Sweet Filled Femboy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Here's another story, that's all I have to say.

As Vykoo adjusted his dress he flicked through his phone looking at pictures of cats, fake cat ears and tails and various pictures of cat themed female lingerie, wiggling his large bottom to the beat of his favorite EDM songs, when his loving wife Pastry burst in scaring the living daylights out of him.

“Hey there my loving husband!” He nearly dropped his phone but luckily saved, he shot his wife a nasty glare as she awkwardly giggled.
“Oh don’t give me that look, I need your help here.” She asked him.

“*Sigh* what is is you want?” His soft and feminine voice was music to the baker’s ears as she smiled brightly once again.

“I need you to connect the hose to the tank so I can move all liquid chocolate into storage.” She told him.

“Got it.” Vykoo simply replied as he kicked his feet.

“Make sure Vanessa doesn’t come out, we don’t want her drinking down this stuff.” Pastry warned him.

“Understood.” Vykoo continued to look through his phone.

“You wouldn’t want to know what’ll happen if I find her with that hose in her mouth, I’m serious.” Pastry shot him a threatening glance to which he rolled his eyes to. As she left Vykoo continued to scroll through his phone saving his favorite pieces of underwear and cat cosplay. He bobbed his head to the sides as the music continued.

“I’m sure I’ve got some time, Pastry can be slow when it comes to these things.” He smiled as he saved pictures of cats and sorted through the pictures on his phone’s gallery. He barely paid any attention to the time as he went through his phone. Finally Vykoo looked at the ground to see the hose laying there.
“What was I supposed to be doing again?” He wondered aloud as he picked up the hose and observed it. Small enough to stick right into his mouth if he wanted to, he then imagined being pumped up by all that chocolate. It wasn’t something he wanted to admit, but he always fantasized about being inflated like the women in his family. He just wanted his wife to pump him up and snuggle him all day long, but it wasn’t something he was ready to admit so easily, after all it was really only the women that pumped themselves up and he wasn’t sure if Pastry was that into males to begin with. As he continued to ponder the possibilities and fantasies of being inflated he heard a familiar voice call out in the distance.

“I’m ready to start the transfer Vykoo!” He looked to see the hose shaking and the chocolate rapidly approaching. He panicked as he searched the storage room for any solution, he knew he couldn’t fix his mistake now and couldn’t call for Pastry as she was too far away. The pressure and stress was beginning to get to him as the chocolate grew nearer with each passing moment.

Suddenly, without thinking he stuck the hose into his mouth as a nice GLOMP noise was heard and the delicious milk chocolate was pumped down his throat and into his tummy. Vykoo had made the mistake of skipping out on lunch today and this chocolate tasted heavenly to him, he leaned against the wall as more chocolaty goodness was forced into his mouth. He drooled through the hose at how good his wife had made this stuff. He desired more of it, he needed as much of the stuff he could force into his body as possible. He moved his hands to his belly to feel it growing bigger under his dress.

Ooh yes! This is what I’m talking about! I can feel my insides churn with pleasure as I grow bigger!” Vykoo’s mind was flush with pleasure as his dress stretched around his belly as grew fuller with each passing second, he could feel gallons pumped into his system as his already plump bottom grew even plumper. It was still chocolate and really fattening chocolate at that, calories were packed on as Vykoo’s body grew a bit plumper. He excitedly felt his body all over as his belly jiggled as it swelled.

Hmm… I’m gonna inevitably choke on the hose so I think I’m gonna need to switch where it goes.” He pinched the hose shut before quickly moving it up his bottom, slipping it past the thong he was wearing. A whole new sense of pleasure overcame Vykoo as the chocolate rushed into him at a feverish speed.

“Ngh! So good… so nice…” He felt hard as his expansion rate nearly doubled riding his dress up further to reveal the thong with a cat face on the crotch section. Meanwhile Pastry looked at her watch wondering what was taking so long as she waited at the other end.

“It shouldn’t take this long to move chocolate from one tank to another. I should go check on him.” She sighed as she went off to find her husband. Back to Vykoo, he felt his body go crazy with pleasure as it swelled outwards. He reached past his belly to feel his cock and stroke it to further his pleasure. He moaned and groped his own expanding bottom as his already useless thong covered even less than it already did.

