The Run

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Two panther shifters run through the forest before they collide.

Bree ran through the woods on four legs, her sleek tan coat shining in the moonlight. If she was a black panther, it would have helped her blend into the shadows. But she was a tan big cat, she stood out as the moon shone on her. The moon, high and full in the sky, gave her an extra boost of strength and speed. But the shifter following her would have received the same gift.

The sound of branches snapping and a low growling from behind her let her know the large panther on her heels was still giving chase. Bree internally smirked as she dipped and changed directions. The panther behind her was large, would pin her with his strength if he caught her. But she was wily, and she was fast. She could outrun him.

She whipped around a tree, cornering quickly, but after a stumble, she heard the panther following her regained his feet. She tried the maneuver again but the shifter was wary this time, took the corner slower then sped up on the sprint. He was close by. Bree would need to try something clever.

Bree saw her chance in a fallen log and darted under it. The panther following her snarled as he stumbled over it. Bree heard him fall, heard him trying to right himself as she ran in the opposite direction. The sounds of his pursuit faded until all she could hear was her own footfalls and breath. Bree drew to a stop, listening, straining her ears.

Nothing. She’d done it. She’d won.

Her triumph was tempered by a flicker of disappointment deep in her belly. That almost surprised her, that little flicker. Bree was fiercely competitive, and they’d agreed – but it didn’t matter. She’d won. That was that.

Bree turned and began to plan a run that would take her back home. She got her bearings, looked up to the full moon. She basked in the light of it. She could feel her senses sharpen, could smell the leaves that she pierced with her claws as she flexed them.

It was at this point something crashed out of the bushes to her left. She whirled but she was too late, paws crashed into her, knocked her onto her back onto the ground. Before she knew it, teeth were at her neck. Bree tried to throw him off until the other panther’s jaws tightened on her, then she froze.

They stayed like that, her not daring to breath, his teeth at her neck, for a few heartbeats. Then, in her head, echoed his voice. “Change.”

Bree rumbled a low, discontented growl. She hated being told what to do.

The teeth tightened a fraction. If he bit down any more, he’d be drawing blood. Through her mind again came the words. “Change, Bree. I’ve caught you. It’s over.”

Bree, reluctantly, began shifting. Her feline body changed to her human form. Once she was finished, her throat was still caught in the panther’s throat. He changed then, putting a paw on her chest that elongated into fingers as he growled through his change. Soon, he was man-shaped, his long fingers securing her throat.

Bree panted, partly from the flight, and partly from the flush of warmth that emanated from her lower belly. She tried to tamp down the wayward feelings, but that seemed to encourage them if nothing else.

The man was tan, dark-haired and ragged. His hair was long and scraggly and he had heavy stubble on his face. He looked down at her, his eyes touching onto her hair, her lips, her bared breasts.

Bree knew she was a sight in the moonlight. Her smooth skin, flushed pink now from his gaze. Her skin, not as tan as his, but still with a glow from the sun. Her hair, blonde and straight, and her lithe frame. He drank her in and she could feel herself getting wet.

A glance down revealed she wasn’t the only one affected. His shaft had started to harden. The shifter leant down, still holding her throat in his grasp, and kissed her roughly. She gasped into his mouth and he slipped his tongue inside. He took her mouth, his other hand sliding down her chest to pinch roughly at her nipple.

She moaned, then stopped when she realized she was making the sound. The man laughed, watching her carefully as he manipulated her little bud. Bree swallowed, fingers digging into the leaves on either side of her. She knew to look away would be seen as deferring to his dominance. Bree deferred to nobody.

The shifter growled as he tweaked her nipple, rougher than she expected. Bre gasped softly, then wished she hadn’t. The smirk that went across the shifter’s face was enough to make her regret giving him that much.

“Your body knows what it wants,” the shifter said smugly, rolling her nipple. “Your nipples are hard little points right now.”

“I’m just cold,” Bree said through gritted teeth.

“Really? Let’s find out.” The shifter paused, tilted his head. Eyes not leaving hers, he began to skim his fingers down her chest, over her belly. Bree’s eyes widened when she realized what his destination was. He would touch between her thighs, then he would know. He asked, “Scared?”

She scoffed. “No. Why would I be? You’ve been hard since you pinned me down. Is that what gets you off? Holding a woman down?”

The shifter’s eyes darkened. “If you want to mouth off, then I’ll need to give you something to occupy yourself.” Before Bree could object, he’d shifted around so that his lower half was over her, and that was when she got her first good look at his shaft. Bree gasped again. It was long and thick and ready to go. The shifter used that gasp to take advantage, sliding his shaft in. The head popped past her lips and was on her tongue before she could say anything.

Bree tried to voice her objection then, but by the shifter’s moans, she’d only succeeded in bringing him pleasure. “Yeah, baby, like that,” he muttered. “Where was I?”

With that, his fingers delved into her curls, traced over her pussy lips, and then finally dipped inside as Bree swallowed to stop her mouth filling up with saliva.

“God, that feels good. And now I know we both feel that way,” the shifter said as he stole a finger into her wet sheath. Bree moaned as his digit slid into her. The smell of the forest floor, the taste of him on her tongue, the feeling of his finger stretching her wet pussy. It was all winning her over. She didn’t realize she’d kept sucking, kept moving her tongue over his shaft until he said, “you’re such a good girl when your mouth is full of cock.”

With that, Bree raked her teeth over him lightly. Not enough to cause pain, but enough to warn him. Even if the praise caused a flutter she didn’t want to examine too closely.

The shifter tutted. “You use your teeth on me, I’ll use my teeth on you.” With that, he leant in and nipped her thigh. Bree sucked in a breath through her nose, thankful the shifter had at least not plunged deep enough into her throat to restrict her breathing. He licked the patch he’d nipped, soothing the hurt, and Bree felt herself get even wetter around his finger. “Maybe I’ll just keep doing this. You obviously like it. And, as it happens, I like marking you.”

