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Pen Name:Achouri Fethi
Country: FR
Bio: Achouri Fethi is an Algerian young author, writing in both  french and in english, and having recently been  graduated from Guelma university, english departement.He's 35, maried with two sons.His ultimate ambition is to become one of the greatest author in the world. He knows it'll be a long...
Pen Name:Angel Desiree
Country: US
Bio: I am an American Indian and  Afro-American  female  that has two minor children, but one adult child, who is 20 years old.   I was born in Bronx, NY.  I went to Piney Woods in MS, went  to Noth Forrest HIghschool in Hattiesburg, MS, went to Gaithersburg Highschool in Gaithersburg MD,...
Pen Name:alealejandro
Country: US
Pen Name:antiquepowerlines
Country: US
Bio: I spent too much time forcing myself not to care what you think--I think it's working.I have gone by far too many pen-names on the internet that I don't even know who I am anymore.
Pen Name:AnimeLuver4ever
Country: US
Pen Name:Aa Harvey
Country: ZW
Bio: deleted
Pen Name:AgeofIntellect
Country: US
Bio: Welcome readers!My style and topics of writing will vary over time.  It may be about food or it may be about culture.  One thing for sure, I like to make the audience think.  My goal is to amuse, inspire, awaken the senses and bring a bit of comfort to the mind if possible.  It takes two to...
Pen Name:Alexandra Glambert
Country: GB
Bio: http://facebook.com/alexandra.gammon http://www.youtube.com/user/AlexandriaXable?feature=mhee http://www.formspring.me/Glamveilbrides http://twitter.com/#!/GlamBiersack0 Follow and add me on these links
Country: IN
Bio: hay every body i love to write stories once u write story u go into it,u start to feel it, i have deep affection in writing these stories it helps me to get relaxed... where i am living no one likes that i write stories they think its a waste of time... well i know every body here love to...
Pen Name:AmberLibra
Country: GB
Bio: "Welcome to the rebirth...a new chapter in the evolving life of a writer. I like to play. I like to play with words. I like to play with cliché and fool around with genre. Some of this writing has been written for pleasure with idiomatic tongue firmly in cheek (and other places) yet other...
Pen Name:angelbunny111
Country: AU
Bio: Please ''Like'' my story LOVE KILLS YOU because I have tried my heartfelt best and I wana it to be a success. Thanks. >3 xoxo Ily  
Pen Name:Anabanana
Country: US
Bio: My name is Ana. I love to write poems when theres a lot on my mind. I love being around people and I;m outgoing. 
Pen Name:Antonio
Pen Name:AsIScribbleMyPainOntoThisPaper
Country: US
Bio:   My name is Niakeva Thomas and I’ve been writing poetry for about 4 years. I started to write stories about 2 years ago and I’ve never actually completed a whole story. I like to write about real life situations and things that I’ve been through although only parts of what I write is...
Pen Name:agentzidantribolt
Country: GB
Bio: Hey all, as you might already know, I've been here for about a year adding stories left right and centre :) keeping myself to myself, well, the only thing you need to know about me, is that i have been writing now for the last six years, and i've been getting more and more developed with every...
Pen Name:Abhizap16
Country: IN
Bio: " That Place in My mind,Is that space that you call mine"-Corey Taylor,Slipknot's lead singer. " Sometimes love makes you breathe more in a second than oxygen ever can"-Myself " Consume fear and hate,don't let them consume you"-Myself again " Sometimes you need to cut your heart open to let...
Pen Name:Alayna Steele
Country: US
Bio: My name is Alayna. I love creepy shit. And I write about it, too.
Pen Name:ArayaBoo1
Country: US
Pen Name:Androcalmicus
Country: US
Bio: I have visual mind, walking through this world as you, minding my own business. Observing. Watching. Calculating. Waiting. It is just my nature. Thats all I really can do. I stray away from the crowd and have many perspectives on several subjects that are unjustifiable. So I write them down.
Pen Name:Alex Kate
Country: HK
Bio: 14 Years Old HK
Pen Name:AMS71
Country: US
Bio: ATTENTION READERS!! I have returned to my old site - AMS1971! Finally it is working again! Yay!! If you come here first, please jump on over to the other site, whereas I will be posting everything there again :) _____________________________________   For any of those who might think I have...
Pen Name:AzmethEgo
Country: PK
Bio: I go by the alias Azmeth ego im a writer in regard i write about problems teenagers and adolescents face in schools mostly in the case of my own country. I write  Assassin novels Crime Novels Opinions Poems  Improvement manuals
Pen Name:artemis eira
Country: CL
Bio: Hi ! I'm a frenchie who likes writting, travel, cinema, musics, ect I really like to experiment spontaneous inspiration. It's just a passion and I'm really pleased to share it and be criticize. You should never hesitate in provide me correction or advice cause my english is not really good....