“So nice… I could do this all day…” He cooed as drool started seeping from his mouth as his belly began to limit access to his crotch and his arms were growing harder to move.
“Ngh… damn it! If Pastry was here she’d help me get off to my new size…” As if on cue his wife showed up searching for him.

“Hey Vykoo, what’s taking so-?” She cut herself off the moment she saw her husband now blimping up with the chocolate hose firmly inserted into his ass.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” She screamed at him and rushed over to him with fury in her eyes. All that pleasure turned to fear as he shook causing her flesh to jiggle with him.

“H-Hey Pastry… I-I can explain?” His awkward laughs filled the dreadful silence of the storage room as he tried to back away only to trip and fall onto his butt causing his belly to shake upon impact with the floor. As he sat there, helpless and still bloating with the chocolate Pastry slowly walked over to him and poked his belly.

“What do you think you’re doing!? I told you to attach the hose to the tank, not up your own ass!” She screamed at him. When she poked his belly and watched as her finger dug into his soft and plush flesh she realized he was blushing.
“You…. Are you enjoying this?” She questioned him as he blush grew redder.

“U-Um… m-m-m-maybe…” He murmured under his breath.

“What was that?” She could tell that this was something that was super embarrassing but it wasn’t something she was going to be so willing to let go.

“Y-Yeah, I-I’m into being inflated. L-Like how you inflate Vanessa…” His face was now red as a beet as he looked away in embarrassment. As he sneaked a peek back he could see Pastry’s eyes gain a shine in them and a wide smile form on her face. Before he could question what the look was for Pastry quickly jumped onto his belly and snuggled it.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes! I was hoping you’d enjoy this kind of stuff!” She gave him the biggest smile she ever gave him.
“Now you can join in on the fun, it’s going to be so exciting! I love both of your forms equally Vykoo, no matter what.” Pastry told him as he sighed in relief.

“Thank you, I’m so glad to know that.” He tried to reach for Pastry only to find his arms unable to reach her.

“Well, I think my new piggy here could use a little boost in size.” Pastry breathed in as deeply as she could and locked lips with her husband before blowing. He quickly realized she was turning the oxygen she expelled into cream filling that blimped him further alongside the chocolate hose up his bottom. Loud gulps and hums of pleasure were heard from him as Pastry gently caressed his head and moved herself onto his belly. As she pulled away Vykoo gave her a look of lust.

“I need more… I need more from you…” He begged her.

“Well, I think that can be arranged…” Pastry pulled in as much as her lungs could hold and connected lips with him once more to unleash a torrent of cream down his throat. His dress now basically served as a bra for his chest as his belly grew unimpeded with both the chocolate and cream filling him at once. He has never felt this good in his life as he wished he could hug his wife and keep her locked in this embrace for longer. Pastry could feel his belly grow warmer with her cream and the chocolate, feeling it bubble with both substances being forced inside it. Feeling Pastry lay against it sent his senses into a riot of pleasure as his thong grew tighter around his penis. She pulled back once more to catch her breath and admire her handiwork.

“I think you deserve a reward for being such a good boy this far.” She tapped his nose.

“W-What were y-you thinking?” Despite being nervous about this whole ordeal, he still felt the desire to keep going.

“It’s your favorite…” She pulled up a large cart of pancakes making her husband’s mouth water at the mere sight of them.
“Now open wide, we want to hurry before this chocolate ruins your appetite.” He wasted no time doing as he was told and Pastry stuffed the first batch of pancakes into his mouth. The rich buttery pancakes and maple syrup overwhelmed his taste buds as he grew harder at the thought of having tons of pancakes stuffing him to the brim. His belly slowly stretched as the pancakes were introduced to it, it groaned to try and tell him to stop but he wouldn’t listen as he simply opened his mouth for more of them. Pastry shoved them in as quickly as possible, barely letting him breathe before shoving in the next one, syrup stained his cheeks as he struggled to keep up with her demand in eating them.

“P-Pastry! Slow d-down please!” He sputtered out to her. The woman looked around to realize her mistake before setting down the plate and cleaning up his face.

