Addicted to Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Beth is a young teacher who has an addiction. She doesn't know she has the addiction until that first kiss in the book store. And from then on she cannot help herself.

Table of Contents

Looking back

Chapter 1 Present day. Life is a journey. You never really know who you are until you get there. Sometimes you may wonder what br... Read Chapter

The beginning

Chapter 2 Sixteen years ago. I walked into the classroom that cold winter’s morning nearly twenty years ago to be greeted by a ... Read Chapter

My favorite book

Chapter 3 Present day. I smile at the group gathered around, hanging on my every word.  I have tried to engage with the loca... Read Chapter

Homework of a different kind

Chapter 4 Sixteen years ago. The following Monday I arrived at school a little concerned. After my encounter with young James in ... Read Chapter


Chapter 5 Present day My classes are thriving each week. So much so that I had decided to expand them to twice weekly events. ... Read Chapter

Melissa and Fiona

Chapter 6 Sixteen years ago. I arrived at Melissa’s house at 7.30 pm prompt and was surprised to find that it was just the two ... Read Chapter

Introducing Mick

Chapter 7 The incident with Fiona did teach me one thing. Young girls were more mature and reasonable than young boys. Fiona attempte... Read Chapter

Do it properly

Chapter 8 Ten years ago After Mick had left the area for pastures new, we kept in touch via letter and some texting for a few mon... Read Chapter

Mick's return

Chapter 9 Five years ago I eventually moved on from Rory, along with the school, and took up a similar position in another neighb... Read Chapter


Chapter 10 Present Day   Today is a good day. The sun is shining in the sky and I think I may go out for some fresh air ... Read Chapter

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