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so far nothing

Novel By: stacey
Young adult

Lily 17
Damien 20 View table of contents...


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"Lily, please, please I'm begging you. I don't want to lose you! Don't get on the train; I'm on my way to you right now please!!" 20 year old Damien begged as he grabbed his jacket and searched for his keys.

"Damien I don't want to go but I have no choice. I love you!"17 year old Lily Sorso cried as her father grabbed her by the arm to hurry her up. Lily's parent had found the pregnancy test in her bedroom this morning. They had asked her if she told Damien about it yet and when she told them she was going to tell him that afternoon they packed what they could and had her train booked for her grandparents in Ohio that day. They wanted her to go have the baby and get rid of it and have Damien never know.

"Baby delay them as much as you can I'm on my way!"Damien hung up the phone as his father rushed to the door to see what was going on. "Dad, they're taking her away, I should have never left for a month. She wanted to tell me something and all of a sudden there making her leave to keep her from me. I have to go get her!!" He yelled jumping into his truck.

"Damien Joseph Marco D'Amico, don't you dare take off without me!'Joseph huffed jumping in the passenger side. As Damien rushed through the streets to the train station he couldn't think of what could possibly make her parents send her away. "Can you explain to me what is going on? What kind of trouble have you brought onto our family now?" Joseph was always bailing Damien out of trouble even if it meant using the family "business" to do so.

"I don't know what is going on Dad, Lily messaged me this morning that she had to talk to me right away. Then I got a phone call from her father saying I was to have no contact or he'd call the police. Dad, what if she's pregnant." He trailed off realizing that it was possible she was carrying his child and that he might not ever get to see either of them again. They hadn't seen each other in almost a month because of Damien's training, but they spoke every day and every night. Little things started clicking in his mind. Since he had left she had said she wasn't feeling good, one conversation she was joking around saying he wouldn't want her when he came home because she had gained a couple pounds. Damien was so lost in his own thoughts at that point he didn't notice his dad on the phone.

"The crew together?" Joseph asked. "La ragazza nella foto ho inviato trovare il suo presso la stazione ferroviaria e tenere la sua scendere dal treno e sicuro non importa cosa." (The picture of the girls I just sent you, find her at the train station and keep her off the train and safe no matter what!) He slammed his phone shut. "Tony and The Monk are closer to her then us."He said. First priority was protect his family, second priority was to make sure anyone who tried to take any part of his family away from him paid for their actions, and third priority to kill his son for not only getting his girlfriend pregnant but a non Italian!

"Dad I have to go to the bathroom."Lily pleaded knowing they weren't boarding the plane for another fifteen minutes. "I can' wait."She pleaded trying to buy as much time as possible.

"You walk in, do your business and get back here or I'll come in there and drag you out! Do you understand?" Michael hissed. He wasn't a tall man maybe 5'7 but he was built solid. His blue eyes were ice cold as he yanked Lily's cell phone from her jacket. "Don't think about trying anything or you'll never see the light of day again and your mother will pay for it!" He added as he shoved her into the bathroom door. Michael didn't know anything about Damien's family. Damien was always very vague about him family so even Lily had very little information about them. Michael had written Damien off as a punk from the street who had only wanted to trap his daughter and suck her into his deadbeat life.

Tony and three other men walked onto the loading path looking for Lily. Tony was Damien's godfather and his father's most loyal and best friend. Tony quickly warned the men that they were to tell Lily they were sent from Damien to bring her to him and that if she was so much as scratched they would be clipped. (Clipped - killed) As they split up Tony received a message from Joseph saying they would be arriving in a couple minutes and if Lily's father was there he was to be taken back to the office.

"Lily you have 30 seconds to get your ass back out here." Michael yelled in the bathroom door not caring anymore who heard him. He was getting sick and tired of her disobedient. Once he got rid of his whore of a daughter he would have to come back and think of how to cover this whole mess so his business partners didn't find out.

"Ma'am is you ok?"A middle aged woman asked Lily as she starred into the mirror trying to hold back tears. "Do you need some help?"The lady had heard the man call from the door for her and had seen her flinch. "Do you have someone you can call?" She asked handing her cell phone out.

Lily took the phone and dialed Damien's number quickly.

Damien - Hello?

Lily - Damien, I have only a second. I just wanted to tell you I love you so much.

Damien - Where are you calling me from? Are you ok? Are you pregnant?

His question had stunned her for a second.

Damien - Lily.. Baby are you there talk to me!

Lily - Damien I'm so sorry.

Damien - Do you trust me Lily?

Lily - Yes!

Damien - There are four men there looking for you. They all have a black cross tattoos on the left side of their neck with a white rosary wrapped around it. If you see one of them grab onto them and do what they say.

Lily - B... But...

Damien - Baby just trust me! Please! I will explain it all to you later. Just find one of them and I will be with you as soon as I can!

Lily - alright I love you!

Damien - I love you too!

Lily handed the phone to the lady who stood there and smiled at her. "Thank you so much for your kindness" Lily said as she opened the door.

"Took your sweet time didn't you!" Michael hissed grabbing her arm again. "Get your ass moving it's almost time to go." Lily kept scanning the men looking at their necks. There were so many people that she wasn't sure if she could possibly find one of four people.

"We are going to calmly walk in the entrance and wait. Do not run off and try to save the day."Joseph said lowly as they entered the gates to the station. Damien took a deep breath knowing that his father was right. He had been around for many situations where his father had stood back in case something went down wrong.

"Frankie I see her over there by the boarding door. We have less than five minutes before they are boarding."Tony said once Frankie came close. "The boys are over there casually walk over to meet them tell them to convince the man beside the girl to walk out without trouble and I'll take the girl."Frankie nodded and headed towards the other 2 men. Tony took a few steps closer making himself look as though he was waiting to board the train as well. What he wasn't expecting was what happened next.

Tony was less than 3 feet away from Lily and her father and could not figure out why she looked as though she was trying to see around him. He quickly glanced behind him checking to make sure there wasn't anything ready to surprise him when he felt someone grab onto his arm. "What the hell!" He gasped turning back to see Lily grabbing onto his arm for dear life and the man beside her reaching to grab a hold of her. Tony quickly shoved Lily under his arm as Frankie slid behind the man. Michael quickly realized he had a gun pointed to his back as two other men went along either side of him.

"I'm so sorry."Lily whispered. "Damien told me to look for your tattoo and grab onto you if I could." She said with her head down.

"You safe now kiddo let's get you back to Damien where you'll be safe."Tony said holding her tightly while checking to make sure there were no marks on her. He could tell she was holding her stomach tightly and trying to hide some kind of pain. "Are you hurt?"He asked turning to look her over. He saw the bruising starting around her upper and lower right arm and could see a bit of blood coming through her jeans and immediately new Joseph wasn't going to be happy. He had put the pieces together that she was pregnant and looking a bit more closely he noticed a small slight bump.


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