“Sorry about that, got carried away there. Well why don’t I give you a gift for your forgiveness?” Pastry teased as she breathed in another huge breath and blew into her husband as he felt the cream rush down his throat. His belly billowed forth as it took up more of the storage room floor. His belly felt so soft and warm being pumped with cream and chocolate simultaneously and his wife’s lips pressing against his felt like heaven. When she pulled back he needed more of it.
“Sorry, but I need to save my breath here. Why don’t I feed you a few more pancakes?” He vigorously nodded as Pastry giggled.
“Well then, open wide because here they come.” Pastry told him as she slipped a pancake right into his mouth. She was much more careful this time to make sure that she didn’t overwhelm him as she slowly shoved pancake after pancake into his waiting mouth. Pastry herself could feel her own pleasure skyrocketing just looking at her husband’s burgeoning body as all mobility in his limbs were lost and his own face began to bloat a bit. She gently stroked his cheek as she fed him the next one when a terrible groan came from his body.

“*URRRP!* Sorry about that, let’s keep going…” He blushed, carefully Pastry continued to stuff him full of the delicious cooked batter.

“Well, I don’t think your belly should be making those noises so if they continue I feel like I should be stopping.” Pastry told him, now cautious about her husband suddenly blowing right in front of her.

“I-It’s fine, my body is basically Vanessa’s and you know how much she can hold.” He gave her a confident smile as Pastry sighed.

“Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Pastry told him as she shoved more pancakes into his mouth and he dutifully swallowed them down. Soon though Vykoo could feel Pastry stop feeding him. As he craned his fattened neck he could see plenty of pancakes left.

“Why did we stop?” He whined.

“Well, I can feel my breath coming back to me so I decided that little more cream could be packed into your belly.” Pastry told him before breathing in deeply and kissing him before unleashing her cream-filled breath. Vykoo could feel something drip from his tip as Pastry continued to blow into him a gale of wind turned into cream, he was on the edge ready to blow his load at any moment. He was so full and content with life at this moment, he wanted nothing more. He had fallen onto his back at this point thanks to his belly getting so big, Pastry could feel its softness pressing against her as she felt her breath ending soon. His body rapidly blimped out in all directions as Pastry blew as hard as she could. Finally she broke free from the embrace and landed on her butt as she gasped for air.

“Well then… that was fun… but now I think that’s enough to do with your mouth, let’s move a little lower shall we?” She told him as she moved over to his throbbing cock as it had also bloated a bit during his expansion. With some difficulty she managed to move his front patch off to see his smooth yet hard penis.
“Let’s see if you feel this.” She put her mouth on the tip which didn’t fit in her mouth thanks to its size and began suckling on it. Vykoo could feel his desires and lust overcome him as Pastry continued to suck on it trying to get him to come.

“Nnnnnnngh… yes… gonna… blow… give it… to… me…!” He finally let his load loose as he orgasmed. Pastry suddenly realized her mistake as cum quickly shot into her mouth and down her throat filling up her belly. It shot out like a fire hose as her body quickly rounded out, forcing her to swallow down gallons of cum.

This was a mistake! A pleasurable one… but still a mistake!” She thought to herself as her body blimped forth and her mouth wasn’t leaving his tip anytime soon. Her belly soon hit the ground supporting her as her limbs were sucked in and dress quickly became nothing more than a bra for her. The baker’s panties stretched along with her now massive butt cheeks as the cum filled out her body shocking her just how much he was able to produce. Finally he settled down and Pastry was able to let go, she coughed and sputtered.

“*URRP!* Gaialla, I forgot how much you could produce…” She gasped for air as Vykoo relaxed as the last of the chocolate was pumped into him and the hose slipped out of his bottom and fell to the floor.

“We should totally do this again…” He commented.

“Yeah… though let me prepare to become a blimp of your cream next time.” She told him as she wobbled and jiggled there like a water balloon.

“Well that’s half the fun of it. Hehe… EEP!” Vykoo could feel something enter his bellybutton and the sound of a tank turning on.

