Chapter 8: Chapter 8

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: ROMANCE BOOK HOUSE

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Ebrum shook his head as he looked in the sack Loki had brought back from the shop, “They let ya take all of this?”

Loki laughed as she flipped her hair and pulled her cloak tighter around her to fight off the cold of the street, “Considering they were exhausted and passed-out when I raided the shop? Yes.”

Ebrum raised a brow, “So… ya actually let them,” he gestured suggestively at Loki who lick her plump lips, “Let’s just say I’ve had my fill of dwarves for the next thousand years or so.”

“And they didna notice anything off?”

Loki cackled, “I was a beautiful, naked virgin begging them to take me. The moment they saw me they were done for. I went the damsel in distress route, willing to do anything to earn their help and I did and so they did.”

Ebrum pinched the bridge of his nose, “No more details, please. Well, hopefully when they see the shop robbed and their personal effects gone, they will start to be more diligent of their surroundings.”

Loki smirked, “If they aren’t, just let me know and I’ll gladly tell them, from personal experience, that they could each improve on their bedroom etiquette.”

“And with that, I’m off. I’ll stop by tomorra to see ya off and take care of yer companion.”

Loki inclined her head, “Thank you, my friend. I feel she is in good hands with you, though I will still be taking other precautions for her safety.”

Ebrum chuckled, “I’d be upset if ya didna. See ya on the morrow, Mischief.”

Loki watched as the dwarf disappeared down the darkened street and then headed into the small house that Ebrum had lent them. She quickly made her way upstairs and headed to the bedroom where her freisti was staying.  

Loki pushed open the wooden door and found Kælin sleeping soundly in the small bed. She smiled softly as she waved her hand over the bed to elongate it for more comfort. Loki climbed carefully upon the bed, tossing her cloak aside. She hissed deep, loving the feel of the cool air as it hit her naked skin. Loki quickly slithered under the wool blanket and reached for Kælin to pull her close. To her surprise, and pleasure, Loki’s hand met the smooth, bare skin of Kælin’s hip. She hummed in approval as she pulled Kælin’s naked body back against her own. Kælin stirred as Loki pulled her close. Blue eyes fluttered sleepily, as Kælin turned to look behind her and those eyes widened in shock at the equally naked woman behind her.

Loki smirked, “Did you miss me, tòfa?”

Kælin visibly relaxed when she recalled Loki’s female form, “Oh… it’s you.”

Loki giggled, “Who else were you expecting, love? Surely no one else compares to me; I am wonderous in all forms.”

Kælin laughed softly as she attempted to scoot away from Loki, but a slender arm wrapped tighter around her, “Where are you going, freisti? Did you forget that we have unfinished business to complete?”

Kælin made a face at Loki as she turned to face her, “What do you mean?”

Loki chuckled darkly as her hand began squeezing Kælin’s bare hip, “I promised that I would let you explore this form, remember?”

Her lips parted on a shocked gasp, “Loki, I-I… I don’t think,” Loki cut the nervous girl off by cupping her chin, encouraging Kælin to meet her lustful green gaze. Loki winked at her before he shifted back to his true form. Kælin’s eyes widened as she watched the feminine features fade away, revealing the Loki she knew. Her eyes scanned his body; his attractively messy red hair, those flirty green eyes, his scarred lips, his strong chest, and… Kælin’s eyes jolted back up to his face; he was nude and so was she; this could end badly… or deliciously.

Loki placed a hand on her left hip, rubbing slow circles into her skin with his thumb. He leaned down to nuzzle her, “Perhaps I misread you earlier; is this the form you prefer, love?”

Kælin nodded as if in a trance and he smiled, “Mmm, and I believe we were right about here when Ebrum so rudely interrupted us.”

She swallowed hard as Loki began to run the back of his hand down her cheek, turning his palm over to caress her jawline. Then Loki slid his arm up to wrap around her waist and pulled her tight against him, pressing her bare breasts into his chest. She gasped at the sudden contact and her hands found the back of his neck to steady herself. Loki smiled softly at her adorable reaction as he pressed their foreheads together, “Kælin, may I kiss you?”

Kælin’s eyes widened, but after a second to process his question, she found herself biting her lip as she nodded at him. Not wasting a moment more, Loki captured her lips in a gentle kiss. Her eyes fluttered as she felt his lips against hers once more; their first kiss in the hot spring seemed so long ago, and she hadn’t realized how much she had missed it until now. She sighed blissfully against him, and he hummed his approval as his hand coasted down her back, to her hip, and back up. He made sure to stay away from her more enticing areas; he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. But then her hands slipped down from his neck, and her nails lightly grazed down his chest making him shift against her as he moaned softly. So, his little tòfa had claws… mmm

Kælin’s heart skipped a beat when he moaned, and she gasped softly; the sound had sent tingling waves through her body. Loki was never one to let an opportunity slip by, so when she gasped, he slid his tongue between her lips to seek out her own. Her gasp sharpened when he flicked her tongue, coaxing it to play with his. Kælin shyly followed his lead, and he gripped her hip tighter as he led their kiss. Teaching her, savoring her…

A soft moan escaped her lips, swallowed by Loki’s kiss; the sound of her pleasure made his cock twitch between them, and it did not escape Kælin’s notice. Her breath quickened, but she pulled back slightly when she felt him against her thigh. Loki reluctantly let her break their kiss but kept his hand on her hip to keep her close. Her own hands were pressed against his chest, accentuating her breasts between them. She swallowed hard as she looked up at him with hazy, conflicted eyes, “Loki?”

“What troubles you, tòfa?”

“I-I think I…want you to kiss me again.”

A slow smirk spread across his face as he gripped her chin, pulling her mouth open as captured her lips again. His tongue slid deliciously against her own as he caressed her skin from her hip to her thigh; silently gauging her reaction. Her hips shifted slightly, but she made no move to back away from him or break their kiss. He gripped the back of her thigh and lifted her leg around his hip. When she let out another surprised gasp, Loki pulled back and nuzzled her nose, “Kælin, I want to touch you; may I touch you?”

