Sunflower Nation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Table of Contents


 "Hey, how ya doing?" I heard, muffled through the music coming from my headphones. I slowly took the left earbud out which was on t... Read Chapter


  I quickly gathered my composure and climbed out of his lap and rushed over towards the door in the direction the nurse had gon... Read Chapter


Intertwining his fingers with mine he pulled me closer to him, pulling me into the nook, away from prying eyes. Pressing my back agains... Read Chapter


 He pulled on my shirt a bit and I felt him slide his hand across the inked skin. "Holy shit," he exclaimed excitedly, coming to s... Read Chapter


"I'm not scared of you," I finally answered after a long silence. "Then what?" He asked. "I don't like my body. My looks. I'm a 4. You'... Read Chapter


  I fell asleep on the way to the hospital. When I awoke it was daylight and I found myself still in Daniel's car. My head res... Read Chapter


One year Later   I sat in the office, impatiently waiting, my hands clasped in my lap. Please please let me get it, I begged... Read Chapter


 "I missed you," I whispered before I could stop myself. "You never came to see me though," he remarked, meeting my gaze. "I could... Read Chapter


"I don't want to get you pregnant," he said gently, pausing to look at me. "I have the IUD implant. It's good for like four more years.... Read Chapter


  His eyes flashed with desire as I leaned back on the bed, spreading my legs open for him, enticing him, inviting him. "What'... Read Chapter


 I awoke as my alarm went off. I turned over to the clock. 6AM. I turned it off and sat up. I looked over at Danny's sleeping figure... Read Chapter


 I sat waiting in my car in the parking lot when Danny pulled up at 9:15. "You're early," he replied, spotting my car immediately ... Read Chapter


 Just as a bit of background info, Lisa was a 17 year old kid completing her GED and was not equipped to have two grown ass women ar... Read Chapter


Danny: Morning. Sorry I was still halfway asleep when you left. You having a good morning?    Me: Just dealt with some ... Read Chapter


 I stood in the bathroom at home, wrapped in a towel, staring at my reflection in the mirror. What did Danny see in me, I wondered... Read Chapter


It was a quiet ride back to his apartment. I felt tired and suddenly overcome with exhaustion. Sensing this, Danny led me to the room and... Read Chapter


"Just the smell of you drives me insane," he admitted in a husky tone. I felt his breath close to my ear. I shivered noticeably. Was it... Read Chapter


Two days later   "What about this shirt?" Danny asked, holding up a long-sleeved black and grey plaid button up shirt. "Lite... Read Chapter


Six months later   "I don't think your mom likes me very much," he stated as we walked down the porch stairs towards the car... Read Chapter


  "I had to go to McDonald's to get your shake. Arby's machine was broken. Which was weird, considering it's normally McDonald... Read Chapter


Three days later   I awoke around 2 in the morning with a burning desire to fuck. I looked over at Danny who was sleeping ... Read Chapter


"Doesn't this feel like old times?" Danny asked sitting next to me in the waiting room. I sat with my hands nervously clasped together ... Read Chapter


"So what do you want to name it if it's a boy?" Danny asked as we walked back towards the car. "I always liked the name Andrew," I admi... Read Chapter


 "Why so sudden?" I asked. "Because I can't wait a moment longer," he admitted. I blushed. "Oh, but work," I reminded. "I spoke wi... Read Chapter


 "You mean---?" I couldn't bring myself to finish that statement. "You always said I was the closest thing you had to a dad. It wo... Read Chapter


I was beyond the point of blushing. The feeling had spread to my whole body and I just felt giddy and like my heart would burst with happ... Read Chapter


  Four months later I awoke with a start as I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and uterus. Pulling the sheets back I c... Read Chapter


"Mr. Baker?" The nurse at registration called. I stood. "Yes, ma'am?" I asked. "Could you come fill out this paperwork for Mrs. Baker?"... Read Chapter


"Daniel?" I awoke as Dr. Williams who I had spoken to upon arrival stood before me, calling my name repeatedly. I didn't know how much ... Read Chapter


I slowly walked over to the woman at the registration desk. "Is it possible to call and ask when I'll be able to see my son in NICU?" I... Read Chapter


I stood outside the room, staring through the window at this tiny little being resting in the incubator. He was so small. Like the size... Read Chapter


I walked to the car slowly, dreading the sight of the blood that was waiting for me. I opened the door and noticed that the floormats h... Read Chapter


One week later   I awoke with a start as there was banging on the door. "Daniel Ethan Baker, I know you're in there!" My m... Read Chapter


"Hello Amelia, I'm doctor Stevens, your Neurologist," he greeted as he shone a small light in her eyes. She blinked and turned away fro... Read Chapter


I slowly opened my eyes and sat up. I had a splitting headache and for a moment I forgot where I was. My eyes slowly adjusted to the da... Read Chapter


Two Years Later, Danny's Point of View   I sat on the park bench, enjoying the warmth of the sun shining down on me. I w... Read Chapter

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