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What is true love really?

Poem By: IyakiFangs
Young Adult

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What the hell is love really about?




How do you know when someone else loves you back as much as you think you love them?

Do you ask them?

Make them something special?

Show them something that you never showed anyone else.


All you have to do is sow them the most passion filled form of self expression you can use, without feeling as foolish as the next.

You show them that physical love.

You beg to be held tight against their frames, grinding and panting and moaning each other's name.

You tremble and shake and you alow yourself to be impaled by thier brute strength as they drill, and push deeper inside your warmth, desperately seeking a release in their lust-filled state of being.

Then you hear them, that little whimper of a moaned "I love you" that makes it all worthwild, tipping you both over into a climax so perfect that you never wish to move, to let got of that person you've completely and willingly given your whole self to.

The only one worthy of having your complete trust.

Someone so perfect that they could only be for you.

Drifting of to sleep you remeber how good it felt to be together, how good you fit together, like a piece to your life's puzzle that you'd been missing for far too long, and you wonder if it was the same for them.

Wrapped safely in each others arms and counitng his heartbeats, you smile at how such a simple, yet so complex, thing can drive you of the edge of the universe and back again while only being pleasently sore.

Now you slowly, and happily, fall into a gentle sleep.

No nightmares.

No pain.

No fears.

No more worrying about the little problems that seemed so big the but now seem so petty.

Now you can become your true self and shine as bright as the moon hanging high above ing the evening sky.

At least that's how I feel.

Thank you, my midnight lover.

You truely have earned my trust and I am glad to be considered your equal.


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