Girls Just want to have fun

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The weekend arrived and I told Robert he was in for a very special treat tonight. I could see the excitement in his eyes as he coyly asked, "what would that be?" I didn't tell him straight away, but instead told him to go to the converted garage den and set up the cock trample board and the video camera


I was feeling horny lately and was wanting something a little extra kinky. I told my girlfriends Tawanee  and Gabrielle about my last cock trampling experience with my boyfriend Robert . I couldn't help but notice that they got turned on when I explained in detail how fun it was to trample his cock. I asked them if they would like to watch or join me for a cock trampling session. They were a little hesitant at first but their limbido and curiousity took over and they agreed. Gabrielle asked if she could bring her boyfriend Mike with her. Her boyfriend Mike was a self centered chauvinistic jerk but he was very cute. I said yes, and thought to myself I wonder if I could entice Gabrielle  to trample Mike in front of me. I would love to see that jerk's cock and balls get smashed and see him show some humility! We planned out our adventure and decided to get together on the weekend.


The weekend arrived and I told Robert  he was in for a very special treat tonight. I could see the excitement in his eyes as he coyly asked, "what would that be?" I didn't tell him straight away, but instead told him to go to the converted garage den and set up the cock trample board and the video camera. We converted our two car garage to a fun room for loud music or parties, it has a high ceiling with open beams and is sound insulated. It provides a fun place to party or for my favorite activity... torturing men.


I had Robert  add adjustable risers to the trample board. The adjustable risers allow me to adjust how high the trample board will be positioned off the floor. This innovation allows for some fun options for cock trampling. The adjustable risers can raise the trample board to the perfect height to cock trample standing or kneeling males  as well as be lowered all the way down to the floor (variety is the spice of life). 


I turned on some music and asked Robert  to pour me a picture of Pina Colada. I began telling him how much I wanted to trample his dick while I necked with him. I rubbed his crotch and he began to breathe hard, I could feel his cock getting hard through his pants. I continued to rub him and took my time teasing and talking dirty to him. I enjoyed telling him in detailed graphic terms how I was going to smash and stomp his dick and balls with my heels. I was very explicit in telling him how his pain and tornment sexually turned me on and the effect it had on me. I liked telling him just how very wet my pussy will get and how my sensitive nipples will be rock hard when I trample him. I made sure to get him all hot and bothered. I giggled when I noticed he had a big wet spot of precum that had soaked through his pants. 


It was 10pm in the evening and He was very surprised when our doorbell rang that late. He was even more surprised when I answered the door. Robert  was flabbergasted to see Mike, Gabrielle and Tawanee walk into the den. I could see he was very embarrassed with the cock board in plain sight and his obvious boner pressing on his precum spotted pants. His humiliation was arousing me  beyond my wildest imagination.


I told Robert to make our company some drinks, A picture of margaritas and Pina colada for me. I laughed when I saw him unsuccessfully try to hide his boner. Robert returned and handed Gabrielle  and Mike a drink and offered to take their coats. When Gabrielle removed her coat her petite athletic body was dressed in a short sheer summer dress and pretty blue platform wedges that showed off her sexy tanned legs. When Tawanee removed her coat she was dressed in a black mini skirt and knee high chunky heeled boots; her large tits were barely covered with a red tube top. Tawanee  and Gabrielle sat down on the couch next to my boyfriend and I. Mike sat on the chair across from them

Tawanee giggled as she looked at the cock board and asked, "What is that thing?"


I laughed out loud as I watched my boyfriend squirm and saw him blush with embarrassment. I smiled and asked my boyfriend, "Do you want to tell her?" He awkwardly  said it was a wooden project he is working on for his work. 


I interrupted and said, "No it isn't a board he made so I can trample his dick and balls!" The look in my boyfriends eyes was priceless as we all busted up laughing (except for him that is)! lol 


I told Gabrielle Mike and Tawanee  how it worked and asked them if they would like a Gabrielle  look at my boyfriend giggled and said, "yeah, I think I would like that".


I pulled my man close to me and deeply kissed him. I rubbed his cock and then reached for his belt buckle. He was embarrassed and reluctant as I undid his pants in front of everyone. I told him to stand and I pulled his pants down and took off his shirt. He stood there naked in front of us all too ashamed to look any of us in the face. I was a naughty girlfriend. I enjoyed the humiliation I was putting him through. His dick was flaccid and soft I giggled and told Gabrielle , "I am sorry his dick isn't very big right now, it seems he has a shy  teeny weenie" Mike and Gabrielle cracked up, Gabrielle leaned in close and chimed in, " Yeah it does look kinda small, I think Mikes dick is bigger than that!" 


