, perhaps even cast a spell, yet all was well within me.  I was satisfied and intrigued.  I would always have the memory of him in my mind.  Always there tempting me with those eyes of vivid bloodlust and necromancy. 


Take me away to your eternal, dark realm of bloodthirsty hell.  Satisfy my lust for you my mysterious, handsome fellow! 




'This couldn't be anymore perfect.' I thought once more as I disappeared down the dark street, our encounter a fleeting memory that vanishes into the mystery of the unknown universe. 



The End.

Submitted: July 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ZELDA VAXANDORF X. All rights reserved.

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