She licked her suddenly dry lips at his request; did she have the courage to let him? She swallowed hard; she felt conflicted. She was shocked when she realized that she wanted to feel his hands on her body, but these sensations were foreign to her, and she was nervous. Her stomach coiled tightly; her body was clenching as her heart raced, and she felt very, very warm. Why did he make her feel this way when no one else ever had? And being intimate with a man was painful for women, but so far, Loki had only made her feel anything but pain. Even so, she mused, the fear of pain was overshadowed by the need to feel his hands on her skin…

Kælin bit her lip as she looked up at him from under her lashes and nodded softly. Loki licked his lips as he met her gaze, “Are you sure?”

She nodded again, firmer, “Please, Loki; please touch me.”

Loki kissed her once more, the hand on her thigh trailing upwards until he reached her arm. Gentle fingertips danced along her skin, up and down, until she melted against him and wound her arms around his neck as she surrendered to his kiss. With that subtle invitation, Loki ran his hand back down her side and around until the pads of his fingers lightly traced the swell of her breast. She gifted him with a sweet gasp into his mouth, and then, he cupped her bountiful breast in his large hand; loving the way she overflowed his palm. He brushed his thumb over her nipple, smirking against her lips as it began to harden under his attentions.

Kælin involuntarily arched into his hand as he cupped her and moaned when his callused thumb brushed across her nipple. But even as she found herself pleasantly consumed by his touch her confusion grew. Her mother had told her that men were rough, and most didn’t care if their bedmate suffered during their excursion. But then, Kælin knew this already; she had seen this behavior first hand, after all, as women, they were expected to be vessels for children, nothing more. But this, Loki’s touch, felt so good and she wanted more.

Loki broke their kiss as he continued to softly knead her breast, “Your mind is drifting again, tòfa; talk to me.”

She licked her lips as pleasurable jolts suddenly shot down between her thighs when he began rubbing his hand over her sensitive nipple, drawing circles over it with his palm. She tried to calm her erratic breaths as she tightened her fingers in his crimson hair as if she were holding on for dear life, “I… I’m confused.”

He alternated his motions and gently pinched her nipple, rolling it between his nimble fingers, “About what, love?”

Kælin bit her lip, fighting back a moan as he casually toyed with her, “M-mother said men were n-not kind when they t-touched a woman.”

Loki smirked as she struggled to speak early, “Some men do not understand the benefits of pleasuring their mate. Your people have laws stating that if a wife is not sexually satisfied by her husband, then she may divorce him, but I take it the women in your family have not expressed their displeasure?”

She shook her head and Loki sighed, “Ahh, a shame; though it is even more shameful to not please your lover. Women and men seem entirely different, but they are not, tòfa. We both can give and receive pleasure, but women, unlike men need more than just a physical touch. Women are creatures of beauty and intelligence and require mental stimulation as well as physical. Midgardian men do not seem to understand this, or they are not willing to learn.”

Loki nudged her shoulder, encouraging her onto her back. He remained at her side as he watched her breasts bounce from her movements; they were beautiful. Her breath caught when he hovered over her and took both breasts into his hands. He massaged them gently, paying special attention to her hardening buds and licked his lips as he watched her chest rise and fall. He met her wide eyes, “You see; I am touching your beautiful body, and your mind is swirling amidst the pleasure you feel. I can almost hear your thoughts; Loki, what are you doing to me? You have never felt pleasure at the hands of another, and the spontaneity of it is thrilling to you mentally. You didn’t expect me to return and find you so deliciously naked. No, I’d wager if you’d thought about it, you would have slept in your dress. But oh, my lovely freisti, I do so prefer to find you just. Like This.”

Kælin could only stare helplessly up at him; he was still teasing her breasts, kneading them gently as his thumbs stroked her nipples into stiff peaks. He hummed low in his throat as he watched her, “Your senses are heightening; you’re wondering what I’m going to do to you next and ooh, my dear, the things I could do to you would make even Freyja blush. But tonight, with your permission, I just want to explore you. Slowly. I want to learn your body’s dips and curves while I show you the pleasure of warming my bed.”

Kælin’s mouth ran dry at his words. He could read her so easily; it was frightening and enthralling. Loki leaned forward and gently pecked her lips, “Can I do that, sæta? Can I bring you pleasure tonight?”

She inhaled a shuddering breath as she held his gaze, and before she could stop herself, she whispered, “Yes.”

With her shy permission, Loki released her breasts and she whined softly in disappointment. Loki chuckled as he leaned forward to seductively purr in her ear, “Ooh, do you miss my touch already? Don’t fret, love; tonight, I will teach you the meaning of bliss.” Loki trailed his fingertips down her arms until he grasped her wrists. He slowly lifted them above her head, and he licked his lips as her breasts were now arched towards him, “Stay just like that, love,” he nuzzled her neck, placing soft, feather-like kisses along her skin as his hand held her hip down.

Kælin arched further into him as she unconsciously craned her neck to allow him easier access. At her subtle actions, Loki pressed his lips harder against her and then ran the tip of his tongue up the column of her throat. She inhaled softly and arched against him, tempting him to continue lower… so he did. He trailed his kisses down, peppering her collarbone before coming back to her breasts. His hand slowly came up to toy with her left breast just as his mouth closed over the right.

A muffled moan caressed his ears and he looked up to see his freisti with her eyes tightly closed, fingers splayed over mouth as she bit down hard on her lip. He suckled gently, just once, and then firmly pinched her other nipple making her eyes fly open from the pleasurable jolt of pain. He tsked at her playfully, “Naughty little girl; holding back the sounds of her pleasure from me. Let me hear your sweet voice, let me hear what I do to you.” With that, Loki immediately returned to her breast and wrapped his lips around the stiff bud while he rolled the other between his fingers.

