Teddy's Humiliation

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Poor young Teddy finds himself having to reveal his small member in front of a group of perverted men.

trembling with fear and embarrassment. The Ten older guys in the room 
leaned in o get a better look.  They all held cocktails and already 
had a slight buzz.  The boy was naked except for a pair of baggy boxer 
shorts.  His body was smooth and almost hairless. He looked younger 
than his eighteen years, he was a slow developer.  His skin was pale 
and soft as milk.  His hair was long and parted on one side, so it 
kind of tumbled over his forehead... that cute, carefully styled, unkempt 
look of today's youth.  And he was a youth of today. He was an 
excellent student with a 3.67 average. He was popular and known for 
his winning personality. Not that you would notice that today. Today, 
he chewed his lower lip, and his eyes surveyed the room nervously.  He 
had a wonderfully sensitive sweet face, with just a bit of cocky 
youthful punk to it. Maybe it was the slightly pug nose or the curve 
of the nice full lips.  His nipples were not large, and he had that 
marvelous half boy, half adult look to him.  His feet were large and 
showed that he would indeed grow taller.  He was not at all happy 
about standing on a stool in front of ten middle aged men, dressed in 
only his boxer shorts. 

"Think of it as going to get a physical from the 
doctor, Teddy..." I had told him, rubbing his shoulders to calm him. 
"It’s just something you have to do, and I promise you none of the men 
with do anything to harm you, or even touch you in fact." 

His lower lip had quivered as tears filled his 
beautiful big eyes.  "Please, sir, do we have to do this? Isn’t there 
some other way? .I mean, Please .don’t do this to me. Don’t make 

I had taken his soft smooth skinned chin in my hand and 
turned his face to look at me.  "Now, now, now, Teddy, we had an 
arrangement.  We had a deal. You agreed to it. I told you, if you made 
a fuss or tried to back out, you would not enjoy the consequences. 
Can't we get through this without upsetting you or me too much? What's 
an hour of discomfort and embarrassment a week?  In an hour or so, you 
can go home and get on with your normal life, and no one will ever 
know. " 

He was so scared his teeth chattered.  "I'm scared, " he 
admitted.  "I don't want them to see... I don't want anyone to see...." 

"It's up to you, Teddy. Are you willing to throw away your 
entire reputation at school as a really cool kid?  Are you ready to 
lose all your friends, and have kids make fun of you everywhere you go? 
 If that's what you want, fine.  Its ten strange men who don't even 
know you, or all your friends and teachers, and even the colleges you 
have been looking at. I know you want to graduate early and go to 
University, and chances look so good for you. How would you feel if 
all the kids at the university found out, and your teachers? " 

"It's gonna change. In a year or so, .it might...."  

"Fine! .it’s up to you, I don't wanna waste my time. If 
that's what you want, the pictures go on the mail and on the internet 
tomorrow morning. Facebook, Instagram, Kik, you name it."  I started to walk from the room. 

"WWWAaaiitt...."  he whined.  He sniffed back some snot, .and 
wiped his cute nose.   "I'll do it. Please don’t show my 

"Then our deal is once a week for six months, you entertain 
us.  It’s that simple, for one hour. One hour of your time, and nobody 
ever has to know." 

So now he stood his boxer shorts on a stool, so no one 
at his school would ever find out his secret. Well of course, they all 
would. I wouldn’t miss an opportunity like that, but Teddy didn’t know 
that at the time.  Oh, no, we'd get some fun out of him first, and then 
I'd show the school.

"All right, let's get the party under way. Gentlemen this here 
is Ted, or Teddy as I like to call him. He's a high school senior 
who may graduate with honors because he is a really good 
student and has some outstanding skills.  He is very, very popular, and 
some say a genius.  He has unfortunately, one skill that is not so 
outstanding. One flaw… one fly in the ointment, as they say. 
Teddy, will you please tell us about your shortcomings." 

The men in the room chuckled and Teddy blinked.  I thought he 
would cry again. He took a deep breath and his slender chest expanded, 
and some of the guys in the room were already jerking off through 
their pants.  I mean, the kid was just eighteen, his birthday had been a few days ago.  

The most sensitive and delicate age for a boy of all. The age when every boy wants to prove 
he is a man. Teddy swallowed and said in a voice much too quiet for my 
pleasure, “I'm pretty small down there." 

"Louder please, Teddy. The gentlemen can't hear you."

He sighed, and his sigh gave me a hard on.  "I'm kind of 
small down there," he said louder. 

