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Tags: Lost, Rape, Love, Hurt, Pain

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She was walking out to the mail box when Blaze came out the door after her.

"hey Jess, wanna go to the story with me?" Blaze said. Jess turned to look at him. About that time a black dodge rolled up and the back door open and someone reached out and grabbed her. She screamed for Blaze, but it was too late. He yelled and J came out of the house.

"whats wrong Blaze?"

"Jess was grabbed by someone in a huge black dodge ram 4 door." Blaze said. J ran in the house and told the others. Blaze was confused, nothing knowing what they was talking about. Jamie, got up and walked out of the room.

"what the fuck is going on here?" Blaze asked

"this happen to her about 2 years ago, when she turned 17. Tony was her ex boyfriend, she left him for Jamie, Tony couldn't take the thought of someone else having her. So he kidnapped her and took her to his cousin David's cabin. That is where he raped her. You was on tour at the time. I know you remember her and Jamie dating. Well, when we got there it was too late. We found Tony standing over a bloody Jessie, she was crying. Joey picked her up and took her to the truck and I warned him to stay away from her. That whole week after what happen, she laid on the couch with Joey, they didn't do anything, but she felt so safe with him around. But eventually what happen but a lot of strain on Jessie's and Jamie's relationship and the split. All because of Tony and his gang of beget redneck assholes. There is no telling what he will do to her this time around or if we will find her in time for her birthday." J said. Chris, Joey, and Paul looked at each other, knowing that this time would be worst then last cause Tony's anger and rage was worst then ever.

Meanwhile, David and Charlie struggled with her in the back of the truck while JP and Brendon sat up front. David zipped stripped her hands together as Charlie taped her mouth shut with duct tape but, before Charlie got the tape on her mouth, she bit him.

"stupid bitch," Charlie said slapping her. He got the tape on her mouth.

"she will get her payback soon." David said.

"why the fuck is Tony so worried bout her. Not like she gives a fuck about him." Charlie said.

"don't know. Well, we are here lets get her inside." David said. She started fussing with them. David pulled out a handkerchief doused in chloroform over her nose, inducing her to lose all consciousness. They carried her into Tony's hunting cabin. Tony was sitting in the living room in his chair watching the hunting channel. He turned to see JP and Brendon. David and Charlie laid her on the floor in front of Tony. He looked.

"got you something Tony. Thought you would wanna give her a early birthday gift." David said. Tony sat up and looked down at her. He grinned an evil grin, knowing he would finish what he started. This time he knew he could finish it cause J and them didn't know where the cabin was.

"well, I don't know what to do. Either you are trying to get me locked up, trialed again, or I don't know." Tony said reaching down touching the side of her face. David looked.

"I thought you wanted your revenge on her. I don't think anyone seen us grab her. So everything is perfectly fine. Besides, we all hated seeing you so upset you didn't finish what you started." David said. Tony looked at her. The look on his face showed a hurt, disturbed, young man, who was hurt by her. He looked up at the clock, knowing it was almost time for the chloroform to wear off.

About 20 minutes later Jessie began to awaken from her drug induced coma, she looked around, once her eyes focused in correctly, she seen her worst nightmare in front of her. She shook her head in fear, and tried to move away, but realized her hands were tied and she couldn't yell for help. Tony stood up just as she managed to get to her feet. She made a run for the door. Tony ran after her and grabbed her. He carried her upstairs to his room, she was kicking and crying.

"shh… shh… calm down, damnit I'm not gonna hurt you anytime soon." Tony said trying to get her up the stairs. She took her head and busted him in the face. He dropped her and held his nose. Blood rolled from between his fingers. He was pissed off even more now. He grabbed her off the stairs and yelled for David to grab the tranquilizer. David gave a needle to Tony filled with 70cc a high dose of benzodiazepine, used as a sedative-hypnotic. Tony stuck the needle in her collar bone area. She slowly fell limp in his arms. He proceeded to carry her up the stairs to his room. She was still aware of what was going on, but was to weak to even fight back even if she tried.

Tony took Jessie into his room and put her on the bed, then went to the door. He shut and locked the door. By the time he turned back, she was trying to wiggle away from him. Tony unbutton his belt and pants as he walked over to the bed. She was so scared and knowing she couldn't do anything to defend herself was extremely terrifying for her.

That night, Tony raped her, for 3 ½ hours straight. The blood stained the sheets from her wounds. She cried and whimpered for help, but no one came to help her or to find her. She knew it would be awhile before anyone would find her or she feared no one was even looking. Tony left the room, leaving her in a bloody mess. She fell asleep from all the pain and exhaustion. Around midnight, she awoke to the sound of someone entering the bedroom. It was Tony, coming to bed. She buried her face into the pillow, he took the tape off her mouth and the tie off her hands. She curled up into a ball, but Tony wouldn't allow her to be in that position for long, he pulled her close to him, forcing her to stay close to him, playing psychological games with her mind. She dared not to move for fear of being put though hell once more like earlier that day. Meanwhile, J and Joey was trying to find her location, by watching for David to return back to his cabin for the night. They knew, that he would know exactly where Tony was holding Jessie and what all was done to her. But David was too smart for them, for he knew they would be watching for him to return home, so he planned a head of time to stay at Tony's cabin. Jamie and Paul was waiting at JP's house, Dave was at Brendon's house, Blaze at Travis's and Chris at Daniel. They was bound to find someone who knew where she was and if she was alright. But all of them turned up empty handed that night. J had one worry on his mind, how was he going to explain to his wife Autumn what happen to her baby sister, or any of Jessie's family for that matter. He had to think of something soon, Jessie's 18th birthday was right around the corner in 2 weeks. Finding her in time would only be the hard part.


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