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as a girl is walking home from work she is attacked and brutalised and kidnapped.
shes about to learn about a whole new world at the hands of someone she trusted. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 3, 2008    Reads: 3,917    Comments: 6    Likes: 11   

I love how sweet the air is at night, it's so much fresher for some reason. Either that or it just seems so because I just got off work .I smile and breathe in the smell of the trees in the park deeply enjoying the rich earthy smell. I know my fiancé has warned me against walking in the park alone late at night but it's so nice it's what I look forward to after work. Besides it's just a block away from our house and what he doesn't know won't hurt him. I smile as I think of how sweet he is, I really am glad to have him as my fiancé. I love him so much.

I'm too busy thinking about Justine that I stop paying attention to my surroundings, iv walked through this pars so many times that I feel completely safe. So as I lean my head backwards to look up at the moon the hands that grab me take me completely by surprise. By the time my mind reacts and I start to struggle they've already forced a gag into my mouth so that I can't scream and are dragging me towards the thick corpse of trees at the side of the park.

I try to scream even though I'm gagged but I can't make any more noise then a tiny whimper. I pull away from my attacker trying to get free but he jerks me roughly against him and slaps my ass so hard that it stings.

"Don't be naughty or ill make this hurt." At the sound of his gruff low voice I start to make small frightened noises low in my throat.

"Now do as I say and I can make this fun, for both of us." He breathes in my ear as he pulls my hands high above my head and handcuffs then to a branch in the tree. My feet can only just touch the ground and I can't move my arms from where he's handcuffed them.

I look around desperately to try to see if I'm visible to anybody that might walk through the park, hoping that someone will walk through and rescue me as he starts to fondle my breasts. But its no use the tree he picked is right at the back and the other trees and bushes block me completely from view of the park.

"Don't move unless I tell you to. You hear?" he snaps in my ear as he pushes my face hard against the bark of the tree so that I cant see and pinches my left breast so hard that I cry out in pain.

"I can see this gags a very good thing as it looks like you're a fighter." He laughs as he covers my eyes with a strip of material so that I can't see a thing. "A very good thing" as his hand runs up my thigh to just under where my mini skirt sits.

This cant be happening I think desperately. One minute I'm on my way home from work enjoying the beautiful weather, and the next I'm handcuffed to a tree, blindfolded and gagged about to be raped probably. It's too much for me to take and I start to cry.

He forces my legs apart and kneels on the ground as he removes my panties exposing my most private parts to the breeze. He then starts to rub just around my pussy and licks my thighs. I make small protesting sounds through the gag but he ignores them licking his way up to my clit.

I desperately try to pull away from him but I can't move so I try to force my legs closed. He slaps my pussy hard as I do this and rams three fingers strait in me so hard that I cry out in pain. My body too tight and dry for them.

"I said don't move." He snaps at me. "I was going to try to make this easier for you but now I want you to suffer and to try to scream for me.

He then pulls my top so hard that he rips the buttons off exposing my small firm breasts encased in their lacy bra. He cuts my bra off with a blade he had and my heart stops as I feel the cold metal against my skin. He then takes my right breast in his mouth and bites hard, drawing blood and making me weak with pain. He then pulls my skirt up and runs the flat of the blade across my ass gently making me whimper in fear. He slaps the blade against my ass cheeks once, twice a hard sharp pain. Then he quickly draws it across my right cheek gently drawing a thin trickle of blood. I try to scream but cant and he pushes me hard against the tree.

"So your not going to struggle anymore are you?" he asks as he gently presses the tip of the blade against the top of my left breast. No I shake my head hard so that he gets the picture. I definitely won't struggle any more. "Good." He quickly draws the blade against the top of my breast and I start bleeding as he rams his hard cock into my tight pussy.

Its fierceness of it makes me gasp; he's so big he has to force himself to get halfway in. he pulls out and then rams again harder trying to make room for his cock inside of me but it doesn't work he's just too big.

He pulls himself out of me and kneels between my legs again. This time he doesn't start of slow he just locks his mouth around my clit and starts sucking. It's so unexpected that I start moaning in pleasure my body starting to get wet and ready for him. No I think to myself. This is wrong this is rape! Don't enjoy it. But I can't help it my body won't listen to my mind and I start to moan even more as he forces three fingers inside of me, gently at first then harder.

When he's got me so wet that its starting to drip down my legs he stands up, slaps my ass and starts thrusting into me hard and fast. It feels so good even though he's still too big for me. I start moaning louder and the orgasm comes fast, shaking my whole body as he starts to thrust his whole length into me as rough as he can. It's too much even in the middle of orgasm that I try to scream in pain and pull away but he holds me tight against him.

"What did I say would happen if you disobey me?" he whispers in my ear as I scream in fear. "Your going to wish you hadn't pulled away from me." He pulls himself out of my sore pussy and before I could even start to think of what he was about to do he rams himself into my small ass and I scream again.
In and out he thrusts so hard that its all I can do to make small sounds and try not to faint. finally after what seems like and hour but was probably only 10 minutes, he thrusts one last time and spills himself deep inside my ass. He pulls out and uncuffs my hands from the tree, and I sag to the floor crying softly, the blindfold soaked and clinging to my eyes. He picks me up and carries me to his car and puts me in the backseat, as he turns the motor on and starts driving I fall into an exhausted sleep.


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