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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Aura has always had a fascination with the art of medicine and when suddenly the love of her life is attacked by wolves and a doctor must travel to her home to save his life, she finds her opportunity to see her dream job and his work performed up close. Years later she has an opportunity to train under the same doctor who saved the man of her dreams' life. Will she be successful? Will she make it? What will happen?

Table of Contents


I nervously chewed on my nails as I sat staring at the love of my life growing paler and paler, growing closer to death by the hour. I... Read Chapter


The door opened. “Aura, Dr. Jacobs is here,” Father announced as he opened the door with a handsome, slightly shorter man standing ... Read Chapter


“Are you sure you’re ready to leave? You’re only eighteen. You can wait another year or ten,” my mother informed as Father help... Read Chapter


“How do you feel about returning to see your family?” Dr. Jacobs asked as he helped me into his own personal carriage. “It's not ... Read Chapter


I was barely able to open the carriage door before my mom threw herself upon me in a tight embrace. “Hello Mother,” I greeted huggi... Read Chapter


When I awoke for breakfast I found that both Cassius and Lawrence had already left. Lawrence had left a note saying that he was going t... Read Chapter


Cass took off running after me and since he was faster, quicker, and stronger he quickly caught up with me. He caught my arm, spinning ... Read Chapter


Cass took off running after me and since he was faster, quicker, and stronger he quickly caught up with me. He caught my arm, spinning ... Read Chapter


I pressed my face into Lawrence’s shoulder to suppress my loud moans of ecstasy. I dug my fingers into his back as he drove further a... Read Chapter


Cassius watched from the shadows as Lawrence entered Aura’s room. “What is he doing this late at night?” he asked suspiciously. H... Read Chapter


I awoke with a terrible feeling of guilt. An incredible encounter with Lawrence last night had all but ended in sadness. We’d had an ... Read Chapter


I watched in absolute horror as they fought on the ground in front of me. “Please stop,” I begged, tears beginning to stream down m... Read Chapter


“What happened?” Father asked sternly as I sat at the table before him. I felt as if I was being interrogated. “What do you mean?... Read Chapter


Once I was back in my room I threw the necklace Cass had given me to the floor in despair. I began to scrub my skin as hard as I could.... Read Chapter


When I arrived at the house I found a spectacle before me. Cass was on the ground holding a bloodied face and Lawrence was being restra... Read Chapter


“Why are you in such a rush to marry me?” I asked Lawrence as we lay together, warmly snuggled in his bed. “Because I’m not stu... Read Chapter


“Are we supposed to pretend like this is our first time together?” I asked as Lawrence began to help me out of my dress. “Of cour... Read Chapter

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