"Oh Teddy, don’t disappoint me in front of my friends. We have a 
deal.  What does that mean?. Down there? What is down there?" 
I could see his hands shaking.  He looked at the floor and 
squeezed his eyes shut. He was so fucking humiliated and we had just 

"My... cock... my cock is kind of small."  He said it with a 
release of air, like he was letting a tremendous weight off his chest. 
But I wasn't going to let the cute little boycunt get off so easily. 

"Your cock is kind of small? How small Teddy? Kind of small, or 
very small?" 

He blinked at me and looked like he might either swear at me or 
cry. He did neither.  "The doctor said it could get bigger when I 
get older." 

"Fat chance, Teddy! You are already sixteen. Boys you age have 
seven and eight inch fuckers and are plowing their girlfriends every week. 
Gentlemen, Teddy here is afraid to even date a girl. Afraid she 
might find out. Afraid he might eventually have to show her, or God 
forbid, try to fuck her.  Well, Teddy, how small is it.? Kind of 


"It's okay with me Ted, but I don't think it would be okay with 
any of the girls in your school. Which one of them would want to 
date a peanut dick? And don't you believe any of that crap Teddy about 
its not how big it is, it’s how you use it. Ted, to a high school girl, 
it is how big it is, so ‘she can brag to her girlfriends.  And to high 
school boys, it’s all about how big it is, to prove what studs they 
are.  Gentlemen, Teddy here has gone out of his way, so no one at his 
school… no one in the world in fact, including his own parents and 
little brother, know what a tiny pricket he has. He doesn’t shower in 
school in front of anyone. He hides when he uses the urinal. He 
wants desperately to stay as popular as he is, and he knows the truth 
would make him an outcast… a freak, in fact.  You would be a freak, 
Teddy, wouldn’t you, .if the kids at school found out?" 

Teddy curled his big toes and made fists with his hands.
"I asked you a question. Would they think you were a freak, if 
they found out about your pathetic baby tool?" 

"I guess to some of them. But, it's not fair. II… I…."  he 
ran out of words and the tears welled up in his eyes. The guys in the 
room were beating off through their pants and more than a few pairs of 
trousers would have rub marks. 

"Ted, I know it’s not fair. And I don’t want to see you hurt. 
That's why we have our deal. You see, gentlemen, I have some pics of 
Ted. His doctor took them when he went in for a physical, and don't 
ask me how, I got my hands on them.  Now, I know Ted doesn’t want 
anyone to see those photos, so we have this deal. If he provides a 
little fun for us once a week on Wednesday nights, at the end of six 
months, I give him the only copies of the photos, and the whole thing 
is forgotten.  If he misbehaves, or goes back on his word, well then, 
the photos will go on a website and the address sent to everyone, and 
copies of the photos will be circulated throughout the school and sent 
to his future university choices. " 

"Let's see it," one of the guys bellowed, and all ten laughed.

"Patience, gentlemen. With something as special as this, we have 
to take time. We have to show some respect in unveiling the 
monument. Well, hardly a monument. Tell me, Teddy, is only your prick 
abnormally, freakishly small, or are your nuts tiny too?"

"My nuts are tiny too,"  he burbled, starting to cry now. The laughter grew.

"How fucking pathetic. A nice healthy, strapping, handsome sixteen year 
old boy, with the prick and nuts of a three-year old. Are you queer 

He had been staring at the floor, but now he looked up.  'Huh?" 
he asked. 

"Are you queer?Are you a faggot?"

He shook his handsome head.  'No, no Sir. What makes you think 
that? No, I like girls a whole lot. I want to date them. .I just......" 

"Yeah, you just don’t get intimate cause one of them might feel 
your peanut prick, and then where would you be? I only asked because it 
might be better for you if you were a homo. You know, then you could 
at least get some pleasure. You could take it up the ass. It looks 
like you have a pretty cute ass. You could take dick up your ass and 
not worry about your useless cock." 

"That's disgusting, sir. I am not gay. I am normal…"

'Not from what I've seen, you are in no way normal.  If you were 
a faggot you could become an expert cocksucker and make friends with 
the guys at school That way, you know, become their mouth dump. You 
would probably develop some respect for how big and thick a real dick 
is. Tell us Teddy, you have seen the eighth-grade boys in the nude in 
the locker room when you swim with them? They aren't afraid to walk 
around bare assed...like you are.  So, tell us, are most of the eighth 
grade boys smaller, or the same size, or larger in the dick department 
than you are?"

Teddy chewed his lip and tears dripped from his chin.

Submitted: July 03, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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