Kælin panted heavily as he suckled her. Her head tilted back as she arched her breast into his mouth. He made an approving sound against her skin and began adding his tongue into his exploration. He twirled it around the aching bud and began to suckle a bit harder. He watched as Kælin threaded her fingers into her own hair as she still fought to maintain control over her body. He raised a red bow at her; hmm, what could he do to drive away her inhibitions? Wicked thoughts ran through mind as he moved to her other breast to give it the same attention as the first.

Kælin’s eyes fluttered, her head tilting back as she sighed blissfully. She had definitely not expected to be doing this tonight. And this was definitely not painful. She almost felt sorry for her mother and aunts if they had never experienced this feeling before. She fought to keep a level head under his attention, but it was proving a difficult task. But then, Loki pulled back, releasing her breast a slow, wet pop and she whined sadly. His hooded eyes found hers as he whispered, “Do you want me to keep going, freisti?”

She nodded eagerly making him chuckle, “Marvelous,” he reached down and grasped the wool blanket in his fist before flinging it off them, completely baring her to his hungry gaze. She gasped when the cool air hit her flesh, but the cold was soon forgotten when Loki suddenly caressed her ankles. She looked down, noticing that he had moved the foot of the bed, and was smirking up at her as he pushed her legs up to bend at her knees and parted them slowly, as his fingertips grazed her skin. He licked his lips, his hunger for her rising, as he crawled between her thighs; ooh, the things he was going to do to her tonight…

 He held himself up on his knees as he hovered over her and leaned down to kiss the valley between her breasts. As his lips pressed against her warming skin, his hands worked leisurely to explore and memorize her curves, delighting in every gasp and wiggle he wrung from her. His lips moved down to the supple flesh of her stomach, delighting in the feeling of her soft, voluptuous body underneath his. There was nothing better than lying atop a soft, warm woman whose curves cushioned you as you pleasured and bedded her. He took his time there, reveling in her plush curves as he kissed and licked his way down. He teased her navel, flicking it with the tip of tongue until he reached her hips. Those wide, lovely hips that he nipped, nibbled, and licked until she squirmed beneath him; tempting him to travel even lower. But when his hands began rubbing her inner thighs, he felt her stiffen; that fearful hyperawareness had returned to her eyes. It was an unwelcome sight in their bed, but luckily, he knew how to take care of this pesky ‘guest.’

He slowly ran his hands down the outside of her thighs as he pulled himself back and up on his knees. He lifted one of her legs over his shoulder, carefully watching her for signs of distress. Callused fingertips slowly caressed her skin from her thigh to the foot resting on his shoulder. He peppered her inner ankle with soft kisses as he massaged her foot, easing those surely sore and tired muscles.

 Kælin’s mouth dropped open as she panted and watched him; what was he doing? Her lashes fluttered as her muscles relaxed under his warm hands and before she could stop herself, she hummed low in her throat as she melted under him. He worked her tired foot for several minutes, and then worked his way up her leg leaving a fire trail of soft, warm kisses on her skin. He soon came upon her thighs once again, but he chose to focus on the crease where her thigh and mound met. With the tip of his tongue, he gently lapped at the tender skin, alternating with the occasional love nip. When he was satisfied with that side, he moved to the next, avoiding her mound for the moment. He lavished her left hip with the same attention as the right, and moved back down her left leg, following his original starting pattern, but moving backwards, ending with her right foot.

Kælin slowly became putty under his hands, gifting him with soft, barely audible moans of pleasure. Loki trailed his eyes up to her serene face as he slowly brought his hands to the inside of her legs. He moved slowly, fingertips just barely ghosting the surface of her skin as he approached her inner thighs again. This time, she didn’t flinch when his practiced hands neared her center. He slid his hands over her hips, gripping her, as his thumbs lightly kneaded her inner thighs. Green eyes moved over her entire body and Loki licked his lips when her hips began to writhe; her body was begging him to play with her, but he needed to keep the gentle pace and ease her into the sensual sensations awaiting her.

Loki slowly inched his hands towards her center, lightly brushing his thumbs over her mound, and her hips softly bucked as a breathy squeak left her lips as she peeked down at him. Holding her timid gaze, he slowly shifted to lie on his stomach and settled his shoulders between her thighs. She inhaled sharply when she felt his warm breath at her core as his fingers caressed the crisp, dark hairs on her mound.

“Loki,” she timidly mewled. Loki kissed the inside of her thigh as he cooed, “Shhh, love; I’ve got you,” he gently ran two of his fingers up and down her outer lips and she twitched with a soft, shuddering whimper. Loki carefully parted her folds and barely bit back a moan at the glistening paradise before him. He carefully dipped his pointer finger into her wetness, gathering it up, and then dragged it up to coat her clit. He rubbed her in small circles and her hips jolted upwards as she cried out. Loki purred as he watched her, “Mmm, so responsive.”

Kælin panted heavily as she leaned up on her elbows to look down at him. He smirked up at her, still holding her gaze, and slowly flattened his tongue as he licked up the length of her slit. Her head tilted back as she choked on a low moan. He licked her again, nice, and slow, and then began to lap softly at her clit. Her legs widened instinctively, and he hummed his approval as he squeezed her thigh comfortingly, “Lie back, sæta; relax, and let me pleasure you.”

“But, Loki, I--" He softly hushed her and then slipped his arms under her thighs, immediately burying his face between them to circle the tip of his tongue around her little bud, but never touching it. Kælin panted under the onslaught of his teasing and her arms began to shake as she struggled to hold herself up. She only lasted a few more seconds before her arms turned to jelly and she fell back against the bed. She surrendered herself to him, her hips twitching every time his tongue teasingly passed over her swollen bud.

Loki hummed his approval, delighting in her cute little moans and cries as he coaxed her clit from its hood. He tightened his arms around her thighs, holding her down by the hips as he began to give her bolder licks. He flattened his tongue against her, slowly tasting her slit until he reached her clit. He gave the needy little bud quick, little flicks and she bucked underneath him with a sharp cry.

