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A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it. View table of contents...


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Chapter Eight: The Revolution Begins

It was just before midnight in New Berlin. The strictly enforced curfew was in effect so the streets of the metropolis where mostly empty accept for the gestapo patrols. It was a clear night and the stars where vibrant and filled the sky as most of the citizens slept. Near the center of the city, just a few blocks from the imposing palace of the Fuhrer, a van was parked near several towering statues of the Teutonic knights. Inside Lilia sat behind the wheel as Venomous Cobra, in the passenger seat, looked around for any signs of gestapo agents.

Lilia looked at him and asked, "see anyone?"

Cobra shook his head. "No. You think they would be more present in the heart of New Berlin."

Lilia replied, "the gestapo is probably patrolling the other sectors of the city, I doubt they would suspect anyone would dare attack the palace."

Cobra looked behind towards the pile of plastic explosives in the back of the van. "Well Fox, at least your connections came through." Then he looked at Lilia contemptuously for a moment.

She noticed and stare right at him. "You don't like me do you Cobra."

Cobra frowned and said, "the only Soviets I've known have been the ones oppressing my people, I have seen your people brutalize mine for as long as I can remember."

Lilia sighed then told him, "after we have liberated New Berlin, then we will liberate all the people of this Earth, yours included."

"I'll be honest, I don't trust you."

She said, "you don't need to trust me, but trust that I hate them as much as you. Cobra, I won't rest until Axis is crushed as well as the Soviet zones as well, even if it means my death."

Cobra then looked at her. "You don't fear death Fox."

"No, because I have seen death all my life, it holds no mystery for me."

He then looked out the passenger window. "The rest of our people, how can they complete their mission if the gestapo is out in force around the rest of the city."

Lilia said, "Bright Star said she has a plan."

Outside, the Info Screens hung over the street though they where off. Then at that moment the came on and the face of Bright Star appeared on them. Lilia and Cobra seemed surprised.

Cobra asked, "how did she hack into the Reich information system?"

Lilia grinned. "Seems our leader has more ingenuity then we thought."

Then Bright Star spoke and her voice echoed throughout the entire city.

"People of New Berlin. Examine the life you have always known, the oppression and torment you suffer on a daily basis. You are not in control of your own life, no, your life is controlled by your cruel masters you. The Reich, as well as all people of this world, has you in shackles from the moment of your birth till the time you die. And they have denied you ideals, words that are forbidden, words like freedom. But soon you will now what freedom is because we will show you, that you have the right to inflict the cruelty on your oppressors that they have so long inflicted on you. Tonight begins a war, a war to liberate the people of this word from Axis. At first you may not want to join this fight for the Reich seems invincible, but they are not and after tonight you will all see this. I ask you to join us. Tonight we will destroy all vestiges of Reich control in Sector Zero, tonight the revolution begins. Join us."

Then Bright Star vanished from the Info screens. Soon it was replaced by the face of Adelheid as she furiously barked and her voiced boomed throughout the city.

"All gestapo patrols, converge on Sector Zero. Any citizens on the street in violation of curfew are to be shot on sight."

Cobra looked and Lilia and asked, "why did Bright Star say we are going to attack Sector Zero?"

Lilia smiled. "Because there are no statues in Sector Zero, a distraction. Let's get to work."

Lilia was at the base of one of the monolithic statues, placing a large pile of plastic explosives at its base. She set the timer so it would go off and midnight and she looked further down the street. She and Cobra already already wired many of the statues to be destroyed. She presumed the rest of the resistance was doing the same, in a few minutes these idols of the Reich would be in piles of rubble.

As she worked she did not notice as a man approached from the direction of the palace further down the street. He was a palace guard, the most elite of the gestapo, dressed in a black uniform. He had his pistol out.

Lilia finished and looked up at the statue. She muttered, "soon I will do this to all of Axis."

The palace guard the shouted, "halt!"

Lilia looked at him then turned to Cobra. Cobra noticed the guard then ran towards the van and jumped in. As the van then sped away, Lilia shouted, "damn you Cobra!"

She looked back at the guard, as one of her hands reached for the high caliber pistol tucked into the back of her pants.

The guard, as he approached, said, "by authority of the Reich, I am to shoot you on site."

