Sex Rest Repeat - In the beginning Part 3 Chapter 6

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: BDSM Erotica

We continue with the journey of my life experiences.
I let him fuck me instead of being raped. He's going to pay with his life for sticking his old dick into my young waxed pussy. Money won't save him.
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Sex Rest Repeat - In the beginning part 3. Chapter 5

Mamma's is a traditional style italian restaurant on the water front of Redcliffe. Full table service with a wine waiter. The old cunt knows how to impress. 
Just a couple of hours ago he had me pinned to his bed. His massaging skills are second to none. His skills of how he uses his cock to penetrate me  is also impressived 
 He soaked my body in coconut oil. I was dripping from every hole. I was wet all over. I didn't want it to end.
My mind was thinking about his cock how it was hard and how straight it is. Always hard.  It felt big as he pounded my tight cleaned shaven pussy for  hours. 
The old cunt is super fit. He out preforms guys half his age I thought as he pushes my legs back towards my face. 
He let me go cowboy on him. I rode him hard and fast. Bouncing high on him. I will show him all my skills. 
While at the same time I m  thinking about how he will die at the hands of the mob. No one gets away with trying to rape me.  My mind comes back now, back to the task at hand- dinner. 
He spoke to the wine waiter as I rubbed his cock with my foot. The waiter poured a small amount of wine into a glass.
 Do you like that wine ? The old cunt asked me. No. It's to dry and bitter like you. 
He exchanges a few words with the waiter. My glass was removed before I finished the wine.
 I could still feel his cock in me. Maybe I will go down on him under the table right now. 
The mixture of coconut oil and my juices made his cock slippery to hold. God I love the feel of his cock. 
Maybe I will let him fuck me again. I thought as I could here people being ushered past us. 
The waiter return with another bottle of wine. Oh this one taste good ! I said aloud. Like coconut oil I thought to myself. 
The waiter topped up my glass and place the bottle into the ice bucket, which just appeared. Like me from under the table. 
We ate and drank all night. I felt happy and relaxed, maybe from the wine. This repeated over and over every night. 
We fuck, we eat, we ride his bike and fuck everywhere. We didn't care about what people thought. 
It was a blur of pleasure. I never left his side. I never left his apartment block without him. I never returned to my place. 
He didn't care I could have him killed at a moment's notice. I think I'm falling in love...

Submitted: July 01, 2021

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