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A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it. View table of contents...


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Chapter-Thirty-Three: Assault on the Command Center

Deep within Moon Base Alpha was the command center. The large, poorly lit room was full of controls and video monitors which around a dozen men, all in gray Luftwaffe uniforms, sat behind as they tended to all the functions of the base. In the center of the room, sitting in a chair was base commander Brenner. He was a large man who had dark hair and a thick bear upon his face. A scar cover a eye which had been replaced with a glass one. He seemed to look at the large video monitor in front of him, on it was a image of the large Luftwaffe space bombers in the crater. He seemed to be thinking.

Officer Winston, a tall lanky man with red hair, approached the commander and said, "the bombers will be fueled and on route in just over an hour."

Brenner just looked at the image and said, "I hoped it would never come to this, but soon this base will perform its purpose."

Officer Winston then told him, "also, pilot Jansen's ship just docked."

Brenner seemed to grow agitated at the mention of the pilots name. He said, "well, now that we are about to preform the most important operation in this bases history, I'm glad the only man under my command with an I.Q. Lower then a carrot is back. Though I wish I had ordered him to stay on Earth for a day, soon this base will be on its own and the thought of being trapped in here with Jansen makes my stomach sick."

Officer Winston asked, "why do you keep him stationed here? You could have sent him back to Earth and had the gestapo pick him up."

Brenner frowned and grunted. The commander said, "I remember the day he arrived here five years ago. After ten seconds of listening talk I came to the conclusion that he was the stupidest, most slowed witted and insufferable pilot I had ever met in my forty years in the Luftwaffe. I felt a strong urge to strangle him to death with my own hands. But I kept him at this base because my men are assigned to a very dull, uneventful post and tormenting that fool keeps them amused. Besides, if anyone is going to kill that runt, it is going to be me; I promise you that. Now send to men from the security detail as soon as he gets inside the base, if he does not have a damn good reason for failing to radio the base tell them to shoot him in the leg. And when he heals and is feet for duty, tell them to shoot him again."

Officer Winston then looked back to the bombers and frowned.

Near the landing pad where Jansen's ship had docked was a long corridor with silver metal walls, it led from the pad to the out parameter of the base. Jansen was pushing a large metal box down the corridor as he approached the hatch at the far end. Then the hatch opened and two men, both wearing black uniforms with lightweight body armor and holding futuristic looking rifles; there had helmets on. When they saw Jansen approached they both frowned at him.

Jansen stopped and said, "well, I'm back."

One of the security detail said, "well Captain Jansen is back. Good, I think Brenner needs someone to unclog a toilet. He says that if you don't have a good reason for not being in radio contact, well, we can shoot you."

Jansen shrugged at said, "once I left Earth orbit my radio was shorted out by a solar flare, or I think it was deep space radiation, I'm not sure which space jargon explain it with."

One of the security officers then spoke into a small radio attached to the sleeve of his suit. He said, "Jansen claims his radio malfunctioned from a natural phenomena commander Brenner."

The officer listened to something coming from the ear peace inside his helmet and then told Jansen, "OK, Brenner says he is to busy to deal with your stupidity. All return flights to Earth are canceled and you are to be confined to quarters. If you go outside before he orders you to, well then he'll have you scout a nearby crater without a space suit."

Jansen then slapped the cargo he was moving and said, "OK, but I have to take this to Brenner right now."

One of the security officers asked, "what is in it Jansen?"

The pilot replied, "two rebels who I am sneaking into the base so they can storm the command center."

The two security officers looked at each other then looked back at the pilot. One of them said, "I am sick and tired of your stories."

Jansen replied, "actually on Earth, some big Reich official said that he needed the best pilot in the Luftwaffe to personally escort this cargo to Brenner. Now we are not aloud to look inside because we are not important enough. I know I can't set foot anywhere near the command sent, but let me personally escort this cargo to the edge of the security parameter. You guys know my career is in a rut, so let me do this to get into the good graces of Brenner again. After I'll go right to my quarters and and talk to my plant."

