The Trickster's Prize

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: ROMANCE BOOK HOUSE

Loki, the mischievous Trickster god, has a plan. But, like most of his plans, this one did not go... completely according to his design...

Upon blessing Brandt, a simple farmer in exchange for a blood oath to give him whatever he desires, Loki finds himself in a position of power. Well, until the farmer realizes that the god desired his only daughter, Kælin, as his prize. Fearing for his daughter, Brandt, seeks to outwit the God of Deceit, but he will learn that no one can trick the Lord of Lies. Loki would have his prize. After all, thanks to the blood oath, she had been his since the day she formed in her mother's womb...

Table of Contents


“Brandt Steinarson,” the name rolled off a seductive tongue accompanied by a richly deep, velvety voice, “I have come to collect wh... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

Two Days Later Brandt sighed wearily as he tended the firepit in the central portion of his farmhouse; night was falling, and it woul... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

As soon as the sun began to rise the next morning, Brandt made his way into the village and up to the longhouse of Jarl Angeir. He was we... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Kælin stared blankly at the walls of the longhouse as her two aunts rushed around her bridal chamber. She was currently sitting in a war... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Back at the farmhouse, Loki sat at the Steinarson’s family table as he casually sipped on a horn of mead as he listened to Tyra and Bra... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Kælin looked around her room as she sat upon her bed; she wouldn’t be seeing it for a while after today. A small, leather bag sat empt... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Valka hummed happily to herself as she harvested the vegetables from her garden. She wiped her brow as her eyes caught the setting sun di... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Kælin sighed against Loki’s back as he carried her piggyback style with their travel satchels attached to his belt. They had been trav... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Ebrum shook his head as he looked in the sack Loki had brought back from the shop, “They let ya take all of this?” Loki laughed a... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Loki brought Kælin’s hands up to his lips to place gentle kisses on her knuckles, “I’ll try not to take long, love. Stay in this h... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

“Did ya bring me the tears, Mischief?” Loki grinned from ear to ear, “I brought you something better than mere tears!” Eb... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Kælin moaned softly as she stretched; she felt deliciously sore after last night; they had stayed up much too late playing. They had tea... Read Chapter

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