Playing Doctor

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: The Humiliation Board

A young engaged couple visit a doctor for a pre-marriage physical exam. However the doctor is out, and a sadist has taken his place. He totally humiliates the couple.



Playing Doctor

From the Memoirs of Mr. Black

by dale10





After reading all the available files for the patients

scheduled, I chose Thursday to step in and replace Dr. Willard Shulkin.  Dr.

Shulkin has certain sexual tastes that need specific tending, and thus he is

in my debt for services provided.  I chose Thursday because of the young

couple coming in at one thirty in the afternoon.

Ryan Taylor and Mary Clark were two young people in love and desiring to get


At first, I thought maybe the nineteen-year old jock had fucked her

preggies, but it turns out that their union was motivated by love and they

had indeed not yet dicked.


Imagine in this day and age, a couple that wants to marry for

love.  Then why so young, I asked? Because they wanted to build their lives

together... go to college together and live happily ever after.  Well, I had

to do something about that.


"Ryan and Mary," I shouted, looking at their charts, trying to

sound businesslike and yet cheerful and hide the lump growing behind my

doctor's coat.


He was six foot two with a short athletic haircut, piercing blue eyes,

a strong face with a square, jock jaw, a really good build, and a flashing

smile that made my dick jump.


She was petite, only about five four with a head of curly blond hair and the

body of a cheerleader.  She was dressed rather modestly.  I could see she

had a good set of udders under her sweater, and I wondered briefly whether

lover boy sucked on them.

You see my prime purpose in being there that day, in playing doctor, was to

sexually degrade, humiliate and destroy these two pure young love birds.


I chatted with them briefly, pleasant inane useless stuff

that will do nothing for your dicks dear readers, so I will gloss over it.

The basics are as follows.  He, nineteen, a freshman at college on

scholarship… athletic scholarship.  She, just graduated from high school and

wants to be with him.  She is rather strict Catholic, he is a lapsed

Catholic.  Her father and mother consume most of the red wine in their nice

neat little suburb.  His parents are from a poorer but saner background.


"It’s because of my scholarship Dr., and the fact that Mary wants

to come to the same college, that we have to have this physical before we

can get married. I know lots of laws have changed recently, and it doesn’t matter

in most cases in most states, but this is a pretty strict school, and I cant

risk losing my scholarship."


"Perfect," I thought, smiling at the big dumb lug and

imaging his nice full lips wrapped around my dick.


"Well then, for modesty’s sake, I'm going to examine you

separately."  I put them in adjoining rooms.  Then instructed them both to

undress.  I left them alone for five minutes and then went into his room.


"Come. come, come Ryan, this isn't grade school.  Can't be

shy in front of the doctor."  I gestured for him to remove his white

jockey briefs.He looked delicious in them but would look even better out

of them. He had the fine body of an all-star athlete, strong shoulders and

pecs with those suckable, pouty, quarter sized nipples that get my dick

dripping.  He had a slender waist with a tight, hard tummy.  Even his belly

button was perfect dammit, with a little bit of really light brown hair

going down into the waistband of his briefs.  And his basket was to die

for, a fucking humongous bulge that must have had the other boys in the

locker room mad with envy. He had a muscular ass, I could tell that, even

with the shorts on.  Not real small, but tight and well rounded.he had

slender but well-muscled legs and large wide feet.  A real treat.


And when the underpants came off, I thought I'd lose it.

The fucking schlong was over six inches flaccid with a big fucking

circumcised head, and his balls were like oranges. He held up his underpants

as he shifted from large foot to large foot, making his nuts dance and his

dick swing. "Ugh..."  was all he said.  I scooped up his clothes, making

sure to put the still prick warm undies next to my skin.  I would swear, I

could smell his ball sweat.


"I'll take these," I said efficiently, going out the other

door and leaving it open, with the clothes in my arms. The door that leads to the waiting room, so the two teenage boys with their mothers who were waiting for their appointment saw this big naked jock bare balls naked standing there.  He

realized he could be seen and scurried behind the door, all red in the face

as the boys in the waiting room laughed.


"Laugh your asses off you male cunts… "  I thought, "Your

turn will come."


I went next door to find the blushing bride to be standing in

bra and panties. Christ, they even thought alike.  "Come, come my dear, lets

not be shy with the doctor. Please remove your bra and panties."She

did. She had a really winning set of tits, with fat, juicy, big nipples. No

wonder the fucking jock wanted her.  Her pussy patch was evenly trimmed and

very neat, above cunt lips that had not yet flowered outward from fucking

and looked like a little girl’s twat.