With that, he starting nipping her thighs, sucking lightly, then licking over the spot. Bree was sure he was leaving marks on her tender thighs. Something about that made her moisten further around his finger. He chuckled lowly, she was sure he could feel it.

“Since you’re being such a good girl again, maybe I can reward you,” he said. Bree wasn’t sure what he meant until she felt his hot breath on her damp clit. The first lick of his tongue made her hips lift off the ground, although he pushed them back down with another low chuckle. His body held hers as he delved in, not giving her any quarter. He licked her clit like he loved it, and that made Bree squirm, made her suck on his shaft. He began thrusting into her mouth, gently at first. Then, once she didn’t object, he began to move his cock in and out of her mouth with speed.

Bree could feel spit gathering at the corners of her mouth, dripping into her chin. She could taste the precum as he dragged his cock over her tongue. She could feel his longue lap at her like she was a delicacy, his finger pumping in and out of her. He nipped at one of her pussy lips and Bree could feel herself spasm.

Suddenly, he swore, pulling out of her mouth roughly and turning her around so she was facing him again. His eyes roamed over her and he smirked. Bree knew how she must look. Mouth messy from his cock, cheeks flushed, thighs wet with her juices and marked with his teeth.

“Can’t do too much of that,” he said as he positioned his thick cock at her entrance. “I know where I want to finish.”

Bree’s eyes went wide as he pushed in, entered her in one stroke. She cried out as he slowly drew out again. He swore as he did, then pushed it back in, this time roughly. She cried out again, throwing her head back.

“I wish you could see what I see,” he said as he roughly seized her hair, pulling her face back down to look at him. “I wish you could see your greedy little cunt taking me in.”

Bree cried out again as he began fucking her properly, driving in and out of her like a man on a mission. She went to come up for a kiss, for something to anchor her, but he pushed her back down roughly. His eyes ghosted over her and she could feel them like a brand.

“You want a kiss?” he asked, smirking. “I’ll give you a kiss.”

With that, he pulled out and roughly pulled her to her hands and knees. He smacked her ass, hard. She gasped. He did it again and she moaned. He covered her body with his then, leant over her, and whispered in her ear, “but I’m kissing you where I want to.”

With that, he put his lips over where her neck met her shoulder, the sensitive skin there. Bree jerked instinctively. That was where her mate-mark would be. At her movement, the shifter put his teeth there and she froze. As he worked his cock back into her from behind, he said into her mind directly, “I said I’ll kiss you where I want to.”

Bree moaned again then, unable to stop the intense arousal that shot through her. He would mate-mark her, just like that? Tie them together with this rough act, not with romantic gestures or sweet, gentle love making? He would bind them forever while he roughly moved in and out of her from behind?

But, as Bree realized when he started to bite down, that was exactly what she wanted him to do. His teeth sank into her far enough to draw blood and Bree cried out as orgasm swept through her. The pain of the bite and the pleasure of him fucking her from behind was too much, she couldn’t resist it. She screamed her orgasm to the moon, feeling herself clench around his thickness.

A moment later, he followed her, and she could feel his thick seed flooding her like warm honey, marking her as his there as well. He gently thrust in and out of her as he softened, his teeth still in her neck.

Bree thought it was over. She was wrong. Suddenly, he pulled her up so she was balancing on her knees as he held her from behind. She felt his seed slip out of her but his fingers were there, smoothing it over her clit.

“It’s too much,” she said, gritting her teeth. He didn’t respond, instead biting down on the mate mark he’d made again. She whimpered to the moon as he roughly twisted her nipple as he moved his slippery seed over her clit, the pleasure mounting faster that she thought possible.

“I want to walk you back to the pack like this,” he said into her mind. “Covered in my marks and filled with my seed. Mine.”

That was enough to send her over the edge again. Bree screamed out her second climax to the skies, his clever fingers forcing her to come for him. He made it last as long as possible, sliding his fingers over her to draw it out.

“Stop, stop,” Bree said on a laugh as she caught his hand. His teeth released her and his fingers stilled, warm and comforting against her slickness. “Oh my god, Alex. You really went for it, didn’t you?”

The shifter behind her, Alex, her new mate, turned her around to face him and kissed her. “Not more than you last full moon. Even though you made us do it inside. Not like I wanted.”

“I got away last time. This time I didn’t. Either way, I marked you good last time and you know it,” Bree tilted her head, looking at the mark she’d left on him. A circle of teeth marks than made her wet to see, even a month after. “So that’s it. We’ve done it. Now we’re both marked, which means we’re officially mated.”

“We are,” he said, standing. He helped her to her feet, smirking as she shivered at the feel of his seed leaking onto her thigh.

“Okay, but I do have to clean up with something before we get back to the pack,” Bree said, smiling. It was fairly usual for newly mated couples to return to the camp looking a bit wild but this was excessive, even for that.

“Or they could get used to the sight,” Alex said. He winked at her. “After all, this is going to happen every full moon. And maybe even more than that.”

“Alex! Look at all the dirt on my back and knees. We’re having sex inside. How many other shifters in the pack do this?”

“I don’t care what other shifters do,” Alex said as he walked around her, brushing away some dirt. “But if you really object so much, you can always try to get away from me again.”

Bree bit her lip. “You think you have the stamina for that?”

Alex laughed at her. “You want to test my stamina? How about, last one to the pack gets tied up for the other?”

Without waiting for her response, he shifted and bolted. As Bree yelled after him and shifted, she thought to herself that she was really going to like mated life.

Submitted: June 28, 2021

© Copyright 2021 RosalieSpencer. All rights reserved.

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