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I am not yours,my love

Novel By: shellyshalini
Young adult

Alisha,a 19 year old forign-exchange student,is about to return to her homeland...India.Everything is set.Her highschool sweetheart n boyfriend Jay is waiting for her to return so that they can get married.Her father Mr.lewis Stevenson,the industrialist is waiting for his only daughter,the sole heir to his kingdom...But what happens on her last night in Springfield,that causes Alisha's world to turn upside down?
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Submitted:Jul 9, 2010    Reads: 624    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

~~~na na na its been so long .. ~~~~~

a muffled ringtone from my purse disturbed the quite midnight air.It wasnt yet winter.but the nights were getting cold with a hint of mist all around.Occasionally a swishing breeze would blow the dry leaves on the street,breaking the silence once in a while. looked at my clamshell cell screen.

"Jay calling.." ..

." hello Ally darling,where are you?I rung up at your place,but your maid said you went out."..

" yeah..Sandra threw a party and we got late"....

" okies...take care honey and give me a ring when you reach home"

" ok ..my car is at the mechanic's place for a repair work,so i am walking home..hope i will reach within 15 minutes.I will ring you up after some time then....mmuah baby" .

I blushed a little as i said "mmuah mmuah mmuah n cya"

. The realization that I was actually out so late at night sent a chill down my spine. I was putting back my cell into my purse,when i heard the tapping sound of boots behind me.

'There couldnt be any gentleman on the streets at this time of night,somebody is following me',

and the thought itself seemed to cripple my legs.I started walking faster and the tapping sound of the boots increased.I started sprinting,but my heels retarded my speed.I grew panicky,my legs refusing to move any further,my voice froze in my throat and thoughts got jumbled up in my head,till i couldnt think of anything anymore,except this that,"Some man is right behind me,chasing me,so that he can rob,rape and kill me"...I didnt even care where i was going..I was just running in any direction i could see.I was running for my life and the man behind me was running for..God knows what.."

I took a turn and entered through the huge gate of an old and abandoned Southwood mansion.The path was strewn with yellow-orange leaves and the pathway was roofed by the canopies of big trees.I crouched and hid behind some bushes."The man wouldnt find me here.."i thought with a little relief.

Suddenly the air grew eeriely silent.There was no sound of those horrid boots.I took a heavy breath,relieved that he had decided to give up his chase,but some voice in me was still warning me.My face was flushed from the exhaustion and I was wiping away the beads of sweat on my forehead,when unfortunately the my phone started ringing.My heart skipped a beat,as my hands fumbled with my purse.i recieved the call hastily,not bothering to see whose it was,'coz i had to inform someone,or rather anyone about my situation..who knew what would happen the very next second??

"hello honey,you havent yet reached home?".

.It was Jay.. "Jay,listen carefully...i have been..i mean a man is.."I was stammering,my hands quivered and my voice shook as i tried to breathe. Suddenly i felt some dry leaves rustle a little away,behind me.Jay was still connected on the phone..

"hello..Alisha?? are you ok??.

"help me Jay..;my voice shook and i could feel tears welling up when something hit my head hard..i let out a faint scream and collapsed on the ground..From somewhere,I could hear a Jay's frantic voice getting feeble and feeble.

."Alisha speak please...whats wrong...Ally?...",tillI was consumed by a silent darkness...

Unknown's POV

He stood at the window staring intently as the thunder ripped the sky apart. His lips still wet from the drink in his hand,gave a crooked smile.He loved thunderstorms and the very thought of revenge,made it more enjoyable. .His greenish grey eyes grew as dark as the night outside.He could never forget,how he had been insulted and betrayed by his love,because of a rich bitch called Alisha.Time hadnt healed anything and life had been merciless..He turned to take a look at the girl lying unconsciously on his bed and once more the crooked smile was back on his lips.'You may not be guilty at all,but I dont fucking care about that.That man-whore Jay must suffer and for that you are my perfect weapon.'

Alisha's POV

I opened my eyes slowly.My head was aching badly,as i tried to sit upright.I was trying to recall what had happened before.I was looking around the candle-lit room,trying to figure out what had happened exactly,after something had hit my head.

"where am i?" i mumbled,a little confused.

-"you are at my place,Alisha"..a rich male voice spoke out.I

turned to look at my right,from where the voice came..He was standing with one hand in his jeans pocket and the other holding a glass.His black T-shirt gave a hint of the muscles underneath.I couldnt make out his other features well as he was blocking the candle light,but I could smell his cologne and it sent a tingling sensation down me.

After a minute of observing him,i asked.

. "And who the hell are you and what am i doing here?"..