The two security officers looked at each other then looked at Jansen and one of them said, "OK, but you go past the security and Brenner will have us use you for target practice."

The two security officers parted and Jansen pushed the cargo past them, as he then proceeded down the long hallway on the other side he looked back at the two men and said, "I don't know what's in this crate, but I get the feeling it will blow the commander's mind. I think we are going to have a interesting day."

The two security personal watched him leave then one ran up behind the pilot and stopped him. While Jansen's back was to him, the officer asked, "where is your co-pilot?"

Jansen said, "right before take off, he got real silent. The whole trip he just sat there and did nothing, it was like I had a dead body in the cockpit. He is doing some repairs on the ship right now though."

The officer frowned and said, "OK, get out of here. We are to busy to deal with you at the moment."

Jansen continued on as the two security officers walked off in the other direction.

Deeper inside the base. Jansen was pushing the cargo container down a long corridor, numerous hatches on either side. Pilots, technicians and security officers where walking past him. Then the pilot tapped on the container and lowly asked, "can I ask you two something?"

There was a moment of silence when Wolf's voice muttered from inside the container, "shut up."

Jansen kept going as he said, "I talk to inanimate objects all the time, if I don't the other men will get suspicious."

Silence again then Lilia voice whispered, "what would you like to know?"

Jansen replied, "how much experience do you guys have at this rebel stuff."

Lilia's voice spoke out, "I've been doing this awhile."

Jansen then said, "and your boyfriend?"

She told the pilot, "he started about a week ago."

Jansen shrugged then said, "well, before I sure he was ex military or something who decided to fight the power."

There was silence for a moment when Wolf whispered, "I worked a few months at a hydroponics tower."

Jansen grimaced then said, "well lady, I think you might be able to do this. But your farmer boyfriend my want to sit this one out and cultivate a vegetable or something."

Wolf then silently said, "do you have to talk so much?"

Jansen replied, "I get talkative when I'm scared. When Brenner finds out I helped to intruders get onto his base you won't have much to worry about. He'll have all his men trying to find me so he can have my head chopped on and put on a pike somewhere and they'll be to busy to deal with you."

Wolf then said, "just keep going."

Jansen then pushed the cargo container on.

Deeper inside the base was the edge of the security parameter. At the end of a long empty corridor was a large hatch which two security officers guarder. Jansen was at the far end of the corridor pushing the container towards them. As the pilot approached, Jansen said, "OK, I'll distract the two guards."

Wolf asked, "then what?"

As Jansen approached the security officer, he said, "just pretend these guys are my co-pilot."

Then Jansen approached the two men and stopped. They looked at the pilot and frowned, one of them said, "captain Jansen."

Jansen looked at them and replied, "I would say your name, but all you guys look alike so it is hard for me to tell you apart. You know, the thick necks and sloping brows."

One of the officers said, "take two steps forwards, and Brenner will probably skinned alive."

Jansen told them, "this container needs to go to the commander."

One of the security officers looked at the container. He said, "any cargo that goes past a security checkpoint has to be checked."

Jansen then looked around and said, "guys, I need to speak to you over here."

Jansen then walked away hatch as the officers followed, there backs to the container. The pilot then said, "I think there may be a terrorist on the base."

One of the officers pushed Jansen back and said, "you better run off you little moron."

As they talked, the cargo container's side the swung open and Wolf crawled out followed by Lilia. Both where wearing the uniforms and the pulled out the guns. Jansen continued to talk, "on the way to the base, my co-pilot and I got into an argument about music; then he ran amok and started running around the ship like a lunatic. When I landed he said he was going to kill Brenner then ran off. I would have said something sooner but he is a colleague so I was conflicted."

The two security officers looked at each other when Wolf and Lilia fired, the men where several times when Jansen dived to the floor and covered his ears. When both officers fell down dead, Jansen waited a moment and got up. He looked down at the two dead men and said, "sad, I've worked with those two guys for five years. Not a complete loss, two men on this base just got promoted. You guys are going to be good for a lot of people's careers."