"That's a good girl. "I did some minor things with her,

like weighing her and then measuring her height.  Then, I informed her we had

to weigh her tits.  Embarrassment hit her like a brick wall when I had her

lean down and rest her left tit on a scale, and then to steady it, I held it

by the nipple.  "Your boyfriend is very lucky to have such a wonderful girl

in love with him.  You have beautiful breasts, Mary. Don't be shy about

them. I'll bet Ryan loves them.  " I continued to fondle her tits and

weigh the udders. I twisted and pulled her big nipples, delighting In how they hardened up to half an inch long. Her shame was apparent.  I told her we would speed things along if I asked her some questions while I examined her.


"So tell me, have you and your fiance been intimate yet?"


"I beg your pardon...?"  she stammered.  The fucking bitch knew

what I meant.


“Have you had sexual intercourse? " I wanted to yell the word

"fucked" into her stupid bitch face.


"Not until after the wedding. I'm a virgin. " The fucking

sow made a goody goody face.


"The reason I asked is because your nipples are so large

and sensitive, I wondered if Ryan sucked on them a lot."


"Please, that's very embarrassing."I was now tugging

on both titty tips. Her breathing changed.  could tell the cunt was getting juiced.


'I'm sorry, it’s just that as a doctor, I have to know

these things, so I can give you a clean bill of health to get married.  So

many young people go into marriage completely unsure of themselves, and it

can ruin a relationship.  Now Does Ryan indulge in lots of breast play with



She turned red.  “Yes, I guess so..."she said chewing

her lip.

"Does he suck your tits often?"


"Sometimes."  the fucking whore wasn't opening up at



"And do your orally satisfy his penis at the same time?"


'Do I what?"  she seemed stiff and uncomfortable.


"Do you suck his penis to help him get sexual release."


"I think that's terribly dirty."


"Look Mary, we've already established that he sucks

your tits, so we know he gets a hard on and all worked up.  You said you

don't fuck. You are saving it for the wedding night, which I can respect,

but in the meantime, how does the poor boy get relief? He can't walk around

all the time with his scrotum aching.  That's cruel, and in some ways more

dirty, to torture a boy like that."


She blinked her eyes, and I thought she would cry.  "Sometimes, I, you know , with my hand."


"You masturbate his penis with your hand?"


"He says it feels good, and I mean, I don't think

it’s a sin to do that before marriage, is it?" Christ, they were young and innocent.


"Darling Mary, a boy needs to shoot his load.  If

you don't help him out, he will turn to other girls. Now it seems like this

boy loves you very much, so there is nothing wrong with your jerking his

dick for him, pumping his prick." She looked really sickened by my vocabulary."So tell me, Mary, how often do you choke his chicken?"


"Oh doctor, I don't know what..."


"Come on Mary, I'm only trying to help you face

marriage as a sexually aware adult.  Men need lots of sex.  Wives have to

provide it if they don’t want to lose their husbands to some other young

twats.  You certainly don’t want to lose your husband to some cheap whore, now do you? Now, tell me how often do you beat his meat for him?"


She was sniffling back tears. She was a real push

over, the dumb dicksewer. "About...about two or three times a week."


"I'll bet you anything he'd like it even more. Most young jocks need it about two or three times a day. I hope he hasn’t gone to other girls for release. He has asked you to suck it too, hasn't he?"


"Well... oh my, only because we haven't, you know, we



"You haven't fucked yet. He hasn’t yet shoved his big dick in you. Well, you know Mary, you had better get yourself together here.  I'm going to try to help you, but it won't be easy.  You are really sexually naïve, and your husband is going to want to fuck you every single night, and sometimes two or three times a day. "


"Oh Doctor, I'm frightened for sex.  I've never done

much, and I guess my drive is not very strong...I don't know."


"Now Mary, you are a very pretty girl, and you will do

just fine, once you learn the tricks of the trade so to speak.  I can help

you a bit, but you have to be adult and brave.  Ryan has a very big cock, as

you know from jerking him off.  It’s very big, and very thick and will have a

tough time ploughing your pussy at first. The main reason marriages fall apart is that wives don’t give their husbands enough good sex. Your husband with his huge dick is going to need sex almost all the time.  You should be doing some cuntal exercises to prevent damage, and to help you to enjoy the experience of adjusting to his horse pecker.  Would you like me to help you?"


"Oh doctor, I don’t know what to say. I am so

embarrassed and scared."


"Come over here and lie on this table. Don't be shy.  A

cunt is just another part of a woman's body to a doctor. But I don't want

you to ruin your marriage before it starts, because you can't properly please

your husband.  Now, put your feet in the stirrups. You've done this

before. Now, we spread your legs nice and wide. Now, I can get a good look at your cunt.”  You can just imagine how she felt. She was shaking like a leaf. It made my dick leak. “Ah, yes, you see Mary, your pussy is frightfully undeveloped, Ryan's big dick would split you open.  But I think we can help you.  I'll start by

spreading your teenage cunt lips and taking a look inside. How often do you

masturbate yourself to orgasm, Mary?"


