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What's Hater's

Poem By: RealThoughts
Young Adult

Tags: non fiction

In life it's hard to find a good friend, some are down like two shots of crown but most smash and hate......basically! View table of contents...


Submitted: Nov 29, 2006    Reads: 78    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

What's Haters

what's a hater you ask,you know what i laugh. Hater's ain't shit.

The same hater that would sale on you quick

the same hater that would hit a lick on your pockets

yes, haters are toxic!

Out in this world, i don't care if you ballin or fallin

stand tall, alone.....

Be strong and handle things on your on,

real poeple get admired by that.

What's hater's you ask again, you know what, i laugh

while blowing blunts threw the wind.

Umm, In this world full of hatred and sin

you would think friends were thick, and your believing it

only because your sick

Hater's aint shit , once again i tell you this

but you continue to ask, what's hater's

i cry because i don't wanna lie, hater's ain't shit

they just mad. speading rumors trying to make me sad,

it seems like i'm better of dead, with so much pain and

gossip going threw my head.

Should i be strong or give up instead............



Fuck haters, haters ain't shit

that's why i wrote this, plus i've been thru it, done seen it all

they fall for no reason, thats the heart of the call

booming dope and hitting licks,

Boy! i never thought haters were so full of shit.

people say i'm mean, but i'm one of the few,

who have never gave up my on dreams

for that i keep the realist on my team

remember life ain't what it seems

In this world full of skeams,

it's a must you have a high self-estem

or you would disappear, like magic

not knowing life is a classic

you only live life once, before lying in a casket.

that why i shoot aiming at that winning basket, to score

wanting my life more and more

whats hater's....fuck umm


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