Wolf and Lilia went to go through the hatch when Jansen spoke up and they stopped. The pilot said, "here's some advice. Along the walls in the base are colored lines, they help new pilots posted here find there way around. Follow the red line, it leads to the command center. Don't worry about the noise, the walls of this base are sound proof."

Jansen then knelt down and pulled a key card of one of the security officer's belts, He handed it to Wolf and said, "this will open the hatches but will only work as long as Brenner is unaware your on his base."

Lilia said, "thanks captain."

Wolf then told him, "maybe you should take a ship and escape."

Jansen shook his head. "If you two fail, by the time I get to Earth I won't have a planet to land on. By the time I get back to the base, I assume you two would have reduced it to a pile of scrap metal."

Then the pilot pointed to the two rifles the security officers dropped. The pilot said, "you might want to take those. If Brenner's men see you with the guns you brought, they'll either shoot you or die from laughter."

Wolf and Lilia picked up the rifle then looked at the pilot. Wolf said, "we and a lot of people are in your debt."

Jansen replied, "just getting my passengers to their destination. Well, I guess this is where we part ways. I think I'll go to my quarters. When you see Brenner, tell him I'll be there so he can give me a demotion for my job performance today. Good luck you two, it's been fun."

Wolf and Lilia turned to go through the hatch and enter the security parameter when Jansen looked at him and then said, "and buddy, try to grow a sense of humor."

Then Jansen walked off in the other direction as Wolf and Lilia watched him leave. They then turned to each other and she said, "I really like him."

Wolf then looked at Jansen before the pilot turned around a corner and was gone. Then he said, "the captain is completely out of his mind, but I liked him to."

Then they turned to each other for a moment then went through the hatch.

Deeper inside the security parameter, two security officers where walking down a long corridor as they're footsteps created metallic clangs on the metal grate on the floor. Behind them, Wolf peaked out from behind a corner then went back behind it. He and Lilia where back up against the wall of the adjoining corridor, both seemed anxious yet composed. She looked at him and said, "we'll make it to the command center."

Wolf looked away from her but said, "I will. I just pray there is something we can do when we get there. Find a way to stop those bombers."

Lilia told him, "if this is our last hour, or minutes; I'm glad your here."

Wolf then looked around the corner and saw the corridor was now empty. He looked at her and said, "let's keep going."

Then they emerged from around the corner and ran towards the command center.

Inside the command center, Brenner sat in his chair and continued to watch the bombers ready to launch. He was so fixated on the image that he did not notice officer Winston walk up.

Officer Winston said, "Commander, we may have a problem."

Brenner did not look at him, but replied, "what is it?"

Officer Winston explained. "Two men from the security detail failed to check in. I had some men go find them."

Brenner still looked at the image. He asked, "what did they find?"

Officer Winston seemed scared to say but then lowly told Brenner, "the two security officers where found dead, apparently from gun fire. There weapons where missing."

Brenner, seemingly enraged, got up from his chair and scowled at the officer. He barked, "what did you say!?"

Officer Winston replied, "I think we have intruders on the base."

Brenner then fell back into his chair and loudly ordered, "activate a security alert and lock down the base. Tell all the men to comb every inch of the facility and kill anyone who does not belong."

Officer Winston nodded and went to a computer console. But before he could use it, the command center was filled with the screeching sound of a alarm. Brenner looked at his officer and loudly asked, "what is going on!?"

Winston looked at the screen in front of him. He replied, "we just lost power to life support. The whole base will lose oxygen in just under two hours."

Brenner then scowled and asked, "is it a malfunction?"

Winston looked at the screen and shook his head. "Looks more like a power conduit has been severed somewhere, but I can't locate it."

The alarm stopped for a moment, after several seconds of silence it started to blare again and Winston looked at the screen. He then said, "commander, we just lost power to the heating systems. What is going on?"