"Please, Doctor... I... oh... a few times a week."


'Yes, your clit is developing nicely, I can see you respond when I lightly flick it. Ryan will certainly like chewing on that, and it will give you great pleasure. But your cunt lips need stretching.  Tell me do you ever put objects up your dick ditch for pleasure?" Of course the filthy language was intentional.


"Oh no, doctor, nothing like that. I just… I just…"


"Diddle yourself with your fingers, huh? Pinch and flick the clitty and rub the fuck hole.  Well, from  now until your wedding, young lady, I want you to sleep with a cucumber up your cunt."


"Doctor, I won't stand for this kind of talk. Its… its..."


"Listen Mary, you've seen Ryan's fucker. You've

jerked the fuck out of it. It’s huge. Do you want to be permanently damaged? Do you want that bull dick to rip you open? Or even worse, do you want him to try to make love to you, grunt and grind and groan, and then you have to make him

stop, unable to satisfy him? Imagine what that will do to your marriage."


"But Doctor, a cucumber? I'm a virgin. I couldn't



"Mary, I'm afraid in order to prepare you for your

boyfriend’s thick dick, we have to bust your cherry.  Don't be shocked Mary,

it’s a common practice and quite simple.  I do it all the time for

girls, especially for younger girls who are marrying really well hung men. You

know some of those dicks on those jocks are obscenely big. You are all tense Mary, here take these pills. They will relax you. Yes, Mary, I had a girl in here

last week with an unusual fetish. She wanted to copulate with her pet dog, but the animal pizzle was so large, and her receptacle so tiny, I had to help her out.”


“Mary looked totally in shock. “Do… do some girls actually do those kinds of things?”


“Oh, Mary, you’d be surprised what some girls get up to.”


Mary looked so helpless and confused. Her lips worked

but no words came out. I could see her thinking perhaps for the first time,

of a canine rutting with a girl.


“Now I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to do, but I

strongly recommend we break your hymen and stretch your cunt walls, so you

can please your husband. I'm going to leave you here to think about that.

I'll be back in a few minutes Mary, now try to relax."


I went to the next room, where Ryan was sitting awkwardly

on the examination table, hands folded over his big dick and balls. He was so

damn cute.


"Sorry, it took me so long, but I am having a wee bit of trouble with your

lovely bride.  You know, she is just a little scared of your big cock."


Ryan blinked and all American boy blink.  "She is?"


"Well you know young man, Fuckers like yours don’t come along every day of the week. That's why she only jerks you off. She's even afraid to put it in her mouth. You're going to have to go slow with her."


Ryan nodded understandingly.  “Oh I will sir, I'll be



"Jesus, I mean, it's not like she hasn't been fucked

before." I dropped that lie bomb with glee.


Ryan sat up real straight, and he even took his hand off

his prick. "What did you say, sir?"


I played dumb.  "What?  Oh... I thought you probably

knew, being so close and all."


"She's had sex with other guys?"  His poor dumb cute face

looked like a baby's. My prick gave a real thump against my trousers at the

look of his pouty mouth and his crestfallen expression. I was leaking badly.


"Well, as I said, you are really a first for her.  I mean

you are big. I can't imagine those eighth and ninth and tenth grade boyfriends had much in the prick department. Now the high school seniors who had her, probably had sizable dicks, but still, nothing like yours."


He was shaking all over.  He stood up, big and tall and

tan and so fucky. "She fucked in eighth grade?"  His full lower lip was



"Well, according to her, she started fooling around quite young.”


He leaned back against the table to keep from falling

over. “I don't believe it. I don't fucking believe it."  He pounded the

table with one fist.


"Now, now, Ryan, don't be stupid.  It’s an old fashioned

idea to want to marry a virgin. I'm sure you've dicked lots of twat.  Why

should she be any different?"


He shook his cute young head as if trying to clean out

his thoughts.  "Because… because… she's always been... she wouldn’t let me

fuck her or anything, for a fucking year. She said she wanted to save it for

when we were married."


“Well, making love to the man you marry is very different

and special for a girl. Very different than just a bunch of high school fuck

dates. You know, high school lunks shoving it in her cunt and mouth and ass.”


He waved one big jock hand in my direction. The color had

drained from his face.  "Wait a minute. Wait a fucking minute Doctor..."


"No, you wait a minute, young man. I'm afraid you are going to

have to calm down and watch your language."


"What do you mean a bunch of high school fuck dates?"


"Nothing Ryan, I just gather that she was rather popular in

high school."


"Popular, yeah, but she dated me her senior year, and I was

her first boyfriend., or so she said."


"Perhaps you were her only boyfriend. Giving boys blow jobs

doesn't necessarily mean she is their girlfriend."