Kælin’s heart pounded against her chest as she panted erratically, no longer caring what sounds she made. Her hips had gained a mind of their own and she couldn’t stop them from rubbing against Loki’s scarred lips; she just couldn’t control herself. She had never felt anything like this before; perhaps Valka had been right about her, one day, willingly sharing his bed. If this is what she could expect, then perhaps warming his bed wouldn’t be so bad after all…

Loki carefully observed her as he lapped up her sweet juices; she was so beautiful in the throes of passion, and he couldn’t wait to see what other sounds she was capable of. And when she had started rubbing herself against his tongue… mmm, Loki knew it was only a matter of time before she crossed that peak of ecstasy. He could feel her thighs quivering against his hands and face and he chuckled darkly as he tightened his hold on her hips. He gave her one more flick with his tongue, and then encased her clit between his lips, lapping at it faster as he sucked firmly on the needy little bud.

Kælin’s back arched as her hands flew to Loki’s head, holding him against her. Her hips tried to thrash away from his tongue, only to find that he was holding her down right where he wanted her. She whined at his tight hold; it was too much. It felt too good, and her flesh felt so sensitive, but she couldn’t move away from his sinful silver-tongue. It wasn’t long before a long, high-pitched squeal left her lips as her eyes began to flutter as her back arched. She gripped his hair harder; her fingers tangling around his battle braids as she whimpered, “L-Lok-ki, please, p-please don’t stop!”

Loki moaned greedily, the sound vibrating against her flesh, adding to her pleasure, as her body continued the fight to move away from the intense sensations. Loki held her tighter and tightened his lips around her clit. Her hips pressed hard against him as she whimpered his name like a prayer, moaning and writhing as she finally surrendered to him. And then Loki tasted the sweet rush of her delicious nectar on his tongue as her body stiffened; a silent scream lodging in her throat before she released the most beautiful, siren song of ecstasy to have ever graced his ears. He moaned hungrily against her rolling hips, drunk on her taste as he continued to lap up her juices, prolonging her climax until her body collapsed under him.

Loki gradually slowed his tongue until she twitched against him with an exhausted, almost painful whimper. He pulled back slowly, releasing her thighs as he gave her clit one final kiss, before trailing back up her body to her lips. He cupped her chin, “Open your mouth, tòfa; taste your pleasure on my tongue,” not giving her time to react, he slipped his tongue between those plump lips, giving her a deep, lust-filled kiss. They moaned into each other’s mouths as their tongues danced and shared the taste of her bliss.

Loki hummed low in his throat as he reluctantly broke their kiss to let her catch her breath. He rolled to lie beside her on the bed and admired her in the aftermath of her climax; she was exquisite. Wonder and lust filled her eyes; it was a look he knew very well, but it was mesmerizing on her. Her lashes fluttered enticingly as she panted and shivered. Loki sat up to look for the wool blanket he’d discarded earlier, noting that her temperature had probably dropped drastically as her body began to calm. He found the blanket at the edge of the bed, barely hanging on. He dragged it back up and pulled her into his arms as he covered them both. She settled comfortably against his chest as he hugged her close, resting his chin atop her head. She snuggled close, seeking the warmth of his embrace as he rubbed her back under the covers, “How do you feel, tòfa?”

Kælin struggled to form words, but finally managed to find her voice. Her throat felt sore, her voice rough and hoarse, “I-I feel… r-really good.”

Loki chuckled, such innocence that rolled off her tongue; it was intoxicating. He tilted her chin up and pressed their foreheads together as his thumb stroked her flushed cheek, “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, love, but there is so much more I can show you.”

Her eyes widened as she gave him an exhausted half-laugh, “I-I’m not sure I can handle any more t-tonight.”

He raised a brow as if he took her words as a challenge, “You would be surprised at the endurance one can have in the right environment, freisti,” he took one of her hands in his free one and placed a kiss upon her knuckles before lacing their fingers together, “If you like, I could spend all night with my face buried between your luscious thighs, drinking from you for hours until you beg me for mercy and I will give you none until you drench the sheets beneath you with your pleasure.”

Kælin swallowed hard; would he really do that? She squirmed at the thought, and he smirked knowingly as he purred, “Mmm, do you like the sound of that, tòfa?”

Her eyes widened as her cheeks burned with both excitement and embarrassment. Loki chuckled at her expression as he scooted them down a bit to lay flat against the pillows, “Sleep, love; you need to rest after such a long day.”

Kælin frowned; that wasn’t it… was it? During her wedding night speech, her mother had said that men and women fit together and that when her husband took her, he would put himself inside her. Nothing like had happened with Loki and she was confused. Kælin looked up at him with a thoughtful pout, “But… I thought,” Loki silenced her by tilting her chin up and placing a series of slow and hungry, but chaste, kisses on her lips. They parted several seconds later, and Loki slid his hand into her hair, softly massaging her scalp, “I’m not going to take you here, freisti; this setting is beneath you. When I take you, it will be upon a bed of fine silks and furs scattered with flower petals. I will worship your body throughout the night; bringing you to that peak of immense pleasure over and over and over again until your throat is raw from screaming my name so brazenly that all the nine realms will know that you belong to me.”

Butterflies fluttered against her tummy at his wicked and sweet words, though a frown still marred her face. She bit her lip, contemplating something he’d said earlier when he had started to pleasure her. We can both give and receive pleasure

She looked up at him from under her lashes as she lightly grazed her nails against his chest. He breathed deep as her nails scratched against his skin and she licked her lips, “But… what about you? You touched me, but you said we both can receive and give pleasure.”

He raised a surprised brow at her; she wasn’t so timid anymore apparently… delightful… Ooh, what he wouldn’t give to feel her delicate hands on his cock, or that perfect little mouth… The image Kælin on her knees, plump lips wrapping around his cock, slammed through his mind’s eye and he felt himself twitch as he hardened even more. But… it was too soon for that.

