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Through the Test of Time and Hardships

Novel By: Ranger Wolfie
Young adult

The Point of view with a teenager boy, named Ian, who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and confusion if he is gay. View table of contents...



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Chapter 01: Ian's P.O.V

I hate myself. I hate my father even more. I'm just glad he's out of my life. I'm 17 now, a junior at Dalton High. The smartest kid there if you don't count my friend, Damian. I need to get up from this bed, even if it's been two years that he's been gone. I'm still afraid. Afraid of him coming back home, coming up those stairs, though my door with those angry murderous eyes… "Ian! Getup! It's time for you to get ready for school, Damians here!" my mom yelled from downstairs interrupting my thoughts. I lazily get up. I'm… I'm shaking. He's not here… He's not here... calm down. I whisper to myself. I need to calm down. Maybe a shower will help.

I walk to my bathroom and look at myself though the mirror. My short, black, emoish hair is a disaster. My ice blue eyes look tired….as always. I need to shave, I look like shit. I take a shower and shave afterwards. When I am done, I open the door and the rush of cool air hits me. It feels kinda good. I hear Damian's laugh downstairs along with my mom's. Its been a while since she was happy. I wonder if she's going over to Linda's in a bit to get the latest gossip. I'm happy she has a friend, since its Damian's mom. I can trust Linda to look after my mom when I'm gone.

"Hey, little bro!!! What's up!?" Anthony, My older brother, yelled busting though my door. I'm half dressed. "Ever heard of knocking?" I laughed and threw a pillow at him, which he dodges. I… I actually… laughed and it felt good. "Hahaha! You should know by now that I don't care," Anthony said as he bear hugged me, "Mom told me to tell you, that you need to hurry up." "Yeah, Yeah, If you stopped hugging me I would be done by now." I managed to say though the tight bear hug. "You know you love my hugs, no one can resist them," he said cockily. I squirm around trying to get free, why is my brother so freakin' tall?!

"Anthony!! I know what you're doing up there! Let go of your brother now! He needs to get ready for school and you need to get ready for work!" my mom yelled firmly, yet nicely. "You win this time, little bro. I'll get you next time," he laughed as he releases me from the death grip bear hug. I stick my tongue out at him as he leaves. I love my goofy and crazy brother. He always tries to make me smile even when… I shouldn't think about those events. I need to finish getting ready or Damian will come up next. I finish up and I go to my big mirror in the corner of my room. I style my hair, just right… finished. Damian always says that the girls at school find me cute or adorable. I stare at myself for a bit. Eh, I don't see it. I grab my backpack and run downstairs. I find my favorite black sneakers and put them on, so we don't waste time. We're already late enough.

I enter the kitchen to find Damian snarf down some pancakes my mom has made. I roll my eyes, "Damian, do you ever chew your food?" He looks up at me with his honey colored eyes and he smiles. I turn around quickly and blush. Why did I blush? He's… a dude, but he's so… cute. With his dirty blonde hair and honey eyes, his perfect white teeth and his soft tan skin… Snap out of it! I yelled in my head, he's a dude!! What's wrong with you!? I get some apple juice out of the fridge and pour myself a glass. "Umm, Ian? What's wrong? Did I do something?" I hear Damian's concerned voice and as he's getting up from the table. I say blush deeper, they feel like they're on fire. "It's n-nothing. I was just th-thinking," I managed to stutter out. I can feel myself shake. What the fuck is wrong with me!?

I feel Damian's hand on my shoulder and he turns me around. I immediately look down at my shoes. "Ian, if you're thinking about that bastard of a man, don't worry. He's not here. If he ever comes back and lays a finger on you or your mother, I will kill him. Do you understand me?" he said very seriously and hugs me tightly, "I won't let him harm you…" Why… why did he say that? He put me first… I shrug him off and do a fake laugh. "It's cool, bro. I was just thinking about the Algebra homework we have to turn in today." I lied with a straight face. Lying became so easy… but I hate lying at the same time. Why do I still lie? I don't know. Also, why is Damian… saying all that?

~Tenderness - Brian Crain~


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