"Doctor, wait a fucking minute, please.  Are you

telling me my future wife sucked dick in high school?"


I hemmed and hawed and acted all embarrassed, enjoying

the boy's complete breakdown.  "She… she told me she really wants to please

you. She wants to be the best wife in the world. And she asked me how to properly suck a dick as big as yours. She said all the ones she sucked in high school

were much smaller. That's all I know."


Ryan was looking around for his clothes, which of course

weren’t there.  "Fucking cocksucker. I wanna see the bitch." how quickly

dumb jocks become crude. The farm boy was falling apart in front of me.


Now I became stern.  "No. I insist you calm down and we

finish the exam. That girl loves you deeply. What does it matter if she

tramped around a little in school and took it up the ass every now and then. She'll only make a better bedmate because of it. How many other girls have you fucked?"


He bit his lip." That's different..."


"Oh it is?  Not in today's society it's not. Girls have the

same rights as guys. Now tell me honestly, how many girls have you fucked?"


"I don't remember."


"That's bullshit Ryan. Boys like you keep score, really

accurate score. How many?"


"Thirty-six."  He hung his cute head and looked down at his

big naked feet.


"Thirty-six.  You cunt-rammed thirty-six different dick ditches, and you are concerned because twelve guys fucked her in one school year? "

I could see him mentally collapse even more. "Now that's just not fair, Ryan.  And  as for all the guys whose wet swollen dicks she sucked, that's no different really than you grabbing girly tit and playing with it, and you've done that hundreds of times I bet. Now just step over to this scale and lets weigh you."


I did some normal exam things in silence, letting the hunk stew in his

frustration and pain. When I listened to his heart, I slid the extra cold

stethoscope all over his big nipples watching them erect.


“I can see why Mary was shy about telling you she's had

experiences.  She is clearly frightened of your dick.  And I must say, it’s a

pretty intimidating piece of meat."  I was handling his cock, weighing his

balls. I rested his nuts on the scale and wrote down some fake figures.


"Doctor, I don't know if I can go through with this

marriage.  I mean, she's just not the girl I thought she was."


"Oh yeah, sure, " I said fondling his nuts in their big

fleshy sack.  " You boys want to fuck every girl in sight and then marry a

virgin. it just won’t work. Now if you are smart, young man, you won't even

mention her past to her.  You will just fuck her as deep and hard as you

can and show her that you are the man in her life, and the she belongs to

you.  That’s the way to erase the past and build a future together. Forget about all those dicks she has had in her mouth. All that cum she has guzzled.  Make

her suck your dick tonight boy. Don;t take no for an answer.  I know this

sounds like strange advice from a doctor, but really,once you ram your

prick down her throat and really skull fuck her, she will be yours and only yours. Force her if you have to. Girls secretly love that.  And before you know it, once your fat fucker has been up her ass, both your sleazy sexual pasts will be forgotten. Love her for what she can give you. She’s going to be a wonderful fuck.

I promise you will love fucking her tight little asshole.”




"Yeah, like she'd ever let me do that..."


"Ryan, she wants you to be rough with her. To make her

yours. She wants to be dominated.  She wants to forget her past.  Take

her. Make her do anything you want.  She will love you all the more for it.

" I acted suddenly professionally concerned.


"Tell me Ryan, has anyone ever spoken to you about your urethra?"


"About my what?"  He was really shaky and mixed up. The

poor dumb boycunt's mind just wasn't very fast.


"About your pisshole.  Your cock is very large and

beautiful.  The envy of most guys I dare say, but your pisshole is very

small and undeveloped. This could present real problems for you later in

life. "


"It could?"  He was so fucking stupid.


I had him sit bare assed on the edge of the examination

table.  I ran my hands over his smooth thighs. He had very soft skin.  I

took an ugly looking steel device. I didn't even know what the fuck it was.

It looked more to me like something a dentist would use. "Now this may hurt

just a bit young man, but I have to spread your pisslips and have a look



"You do?"  like a fucking big dump puppy.


" I do." I took his fat prick head in my hand and shoved the

steel spike deeply inside the urethra, halfway up his cock.  I thought he

would go through the fucking ceiling. He let out a wail that qualified him

for pussyboy of the year, not all state athlete. His hand gripped me wrist.

His face was twisted in pain.


"Please leave go of my wrist Ryan. You are making this

very hard for me."


"Jesus Christ Doctor, this hurts like hell…"


"It will make you a little raw and sensitive for a few

days, but it will keep your pisstube healthy, help you with your

ejaculations too. When you face fuck your new bride, you want to be able to shoot a nice big healthy load into her mouth.”  I took his hand off my arm. Then, I held the big floppy dick and twisted and jerked the steel tool inside his dick. He almost passed out from the pain. He be pissing blood for a few weeks for sure. Then, I told the sobbing jock to sit still and leave the steel tool up his dick for a few minutes, while I checked on Mary.