Loki smiled down at her as he pulled her deeper against him and encouraged her to rest her head against him, “Sæta, your pleasure is my pleasure. Your pleasure will always come first and is always more important than mine. I will be fine, love, but you need rest. Go to sleep; I promise I will be here when you wake.”


Kælin’s lashes slowly fluttered open as she twisted upon the bed. She rubbed at her eyes to clear her blurry vision and as her body gradually awoke, she began to register the feeling of a newly familiar silver-tongue running along the sensitive crease between her thigh and mound. Then, with no warning, her back abruptly arched as lips gently ensnared her little bud. A low moan escaped her lips when she glanced down to find a lush, wild forest of fiery crimson hair buried between her thighs, “Mmm, Loki.”

He hummed against her as his hands stroked her thighs and trailed upwards until they found her breasts. She arched into his hands, covering them with her own as she writhed underneath him. His thumbs brushed over her hardening nipples, and she shuddered as her hands clenched over his. He licked a long, slow stripe up her slit, lapping at that bundle of nerves for a few seconds before he looked up at her with a sly, flirty wink, “Good morning, freisti. Forgive me for waking you, but I just had to have another taste of your sweet, little cunt,” he wrapped his lips back around her hardening little bud, sucking firmly as he squeezed her nipples.

She jerked against his mouth as she started to pant heavily, her hips rolling, trying to meet the strokes of his wicked tongue. His name fell from her lips over and over, worshipping him as he worshipped her. He trailed his tongue down into her wetness, lapping at her entrance before he slowly slid his tongue inside her. Her thighs tightened around his face as she squealed. Loki moaned against her, sending vibrations through her body as he began thrusting and curling his tongue around inside her.

“Lo-ki! Ooh, gods… mmm, p-please don’t stop!”

Loki tightened his grip on her breasts when her thighs began to quiver and shake. He trailed one hand down stomach until he reached her mound and began massaging circles into her clit with his thumb. Kælin cried out, her hands flying to his head and threading through his tousled hair. Her hips reared up, rubbing against his sinful, scarred lips as she moaned and whimpered; high-pitched and needy until she stiffened and gripped his hair as she strained against him. And then, with a hoarse, low moan she came hard on his tongue; collapsing against the bed as Loki lapped up her juices as if he were dying of thirst.

She twitched and shuddered hard against him as she released him and threaded her fingers through her own sweaty hair. Loki lapped at her entrance a few more times, moaning lewdly at her taste, before pulling back and licking his way back up her body. He stopped momentarily to suckle on each breast, teasing the still hard buds and making her whine as she was still oversensitive. Once he was satisfied, he rolled to lie beside her and he licked his lips, savoring the remnants of her pleasure, as he reached out to cup one of her breasts, “Mmm, I could drink from your cunt for the rest of eternity.”

Kælin’s breathing was ragged as he brushed her nipple with his thumb and rolled it between his fingers. She arched against his hand with a sharp inhale, and he narrowed his eyes teasingly, “Ooh, does that feel good, freisti,” he cooed.

She answered him with a whimper, biting down on her lip as she nodded. Loki hummed in approval as his eyes raked down her naked body while she shuddered under his hand, “Mmm, love, you are too tempting; I want to devour you.”

Her head tilted back on a groan as his talented fingers teased her nipple into a painfully hard bud. Loki watched her with hunger in his eyes and smirked when he saw the same need mirrored in her own, “Hmm, it sounds like my lítið tòfa needs to come again; is that what you need tòfa?”

She nodded eagerly, already succumbing to his touch, and he chuckled darkly, “Good girl… but this time,” he said as his fingertips glided down body, “I’m going to show you just how good I am with my hands.”

Kælin’s breasts heaved as she watched his hand travel south until it disappeared between her thighs. He cupped her gently and she gasped, instinctively widening her legs for him. Loki wrapped his left arm around her, lifting her until he was holding her up by the waist with his palm against her stomach. In turn, Kælin slid her arm around his right bicep, gripping him tight, while her other hand rested on her waist atop his.

Loki started off slow, simply cupping and feeling her heat before gently rubbing her with the flat of his hand; up and down. Her breathing was already erratic as she panted and shook against him; he couldn’t wait to see how she’d react as they progressed into heavier fondling, but her shaking gave him pause. He licked his lips as he began to nuzzle her cheek against his, “Freisti, you’re trembling… are you nervous?”

She whimpered an affirmation and Loki kissed her cheek, “I’ve got you, love. Let me show you, teach you, the pleasure you crave.”

Kælin swallowed hard, trying to relax against him as she felt him gently run two fingers up and down her outer folds. He hummed low in his throat as he teased her lips, “Already so plump with need,” he carefully parted her lips and cooed when dipped his fingertips into her wetness. She choked on a soft gasp as she felt his finger gliding around her center. He licked his lips as he started to spread her juices around, “Mmm, so wet; so eager.” Loki slid a wet fingertip up and circled around her clit, but never touching it, and her eyes fluttered as her head fell against his shoulder.

Loki watched carefully as he teased her body; slowly tracing patterns over her, seeing what she responded to, as he learned her body. He alternated between light and heavy touches on and around that little bud and then, with the pads of his fingers, gently petted her in an upward motion, stroking directly over that bundle of nerves. Her body twitched against his hand, her hips rising to meet his strokes as she whined in his ear. He pressed in just a little firmer and she squealed. Loki hummed low as he peppered kisses upon her neck and shoulder, “Ooo, is that it, love? Right there?”

Kælin dug her nails into his bicep as she strained against his hand. Her head fell back against his chest as she panted and moaned. Loki watched her, enthralled by the bliss on her face as he leaned down to capture her lips in a heated kiss. She returned it eagerly and moaned into his mouth when she felt the hand on her waist trail up to her breast. He cupped her gently, kneading her flesh and teasing her puckered nipple.