Pen Name:amero333
Country: SA
Bio: "ubi dubium ibi libertas"
Pen Name:alhain
Country: ZA
Pen Name:Andrew Jay
Country: GB
Bio: I felt a little guilty having made so little effort at my bio when clearly everyone else has... so here goes. I am in my mid forties, and I work at a steady, fairly well paid, if rather unfulfilling job.  I was married once, fairly briefly, over 20 years ago.  The only good thing to come out...
Pen Name:antoniorivers91
Pen Name:AryaStark
Country: BR
Bio: You can tell a lot about a person by reading their bio. ;D
Pen Name:Afzel Un
Country: US
Pen Name:Adalyn
Country: GB
Bio: Messing around with the new editing tools XD Quick note: "Refined Chaos" is a pile of shit. Not being modest, it sucks. Read "The Oldest Price" instead.The formatting on my account must be faulty because it's not letting me delete any stories. Also, for some reason, "The Oldest Price" has been...
Pen Name:adilali99
Country: PK
Bio: Aafter great success of Geo TV, GEO`s Team launched another sports channel of Pakistan for 24-hour with the name of "Geo Super". It has high viewer ratings from all over the world. Pakistan Gives the viewer 75%. Geo Super focusing mainly on cricket They can Broadcast soccer boxing, football and...
Pen Name:Apo Mato
Country: US
Bio: I might just be a normal guy but i beleive that i have a great mind and im trying my best to be what i always wanted a Director / Filmmaker i just hope everything goes right and not a million kazzilion people can put me down im a stand up man i don't need a chair thank you I'd appreciate your...
Pen Name:Ayush
Country: IN
Bio: well im frm kolkata.....im a student of clas 11sc............i luv to read books and write short stories.......
Pen Name:aker45
Country: AU
Bio: A writer of  Love that go away and love that ended . And the beauty of love
Pen Name:Adela Patesel
Country: US
Bio: Adela Patesel was born in San Antonio, Texas. Raised by an over-protective father and a hard-working mother and was the middle child of family of 5. She graduated from Southwest High School in 1996. She briefly attended Palo Alto Community College with a focus on Psychology. Adela is now...
Pen Name:adri123
Country: US
Bio: Hi my name is adrianna, adri for short. I live in a small town in north carolina.... love my chemical romance and black veil brides. I hate the people who use the term emo faggot. I love my freinds. Music and writing is my passion. I draw when im bored even though im not really good. I hate...
Pen Name:Aversa
Country: NL
Pen Name:Akilah Quinn
Country: US
Bio: I am a stay at home mom of three boys. Ages: 11, 3, 1. Korban (11) is my step son the other two (leland and Vince) are biological. I had one other boy named Jack but he only lived ten days. The hospital neglected to do their job. I also have 3 dogs Teddy Bear who is a German Shepard/wolf mix...
Pen Name:AshAshbaby
Country: GB
Pen Name:AgentWash
Country: US
Bio: Hi! My name is Andrew! I love to write and share my stories with other people. Its always satisfying to get their reaction. I have been finding it hard recently to write because (maybe) I have been hit by writers block and maybe its because I feel like if I'm writing to no one, I feel no...
Pen Name:Alexander Rodman
Country: US
Bio: I just graduated from SUNY Purchase with a degree in Cinema Studies, I specialize in documentary filmmaking but I just completed my first long piece of writing and I would like to share it so I can get some feedback.  My goals in life are to become fluent in Spanish, become a certified...
Pen Name:Alan L Jones
Country: US
Bio: Been around for awhile. Life of hard knocks. Don't mind it comes with life. My mother calls me the glue of the family. I guess I just know how to talk to people. Love hard play hard and enjoy life. Been married for 28 years to the only woman I should be with. Love my animals have 6 of them. No...
Pen Name:ausi319
Country: US
Pen Name:AnnabelleGilmore
Country: US
Pen Name:Anajiel
Country: US
Bio: Anajiel has been writing actively for the last fifteen years, and has had various works published in online magazines, newspapers, and print ranging from short story to poetry. She has an active interest in writing stories that appeal to the paranormal aspect, pushing the envelope with religion,...
Pen Name:Ashley202
Country: US
Bio: My real name is Layla Michelle Jones, I am 21 years old, and I'm going to say it out right now, I like women and men (but mostly women). Ashley is the name of my sister, Ashley-Jane Murray. I love to write and have been writing since I was 2. My fave category to read and write is sexual...
Pen Name:AutumnElla
Country: CA
Bio: Hello, viewers! Anyway, I'm Autumn. My age isn't really any of your business, obviously, so there's really no need to ask. I love writing. :] It's pretty much all I do in my spare time, besides drawing or reading. I have more than one best friend; It's pretty common to have more than one.    ...
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