"Please, Doc, can't you take it out. It's really killing

me."  I looked down to see his big jock toes curl in pain. I looked at

the metal tool hanging from the piss hole of his fat dickhead.


"I'm afraid it has to stay in for a few minutes to

clean the penal tube. just be a good boy and sit still. "


I left him and went back to the bitch.  She was groggy

and unfocused, lying there with her cunt on display.  "How are we doing

honey?"  I asked, snapping a few pics with my phone.  She moaned something.


"You know Mary, I just talked to Ryan and explained to

him about the trouble you might have taking his fat prick up your

cunt, and he agrees that we should open you up and prepare you for proper

marital intercourse.  So, what say? Let’s do it, and we'll all be happier. Ryan did hint that if you couldn’t take his hog hose properly, it could affect your marriage adversely." I took a kind of shield device doctors use when they don't want the patient to see what's going on and placed it over her big tits. Now she couldn’t see me between her legs.


"Doctor, I'm so scared..."  she moaned.


"Nothing to be scared of darling. I'm going to use a

special medical tool to help you. First, I'm going to open your cunt lips

with a speculum. This stretches the inner twat canal. Now even though, I'm

going to bust your cherry, you still have to sleep with a cucumber up your

twat every night until the wedding, and not a small one either, so you pleasantly surprise your husband by your ability to take his huge dick.  "


"Doctor, those words you use embarrass me... ouch… ouch! It hurts when you stretch me like that."


I was pulling apart her pussy lips.  "The words I

use are to get you used to romantic terms for sexual acts and

body parts, instead of dry, technical terms.  You have to start to realize that

even though lots of Catholics don't like it, cunt  is a beautiful word. It goes back a long way in history. "


Well of course, you guessed it, the medical tool I used

to burst her hymen was my dick. she couldn’t see, and I think even if she

could have, she wouldn't have known what was going on, she was so out of it.

Of course, it still hurt her something fierce, because I fucked in hard and

Fast, without any concern for her twat. I wanted to hurt her.  And my dick is as big as lover boy’s.  She screamed and choked and gagged, and I just kept fucking in balls deep into her guts. There was some blood of course which I loved.  Fucking, teenage, virgin, cocktease twat. Served her right. But then, after I had fucked her nice and open and juicy for about twenty minutes, I went to the shelf where I had a jar of sperm from previous patients.  I had demanded a sperm sample from some stupid college applicants, and he kids

jerked their big dicks right in front of me.  They were thick, rich,

potent load too, less than half an hour old.


The bitch was crying.  I coated my prick with college boy

sperm and rammed into her once again.  I thought she would fly off the

fucking table. With any luck, the cunt would be pregnant with a baby

on her wedding. I knew the cum had to be really fresh, but it was fun to try anyway, and perhaps my joy jiz would do the trick.


"Doctor, I hurt so bad. Oh my God, I hurt so bad!"

she sobbed.


"There, there, this salve will sooth you," I said

slopping more spunk into her fucked out hole. "Now, aren't you glad I

did this to you now, rather than Ryan doing it on your wedding night and

ruining the whole evening.  Now you will be nice and ready to give him a

good fuck. That's a good girl.  Here, I’ve got a little something for you to

drink that will make you feel better. "  I had some of the college boy dick slop

in a paper cup, along with the snot I’d collected when I had a teenage boy

blow his nose. I fed it to the stupid bitch. I still hadn't shot my own

load and my prick was ready to explode.  So, I decided to go back to Ryan.  I

left the twat on the table moaning and crying that her pussy hurt.


Ryan was also crying, that his dick hurt.I soothed

him and told him to lie back on the table and put his big feet into the

stirrups as well.


"Doctor, I'm begging you, please take that thing out

of my dick."


"Just a few more minutes. That's a good boy. In the

meantime, let me check your prostate for cancer."He had a sumptuous

asshole, perfectly round and corrugated and pink brown and tight,  with just

a bit of hole hair.  Without any lubricant, I began to spread the lips of

his asshole with my fingers.


"So, tell me Ryan, and I'm sorry if this seems like

prying..(pardon the pun)  but in this day and age of  sexual diseases, I

have to ask you.  Have you ever had anal intercourse."


"Eh... yeah, I fucked a few girls in the ass."


"No, no Ryan, have you ever been assfucked by a guy?"


"What the fuck are you talking about, I'm not

queer...?"  He tried to sit up, so I grabbed the  spike up his dick to get

him to relax.


"Easy boy, lots of very straight guys will experiment

with gay sex in high school and college, just to try it.  I have to ask you.

I take it the answer is no."


"I never did nothing with no fags."