While she was distracted by their kiss and the hand at her breast, Loki slid his fingers further down into her heat; spreading the wetness around. She shuddered against him as their tongues played, but then choked on a whimper as he pressed against her entrance. She quickly broke their kiss, staring up at him with nervous eyes as her body clenched hard against his attempted intrusion.

Loki nuzzled her cheek, “Tòfa,” he cooed as he gently stroked over her clenched entrance, “Do you trust me?”

She trembled in his arms, remaining silent for a moment, before she uttered out a barely audible, “Yes.” Loki kissed her cheek as he continued petting her entrance, “You are mine now, Kælin; let me in, love. I’m going to make you feel unparalleled pleasure.”

Kælin swallowed hard, releasing a shuddering breath as she tried to relax for him. Loki slid his fingers back over her clit and he nibbled at her neck, trying to rebuild her pleasure. She ever so slowly melted against him and he slid his left hand at her breast down to join his right. The left took over fondling that little bud until she began thrusting her hips up to meet his strokes and then he slowly slid his right hand down, and used one fingertip to circle that tight, little hole. She tensed again, gripping onto him tighter, but with the persistent attention on her sensitive nub she slowly relaxed and then her hips began to push against his finger.

Loki licked his lips as he watched her a bit longer, making sure she was comfortable with the pressure at her entrance. He pressed firmer against her, letting the tip of his middle finger dip inside her. She huffed at the intrusion, but her body jerked ever so softly, beckoning him deeper. He swiftly slid his finger deep, to the last knuckle, and she released a long breathy sigh. He kissed her cheek, “Good girl, you’re doing so well,” he praised.

She grunted softly as she adjusted to his finger; it wasn’t painful but it was definitely different and uncomfortable. But then, he began to slowly thrust his finger in and out and her breath caught; that felt… good… it wasn’t supposed to feel good. It wasn’t…

Loki watched her face for signs of discomfort, relieved to see there was none. He gradually increased the speed of his thrusts and when she began softly moaning into his ear, he carefully slid his ring finger inside to join the middle. She arched her back, sending his fingers deeper and he paused to let her adjust. She pulsed around his digits, breathing shallowly as she tried to relax. It only took her a few moments and then with a subtle wiggle of her hips, Loki resumed his thrusts. Her nails bit into his arm as she panted in time with his thrusts, and then he began scissoring his fingers, stretching her gently, preparing her body for something much larger.

Kælin whined in his ear as his fingers rubbed at her insides as he stroked her clit. He was definitely good with his hands; in fact, she found that she enjoyed his hands more than his tongue. His thrusts gradually became faster inside her and she whimpered his name as she squeezed around him. Loki licked a long stripe up the side of her throat, “Mmm, tòfa, your little cunt is so tight; I can’t wait to sink my cock into it.”

Kælin drug her nails down his arm as she moaned low in her throat at his words. Her body clenched tight around his fingers and he chuckled seductively, “Ooo, are my filthy words exciting you, love?” She didn’t answer, too lost in the feeling of his fingers and he hardened his thrusts making her cry out, “Answer me, pet. I asked you a question; I’ll stop if you don’t give me an answer.”

A pleading mewl met his ears; clearly she didn’t want him to stop. He chuckled against her ear, “Come now, pet; I only want to relieve you of the strain for pleasure, so tell me, do you like when I say filthy things to you?”

She nodded vigorously as she groaned out a desperate ‘yes.’ Loki purred at her answer and then began to curl his fingers upwards, looking for that special little spot inside her walls. It didn’t take him long, and when his fingers rubbed against it, Kælin’s hips bucked against his hand as she cried out, throwing her head back against his shoulder. Loki nipped at her neck that she was presenting so nicely to him, “Do you see now, tòfa? It doesn’t hurt when done right; the men of your world are incompetent and neglectful. You will never feel this pleasure at the hands of a mere mortal. But then, you know that already, after all, you belong to me and me alone,” he slid the hand rubbing her clit up to her throat and gripped the sides firmly, “No other will touch you, and if they do… they will meet a very painful end at my hands. I was the first man to kiss you, and I will be the first and last man to bed you; do you understand,” he hissed.

Kælin gripped at the hand on her neck as she gasped and arched her back against his chest. Her walls clenched around his fingers as she became wetter at his words. Why did they excite her? He was treating her like a possession, like she didn’t have a say in what he was going to do to her and yet… she wanted to submit to him. The thought truly unnerved her, but the arousal it brought overshadowed her fear like the moon swallowing the sun during an eclipse. She gazed up at him realizing that she hadn’t answered him and his fingers were slowing. She flailed against him, “N-no, p-please, Loki, please don’t stop,” she begged, “I-I understan-d. I belo-ah! Belong to y-you! Only you!”

Loki raised an impressed brow at her, “My, my, my… I had no idea my little freisti could beg so sweetly! Ooh, my lovely sæta, for that, I’m going to show you the piece of the heavens reserved only for you.” He slid his hand back down to her clit and rubbed slow, firm circles against her while he curled the fingers inside her to stroke that sweet spot. He rubbed her firmly, gradually increasing his speed and roughness until she had tears streaming down her cheeks as she continued to beg for him. And then, as she became wetter under the onslaught of his fingers, he heard the delicious sound of his fingers beginning to squelch as she gushed around them.

Kælin’s eyes fluttered involuntarily as she began to tremble and shake uncontrollably. She vaguely registered the wet, lewd sounds coming from her body as he expertly played and teased her flesh. She couldn’t hold back her moans and cries; begging him for something she didn’t fully understand.

As her cries continued to crescendo, Loki brought his palm up, cupping her as his fingers continued to pound against that sweet spot. His thumb brushed over her clit while his other hand moved to press the heel of his palm against her mound to create a solid resistance against his thrusting fingers. She squealed as her neck snapped back and she looked up him with lustful and nervous eyes; she felt like she was going to lose control of her body and, embarrassingly, her bladder; she certainly didn’t want that to happen.

