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Five Votes to Gynae: An Unpridectable Love Story

Novel By: joy Milton
Young adult

Semen and Gynae, these names of these characters itself hint a lot about the story. It deals with a institute in India where students from all over the world come for education with their national ideologies, Whites/Blacks/Japanese etc. View table of contents...



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They came out of the Rawat International Airport and hired a taxi to Indian Institute of Technology, Sultanpur.

"Papa, how busy is this road; just see how people are driving haphazardly."

"Don't forget this is not Bombay that you will have so many lanes in one side. This city is in Uttar Pradesh, one of the backward states of India. This city is densely populated, government can't expand these roads. The number of vehicles are increasing day by day, don't worry you won't need to come out of the institute so frequently. I have inquired shopping malls, beauty parlor, swimming pool, gliders, etc. are inside the campus."

"I think I have done mistake by applying here, I should have tried in some other state."

"No, from decades IIT�Sultanpur is being adjudged as number one institute of India. This is only because the Professors and students are from different states and so they usually feel uncomfortable outside the campus, so they usually inside itself. �In other IITs like Bombay and New Delhi they keep strolling outside."

"So you mean to say it is a prison? I would die inside it; No I won't take admission in it."

"Don't worry the campus is so large that it is compared with Californian China Town."

The driver took left turn, huge gate became visible, and on the left side, the bushes were cut in such a way that it read 'IIT' and similarly on the right 'Sultanpur'.

Semen ��

They came out of the Rawat Railway Station and moved towards the road. Two bags were hanging on his father's shoulder, Semen moved at a distance, looking around as if they both were strangers.

"I have told you, I don't want to study more."

"Shut up, I know you know nothing; I don't understand how marking is done that you get good marks. I have retired and I can't bear your load any more. I was in private job so I don't get pension, if you want I should take care of your mother then lower my burden. You are already twenty-nine years old. I don't understand what would you do in your life, when you can't even decide what job you would like to do. You join different course and then you say it is not good. All your friends have produced minimum one child and the dowry and their wife are serving their parents. Really I did only two mistakes in my whole life first by marrying and secondly by producing children."

Then they got into a bus and paid eight rupees in total for the tickets.


The auto stopped near the check post and collected the 'permission slip'. When these vehicles returned after dropping the people at their destination they had to return this 'permission slip', else their vehicle used to get trapped inside the campus itself.

"Papa, look is it peacock, there one more?"

"Yes, yes, it is dancing. Even the animals have changed their habits, dancing without rains."

"So nice, I only saw them in movies and photos. I will keep their feather in my book and I have heard that after some days it gets doubled, and Goddess of Knowledge gets impressed by such students and blesses them with knowledge."

"You girls will never leave the habit of believing the superstitions. Tell me how much?"

knowledge these peacocks themselves have, who carry basket full of feathers. The environmentalists should catch these peacocks and chop away their extra long feathers for making brooms and implant some artificial feathers so that they can fly high like eagles and go on world tour."

"But father the peacocks have ugly legs, so when they look at it they feel like crying. So, I think that their legs should be amputated and then the peacocks will be able to crawl and it would help them in chasing the snakes."

"Bravo!" He said patting her shoulder.

"Father see, 'Employee College, IIT Sultanpur' and look another college,� 'Convent College, IIT Sultanpur'. Wow, colleges within Institute, Papa, any comment?"

"This simply indicates that the Professors and rich are sending their children to 'Central School' because they don't want their children to learn the dirty habits of the poor employees."

"Ok, Papa, can you please tell me whether both the colleges have same books in their course or different. Whether their classes get over at the same time having a common bell at the boundary or separate?"

"I think we must return and inspect it just now otherwise this question will keep haunting me throughout my life and I won't have a peaceful death. Driver please …"

"No, no, we will get late, while returning you can have a look."

They kept chatting until the auto stopped outside the IIT Guest House, where they had booked two 'Deluxe Rooms' in advance.

"How much?"

"Hundred forty only."

She gave him two notes of hundred rupees. The driver started fishing ten rupees not in his pocket after returning fifty rupees. So she asked him to let it go and they moved towards the office.


They got down from the bus and two three-tricycle pullers came near them.

"Babu jee. Come to mine."

"Do you know the way to IIT Health Centre? Actually, my son has applied for Ph. D program and he has to go there for physical examination."

"Yes, we all know the place, we have the license given by the institute, and no other tricycle is allowed to enter the IIT premises. Even our rates have been fixed by the institute, so no possibility of cheating."

They sat on a tricycle and it passed the security check post without being stopped.

"Papa, see peacock.' Semen pointed towards the trees, a peacock was dancing."

"Aye! What is this so many trees, its just like a forest and if it is having peacocks then there must be snakes also, be careful. I don't understand why they are taking physical examination before the written test and interview?"

"Papa, it is very simple. First they have put minimum qualification, which filters the milk and only cream can apply in IITs. Then they take physicals beforehand because after selection if they find suitable then they would have to prepare waiting list and students come not only from India but also from different parts of the World. So, this method helps them in starting there semester at the fixed date."

