The Lockdown - Zeta Book 1 (A/B/O Universe)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The hierarchy had never changed – Alphas, then Betas, then Omegas. But a new species had emerged seemingly overnight. Zetas. A strange mix between an Alpha and an Omega. Raw aggression, no heats, and no need for mating. A perfect little combination all wrapped into a mysterious being.
Episteme University was every students’ dream. The promise of a high-profile position upon graduation was a lure too hard to ignore. Students were given multiple opportunities to work on current world projects, contributing to their society and the scientific community around them. And every five years, Episteme University invented a new product through a process called The Lockdown. A student who survived The Lockdown was invaluable.
Nola - a Zeta - was smart, gorgeous, and bonded with an Omega. College life couldn't get any better. That is, until she began presenting like she was in heat. And The Lockdown was started tomorrow.

NOT HEAVILY EDITED. I'm aware of plotholes and ideas that don't make much sense. There are scenes that make you go, why the f**k would they do that? This is one of those. But you're welcome to read it, then tell me how much you hate it ????

All rights, ideas, and characters owned by Nic. Slater

Table of Contents


NOLA was itchy. Which was semi-normal at this time of the month. As a Zeta, she didn’t have heats like Omegas did, but around the same ... Read Chapter


KRISTOS only had to survive two more weeks. Two more, goddamn fucking weeks of college before he would be able to ditch the wretched ass ... Read Chapter


NOLA felt slightly better after her nap. Enough to pick at the loaf of bread on the counter. It tasted like paste on her tongue, even tho... Read Chapter


LUNCH had been interesting, what with trying to avoid Sanders’ stealthy questions without the other Betas catching on. While he was dis... Read Chapter


NOLA wasn’t entirely sure who the Alpha was. Just that he smelled nice. Really nice. Almost delicious. And she wanted him. Not like tha... Read Chapter


KRISTOS held her close, the Zeta’s scent filling his nose. He had no idea why he could smell her so strongly. Sure, he could smell Zeta... Read Chapter


NOLA couldn’t believe that she had almost snapped at Ravana. Her best friend. Her love. Her Omega. She had snapped at her before and no... Read Chapter


SANDERS looked up from his reading. Kristos never understood how the Beta was able to read so nonchalantly in open spaces. Betas didn’t... Read Chapter


NOLA jolted awake, sweat on her brow. She had no idea what time it was or how long she had tossed and turned. She let her eyes adjust to ... Read Chapter


KRISTOS dawdled outside of her building, trying to find her scent. Sanders had kept an eye on him for most of the evening, daring him to ... Read Chapter


NOLA had already missed a day of classes. She couldn’t afford any more time off, not that her grades would suffer. She just didn’t wa... Read Chapter


THE night hadn’t been good to Kristos, for several reasons. He couldn’t sleep knowing the issues that he had brought upon himself. It... Read Chapter


NOLA wanted to talk to him, but her Omega had that invisible leash again. Not to mention her mind was a jumbled mess with the news of The... Read Chapter


THE morning announcement had been bad enough. Making out with the Zeta had made things a lot worse. And the extra information about The L... Read Chapter


6 PM. Nola just had to wait till then to figure out how she was going to die… or escape Ravana’s clutches. She knew at the very least... Read Chapter


SHE was terrified and aroused. Kristos tried to disappear against the wall, but he knew that it was impossible. He had never hated his ge... Read Chapter


NOLA felt safe in his embrace, so enveloped by his scent. She hadn’t even noticed that she had started purring until he stiffened again... Read Chapter


KRISTOS couldn’t calm her. Her scent was overwhelming – terrified. He couldn’t even smell her heat anymore, which was strange. He l... Read Chapter


NOLA stood, sandwiched between the wall and Ravana. Classes let out and individuals were scurrying to get back to their dorms to prep for... Read Chapter


KRISTOS was suffering. He felt clammy. He had been constantly shaking since they had left the lounge. And he no idea why. Sanders was jus... Read Chapter


NOLA should have known that the Omega wasn’t going to let her eat in the cafeteria. Their dorm was abnormally close, so they weren’t ... Read Chapter


THIS was his fifth lap around the cafeteria grounds. He had bumped into a few people he knew, but everyone was kind of solemn or quiet, m... Read Chapter


NOLA hadn’t planned on meeting the Alpha here, but his presence meant that Ravana wouldn’t try anything. Everyone would talk about ho... Read Chapter


KRISTOS wasn’t sure what he had been expecting when Ravana entered the cafeteria, but he wasn’t prepared for the dismissal that she g... Read Chapter


NOLA loved the Omega in her arms. He was adorable and smelled like lavender and peaches. He was smaller than her and fit so nicely in her... Read Chapter


KRISTOS stood his Zeta up and began ushering her towards the door as the hustle and bustle of the cafeteria started. He wanted to get to ... Read Chapter

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