Loki growled gruffly in her ear; she was holding back her pleasure. He pushed their cheeks together as he cooed, “Let go, love. I’ve got you; I want you to lose yourself, surrender your control to me,” she met his words with a submissive gaze, and he nipped at her neck and lowered his voice an octave, “Now, come for me, like a good girl,” he commanded.

And that was all it took; Kælin’s eyes rolled back as her hips bucked up into Loki’s hand as he forced her through a powerful, consuming climax. She let out a long, passionate scream, crying out his broken name as she gushed all over his hand. Loki moaned low in his throat as he watched her violently tremble on the bed as she made a delicious, soaking mess beneath herself. He slowed his strokes as she came down from the intense high. He wanted to wring out every last drop and shudder she had before he stopped.

It took several minutes, but when her body calmed, Loki slowly removed his fingers, cooing at the long, sticky trail of her arousal that followed him until it snapped. He licked his lips as he eyed his drenched fingers and brought them to his mouth to suck them clean and he groaned as he tasted her passion on his tongue. With his fingers still in his mouth, he looked down at the bed, admiring the sizable mess she’d made. He removed his fingers with a lecherous slurp, “Ooh, tòfa; you are amazing; I can’t wait to feel you do that around my cock. Mmm, you’re going to soak me and the bed.”

Kælin whimpered shakily as she began to shiver and Loki gathered her close as he pulled the blanket back over them, “Shhh, my sweet sæta; you’re such a good girl, the best girl. My good, little girl.” She swallowed hard as she clung tightly to him, needing something stable and still trying to catch her breath. Her mind was just… mush. She couldn’t form words; all she could do was hold onto him as her body tried to ride out the aftershocks. She had no idea that something like that was possible; what had he done to her? That was nothing like the other releases he’d given her previously. Those paled in comparison to what she’d just felt thanks to those wicked hands.

He frowned at her continued silence and nuzzled her gently, breaking her stupor, “Are you alright, Kælin?

She nodded weakly as she laid her head on his chest, “I… I think so. What did you do to me?”

Loki chuckled as he kissed her temple, “I gave you pleasure, as I did last night.”

“B-but it was different.”

Loki inclined his head, “Women are glorious creatures, Kælin. Your bodies are magnificent; they are beautiful and powerful in their abilities.” He moved his hands around waist to her middle and cradled her stomach against his palm, “You create life inside of you and the pleasure one can receive from a woman is akin to Valhalla. Women, are capable of many things, including frequent and different releases. What I gave you, is one of the best ones, and I will give you many of them. I love to watch a woman go over that edge, and you were undeniably beautiful in your lustful haze. I want to make you come like that, over and over again until the very air you breath burns your lungs as you gasp my name.”

Kælin licked her lips nervously as she shifted and then she winced as she felt the damp bed beneath them. She shrunk down into his embrace as her cheeks began to burn and Loki gave her an amused chuckle, “What are you doing, freisti?”

She didn’t respond, but pursed her lips as her eyes fell the end of the bed where she could still see hints of the mess she’d made despite the blanket covering most of it. Loki caught her glance, “Ooh, I see. You are embarrassed; don’t be. I made you do that, Kælin. Though I am impressed; I didn’t expect you to squirt so powerfully for the first time. You might even rival my Sigyn!”

Kælin raised a brow at him; he really liked that? And he did it on purpose, and said that even Sigyn, a goddess, did it? She was so confused; none of this matched what her family had told her to expect. Sighing, she sat up, pushing out of his embrace and hugged her knees as her mind swirled all around. Nothing made sense to her anymore; all of her family’s warnings had made sense on her wedding day; she had been ready to accept the pain that would follow, though it would be nothing new to her. She had made herself numb; just like she had that day when she was a child…

Loki frowned as she pushed him away. His lip quirked up thoughtfully as he observed her; her back was ridged, she was holding herself tight as if she needed comfort, and she had become quiet.

He didn’t like it.

Loki pushed himself up on his knees and leaned over her back to wrap her back in his arms, “Kælin; talk to me.”

Her voice came out hoarse and flat as she released a shuddering sigh, “I’m confused. I was told to expect pain and discomfort and I felt none of that. It was different from,” she cut herself off and looked away sharply to hide the tears that had snuck up on her.

Loki narrowed his eyes; his stomach began to sink at her behavior, “Kælin; what are you thinking about, or perhaps remembering?”

“The first time I met Loptr.”

Loki cocked his head; it had been a frightening memory when she had slipped and almost drowned. Luckily, he had randomly checked in on her that day and saw her fall; he had immediately sent Loptr to alert Ivarr who rescued her quickly and got her the care she needed.

Loki kissed her shoulder, “I imagine it was a frightening experience.”

She shook her head, “Loki… I didn’t slip.”

Loki froze at her words, his lips pausing against her shoulder, “What do you mean?”

She scoffed sadly, “I fell in the river on purpose.”

He tightened his arms around her, “Why? Why would you wish to harm yourself?”

Kælin turned to face him with stale tears trailing down her cheeks, “You said you watched over me, but you weren’t there all the time, were you?”

Loki shook his head, the drop in his stomach growing by the second, “No… even for a god that feat is… nigh on impossible. Even the Allfather cannot watch all of his devotees every second all at once. That is why he has his ravens do his bidding; they bring him news from all corners, but I am not so lucky.”

Kælin nodded sadly, “I understand… but if you had been there, before the river, perhaps I wouldn’t have tried to end my life. That was my goal until Ivarr started shouting for me and then he dived into the river. I forgot about my reasoning, and I just wanted him to be okay, so I tried my hardest to get to him and together, we managed to get out of the raging waters.”

Loki sighed, “Kælin; you’re evading my original question. Why did you want to harm yourself?”