Brenner looked at the image of the bombers and said, "someone is sabotaging the base."

Winston looked at the commander and asked, "do you think the intruders are trying to sabotage the base?"

Brenner then grunted and said, "you would need to know this base very well to know where those conduits can be located."

Winston then asked, "do you think one our men is helping these intruders?"

Brenner then began to grit his teeth and scowled. "There is only one man on this base stupid enough to think it is a good idea to randomly cut power to all the bases essential systems."

Winston then seemed dumbfounded. "Jansen is helping someone try and sabotage the base. Do you want me to activate the security measures commander?"

Brenner then turned to Winston and said, "if the technicians can't find out where that moron severed the power, then every man under my command will die. The techs will not be able to do that if all the hatches are sealed."

Winston then looked at the commander and asked, "what are your orders commander?"

Brenner then firmly replied, "order the techs restore power to the essential systems, tell the security detail to find those intruders and kill them. It is no coincidence that this all happening right now, these intruders are trying to stop the bombers. And they are being helped by simpleton who will probably kill us all including his knew friends. You and everyone on the command center start searching for them on the security video feeds."

Winston nodded and said, "I will do it commander."

Brenner then growled as he said, "and tell the men to take Jansen alive. I am going to personally pull every tooth out from his mouth with pliers."

Winston and the rest of the men in the command center started to get to work. Commander Brenner then looked at the image of the bombers and said in a deep voice, "I don't know what bothers me more, that I have intruders on the base during the most hours of the ten years I've been commander. Or that now I'm locked in a battle of wits with a man who is not even smart enough to be a amoeba."

Brenner looked at the bombers as they prepared to launch.

Somewhere else in the base in a long empty corridor, Jansen was standing next to a open access panel. Inside where a bundle of dozens of black thick wires two of which he had severed with the wielding torch he held in his hand. The pilot looked at the wires and said to himself, "one of these must be power to the surveillance system. Well I'll just keep going until I get to the right one. I'll get lucky eventually."

Jansen looked at the wires and seemed to wait for a moment then proudly said, "Brenner, your day of reckoning is here. Last time you underestimate Captain Jansen."

The pilot then continued to severe the wires.

Wolf and Lilia where running down a corridor as they followed the red stripe which led to the command center. He held her hand as they went, but then two security officers appeared at the end of the corridor and when they saw Wolf and Lilia running towards them, they raised there weapons to fire. They stopped when Lilia raised the rifle she and fired, he security officers fired back as the corridor was filled with the flashes of gunfire. The two officers then fell to the ground dead but had hit Wolf, who then fell to one knee was blood stained the shoulder of the pilot uniform. Lilia knelt down beside them as they lay both weapons on the ground.

She asked, "are you OK?"

Wolf nodded and said, "let's keep going, we don't have long."

Then a man's voice yelled out, "halt!"

Wolf and Lilia realized that there where several security officers on either side of the corridor. Wolf looked at her and she seemed like she was unsure what to do. They just knelt on the ground as the security officers approached.

One of the officers said, "just kill them. Brenner said shoot to kill."

The security officer closet to Wolf and Lilia replied, "I've been doing nothing but standing around for five years, just let me take a moment to enjoy this."

Wolf look and Lilia and she said, "I love you Wolf."

He said nothing as the security officer raised his rifle. But just as he went to fire, every light in the corridor as well as the entire base shut off and the entire facility was plunged into darkness.

Standing beside the open access panel in pitch blackness was Jansen, torch still in his hand who had just cut the power to the stations lights. He was looking around and unsure where anything was, he said to himself, "who is stupid enough to shut off the lights right now. Some off us have work to do around here."

When the emergency lights in the corridor where Wolf and Lilia had been, the security officers found that the intruders where gone; the weapons gone as well. The security officers all looked at each other and one of them said, "if the commander finds out we had them and let them get away, he is going to kill us."

Then the security officers ran off in different directions.

