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Meet Miss.Philp, The Sex Ed Teacher.

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altLina Philp has always desired to teach children, however she is very shy and finds it hard to talk to people at times. When she finally gets a job, it's not exactly what she expected. A Sex Ed Teacher. This could get interesting...

altTerry kissed Tom's sweet, soft lips, as she bent over his desk. They were in Detetion and Terry had told him, being his girlfriend, she was going on a french trip for the next two weeks. They were on of the best couple and Reshwood High, and now, what was next. She pushed herself away from him as Mr. Thomasway walked in. He was a young teacher, unlike the rest, very handsome, well, that's what the girly gossipers were saying.

"You two knock it off, or it'll be another detetion." He set his suitcase on the desk and got out a few paperworks.

"Actually sir, I'm on a trip" Terry had a big grin on her face and she sat up in her seat.

"Well," he looked at her through is thin, black glasses, "Then your little boyfriend over there can do the time for you. Two days, Tom."

Tom gave a big sigh, and layed his head on the desk. He faced the door, suddenly some one walked in.

"Is Mr.Thomasway here?" She had pinkish, red hair in a ponytail and thin glasses. She was carrying a bunch of books and folders. Terry gave abit of a giggle.

"That's me!" Mr.Thomasway looked at the woman with a cheesy smile. She gave one back. He got up from his seat and greeted her with a friendly hand shake. Then both the adults looked at the teenagers sitting at their desks.

"Um..you can go now, I'll be seeing you tomorrow though, Tom."

"Whatever." Tom quickly got out of his seat, as well as Terry. They both headed out the classroom, leaving the smartly dressed woman and Mr. Thomasway alone.

alt"So your Miss Philp? You look more younger than I though!" Mr. Thomasway kept eye contact with her, though he tried to stare at her massive breast, they poked out through her top.

"Yes, and it's a pleasure to to meet you, Mr. Thomasway. I have heard alot about you!"

"Please, call me George"

They were silent for a few moments. Then Miss Philp's phone went off.

"Hold on a sec" She went to the end corner of the class room. It seemed that she was chatting to a friend. George stared at her round ass. He quickly looked away as she came back towards him. Suddenly as she walked towards him, she tripped over a table leg and ripped her shirt revealing her pink gown.

alt"Could you help me please?" She blushed as she held out her hand. As George helped her up, his eyes were on the tits; they were as erect as the boner in his pants, luckily not as noticiable.They both looked at each others eyes. He leaned in to kiss, there lips close together. They moved in more, he wrapped his hands round her small waist. Lina used her tongue to wrestle with his. Then he laid her down on to his desk.

altFive mintues later, George had been fucking Lina in her juicy pussy very fast; he was about to explode and release his white substance in her wet entrance. Her massive breasts were full-on erect from the pleasure. She was moaning and screaming for more. No one had heard them; except one. Tom. He had been listening in the whole time. He was going to get his book back from the desk, but once he saw them on the desk, he just couldn't help, but watch through the door window and wank himself. As both the adults climaxed at the same time, so did Tom. He quickly wiped off any white cum off from his jeans and quickly hide in a small room, as they both headed out.

"I'm going on a Teaching Course tomorrow, so do you mind covering my lessons" He zipped his trousers up and adjusted his suit.

"Yes, it will be a good way for me to get used to the school" They both waved a goodbye and went different directions. He went to the car park as she went to the science lab, as that was going to be here usual department. After she shut the door behind her, Tom opened the door, he crept out of the store room and quietly closed the door behind him. He walked down the corridor and peered through the door to the science lab.

altShe had fallen asleep the minute she sat down. Tom opened the door and walked in. He took his glasses from his pocket and put them on. He'd never knew how beautiful she looked. He grabbed a lab coat from the rack near him and covered her cold body.

"Night Miss Philp." He walked away and out to the hall way.

"This will be fun!" He though to himself.


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