She met his concerned juniper gaze, “I’ve never said the reason out loud. No one knows this; not Ivarr or Valka. No one.” Kælin took a deep breath and pursed her lips as she began, “I was eight years old. Mother sent me to the market to trade for supplies. It was a trip I made all the time, and the village was familiar and safe. We saw foreign traders from time to time, but it was always a wonderful experience until the day before I tried to,” she cut herself off, biting her lip, and sniffled as her voice went hoarse. She cleared her throat as she shakily continued, “There was a trader from England that would come twice every year, Edmund Bellshire. My family knew him very well as he always traded us for barley. When he saw me in the village, he offered to walk me home, but along the way he said he had another stop to make. I didn’t think anything of it at the time; I trusted him. I had known him for years after all and looked forward to his visits. We wandered off into the woods and I asked what he needed out here and that’s when he grabbed me.”

Loki tightened his arms around her as his vision began to darken; he already had an idea of what she was going to say, and his blood boiled. He remained silent, hoping he was simply jumping to conclusions, but deep down he knew it was going to be bad.

She suddenly released a shuddering breath, “He held me against a tree and told me not to scream or he’d hurt me. He said as long as I let him do what he wanted I’d be okay. Edmund held a knife against my throat to make sure I stayed quiet as he hiked up my dress. He didn’t rape me; he said he couldn’t go that far with me. Especially not with all my sobbing and the tears running down my face. And then he,” her eyes narrowed, and her voice dropped all emotion as if she had let a piece of herself die at the memory, “He apologized to me. He cried, and he said something was wrong with him; that he never meant to hurt me and that he would never do it again… he lied.”

Loki bit the inside of his cheek to hold his tongue; this Edmund Bellshire had touched his love, and as a child! The damage he’d caused was unforgivable; now that he knew, Loki understood why she was so confused and had been so nervous. His eyes closed as he tried to stave off his anger; he needed to remain calm for her and let her finish the story.

Kælin quickly wiped away a tear as she continued, “The next day, he came to visit my family. I kept my distance and tried to sneak off to Valka’s. I wasn’t quick enough and he caught me again in the woods.” Her voice hardened as her anger at then memory spiked, “He did it again, but this time there was no apology. He just left me there; battered and broken. I sat there for a long time, thinking about what he’d done. What I’d done to warrant such a punishment. I knew what the nature of his assault was; having three brothers it was easy to listen and learn from their conversations. I knew exactly what he was doing once I had time to process it all and… I felt myself die a little inside and then I saw the knife he’d left behind. I thought about slitting my own throat or even just hurting myself a little bit to see if I could still feel something. I had no tears left to cry after all. But then I decided that I didn’t want to risk it happening again, and I didn’t want my family to think I was murdered, so I went to the river and slipped; an accident would be easier to for them to process.”

“Kælin… why didn’t you tell someone? Ivarr, or your mother, or anyone; why did you suffer in silence?”

“Why would I? Would they really believe a child over an adult? He was well-liked in the village and even by my own family. I stopped going to the village alone after that, but my brothers never questioned it; I suppose I’m a good actress or a good liar. No one ever suspected a thing; no one had any idea of the mental battles I had with myself for years afterwards,” she scoffed, “I still have them sometimes.”

Loki sighed heavily as he held her, “Thank you for telling me, Kælin. You shouldn’t hold that darkness inside you. You will never fully heal from the damage he caused, but you can overshadow the darkness. It won’t work all the time as you said, but the fact that you survived the damage says a lot.”

She shook her head, “Loki, I’m nothing. Just because I let go of the fear doesn’t make me special; it did not make me strong. I sheltered myself from the world; I grew to tolerate people, but I don’t like to be around them, especially not the village. I turned my attention to other things like animals and the skalds of old.”

Loki turned her in his arms and held her close, “Kælin do not doubt your inner strength; it has always been there. You were broken by someone unworthy of your light and soul, but it doesn’t make you any less of the person you are.”

Kælin looked up to meet his gaze and her lips parted, a soft sigh slipping through, as she caught the tears in his eyes. He brought their foreheads together, “You are magnificent, and when those cracks that remain start to spread, I will be there to hold you together. It’s okay to be broken with me. I am not so put together myself, if you hadn’t noticed.”

A single tear slipped down her cheek, and he gently wiped it away with his thumb as he caressed her face. She covered his hand with her own as she leaned forward and quickly placed a kiss on his lips. She pulled back just as quickly with a blush on her cheeks, as if she were shocked by her own actions, and Loki smiled, “And so the beautiful Princess kisses the frog, but sadly, there is no Prince; just a Trickster.”

Kælin shook her head, “I never liked the princey-types in stories.”

“Me either,” he said with a chuckle, “Too uptight and boring.”

Kælin bit her lip, “I tend to lean towards the odd characters or the villain.”

Loki beamed, “Lucky for you then; I’m apparently both!”

She giggled and leaned against him, “Then I think we’ll get along just fine, Mischief.”

Loki wrapped his arms around her as he leaned back against the bed taking her with him. They curled up under the warm, wool blanket, holding each other tight. Loki stroked her hair gently until she fell back asleep in his arms. She murmured peacefully, smuggling deeper into him, as he ran his fingers through her messy hair, but he was anything but peaceful.

He had failed her.

He had saved her life, but if he had been more watchful, he could have… Loki sighed heavily; there was only one way he was going to feel better about this failure. He made a mental note as he went over his plan for today; today he was going to search for an Undine and gather her tears for their ingredient vessel. And now, he had one additional stop to make; it was time for this Edmund to face justice. From what Kælin had told him, Edmund came from England, a boring land filled with vile crime and two-faced clergymen. It came as no surprise then, that this Edmund didn’t think twice about inflicting harm upon a child. Poor Edmund had no idea what he had done to himself; he had violated a woman, and a child at that. By Norse laws the men of her family had the right to punish him as they saw fit, including murder, with no fear of punishment.

Loki smiled darkly; Kælin was not his wife… yet, but she did belong to him now. He was the one charged to care and provide for her now, and therefore, Edmund would suffer. He would make sure of it…

Submitted: July 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Soteria. All rights reserved.


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