"But, I don't understand what do they check, I know even physically challenged students too study in IITs."

"That's a mystery for me too even though it is not an army training institute. But every thing will get clear soon, I am worried about it." Semen said while adjusting his cock with one hand by moving it under the bag placed over his lap.

�After ten minutes, they got down outside the 'Health Centre' and paid seven rupees to the tricycle man. There they found many students accompanied with their friends and parents. Semen moved towards who was holding a writing pad in his hand and a card was hanging over his chest tied by a blue ribbon. He went and got his name, roll number and program entered in the list and was asked to wait for his number.


She sat on an iron chair playing "Women on Top" game on her laptop, outside the operation theatre waiting for her physical examination. She kept looking at the red bulb and wondered why it has been organized in the operation theatre. When she found that the yellow bulb has got lit, she closed the laptop and placed it inside her bag.

The large operation theatre door opened and a girl came out sobbing, she was about to release the door when suddenly something struck her neck with a loud voice, "Take away this 'Tampon' with you." The girl kicked, it slipped on the floor leaving behind dark read blood marks and hit Gynae's sport shoe. She jumped from her seat when she saw the tampon soaked with blood.�

The girl came running saying, "Sorry, sorry."

"Hey what happened? What is this?"

"Oh, you don't know? It is tampon made by rolling cotton cloth; I use it when I have periods. Actually, I feel so shy to go and buy sanitary pads from the shop. So the lady doctor is saying I am still living in the nineteen century and people like me are contributing in the backwardness of our country."

Gynae sometimes looked at the girl's face that showed she was bearing some pain, the tampon lying on the floor and the green bulb over the operation door. Gynae didn't say anything, picked her bag and moved towards the door as if pulled by some magical force.

"May I come in?" She looked at the operation table situated in the middle of the room.

�Soon she was sitting on a stool infront of the lady doctor. She gave a spectacle to Gynae, one side of it was obstructed by black lens.

"Ms Paradise Gujjar, age-24 years, M. A. in Humanities and Social Sciences, cleared Junior Research Fellowship Examination. Is it correct?� . . . Fine, let me inspect your hair." She said standing up from her revolving chair with a magnifying glass in her hand.

"Black, very few dandruff, lice lice lice, no lice, Amla Hair OilSpray, Length-hanging just over the shoulder, no split hair, two locks on both sides. Why don't you get these lock chopped away?"

"Actually, when I say Oops I blow these locks in the air, that's my style, everyone thinks I am a postmodern girl."

"Eye brows threaded but why is this light blackish spot in the middle where both sides of the eye brows are meeting?"

"Mam actually I didn't know how that is done, so I applied the Anne French Pubic Hair Remover Cream which burnt that part but now it's dim."

"No, I shall be recommending you for plastic surgery. Don't you know the saying, "Women's outer and Men's inner beauty matters?"

"Yes, I know, are judged by our heights, color, lips, bosoms, waist; while men are judged by their brain power."

"Wrong, not by brain but by 'Cock power' and we all discover shocking inner beauties in our male partners."

"Ok, you have large eyes, eye lashes brushed with mascara, and eye color 'lusty magnetic'."

"Mam, 'lusty', what does that mean?"

"Oh! They are sexy, can hypnotize males, capable of causing violent erections and if gazed for long time, the male would like to jump inside your eyes and drown himself in that sea of lust."

"Thank you mam! Can you please do me a favor, instead of writing 'lusty magnetic' please write 'Homicidal� Eyes'. I think this term is more powerful and I would be telling everyone that it was given by you. Really, I can visualize here itself, girls making faces in jealousy. Wow!"

Gynae would have said more in excitement but the doctor once again sat on her chair.

"Now read that board hanging on the wall having alphabets and then from the other eye

�. . . Fine, now read this passage from this book� . . . Fine, now tell me which color is this in this photograph and this� . . . Fine your eyesight is okay and you don't have color blindness. Now choose one frame for your spectacles from this box."

"But why mam? You said my eyesight is okay.'

"Don't worry baby, the glasses will be of zero power, actually you will have to work on computers for many hours a day. So, we have noticed that students develop problems with eyesight, so from the starting itself we make students wear spectacles. So, when they have problem their studies don't get disturbed in feeling uncomfortable in wearing them and even they are saved from being teased by other students saying, "See 'chasmis' is coming."

"Okay if I get eyesight problem then I would go for contact lens, so you can prescribe me a zero powered contact lens."

"Aye, what are you saying? What's the use of wearing contact lenses without power? We want to make all the IITians equal in every respect. The spectacles gives the impression that you are a learned person and we females are always accused for not having knowledge. You can't say no to it, it comes under IIT dress code, every student, faculty members, employees, even sweepers have to wear it� . . . now don't waste time and select one, if you get admission then we would give the frame for the first time free of cost and if it is lost you will have to buy the duplicate yourself."

"Okay, then I would like to have this one."

"Oh, you have got sexy lips, shining, pinkish."