."you will come to know that very soon..",

His voice was soft and smooth,yet deep.I could sense something seriously odd in his tone.I got out of the bed and darted towards the wooden door on the left side of the room.

"Its locked"he said cooly and i knew he was smiling,

.Once again the old fear crept in,I banged the door frantically.

"HELP!!SOMEBODY OPEN THE DOOR..please help"..my voice trailed off as i watched him approaching."STOP RIGHT THERE,ELSE I WILL SCREAM",

I tried to speak out in a threatening tone,whereas, i was myself feeling highly threatened.

"nobody can hear you Alisha.so stop screaming"

He took another wide step,trapping me in-between the bloody locked door and his solid body.For the first time i looked into his eyes,they were greenish grey and mesmerizing.I felt i could slap myself later on,for being such an idiot,standing and gazing into my kidnapper's eye.All i wanted to do was to feel him close to me,my knees felt like jelly.I had never been so close to any man,not even Jay..


suddenly i felt my feet touch the ground once again,as the name JAY echoed in my head.

'How could i feel like this??i have a fiance!'..I turned my face away from his,which was hardly a few inches apart.

"STOP!Please let me.."..my throat went dry as i felt his hands slide up my knee length-halter neck party dress,and come to rest on my thigh..

"isnt it a romantic night,Ally?". I stared blankly at him as if hypnotized.My mind was screaming for me to act,to slap him,push him away,but the heat emanating from his body held me in place.I brought up my hands on his chest,in an effort to push him away,but my hands refused to push him,instead it just lay there,on his chest,wanting him closer.

Just then....~~~na na na.its been so long~~~once again I heard my cell ringtone,bringing me back to reality.He got distracted and I took the chance to punch his stomach,not very effectively.My frantic eyes couldnt spot my purse,but i stepped forward letting the ringtone guide me.It was somewhere near me,but I was tensed and couldnt concentrate.Finally i spotted the table to the right of the bed,and there was my purse,but just as i was about to get hold of the purse, i felt his hands gripping my waist from behind,as he lifted me up in the air like a little girl.

"LET ME GO YOU BASTARD.",I struggled like a rabbit caught in a trap ,throwing my hands in the air,trying to scratch his eyes out.When the phone finally stopped ringing,he dropped me on the ground abruptly.

I straightened my dress and turned to look at him.He was towering over me,hands folded near his broad chest.I wasn't exactly looking at him because his menacing attitude scared me.I looked away from him,trying to avoid his gaze.When he offered a hand for me to get up,i thought he would touch me and on impulse I slapped it away,but he grabbed my messed up bunch of hair and pulled it back,making me look into his eyes.


he spoke through his gritted teeth,really meaning what he said and I was dumbfounded and too shocked to speak.He tightened his grip on my hair,making me wince in pain..

"tell me sweetheart.Do you understand that?"..

he whispered dangerously in my ear.I simply nodded.


his voice boomed in the room.Never in my life had I been in such a situation,where my very existence was being threatened.I managed to speak out."yes,i understand".

."good girl",he smirked and patted my head.I felt a few drops of tears crawling down my face.

Was this person a psycho just out of the asylum? or does he suffer from some personality disorder? once seductive and then immediately aggressive.Dear heavens!where have I ended up?

He got up and pulled me up with him.I stood blankly,as i watched him take out the SIM card from my cellphone and burn it in the flames of the candle.Then he took my hand and placed the cellphone in it.

"you can call your Jay,if you want to.Lets see what that popinjay fiance does",

he smirked and I stood silently.I didnt bother to ask him how he knew Jay,because something else was cropping up in my head and i decided to ask him finally.

."why did you kidnap me?do you want money or any-"..

He interrupted my question.

."You need not think so much and if you do as i say,you need not worry also,because I have no personal enemity with you.In fact I find you quite interesting..quite a feisty one indeed-".

."what do you want with me?what am i doing here then?".I cut in before he could complete what he said.'God!!..that my dangerous kidnapper should flirt with me, wouldnt even be the last thing i would want'.

He said nothing,but turned around,to take out something from the drawer .I saw him taking out a hypodermic!..

"gimme your arm,like a nice girl and do that quick".

.I stared at the needle in fear,my legs pinning me to wherever i was standing.I wasnt belenophobic,but the consequences of the injection scared the hell out of me..

."wa-what is this??you want to kill me?? or is this a date rape drug??"i asked,my voice not betraying my nervousness and fear.

."none of them" ,he said nonchalantly and before i could react or do anything,he grabbed my arm and plunged the needle.

."AHH!..that hurts.."i mumbled something and moved away from him,feeling my head going numb once again,but he picked me up in his arms and felt being laid on something soft,before a sense of peace washed over me and it was quiet and dark all around.


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