Of course,  he had no idea what his double negative

implied. But I didn't pick up on it, I was having too much fun with his

jock asshole.  I had a finger deep in his hole. He grunted and moaned and

twisted on the table. His big balls flopped about and the metal rod in his

dick swung back and forth. He was beautiful.


"You seem impacted.  Do you have good bowel

movements Ryan?"


"What do you…? Yeah, l guess so. I mean... like

anybody else."


"How often do you shit, Ryan?"


"About once a day... like everybody."


"No Ryan. With your active life and  intake of

food, you probably should be shitting two or three times a day. Its more

healthy.  I'm going to give you an enema. Have you ever had an enema?"


“Look Doctor, I'm okay..I don't need any

enema. No I never had one and I don't want one now."


I had two fingers up his asshole, spreading

them and moving them about.  He was in considerable pain and discomfort. Now,

I pulled out and to embarrass him more, showed him my shitty fingers.  He

turned red, but shut his trap.  I washed my hands and then prepared the

enema bag for him.  I put in lots of hot soapy water.  I selected a large

nozzle that resembled a cock with lots of tiny holes in it.


"You are probably going to enjoy this Ryan.  I

know lots of married men who have their wives give them enemas two or three

times a week.  It’s perfectly safe. Some hustlers who have to keep their

asses clean for fucking, take three enemas a day. Lots of sports figures

take enemas regularly. Some guys even think its kinky. It turns them on.  I

read someplace that that young blond movie star, who starred in that Marvel

movie. He loves to hire two girls to give him enemas. He has them pump his

ass full of soapy water, then the girls suck his balls for a while until his

bloated stomach is in real cramps. Then, he squats and shits the water out

on the girls. "


"Doctor, stop that… that's disgusting."I had

strapped him to the table for his own good.


"I’m just telling you what I read, to show you that

what you are about to get is not something so unusual.  Quite normal

actually. That same movie star has been known to drink enema water out of

guy's asses. Now that's pretty weird I grant you, but you see, sex today has

gotten very liberal and experimental, and that is healthy. I hope this eight

inch nozzle isn’t too big for your asshole. It’s the only size i could find.



"Ugh… ugh... doc… please! It’s too big. It will never go

in. Oh, shit. Oh, fuck! Doc, you're ripping me to pieces. Oh,

Christ, Doc, my ass is tearing."


"No, it’s stretching just fine. It just feels like that.

Now you know how Mary will feel when she takes your big dick. "


"Uuaawwwwwwwwhhhhh!  Oh, fuck that hurts! " Jesus,

he was darling, lying all bare assed and vulnerable on that table.  Just a

big jock baby, naked and at my disposal.  I told him I was going to leave

him for just a few minutes, while the water entered his guts.I went out

into the waiting room.  I called over the two teenage boys. They were there for summer camp examinations.


"Listen, boys. I'm a little short-handed today, and

I know you boys only need a health certificate for camp. So, tell you

what, and I'm sure your mother will like this.  If you help me for a few

minutes, I'll not only give you the certificate, but I won’t charge you for

the office call."  The mom was delighted.  The second mom less so, but still

not objecting.  They were best friends.


I did insist on a urine sample from the two boys

though. I took them into a room and told them to do it in front of each

other.  When they had finished, and of course I watched, loving the look of

their soft pink dicks, I told them to go into the room where the young man

was receiving the enema and help me by having him answer some questions.  The

boys were to ask the questions and then write down the answers.


The questions were as follows:

1. How often do you usually masturbate?


2. When you shit, is your stool usually hard or soft?


3. How big are your turds usually?


4. How old were you, the first time you had a sperm discharge?


5. How many times during the day do you get an erection?


6. have you ever gotten an erection in a locker room with other guys



There were some other questions along the same lines.  The questions of

Course, were not important.  The fun would be, to have Ryan in that awful

position seen by these two teenage boys.


While they went about their task, I went about mine.  I poured the

piss from the two boys into a cup and brought it in to Mary.  "Here

honey, I've got a warm drink for you that will have you feeling better in

no time."  The stupid twat drank the teenage boy piss.  "That's a good

girl, and you know, your pussy I'll bet is feeling better already.  Now what

about your rectum?"


"Huh?" she asked, kind of out of it.I wiped her nose, which

was running,  with a piece of  tissue.  Piss trickled from her dazed lips.


"Well, all married couples have anal sex, and Ryan will surly

want to do that on his wedding night."  She shook her head rather

hysterically, trying to sit up. I pushed her down by the titbags and

squeezed her nipples.


"No… he can't… he can't do that. I wont... I... Oh, Dear God..."


"Well,  I can tell him that you won't take it up the ass, but

I am afraid that will really disappoint him.  He was just telling me, it's

one of his favorite things to do with a girl."


"No, not Ryan, he's not that kind of a boy. He's. He's…"


"Mary, face the fact, when It comes to sex, you are really

stupid. Ryan was known as the ass fucking king in school. He told me that.

