Marriage Therapy

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The five preteens alleged they had exchanged sexual favors for Cannabis laced products, marijuana, cigarettes, and beer. If true, Joe was guilty of a laundry misdemeanor and criminal activity.




Melisa came to me in confidence, suspicious that her husband Joe was cheating on her. Joe was defensive  and irrate that his wife of eighteen months would accuse him of Having had sex with a close family member and her best friend Sara.


Melisa had a receipt from McDonald's accusing her husband of taking another woman to a romantic lunch or dinner. Immediately, I thought who goes to Mcdonalds for romance? I questioned where the romance was in two fish sandwiches, two Big Mac burgers and two medium sodas. As a therapist, I am trained to withhold my personal emotions and opinions. This time I could not silence the red flags. Had Joe taken a friend or co-worker to lunch ? My mind questioned ,had Joe taken some adolescent or juvenile to lunch ? Could the sandwiches be for Joe and an extra large appetite ?


First, I  would work on convincing Melisa Mc Donald's was not a romantic lunch. Mentally I entertained the thought Mc Donald's was the ideal setting for annoniminity. If Joe was romancing someone he was romancing his interest in a very  public place. If Joe was on the path to infidelity, he was cheating in plain sight of everyone.


Second, I would work with Melsa to find the truth , to find answers to her questions. If Joe was innocent , then I would work within the resources available to reduce Melissa's insecurities. Melisa and Joe , came to me for help. The fact that both partners were seated in front of me said , Melisa and Joe were not fully committed to separation and divorce.


Sara was present to confirm Joe had performed oral sex on her. Melisa trusted her friend. She could think of no reason why the best friend would lie. Sara produced evidence of Joe's marital infidelity. She had sex text, pictures of Joe's genitals. Joe, would say he intended to text the pictures to Melisa. 


The immediate issue with Joe was,  was he aware of the unintended consequences of sexting ? Was Joe intentionally inviting other women to contact him for sexual encounters? Getting to the root cause of the marital issues would be a long difficult painful journey.


In the role of therapist and Disciplinarian the task of unraveling this tangled web of mistrust, and deception. Immediately my female mind questioned why Joe would text pictures of his genitals to his wife ? Common sense said, Melisa would not be interested in pictures of the genitals of her marital partner. If the marriage was healthy Melisa should be seeing her husband's private parts on a regular basis.. 


The statement from the close family member involved juveniles and was heard in private with one parent present.  The five preteens alleged they had exchanged sexual favors for Cannabis laced products, marijuana, cigarettes, and beer. If true, Joe was guilty of a laundry misdemeanor and criminal activity. 


If I became suspicious that Joe had engaged in sexual escapades with any of these children, I would not hesitate to call the police. I wanted to remain professional and objective. The alarm sounding in my head was gross impropriety. How did Joe put himself in a compromising situation with minors?


As anticipated, Joe denied all charges. Melisa hoped the accusations were false. Her gut instinct was one of fear; she feared the accusations were true.


A polygraph would get some answers. Sara failed her lie detector test. She was lying. She and Joe had not had the sexual escapades she confided to Melisa..  based entirely on the polygraph results I sent Sara to a private area to prepare for individual private counseling and spanking therapy. She complied with my instructions. 


Joe was given a polygraph test. He also failed. He had sexual escapades but not with Sara. The receipt from Mc Donald's was from a romantic encounter.. Melissa's suspicion had been vindicated.


Now, had Joe committed any impropriety with minor members of Melissa's family the polygraph said Joe had engaged in some sexual escapades with each of the five juveniles.

After thirty minutes of intense individual therapy  she held to her story she and Joe were in an ongoing sexual escapade .Sara, described the relationship as " Friends with Benefits " based on her admission of sexting and other impropriety I prescribed a disciplinary session of three hundred licks from the prison strap. For the prescription Sara was restrained to the table.


Joe was counseled for the sexting and  prescribed one hundred licks with the prison strap. For the infidelity committed within the marriage he was prescribed two hundred licks with the tawse followed by thirteen firm strokes with the cane. I administered the necessary aftercare . I counseled him about his activity with the juveniles. The counseling was followed by my phone call to the police. It was the jurisdiction of the court to determine if any act of carnal knowledge, and or pedaphilia had occurred.

Submitted: June 27, 2021

© Copyright 2023 M. L. Williamson Hume. All rights reserved.

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In a humorous way I think that you are writing about the overly promiscuous society that we all live in..
It is easy to read and realistic.

Mon, June 28th, 2021 12:30am


I was thank you for picking up on the message.

Mon, June 28th, 2021 7:58am

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