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A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it. View table of contents...


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Chapter Five: The Resistance Meets

Many miles beyond the limits of New Berlin where the ruins of what once had been a prosperous capital, now it was a wasteland of destroyed buildings which where irradiated and now was a wasteland which the citizens of the Reich avoided out of fear of the radiation and the orders of the authorities to stay away from this place. In the center of the city nothing remained but blasted rubble but on the outer regions of the city some of the structures remained. A crescent moon hung over this place and bathed it with a surreal light.

A van drove down an old road, headed deeper into the city. Though the place this vehicle approached which once was home to giant monuments to men erased from history, now only ruins remained. But one monument was fortunate enough to remain mostly standing, a large circular dome made of white stone inside which was the statue of a man who no remembered. The van came to a stop outside the monument and Lilia and Katsumi got out.

Outside the domed building where several dozen men and women, members of resistance cells from all over the planet and they where a mix of many different ethnic groups. They where the best and most useful soldiers of the resistance who had come here to begin a revolution.

Katsumi looked at the group and muttered to Lilia, "damn, I hoped we would have more people. We better meet with the resistance leaders inside. I'm sure our global leader will finally reveal the plan."

They both walked through the gathered people and entered the monument. Inside a large bronze statue of a man overlooked the proceedings. Katsumi and Lilia and found four men waiting for them. There was a tall, slim black man who had a scar running down his left cheek. There was a shorter Arab man with a thick beard and a grim, joyless

expression on his face. Also there was a large Caucasian man who seemed relaxed and composed. The last of the leaders was man who appeared to be from India, he sat upon the ground and seemed distant. Once they saw Lilia and Katsumi they introduced themselves.

Katsumi said, "well, let us get to know each other. But it would be best if we only used our code names from now on. I'm Swift Rabbit, leader of the Asian resistance."

The black man nodded at him. "They call me Stalking Lion, I lead the resistance in Africa."

The rather serious Arab man spoke next. "I have been given the name Venomous Cobra, I lead the cell in the Middle East."

They calm looking white man grinned and then spoke, he had a Australian accent. "Well me mates call me Jumping Kangaroo, though I must admit I don't like the name much. I lead the rebellion in Australia. Though up till now we have only talked, no action yet."

Katsumi nodded. "Don't worry Kangaroo, soon you get all the action you want."

The Indian man then stood up and said, "Wise Elephant. I lead the resistance in India."

Lilia then spoke. "Wild Fox. Leader of the cell in Russia."

All the men aside from Katsumi looked at her, they where all much older. Venomous Cobra seemed to look at her with disdain.

Jumping Kangaroo joked, "you lead a cell lady, you seem barely old enough to drive."

Katsumi said, "she is young, but from what I hear, she is tenacious and the only one of us who has seen any action."

Wise Elephant asked, "why is she active when the global leader, after organizing all the cells together, ordered us to wait before beginning the revolution. She fights while we have been only organizing."

Katsumi said to him, "that's why they call her Wild Fox. Besides, we need someone who knows how to act and not just talk."

Venomous Cobra then glared at her. "I don't really want this soviet woman here."

Katsumi asked, "problem Cobra?"

He replied, "my people have been mercilessly ruled over by the soviets for longer then I care to remember and I don't trust her."

Lilia firmly told him, "listen, I am not going to rest until every Axis Zone is ground into dust, including the soviets. I have spent the past five years carrying out actions against soviet oppressors all over Russia."

Stalking Lion smiled. "I like her, she seems like she hates Axis to the core, and hate can be a valuable trait in this revolution."

Jumping Kangaroo laughed slightly. "We are all friends here mates."

Katsumi looked around. "Where is our leader, I have waited many years to meet this Bright Star."

Wise Elephant asked, "I don't know anything about this leader, why do we follow this mysterious persons orders?"

Katsumi replied, "I have met with her. Trust me, she is smart and also committed to destroying Axis."

Venomous Cobra seemed shocked. "Our leader is a woman?"

Then a voice from behind the statue spoke, a weak woman's voice with a German accent. "Yes, but I will give you all what you seek, victory."

A elderly white woman who must have been in her eighties stepped out from behind the statue. Her face was wrinkled yet her eyes seemed vibrant, there was a tattoo of a six pointed star over her left eye.

Katsumi said, "good to see you again Star, I know moving around is difficult for you."

Bright Star looked at him. "Swift Rabbit, I have been hiding from Axis since before all of you where born. And I know the history of the world before Axis had it erased. In that time, I have learned to get around."

Venomous Cobra seemed unimpressed. "Sorry, but we are going to fallow the orders of a old woman. You might have learned some things, but how can you help us defeat Axis."

Bright Star told him, "do as I say and we will bring New Berlin to its knees."

Venomous Cobra seemed impressed by the conviction in her voice.

She continued. "My people where one of the first the Reich secretly had exterminated. When I was a child, there where tens of millions of us, now only a few hundred remain. But on the graves of those I loved who perished in the camps, I will end the Reich and all of Axis."

Wise Elephant asked, "forgive my doubt, but we don't even have fifty people here. New Berlin had thousands of gestapo, how can we possibly prevail."

Bright Star explained, "because there are over twenty million citizens in that city who had lived under tyranny all their lives. When we show them that the Reich is not invincible, they will join us in this revolution. And once open revolt overthrows the strongest city of Axis, the world will join us. For those who live under oppression are billions, or oppressors are much fewer."

Katsumi asked, "OK, where do we start?"

Bright Star revealed the first phase of the plan. "First we must strike at the symbols of the Reich, a symbolic act. The entire city is full of those statues which the Reich worship, tomorrow night, we will destroy as many of them as we can."

Stalking Lion seemed doubtful. "We'll need explosives, and a lot of them."

Lilia spoke up. "I have made connections with a criminal group who run sector zero. If we give them money, they will provide us with all the weapons we need."

Bright Star looked at her. "You must be Wild Fox, you acted before ordered."

Lilia looked right back at her. "You might know much, but I'm the only one here who has done something other then talk."

Katsumi spoke up. "What is done is done. Now for money, fortunately I am a man who has access to a fortune, tomorrow Fox; you will get the explosives we need."

Bright Star said, "Two of you will lead teams of six men each and destroy as many statues as we can."

Katsumi replied, "the gestapo is patrolling the city in force. It won't be easy."

Lilia said, "I will lead a team, since I'm the only one who has experience in this sort of thing."

Venomous Cobra added, "I want to lead the other group. I have waited years to start this war against Axis."

Wise Elephant said, "but what about the gestapo?"

Bright Star said, "leave that to me."

Stalking Lion nodded. "OK, the revolution starts tomorrow."

Bright Star then said, "but remember, we can only win if the people join our cause. I want all of your promises that every precaution will be taken so that no citizen is hurt needlessly. But you all may hunger for revenge as I, and we will send many servants of the Reich to their demise. But the people are not to be hurt."

Katsumi said, "OK, our plan to liberate the Earth begins."

Bright Star turned and began to walk away but said before vanishing into the night, "we will bring freedom to this world, and won't stop till every single person on this planet is liberated from Axis."

Then she was gone and they all dispersed.


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