Jansen stood beside the open access panel then turned off the torch and lay it on the ground. He looked at the sparks jumping from all the wires he had cut and began to grin as he said, "well, I think I'll let my passengers take it from here. Now I think I'll go to the base's lower levels, find a nice utility closet and hide there for about forty years. After that, I'm sure the commander will forget this whole sordid mess and we can resume a healthy working relationship."

Jansen then quickly walked down the corridor.

In the command center, Commander Brenner watched the image of the bombers fuel up. All his men in the room watched security images from the stations cameras. As they where unable to find the intruders, Brenner seemed to grow more enraged. Officer Winston who was beside him, approached the commander and seemed afraid to speak but then stated, "the security detail and the surveillance system has failed to find the intruders, we are searching the entire security parameter but to no avail."

Brenner watched the screen and then asked, "how long to the bombers are ready launch?"

Winston replied, "forty minutes."

Brenner then squinted at the image before him and said, "we have that much time to find them. We will do what ever it takes to find them. I will not let this operation fail while I'm commander."

Winston asked, "what are your orders?"

Brenner then looked at the officer and seemed infuriated, "lock down the outer regions of the base so we don't not lose atmosphere during the fighting. Also lock down the command center."

Winston seemed puzzled. He said, "but if we do that the techs may not find where Jansen cut power to the bases systems."

Brenner then looked back at the image of the bombers and said, "we are going to assume that this base is already lost. That idiot has seen to that. We just have to keep the intruders from reaching the command center. We just need forty minutes. Once the bombers are on route, then this base is expandable. The facilities meant to house the Reich officials and others can go on without this part of this base. It is my job to make sure our unwelcome guests fail in stopping the bombers mission. By any means necessary."

Winston seemed worried and asked, "what are you going to do commander?"

Brenner grunted and ordered, "unlock the lower level hatches but keep anywhere the areas where our guests might be unsecured. Order the Death's Head to kill the intruders."

The color drained from Officer Winston's face and he said, "they will kill all the personal, all your men."

Brenner then said in a low voice, "yes, in the chaos the intruders will be unable to reach the command center. The Death's Head will by us the time we need. I was given this command and will sacrifice every man under it to do what I must."

Officer Winston looked and Brenner then said, "I will do what you ask commander."

Brenner then watched the bombers.

Somewhere in the security parameter of the base, a small ventilation shaft was located near the floor and the metal grate was laying on the ground. As the security officers walked past, they took no notice of it.

Deeper inside the shaft was a small room full of pipes and wires. Wolf sat on the ground as Lilia knelt in front of him, blood still gushing from his gun wound. He seemed to be in pain but said nothing.

She told him, "I'll stop the bleeding."

Wolf looked at her and said. "Go on without me. You don't have the time and I'll only slow you down. Just go."

She shook her head and told him, "I'm not going anywhere without you."

Wolf winched in pain and said, "the bombers will launch soon. I'll catch up if I can."

Then she sat down beside him, took his hand and softly replied, "we'll stay here for a few minutes. Then we'll go the rest of the way together."

Wolf looked her but they said nothing.

In the lower levels of base, Jansen was looking at a large hatch in a poorly lit hallway. He seemed to stare at it, above the hatch was a red light. The pilot continued to look at the hatch and said to himself, "I've been here five years, yet the commander always has this hatch locked. Maybe he has contraband or something else. Seeing as this is probably my last day as a pilot here, I would give anything to see what is behind that hatch."

Then the light above the hatch turned green and the hatch opened. The pilot then shrugged and stated, "well, that was a coincidence."

Jansen looked through the hatch, beyond it was a long corridor with barely any light. The walls where dented and wires had been ripped out from the ceiling. The pilot said, "Now I see, Brenner locks this place up because it is a mess. Looks boring anyways."

Jansen turned to leave when distorted laughing came from further down the corridor beyond the hatch. Jansen looked back and took one step into the hatch and looked around. He said, "something a little off about that laughing, but maybe I found someone else on this base who knows how to take a joke."

