In the beginning. Part 1 chapter 4

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Another installment of my life ..The next day I text him, I just wanted to see him I thought. I want to play this old guy as he acted so cool and didn't fall to his knees from my touch. I will fuck him over good.

In the beginning part 1 chapter 4

He stood at the bar I heard him him  ask for a glass of ice. I just finished a photo shoot and was  being entertain by my clients.


I notice his chest. It was a chest of a fit 20 year old. But his face was of a much older man, maybe in his late 50's.

He was wearing a white T shirt that showed off his muscles and nice fitting jeans. I couldn't help myself I had to touch his chest. 
I ran my slender tattoo finger over his chest. He didn't have any tattoos that I could see. I'm thinking he like many other men just want to bang a tattooed girl, so I might be able to take advantage of him. The barman handed him his ice. 

He didn't flinch at my touch , he thanked the barman. I asked him do you just drink ice ? he gave me a wicked smile  and said it's for my date. 


He asked me what I do. I told him I provide legal advice among other things.  He replied saying he might require  legal advice.


I gave him one of my numbers and he gave me his. Thinking he probably needs advice on something simple like a parking fine.


We exchange glances at each other through the night. I couldn't help thinking I knew him as he was straight , strong and confident like my boxing / martial arts teacher, who was now in 50 plus years old. 


He gave his name as gimme head. He must of thought he will never see me again as I'm half his age probably out of his price range.

