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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Three men. Three entirely different professions.

All dangerous. All after blood.

It was too bad I was in love with all three of them.

Table of Contents


Don't ask me why my mind writes these things...   But, I will warn you there are some very dark themes and graphic scenes BO... Read Chapter


SLASH I dragged the body bag in, relishing the way the heavy plastic crinkled against the concrete floor of Aeron’s garage. It had ... Read Chapter


KILLIAN Journalism wasn’t a profession. That’s what dad had said. It wasn’t a respectable career. It was a bunch of kids who di... Read Chapter


AERON I knew Slash was watching as I sliced through the “pork” loin on my plate, but I didn’t mind. I liked when he watched and... Read Chapter


KILLIAN Wednesdays were the worst – god-awful creations – stuck in the middle of the week to destroy all of our inhibitions and d... Read Chapter


KILLIAN I was wrong. Alex knew exactly who I was. I stared blankly at my boss. Sometimes I wasn’t sure why I had taken up j... Read Chapter


KILLIAN Jamie had been none too pleased to be stuck with me. Supposedly, it was an insult to his intelligence, had he had any, to beg... Read Chapter


PHOENIX I watched the reporter shuffle up to the counter, a smug smile plastered on his bloated face. He was dressed from head to toe... Read Chapter


KILLIAN I squirmed in my seat, wishing I could be anywhere else than here. Phoenix was staring into my soul and the way his lips were... Read Chapter


PHOENIX The questions were predictable and boring. Jamie had added no pizazz to anything that any of the other journalists had been b... Read Chapter


KILLIAN I recognized that look in Phoenix’s eyes. I had seen it a handful of times – times when the man standing before me had ut... Read Chapter


KILLIAN I stood blankly at the edge of the table, gripping something fierce at the tablecloth, waiting for Phoenix to maneuver the la... Read Chapter


KILLIAN I had been bracing myself for the inevitable fallout on the way back to the office. I had been waiting for nearly an entire t... Read Chapter


PHOENIX “Brother, I found him.” I did a little jig in my kitchen, briefly wondering if I should call my assistant back for th... Read Chapter


KILLIAN I had made it to my cubby, out of breath, and crawled under my desk without another thought in my brain but to hide from Jami... Read Chapter


KILLIAN Lunch wasn’t an option. I wouldn’t have been able to keep it down with my nerves shot to shit and being told that my repo... Read Chapter


RYKER The reporter had tried presenting herself as timid, inviting, and interested in this particular interview. But I could see stra... Read Chapter


KILLIAN My eyes flew to the open door, hoping that Mercy would call me to hurry up behind them. But I knew her mind had flown out the... Read Chapter

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