"No mam, I have applied lipstick. I have almost forgotten the original color of my lips and I think that thicker lips are sexier. Mam, while kissing at least the males should be able to place their lips on ours equally and while sucking them they should feel they have something in their mouth. So I think they should be at least orange piece size."

"Oh, you are confused; we have orange sized bigger lips, let them suck them, like oranges they are juicy, isn't it? Now we have 'French Kiss' where thick lips will create problems, by the way lipstick do you use? Is it Revlon, Lakme or some other . . . Okay, I never heard of it, can you please jot down the name?" She passed a slip and pen towards Gynae.

�"Now show me your teeth . . . Fine, tongue . . . Fine, open your mouth as large as you can . . . more . . ." She said while bringing a 'Straight Inner Verniar' like steel instrument inside her mouth.

How much I should open it. Does she want to sit inside it? Now what is she thrusting inside my mouth? Gynae kept thinking until the instrument was withdrawn.

"Mam, what is this for?"

"Oh! I was measuring how much you can open your mouth."

"Why? What has this got to do with my studies. Are we going to get according to it?"

"Sorry dear, I forgot to tell you. Actually some psychology question paper will follow this physical examination. Then during Ph D and placement interviews, it will be a part of your resume, that is personality. You are likely to get placement in America or some other foreign country and you know there oral sex is very common. Now they are settling marriages only after confirming whether the girls can bear her partners cock in her mouth."

"Oh, my God! You will make my examination public it should be confidential. How can you say that I would be marrying a foreigner? Sorry, I don't want to take admission."

"Oh, this is the problem if we reveal the admission secrets then you all start such dramas. Now whether you take admission or not we are least concerned. Already we have a ratio of 40-50 student for single seat. Now forget every thing, think it was just a joke. Now take off your Two in One."

"What is this Two in One?"

"Oh, you don't even know that in high culture we don't use the word 'Bra', it is now used by lower class people. I have to examine your breasts to see whether you have any nodes or some other problem. There are chances of developing cancer from them and it will help in knowing what changes came after coming to our institute. Wait a minute . . . what sort of clothes are you wearing. T-shirt up to waist, Capri and sports shoe. "

"Sorry mam, actually I don't wear Salwar Suit and don't apply Bindi on my forehead. But after getting admission, I would attend classes either in Salwar Suit or in Sari. Please excuse me for today, I didn't know."

"What the hell are you talking about? Now even the married women have stopped wearing these things and you will wear then in classes? You will be terminated at once without warning even if it is found in your room. Our IITs have certain norms and codes that we are following from past sixty years. Neither politicians nor court can interfere in such decisions."

"Then what am I supposed to wear?"

"Sleeveless t-shirts reaching only up to ribs and mini skirts like those worn while playing long tennis by girls. We should remember that we have to keep our love holes healthy because our husbands want to make love even after menopause. You refuse and they run for extra marital affairs. That's why the marriages were settled in such a way that the girl's age used to be less than the males by 4-5 years. This helped the males to dominate the wife in knowledge and sex, now if a girl wants to dominate then she marries the younger male and tames him in her own ways before she reaches menopause. This dress helps girl by making males gaze at our breast and pubis, so they have to bow not us with shame. Now, don't waste time, take off your two in one, don't feel shy I am a doctor. People want to watch us in the same dress in which we were born, even if you don't wish they strip and fuck us in their mind while masturbating, you can't control them."

Gynae felt a bit feverish and felt as if she is very tired. She took off her t-shirt and at once the lady doctor stood up.

"What is this, you don't have any tattoos on your arm or belly? I don't understand in which cave you have been living till now. Just see this girl, she is not having ring in her navel. My God, come on lift your hand, how do you shave your underarm hair; the blackness has extended to the front. How will you wear sleeveless t-shirt, what our actresses have tried to hide from a century you people would reveal every thing to the males?"

Gynae felt as if she would cry at once, she had never expected such remarks.

"What have the actresses done?"

"Oh, have you ever seen them having hair on any part of the body except scalp, eye brows and eye lashes? So males often get confused that we don't have underarm hair like them and the waxing too gives the same message to them. When they first see these hair, they usually get shocked and some even start thinking that she must be having hormonal disturbance, so she is diseased."

"But it's true that we really have less hair than males, like our pubic hair grow in 'T' fashion. Even a single hair doesn't moves upward from the pubic line but moves downward only but in case of males it's is just like a black river. From the pubic line it ascends and fills the navel then there is a flood over the chest and axilla, then like in summer it gets dried over the neck and then spreads over the skull as if a whirl pool."

Gynae got so engrossed in speaking that she almost forgot that she was about to cry a few seconds ago.

"Exactly, but we are still unable to take lead even in this matter because so many females like having hair touching their bums and my God! They plait it in such a manner that it appears as if black cobra is hanging from the back of the head. So much oil, shampoo and time gets wasted away in washing, drying, combing and plaiting them. They want to become Cinderella but my husband and I too prefer having a 'Boy Cut Hair' . . . You are very talkative, come on take off your two in one at once and don't forget to get navel ring and tattoo after getting admission." �


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