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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: The Humiliation Board

A new master negotiates with his victim, but the poor lawyer under his control doesn't have many options. His life as he knew it is ruined.

"Can't we please negotiate?" 
"Spread your legs more so your dick and balls hang down more loosely!"
"Please! Can we negotiate?" 
"Masturbate your dick hard for a few shots!" 
"You can't be serious about sending these out!" 
"To your mother, father, sisters and brothers. To your boss at work and all your fellow workers. To that fucking stupid bitch you have been dating."
"You can't be serious! It will ruin my entire life!" 
"What do you mean, I can't be serious, one push of the button on my phone and it's done." 
"You will destroy my life! What will happen to me?'
"You will become a cocksucking, ass fucked Faggot! You will service men every day from morning to night. Men will use your mouth and ass as a toilet."
"I can't live that way!"
"You can and you will. Your days as a lawyer are over. You are now a dick sucking fuckhole! You will need to suck dick to live.
I will get you a job cleaning toilets in public restrooms. But I will make sure you lick them clean."
"My family ad friends will  never speak to me again!"
"Exactly. A dick hole doesn't need family and friends. Your mother especially should love the photos of you with cock in your mouth.
And I'm sure your  dad will be proud of the ones with a dick up his son's ass." 
"I'm begging you, Please. PLEASE!"
"By Tuesday, you will  move out of your apartment. All of your expensive suits will be given to the Goodwill.  You will wear no clothing ever,
except that I provide for you. I hope you like parading around in public in girl's cut off jean shorts and a crop top pink tee shirt saying, "cocksucker"
on it. That and of course a pink mesh thong for when you go to the gym. I can't wait to see the faces on all of your old macho gym buddies."
"I'll go to the police."
"Oh Do! They love faggots. Oh, did I mention the tattoos? Next week we are getting you tattooed. On  your ass cheeks, "HOLE FOR DICKS."
and on your chest with an arrow pointing up, "COCK HOLE."  I'm debating if I should have "FAGGOT" put on your forehead.
"We will  also be giving you hormone shots and tit implants, but that is down the road a bit. The shots will not only make your tits grow like a cunt's,
but will reduce the size of your dick. But who cares? You won't be needing your dick any more, only your mouth and your cunt! We'll drop you off each
morning and pick you up each night, and expect you to deliver three hundred dollars to us. You may only earn the money sucking dick or taking it
up the ass, or by being a  human toilet. The money you make cleaning public toilets will be for your food and lodging. Your lodging will be a dog
cage in my basement. You will have to share it with a huge doberman, but you'll get along fine as he will be your new husband!"
"Yeah, and you know all about a wife's duties to her husband, right? And this fucking dog is horny all the time! Oh by the way, any and all food
you consume from now on will be totally covered in either human or animal cum!"
"Why are you doing this to me?'
"Because I can, and it's fun. Look my dick is hard. Time for you to go to work! Open wide, I'm very thick as you know!
Let me get a shot of this for your girlfriend. "Or should I say, ex-girlfriend?" 

Submitted: June 26, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Pretty brutal. He's gotten himself into a bad situation.

Thu, July 22nd, 2021 1:47am

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