I laughed out loud and said, "Maybe we can get it to grow if I pull on it", 

 Robert  was so embarrassed he just stood there not knowing what to do. He winced as I pinched his cock head and pulled his dick out in front of us. Robert's  cock was still flaccid so it stretched out skinny and funny looking as I pulled it. I pulled hard and let it go, it snapped back against his nutsack like a rubber band. That brought much amusement to us all and we all laughed. Gabrielle reached out and fondled Roberts nutv sack. She laughed and said his nuts are mushy and kinda small too!" She took Roberts cock in her hand and squeezed it. She was delighted by the feel of my boyfriend's cock in her hand. She leaned in close and pulled the foreskin back from the cock head. Gabrielle wrapped two fingers around Robert's  glans and pulled, again Robert's flaccid cock stretched long and skinny. Sandy said it looks like a spaghetti noodle then yanked on it and let it go, again it snapped back like a rubber band. We all cracked up, laughing at Robert's cock. 


I kissed Robert  deeply, then I grabbed his cock shaft roughly and slapped his cock head very hard three or four times and looking into his eyes said, "You know I love you, right?" You know how much it turns me on to humiliate and torment you, don't you?You know that your pain and humiliation makes me wet with desire and pleasure.. Now I want to abuse your body. I want to step on your dick, I want to painfully crush your cock and balls under my heels right in front of our guest.


..I want you to tell them that you like being my plaything and that we can do anything, anything we want to you and that you want to please me and you would like me to trample your dick and balls! Tell them that you enjoy being my slave, that you like it when I use your body for my pleasure!" "Tell them now!


 I want you to look Gabrielle , Tawanee  and Mike in the face and tell them what I said and I also want you to ask them, "do you want to see my cock and balls get trampled as well as use my body for your amusement and pleasure?" 


I turned his face toward our company bitch slapped him and squeezed his balls hard.


My stern actions and bold words to Robert  had every one's attention. Robert with a red face looked at Mike, Gabrielle  and Tawanee and said meekly, "I enjoy being my mistress's plaything. She can do anything, anything she wants with me, I like it when she uses my body for her pleasure..


." I said, "and" I smiled when he finished with, "Would you like to see her step on my cock and balls as well as use my body for your pleasure and amusement" I said, "Good, thats exactly what I wanted you to say!"


Mike said,"Wow that's heavy" I have only read about men that submit to women like that. Gabrielle  said, "That's intense, I am getting horny watching you work, girlfriend. Tawanee smiled and answered, "hell yeah I do want to see your cock and balls get smashed! I looked at Mike and said, "Don't just sit, don't rub Gabrielle's pussy, and lets get this party started!" Gabrielle  sighed, "mmm, yeah honey" and reached over and grabbed Mikes crotch, "mmm" 


Mike reached over and slipped his hand under Gabrielle's  dress. Gabrielle moaned as Mike fingered her. They both watched wide eyed as I pushed Robert  to his knees. I positioned myself in front of him, very slowly I lifted my skirt and told him to kiss my thong covered pussy. 


Mike let out a low whistle and said, "Damn you look good!" I knew I looked Damn good. Mike pulled Gabrielle's strap down and pulled out her Gabrielle was breathing pretty hard and Tawanee  couldn't resist reaching over and gently pinching one of Gabrielle's pretty pink nipples. I let our guest play for a moment then handed Gabrielle two long leather boot laces. 


I told Gabrielle  "Wrap the middle of the boot lace around Roberts  cock right behind the cock head once or twice". I told her, "Grab both ends and pull sharply and then tie a knot to hold the cock head cinched tight so it won't slip off". Gabrielle  said, "wow dick bondage" I watched as she sharply yanked on both ends, Robert moaned as his dick head was cinched tight and Tawanee lent a finger to hold the leather lace tight as Gabrielle. Tie a tight Knot. I told her to take the second lace and tie one end around one testicle and the other. End around the other testicle. Mike  winced as he watched Tawanee and Gabrielle tie off reach of Robert's balls