Lilia looked into his eyes and said, "then do it."

When the guard went to fire, Lilia swiftly pulled out her gun and fired and single shot into the gestapo guards head. But before he fell down dead he fired a shot and hit Lilia in the leg. She then fell to the ground as blood gushed from the gun wound, she then began to limp away as the timer of the explosives counted down.

When midnight came, explosions rocked all of New Berlin. The gigantic statues which had kept a silent vigil over the city for decades came crashing down into the streets and now where nothing but broken stone. Sirens sounded all over the city as the gestapo left Sector Zero to find their monuments destroyed. Then the army reserve was called out from the barracks outside the New Berlin and soon the entire city was patrolled by agents of the Reich. All the citizens where at their windows of their homes, watching silently as plumes of smoke began to rise up over the city. Though they all feared what the Reich would do in response to this act of defiance, in their hearts they rejoiced that finally the Reich had been dealt a blow.

During the commotion, Lilia stealthily made her way through the city towards the

agricultural district.

Wolf lay in his bed in his small domicile. He had heard the explosions and sirens in the distance, yet he just lay there and waited for his punishment for nonconformity. He did not know what to do, and just felt and feeling of powerlessness. But his grim pondering was interrupted by a knock at the door.

He got up, went to the door and said loudly, "I can't open the door, I under house arrest."

Then Lilia's voice spoke from the other side. "Wolf. Help."

He then used his strength to force the door open and found the wounded Lilia on the other side. He looked at her bloodied leg and asked, "what happened?"

She told him, "I need you."

He then helped her limp to his bed and he placed her on it. He went to his bathroom and ripped off a strip of cloth from and towel then used it to bandaged Lilia's leg. He looked at her and said, "those explosions, you are involved aren't you."

She replied, "I didn't want to involve you Wolf because I wanted you to be safe. But I did not know where else to go."

Wolf then looked at the open door. "Lilia. A gestapo agent will be here soon. I'm under house arrest and they have been alerted that my door was opened."

"Why are you under house arrest?"

Wolf could not look at her as he explained. "I'm going to be sterilized tomorrow. Apparently it has been decided I'm fit to be a laborer but not to pass my genes on."

Lilia then closed her eyes and said, "I guess you won't be left in peace like you want Wolf."

Wolf told her, "I better tend to your wound."

A half an hour passed. Wolf used a small knife to dig the bullet out of Lilia's leg, she grunted as he did so. Afterward he applied a better bandage. But before they could speak a loud voice yelled from the open door.

"Hands up!"

Wolf turned away from Lilia who was still lying on his bed and saw a tall, well built gestapo agent at his door. Wolf put his hands up and said, "I had to open the door, a friend of mine got hurt and she needed my help."

The gestapo agent noticed Lilia on the bed and frowned. "Why was she out, there was a curfew. Anyone violating it is to be shot on site."

The gestapo agent walked past Wolf and stood over the bed. As he looked down at her, he noticed her bandaged leg. The agent said flatly, "OK, I'm taking you both in. Tonight terrorists have attacked New Berlin, and I think you two are involved. And if you are, soon you will be put to death."

As soon as Wolf heard that he rushed up on the gestapo agent while his back was to him and Wolf put his arm around his neck. Wolf used his ample strength until their was the sound of a sickening snap and he dropped the agents lifeless body on the ground.

Lilia looked at Wolf then asked, "why did you kill him?"

He shook his head as he replied, "I couldn't let him take you in. I could not let you be killed."

Lilia seemed shocked yet also moved. "Wolf. I want you to come with me, help me."

He looked at her. "Help you with what?"

"Destroy the Reich. They will never leave you in peace now, but you can help destroy this injustice we have suffered for so long."

Wolf stared into her eyes. "I don't care about that, but I'll help. Just to make sure you are safe."

"We have to go. More gestapo will come soon. We need to get to sector zero."

"It is not safe," Wolf said, "the gestapo will have the whole city locked down. But I know of some old ruins on the edge of the agricultural district, we can hide there until morning. Once the streets are full of citizens after the curfew is lifted, we can safely make our way to sector zero."

She said, "OK, let's go."

Wolf helped her limp out out his home and they went out into the night.


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