Jansen then began to walk down the corridor. As he proceeded he became aware of a heavy metallic footsteps. When he reached the end of the corridor and turned around the corner, he froze in place when he saw three Death's Head soldiers walking towards him; their massive weapons in their hands. They all where well over six feet tall and the eyes from the helmets of their armor glowed green. The pilot was frozen in place from fear and the Death's Head stopped in front of him and looked down at the pilot.

Jansen was shaking but said, "I'm captain Jansen, I have not seen you around the base before. You guys new?"

The one of the Death's Head and looked at another, "we've been locked down here forever, time to finally go and do what we trained for."

Jansen said, "the commander should not have you fellas locked up down here, seem like a good bunch of guys to me."

The other Death's Head replied, "enough talk. Let's just go to the upper levels and kill everybody."

Jansen then nodded, "yeah, sounds great. Say, why don't you give me one of those big guns and we can go to the upper part of the base and blow it apart. We'll have a blast fellas."

Then all the Death's Head looked at the pilot and said, "first, I'm going to take this little bag of flesh and squeeze his head till it pops."

Then Jansen began to back away but said nervously, "you must be a member of this base, everyone else wants to crush the captain's head to."

Then the Death's Head soldiers aimed their gigantic at Jansen who then turned and ran the way he came. He yelled as he left, "well, hope to see you around the base!"

Jansen then ran for the access to the upper levels, the heavy footsteps of the Death's Head behind him.

In a upper part of the base where the crew quarters where located, four security officers where marching down a hallway. One of them said as the went on, "if captain Jansen shows his face ever again, I'll kill that imbecile."

Another officer said, "Brenner said to take him alive. But I'm sure he is hiding somewhere, we'll probably never find him."

Just then Jansen ran out from the corner at the end of the hallway and darted towards the security officers. When they saw the pilot they stopped and raised their rifles. One of them yelled, "freeze."

Jansen then came to a halt and raised his hands. He said, "hey fellas, crazy day we been having. If you ask me the commander is letting this base go to shambles."

One of the officers threatened, "we would shoot you right now. But Brenner wants to punish you personally. If you had a functional brain, you would have crashed your ship instead of angering the commander. We'll all have been waiting for this for years."

Jansen looked behind him at the direction he had run from then turned back to the officers. The pilot said, "guys, those two on my ship; they forced the captain to help them. You know I would never do anything to disappoint the commander."

One of the officers said, "we all have had enough of your mouth."

Then Jansen pointed behind him and said, "those two who are wrecking the reputation of the captain, well they are right down that corridor."

A security officer stated, "you are lying."

Jansen then said, "we are on the moon, I can't escape. Or wait, maybe I can hold my breath and float back to Earth, do you guys think that's possible."

Then from the direction Jansen had ran came the sound of an explosion. The security officers then looked at each other then quickly charged towards the sound. Jansen watched as the security officers ran around corner at the end of the hall, after the few seconds there was the sound of gunfire followed by the screams of the security officers. Jansen then started to walk in the other direction towards his quarters.

Then stretched out his arms, yawn and said, "well, it's been an exciting few hours but I'm bushed. Think I'll go to my quarters, get into by bunk and tell the plant about the day I just had. I hope tomorrow at the base is a little less hectic."

In the small room in the ventilation shaft, Lilia sat beside Wolf as the area of the uniform stained by blood continued to grow. They said nothing and just sat there when suddenly the sounds of gunfire, explosions and men screaming started to come from everywhere. Lilia listened when she heard the distorted laughing of the Death's Head. Wolf looked at her, "OK, I've been holding you up long enough. You better go and get to that command center."

Lilia then looked at Wolf, she raised her voice and said, "you still take orders from me, and right now I order you to get to come with me to the command center!"