I decided to tie Robert's  wrists and ankles to add to the effect. I raised the trample board up a bit to make it easy for us to reach the surface without bending down too much. Now I told Robert  to climb up and get in place on the trample board. The trample board was a 4' by 4' 6" rectangle not quite long enough to support Robert's entire body but left his head and feet dangling off each end. The trample board was adjusted high enough to make it easy for us to handle and adjust the video camera to film Robert's cock trample but low enough for Robert.  to look up our dresses and easily lick our pussies. I fastened the removeable cock box over Robert's genitals and secured it with the flush mounted bolts on the board. I tied Robert's wrist and ankles to the board. Justin wriggled around until his cock and balls were aligned with the hole in the trample box. 

 Gabrielle  said , "How do you get his dick through that hole it doesn't seem big enough? I told Gabrielle , "Come close and I will show you how." Roberts  cock and balls were all squished against the hole in the board. I said, "stick your finger tip in there and feel for the boot lace tied to his cock head and pull it out through the hole. Gabrielle  smiled and jabbed her fingers in the hole and said, "I got it, but it seems stuck?" I said, "pull hard it'll come out" Robert yelped and Gabrielle giggled as his dick head popped out of the hole on the end of the boot lace. Then I told Tawanee  ``find the other place and pull his balls through the hole one at a time. Robert moaned and groaned like an animal as Tawanee pulled hard on the lace that was attached to his balls and we laughed as Robert's testicles painfully popped out one at a time through the hole. 


When the last testicle popped through the hole Gabrielle  said, "I didn't think his dick and balls together would ever fit through that small hole Tawanee  laughed and said, "I guess it's a good thing he has a small skinny dick! His dick and balls look kinda funny laying there on the board and in a way they look like they aren't even attached anymore!" I removed the laces from Robert's cock and balls, Gabrielle, Tawanee and I smiled and looking at Justin proceeded to make mean jokes about his cock and balls. Roberts lower legs stuck out on one end of the cock box and his chest and head stuck out the other. He must have felt very helpless with his dick and balls obscenely protruding through the middle of the cock box openly exposed and very very vulnerable. 


Mike, who was quiet all this time, went to the kitchen and returned with more drinks. He cracked up when he saw Robert  on the trample box with his dick and balls sticking through the hole in the cock box. Robert had a funny look on his face as he listened to us taunt him. Gabrielle  was a tease and an exibisionist she spread her legs a little and stood near Robert's head. Mike saw Robert lookin up Sandy's dress, he laughed and lifted Gabrielle onto the trample board and said,"Do you want to step on this perverts dick?


"Gabrielle looked at me and asked me, "May I" I said, "Be my guest" Mike and I watched as Gabrielle lifted her pretty blue wedge and placed it on Robert's cock shaft right in the middle. She giggled a sexy sigh as she shifted some weight onto Robert's  cock.


"Wow what a trip this is to step on a man's cock, this is hot! It was indeed very hot to see my sexy girlfriend Gabrielle  step on her first cock.She rocked back and forth enjoying the squishy feel of my man's cock under her feet. She would step her weight down then look at us then look Robert  in the face and exert weight until he moaned. Mike moved around behind Gabrielle and slipped his hand up her dress and began rubbing her pussy. I pulled down her top and played with her tits. . Tawanee  leaned in close and watched Gabrielle heel dig into Robert's cock shaft. she exclaimed, "this is making me hot as hell" Tawanee asked me "How much weight can Robert take? I smiled laughed and said, "I am not sure maybe we should find out!" I asked Gabrielle, "Honey, lift your other foot up and put all your weight on Robert's  cock. Tawanee watched as Gabrielle lifted her other foot Robert , squirmed and moaned as Gabrielle's weight was exerted on her one foot completely smashing Roberts cock shaft! Tawanee said '' Wow! Gabrielle weighs 108lbs! Look at Robert's poor smashed cock! I would never think a man's cock could handle that. Mike was still rubbing Sandy's pussy as Gabrielle  looked down at Robert's cock. I took Gabrielle's heel that was in the air and placed it over Robert's cock head! Robert yelped out loud when Gabrielle's heel came down! I laughed 

Submitted: June 27, 2021

© Copyright 2023 M. L. Williamson Hume. All rights reserved.

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Nicely conceptualised.

Mon, June 28th, 2021 1:46am


Thank you.

Mon, June 28th, 2021 7:55am

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