The next day I text him, I just wanted to see him I thought.  I want to play this old guy as he acted so cool and didn't fall to his knees from my touch. I will fuck him over good. 
He offered to make me breakfast at his apartment that over looked the beach. I arrived in a Uber. I could smell bacon cooking on his out door bbq as I entered his apartment.
He presented me with a plate nicely presented with baby spinach, tomatoes,  bacon and fried eggs easy.
I stared at him eating the crispy part of beacon. He asked why I'm not eating. I replied I like the crispy part, like what you are eating.
He gave me the crispy parts of the beacon while apologing. I just love how it crunches in my mouth. His eyes where fixed on my very red lips as I ate. I made sure he watched me as I wrapped my lips around a small cherry tomato he provided. 
We chatted while admiring the view of the ocean. He said it's a beautiful day , let's go for a ride. What the fuck I thought! 
I hope he not asking in a old man way to ride me.  He's going to need to pay me a lot more then breakfast if he thinks he's going to have me. 
On a push bike I asked. Thinking no fucking way I'm riding a push bike around this town with a old guy. I'm too well known.
Im a tattoo model a bad bitch with red lips that spells trouble.  I should be on a real bikes with bikers, not with a old guy on a push bike. 
He said you will need this and handed me a motorcycle helmet. We went down to the under ground car park where his super sports bike was parked. He explained he been riding bikes since he was a kid.
Why a jap bike I ask him ? He was surprised I knew about bikes.He replied " I don't look like a Harley rider "
The bike was obviously very modified as it roared to life. I been around bikes my whole life with crazy fucked up bikies but this guy is totally fucking crazy.
  He's riding between lanes of traffic at speeds over 120 kilometers per hour in a 60 km zone. Using the dedicated cyclist lanes and turn lanes to avoid motorist who try to block his way. 
He had no respect for road rules or care about safety. Nothing will protect you if we crash, it will end fast.. he said.
I didn't know what he meant when I first put my brown tattooed leg over the seat. For those who know anything about bikes and especially super sports bikes, there's no real fucking seat for a pillion (passenger)
They are not made for a pillion, they made to go fast. The seat is no bigger than my tampon. Worst still you seat higher so you can see over the rider. It's fucking scary seeing how fast we are moving.
With my hands tightly wrapped around him and my knees tucked in. I looked at his  muscled arms. He's not a hulk just normal size guy in good shape. He was wearing black jeans and a white tight fitting T shirt. I didn't have much on. 
Suddenly I realized what he meant. If we crash at this speed life would end very quickly. No safety gear would protect me. 
 He's a crazy old cunt he's going to kill me. Maybe I should of just let him fuck me instead of being fucked up or even worse ..dead on the road. 
We pull up beside a club of harley bikers. I recongised the patch on the front of their vest. Outlawed bikers are not allowed to wear patches anywhere here in Australia.
These guys were part of the Loners MC  riding proud.. fuck the law.. The Loners originated from my home land Aotearoa known as New Zealand so I knew they would protect me.
 I thought here's my chance , I could jump on the back of one of bikers bike to get away from this crazy cunt.
Or I could scream and they would beat his white arse to a pulp. I didn't want him to get a beating.  They won't fuck me over once they see I'm part of a bigger mob. 
The crazy old cunt nodded at the bikers  You don't do that unless you want a beating. Especially if you are white.
What happened next blew my mind, they nodded back like they knew him. How could this old white cunt know members of a outlawed Maori motorcycle club. What the fuck have I got myself in to. 
As the traffic light turn green a couple of harleys raced us of sorts. We are racing on a bridge, it's over 2 kilometers long and straight.
It connects  the City of Redcliffe with the main land city of Brisbane. I love driving across the bridge as you can see the ocean on one side and the bay on the other.
I'm Moana by name and by nature . I love the ocean. I couldn't look at the water.  I couldn't move my fucking head unless I wanted it ripped off by the force of wind. Fucking cunt I knew we were going fast as we left the harleys like they where standing still. 
We rode away with me totally confused, thinking this cunt is playing me. I'm now very horny from the speed of the bike and the not knowing who this crazy fucker is. 
If he only knew if he touched  me I would have him fucked up by the mob. Which he found out latter the hard way. 
As we rode a little slower I started to relax, my hands were now reaching around to his cock which was fucking hard. Harder then any cock I have felt. Beleive me I had a lot of cock.
 I was on the street since I was 12 taken from my land. The Mongrel Mob protected me on the streets at a cost. 
We rode back to his place as soon as we entered his apartment he kissed me. The kiss was unexpected and very sexual.
I'm thinking this will be over quick. Guys don't last long with me as I know how to use my lips and body. I reached down to his cock..fuck it was harder .. he push my head down .. like he's paying me to fuck him. I didn't resist as I was so fucking horny. 
My luscious red lips engulfed his cock. I grabbed his balls thinking he will come straight away. I stepped up the pace as he didn't come on the spot. 
I lifted my head up off his cock to kiss him. His cock was red from my lipstick and leaking pre cum.
After a few minutes with me giving him a head job he stopped me. Believe me I know how to give bj's and no one has ever stopped me before.
This old cunt is going to wish he came before I put my lips on his cock. Fuck him I will stop when I'm ready. As my mouth went back down on his cock, I grabbed his balls hard.
My eyes where fixed on his, as I slowly slid my mouth down to the base of his cock. God I love men fully waxed. I closed my mouth hard around the base of his cock.
I could feel the head of his cock touching deep inside my throat. I caress his balls while his cock was firmly fixed in my mouth.
 I fucked his cock with my mouth. Usually they fuck my mouth. But this time I'm in control and fuck it felt good. I could feel his cock pulsating. It was rigid , so fucking hard. 
I hate the taste of cum, so I was just about to remove his cock from my mouth. Then without warning he push me away and said he's going to fuck me.
He added .. In a way that I will never get enough of. Yeah sure every man says that you stupid old cunt.

Submitted: June 29, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Missink31. All rights reserved.

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What happened to all the other stuff you had posted?
I haven't read this piece before. I'm guessing this is how it all began with "old cunt". He turned you on with his turbo bike when you thought you might be peddling. Then it turns out he knew the Loners MC. He was full of surprises...blew them right of the road.

You've got a rowdy riotous erotic tone to your writing. Your stories are super interesting. I know nothing about the mob here or in Australia, but you make me curious.

Mon, August 2nd, 2021 2:23am

Matt Triewly

Raw. Uncompromising. Good. No. Very good. And the next time someone calls me an old cunt I'm going to think of this and smile.

Tue, August 3rd, 2021 8:56am


Ha thank you very much. Xxx

Fri, October 22nd, 2021 8:00pm

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