  Mary, most girls, even those who don't want to be pussy fucked, allow their boyfriends to fuck their asses. Most don’t make the poor guys settle for handjobs. Now Ryan is big dicked, and it will be uncomfortable at first taking that fucker up our tiny rectum, but again, if you sleep at night with a cucumber up

your ass for the next weeks, you should be ready to accommodate him on your

wedding night.  I know it will be a challenge to sleep with a cucumber up both of your holes all night, but Mary, it is for the best."


She was sobbing incoherently, but I did catch…" I don't

even want to have a wedding night anymore!"  I had to chuckle, as I went

to work on her tiny asshole. I guess my dick was a little big for her virgin

asstwat, cause right in the middle of the fuck, she pissed and passed out.

Her piss shot up and out of her pussy. It was really funny, but I got some on

myself and had to change coats after I shot a load up her stretched out ass.


Then, I went in to see the boys talking to poor Ryan.  It

seems they knew him from the local high school. He had been something of a

legend there.  Well now I saw them studying his dick, with the rod still in

it, and his stuffed asshole.


"He seems like he's in a lot of pain, Doctor. He couldn't even

answer most of the questions.  He just kept moaning and crying like," one

cute teens said.


"Oh, fuck doc. Take it out. The cramps are killing me. My

stomach is gonna burst. Please, oh please, take it out. Take it



He did look rather pregnant, so I stopped the flow.  I

took the boys in the other room again.  "Boys, I need two more samples to

make sure you are healthy. First, I need you to blow your noses in this

paper cup. Blow as hard as you can.  We have to check you for colds and flu

and stuff like that.  I know it's gross, but it has to be done.  And then

guys, and this is always embarrassing for me too, I need a sperm sample. So,

you are going to have to jack off.  Now usually we put each boy in a

separate room, but we are so crowded today, I have to ask you to share this

room.  And do it as fast as you can too, will you?"


"I gotta do it in front of him?"  the cute dark haired boy



"Oh come on, don't be such a chicken. Guys your age have

circle jerks all the time. You boys should be helping each other out after

school. It’s more fun to jerk with a buddy than alone anyway. "


After I'd collected the boys’ snot and gloppy thick cum samples. and

mixed them together into a nice cocktail for young Ryan, I sent the boys

and their moms on their way. The mothers didn’t care that the exam was not

complete because it was free, and they had their fucking certificates.  I

went back in to Ryan who was delirious with pain.  His smooth strong body

was covered with a sheen of cold sweat.


"ugh… ugh… pulease..pulease..." he mumbled and grunted.


"Just drink this down Ryan, and you'll feel better."  I

fed him the teenage dick sauce mixed with boy snot, and it did my dick good.

He gagged and burbled but got it all down at last and even licked his full

sexy lips.


" Now, we'll empty out your ass..."I said. Taking a

metal dish from the counter, I moved the table over so Ryan could see his

ass functions in a mirror.  Then, I pulled the nozzle roughly from his

asscunt.You should have seen the explosion. Shit water sprayed into the

pan, making a ringing kind of sound. Ryan moaned and cried some more, as

water sprayed from his hole. Then lumps of waste. He started to gag, and may

even have spit up some of the swallowed teen cum. The cramps must have been

pretty gruesome. I thought the gush of ass water and shit would never stop.

It would slow to a trickle, then, he would moan in pain and another load

would shoot out.


"Look, Ryan, look how full your ass was...." I'm sure he had

no desire to look, but I was just trying to make polite conversation. He was

a real fucking mess.  I took the pan of shit water and stirred it up to

dissolve the waste a bit, then poured a goodly amount into a bottle and took

it in to dear Mary.She was begging to be allowed to go home, saying both

her ass and cunt were in terrible pain. I informed her that for her own

health, we needed to insert a speculum into both her asshole and cunt at the

same time and open them wide for fifteen minutes. I thought she'd go out of

her fucking mind.  I gave her some soothing liquid enema water to drink, a

special gift from her sweet sexy hubby to be.  When she was nice and

stretched in both holes, and gagging from the drink she’d had,  I left her to return to Ryan.


I removed the rod from the kid's dick. It hurt more coming

out than going in.  Then, I informed him I needed a semen sample, so he had

to masturbate.  Well, you can imagine the pain of having to masturbate a raw

prick.He said he was too sore and sick and couldn't do it, so I had to

remind him that his scholarship could be at stake, unless he wanted to call

off the marriage.  He cried and said he didn't know how he felt anymore, and

could he just go home?I told him that there were only a few tests I still

needed, the semen sample being one of them.  So, the poor hunky kid sat

there jacking off his prick while I watched, loving the way his nuts

bounced in their sack.