“Uh, what was that noise?” The hose become rife with bulges as custard was forced into the boy’s belly as he swelled once more. Quickly Pastry put her mouth on his tip again as Vykoo could feel himself swell with pleasure alongside his body, his wife could feel another surge of cum coming and braced herself as another torrent came. Her body blimped outwards once more as the confines of their storage room was becoming more apparent as the two continued to be pumped fuller and fuller of the respective liquids.

“Ungh… I hope you’re doing alright over there sweetie pie!” He could feel her press against him as she quickly swelled past his current size as the endless torrent of her husband’s cream forced its way into her. Pastry’s joy shot through the roof as she wanted to down more and more of it, no longer caring about her limits or the limits of the storage room; she only wanted to get bigger and that primal instinct led her to actively start sucking on her hubby’s tip increasing his pleasure and the amount that he produced while the custard was relentlessly pumped into him with no regard for his limits. His body felt like it was ready to burst at any moment now as it grew tighter by the second.
“Ooh… so good… I could do this all day…” He blushed as beads of sweat began to drip down as his body heat increased. Pastry herself began feeling wet around her panties region as they grew wet and slick with her own liquids and sweat also began forming around her body. The two continued let the waves of pleasure rock them as their bodies pressed into one another. Heavy breathing began emanating from Vykoo tried his best to thrust his package into Pastry to get more of his liquid into her as Pastry sucked it all down dutifully. Their bodies became shiny and slick with sweat as they kept going at it.

Need more… need it all… give it all to me…” That was all that was going through Pastry’s head as she drank it all down. Finally the emptying of the pump and Vykoo’s liquids draining snapped the two back into reality. Pastry watched as her husband’s package went flaccid and had a crane put it back into his stretched out thong. Both were exhausted as they laid there both bloated like blimps and incredibly sweaty.

“So… how do you feel?” Vykoo asked. He hadn’t felt this good in a while, he hadn’t gotten the chance to vent to anyone or share his love for being the inflatee in forever. He was too scared to do it, but now all those worries melted away as his body jiggled like some kind of cream filled blimp and he wanted to savor every moment of it.

“That was the… most fun… I’ve had… with you… in a while…” Pastry could barely form words as she washed the “cream” out of her mouth. He could feel the cranes lift him up onto his belly and facing his wife.

“I could get used to this, being your little blimp boy to stuff and pump up.” He blushed as he told her. His thong covered nothing except his package and basically left him stark naked.

“Me too, and I’ll always be your plaything to stuff and inflate as well, after all I want a little bit of your gentle hands prodding my flesh.” Pastry said. Her stockings had stretched to their limits and her panties were nothing more than a thong as the buttons on her dress were nearly ready to pop off.

“Just thinking about it’s got me all hot and hard again.” Vykoo commented.

“Well, for right now, let’s just enjoy each other’s company. Why don’t you give your wife a nice big kiss? For our wonderful discovery?” She asked him.

“Of course, come here.” The two locked lips and had a long and passionate kiss.

“So what do we do now?” Vykoo asked.

“Why don’t we come up with new ways to play with each other?” Pastry shot him a naughty grin to which he giggled in response.

A week later the two deflated back to normal and few weeks later they were watching the bakery, which was in the middle of a slow day, as Pastry sat at the main counter. She looked over to see Vykoo carrying a box of hot chocolate packets and a naughty thought crossed her mind, as he passed her she gave him a nice pinch on one of his cheeks as he panicked and nearly dropped the box.

“Was that a sign for what you want to do tonight?” He saw her flash a naughty smile.
“What were you thinking for tonight?” He asked as he set down the box and walked back over to her and grabbing her hand.

“I was thinking you and a nice series of cream-filled puff kisses would be fun for tonight. I’m surprised Vanessa hasn’t found out yet.” Pastry told him.

“Well, that woman may be a Goddess of Knowledge but she’s slow on the uptake between you and me, she’ll figure it out one day.” Vykoo replied.

“Works for me, so…” She hugged him tight as one of her hands reached for his bottom and began groping his left butt cheek.
“How would you want to inflate me next time?” The baker asked as she felt both of her husband’s hands grope her bottom.

“I’ll think of that…” They both stared at each other lovingly as they knew their relationship was renewed with vigor once more.

Submitted: June 29, 2021

© Copyright 2023 GaryMega77. All rights reserved.

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