Wolf looked at her then nodded. She then crawled down the ventilation shaft followed by Wolf, both had the rifles. Once they emerged from the shaft, they stood up in the corridor and looked for the red stripe. Then Lilia ran, holding Wolf's hand and pulling him along. As they ran towards the command center, the floor of the corridors was littered with the bodies of security officers. When then they turned a corner, they ran into a single Death's Head and they both froze in place. Then the armored thing rammed the Gatling gun into Wolf, the blow was hard enough to throw him back, once the magnetized boots lost contact with the floor he slowly landed to the ground. Lilia raised the rifle, but the Death's Head let go of the Gatling gun which fell to the ground. It then grabbed Lilia by the throat and lift her up into the air and she dropped the rifle. It then turned it back to Wolf, and began to carry her away in the opposite direction as she struggled.

The Death's Head said, "I'm going to pull all your pretty guts out of your body."

Wolf then got to his feet and ran towards them, he stopped then looked down at the Gatling gun. He then picked it up, it pained his arm but because of the low gravity he was able to lift it. He yelled, "over here!"

The Death's Head dropped Lilia and turned around. Wolf then pulled the trigger and the gun span then spat out a furry of bullets which tore the Death's Head apart. Lilia lay on the floor and covered her face. When it fell down dead, Wolf dropped the Gatling gun then dropped to his knees. Lilia got up, got her rifle and went to Wolf; she looked at him and said, "we are almost there."

Wolf then nodded and she helped him to his feet. She then pulled him towards the command center as chaos sounded from every direction.

At the end of a long corridor was a hatch which led into the command center. Lilia appeared at the other hand, still pulling Wolf along. Then they got to the hatch and looked at it. She looked at him and said, "how do we get inside?"

Wolf took out the key he had been given by the captain and put it into a slot beside the door. There was a small beep but the hatch did not open. Wolf hit the hatch with his fist and yelled, "I did not come all this way to be stopped by a damn door!"

At the far end of the corridor, a single Death's Head soldier emerged, holding the rapid repeating rocket launcher. It then aimed it at Wolf and Lilia and began to laugh. Lilia turned around and saw it then she threw herself at Wolf, once their boots stopped touching the ground they where thrown a long distance down a corridor. The Death's Head fired and a stream of rockets streamed into the hatch and there was an explosion. Once the smoke had cleared, the hatch now lay on the ground as it had been ripped from its hinges. Then some security officers appeared behind the metal thing and began to fire.

Lilia then helped Wolf to his feet and they saw that the command center was now open. They looked at each other and went inside. Beyond the open hatch, all the staff of the command center looked at the intruders, though Brenner sat and looked at the screen. Lilia aimed the rifle and ordered, "get out or I'll fire."

All the staff and officer Winston looked at the commander. Brenner still looked at the screen and said, "you heard her, leave now."

They all they left the command center. Lilia aimed the rifle at Brenner and said, "you to."

Brenner then looked at her and frowned. He said, "this is my command, I am not leaving so you'll have to shoot me."

Wolf, losing more blood, fell back against a console as he breathed heavily. Lilia looked at at him then faced the commander. Brenner then told them, "well, you just got into the most secure installation in the Reich, you got past the best men in the entire Luftwaffe; and you made it to my command center. Though I will be glad when you both die, you do have my infinite respect. I almost wish you to where under my command."

Wolf then looked at Brenner and flatly said, "most of the credit should go to captain Jansen. He is the smartest, most competent man I have ever met."

Brenner scowled at Wolf and asked, "are you being serious?"

Wolf shrugged, "I'm trying sarcasm."

Lilia then looked at Wolf and said, "you made a joke Wolf."

Wolf looked at her. He replied, "sorry, I think I was around the captain to long. His personality rubbed off on me."

Lilia then faced Brenner again and got close enough so she could press the barrel of the rifle to his forehead. She said, "tell us how we stop the bombers."

Brenner then told her, "simple enough, stop them from fueling. They are designed to be unable to launch unless fully fueled. Use the console over there." The commander pointed to some controls.

Lilia then looked at Wolf and said, "we did it."

The Brenner said, "why don't you look at the screen miss."