Such a beautiful example of young manhood in all its glory.


"Now Ryan, I have made an interesting discovery you may be

interested in, but please don't hold it against Mary.  In checking her

body, I discovered that the girl had been fucked in the ass numerous times.

And some quite recently. At least, that's my guess, so let me ask, was the

ass fucker you? "


"The fucking cunt… she cheated on me..."  but he didn't stop

beating his swollen, sore meat.  Christ, that dick got big.


“ I don't think so Ryan. I think that since her last year in

high school, she has been saving her pussy for you. You know how insistent

 school boys can be, so, when they probably wanted to fuck her and got a bit forceful, she let them fuck her ass instead, so her cunt would be yours and yours alone.  I think that's sweet."


"Doctor, how recently would you say she was ass fucked?"  He

was really pounding the pud now, oblivious to the pain it seemed.  His cute

sparkling eyes had a mad look to them.  Downright mean.


"Oh, I'd say within the last two days… of course that's

a guess. There were traces of cum up her rectum."


"Ohhhhh, Christ, almighty we are planning our wedding,

and she's getting fucked up the ass!  What the fuck am I gonna

do? Ugh… ugh… ugh......."the thought of the cunt getting ass fucked

must have sent him off, because he started to shoot like hell, a gyser of

fuck, and the pain in his raw tube must have been awesome because he

collapsed back onto the table, screaming with pain, while his prick spurted

and I tried to catch some of it in a vial."I'm burning up inside!"

he screamed until he was hoarse. You probably know how urethra pain can

hurt.I scrapped more cum off his washboard abs and chest. He was a

mess, crying from pain and the humiliation of having a whore for a fiance.


"Oh God, who's fucking the slut's ass? Find out, please

doctor. I gotta know who's fucking her ass. The tramp. The filthy cunt."


It was like something out of a classic revenge play from

Jacobean England.


I  stroked the damp hair on the boy's head and calmly fingered one of his

nipples.."Well I don't know, but  when I was checking out her asshole, she did

mention somebody named Chip."  I had gotten the name from his file.


"Chip?Chip?  Fucking Chip is my fucking younger  brother!  You mean my fucking younger brother is getting his rocks off up my fiance's asshole? I'll kill the fucker. I'll kill them both."


"I'm really sorry, you had to find out about it like

this, Ryan. It’s not fair to you, I admit."


"No, I'm fucking glad. Fucking glad I came here

today. if I hadn't gone through this, I would never have found out what a

fucking cunt the sow is. "


“Perhaps she felt your teenage brother's dick

being smaller than yours would get her ready for you?"


Ryan shook his head.  Sweat flew off. His short

hair was wringing wet.

"No, no, doctor, you are too kind. You are much too kind

about the fucking slut. The cocksewer. The dirty dickhound. Face facts,

doctor, she's been taking dick behind my back all this time.  I'll bet her

holes are stretched the size of a fucking train tunnel."


"Well they are rather stretched out to be honest. "


"Help me get up and dressed. I'll kill the fuckers, both

of them."


"I’ve got a better idea Ryan. I would never say this to

anyone, but i  feel really sorry for you.  I think revenge can be sweeter

than killing them.  If I were you and been hurt the way you have been, I

would be really sweet to her and say nothing about all of this.  Then, I

would go through with the ceremony. Then on the wedding night, I'd arrange

for about ten guys to break into your motel and gang fuck the bitch. You

can pretend to be horrified, that way you will be in the clear.  Why should

you suffer?  You still have a good life ahead of you.  You can later get the

marriage annulled on grounds of mental anguish. After all, you never got to

fuck her. How could you fuck her after ten guys slammed their dicks into

her?  I happen to know where you can hire some big muscle dudes to do the

job.  It will cost you, but I think it might give you peace of mind."


The kid turned to me with a really grateful look on his

cute young face.  "Thank you doctor. I don't know how to repay you. You

have saved my life."


I patted the boy on his naked ass. "Oh, and if you

really are determined to punish your little brother too, how about hiring

those same big dicked thugs to fuck his ass. Not on the same night of course, but

perhaps a few weeks later.


He smiled his perfect smile, only the mad look in his

eyes gave him away. "This is great."


An understatement to say the least. It was masterful. I

was able to ruin three lives in one day.  "Only, you have to remember to be

really kind to Mary the cunt until your wedding night.  Otherwise, you could

be blamed.  Be just as sweet as you can be and say nothing about today's

anguish.I'll get you the number of those fucker dudes."


Of course, just in case something went wrong, I was out

of there.  My "friend" the real doctor would claim that he was off that day

as was his nurse, and he knew nothing about anyone using his office.  I

would be out of town.  However, I couldn't resist paying a call on the homes

of the two teenage boys for a little follow up exam, but that's another


Submitted: July 01, 2021

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