The commander pointed to the large screen, Wolf and Lilia watched an image of the Earth far away, around thirty large space bombers where headed towards it. Brenner then flatly said, "but I'm afraid you are to late. A valiant effort but ultimately futile. You came a long way just to die, you could have stayed on Earth to do that. Soon this base will lose all life support functions, so I guess will have the pleasure of dying together."

Lilia looked at Wolf, he then made his way to the computer console Brenner had pointed and started to look at the screen. Lilia then walked up behind him and looked over his shoulder. She said, "is there something you can do?"

Wolf frowned as he looked at the different commands on the screen, he said, "if Royce was here, he might know what to do. But I'll try my best."

He then started to activate different commands at random as Brenner looked on. The commander said, "try all you want, there is nothing you can do."

Wolf continued till he activated a command called reactor shutoff. When he did, all the lights and screens in began to dim and a message appeared on the monitor before Wolf which read confirm reactor shutoff. Brenner then jumped up from his chair and yelled, "get away from that from that console!"

Wolf and Lilia then looked at him. She went up to the commander and held the rifle towards his head, she said, "talk!"

Brenner looked at her and replied, "I won't say anything."

Then Lilia pressed the barrel of the rifle to Brenner's leg and fired. The commander groaned in pain as blood gushed from the wound. She kept the gun aimed there and she said, "talk!"

Brenner then angrily said, "if you power down the reactor, then we will be on reserve power. The electronic isolation field we use to keep the anti-matter stored under the base will drain reserve power in a few minutes, one the field is out the ant-matter will convert to energy and there will be an explosion which will destroy this base and a good part of the entire moon."

Lilia looked at Wolf and said. "the bombers as well."

Wolf looked at Brenner and told him, "are you entirely sure Jansen is the most incompetent man in the base."

Wolf then went to use the console when Brenner screamed, "an explosion of that magnitude will probably throw large pieces of rock into space, a lot of which will head for Earth. You two fools will probably do as much damage as the the bombers."

Wolf then looked back at Lilia and said, "Fox, you are in charge. What are your orders?"

She looked at him, smiled and replied, "your call Wolf."

Wolf then faced the console the activated the command. Brenner then shook his head and muttered, "you both are going to die."

Wolf then fell to the ground and pressed his back against the console as the color drained from his face from loss of blood. Lilia then went to Wolf, dropped the rifle and sat beside him. They then looked at each other then embraced when sirens sounded from all over the base and the whole facility began to shake slightly. Brenner looked at the screen and was silent. Lilia whispered to Wolf, "we did it."

Wolf weakly said, "yeah, we did."

She then kissed him and then their faces where inches apart as the shaking became more violent. She said to him, "I guess this is goodbye Lone Wolf. I'll always love you."

Wolf told her, "no matter what happens, we'll never be apart again. I'll always love you to Wild Fox."

Then the began to kiss as the shaking became more intense.

Jansen was in his small quarters laying in the cot. The pilot looked at the plant in the corner of the room, there was shaking and the noise of sirens. Jansen said, "I told you, I met these two very interesting people. We had a lot of fun today."

Then the shaking grew more intense. "Brenner would you do your job," Jansen said then looked at the plant, "I think maybe I should apply for his job, he obviously has no idea what he is doing."

Then the shaking became increasingly violent.

Royce sat on the steps of the gestapo headquarters and just looked at the moon like he had for the past hour. As each minute went by, I feared Wolf and Lilia had failed. Royce then lowed his head and said, "I guess you two tried."

Then suddenly a light appeared on the surface of the moon, it then grew so bright that it blinded Royce and he cover his eyes. The entire city of New Berlin was bathed in a intense blaze of white light which was many times brighter then the sun. Royce then lowered his hand and he saw that something that looked like an explosion covered a large portion of the moons surface. Then the light faded and it was dark again.

Royce shook his head, "well Wolf, I had my doubts. I'll miss you buddy."

He just looked at the moon till dawn.


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