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A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it. View table of contents...


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Chapter Thirty-One: Arrival at Moon Base Alpha

The cargo ship was gliding silently towards the moon which filled all of space in front of it. The vessel was headed towards a section of the moon, on the surface where a series of colossal dome like structures which had windows on its sides which where lit up. The domes where surrounded by around a dozen large circular landing pads which had lights blinking all around it, several cargo ships where docked.

In the cockpit, Jansen was strapped to his chair and was at the controls and manned the controls. He then hit the button for the intercom and said into to it, "would the passengers report to the cockpit, we are about to land."

While the pilot waited alone, he said to himself, "well, better enjoy the next hour. Probably the last one I'll have."

After awhile the door to the cockpit opened, and Wolf floated into it followed by Lilia. The pilot said, "strap yourself in, I'll have to fire the thrusters to slow down and land. I don't think you want to have yourself crushed against the hull."

Wolf and Lilia got into the two chairs behind Jansen. The pilot seemed to be looking at something through the window, he said, "I should tell you guys something."

Lilia asked, "what captain?"

Jansen pointed to an area several dozen miles from the base. In the darkness of a unlit crater, there where a multitude of flashing red lights. Wolf and Lilia noticed and she asked, "what is that?"

The pilot shrugged and said, "we'll this thing about you hijacking my ship to stop the base from destroying Earth, well it still is probably still just inflammatory revolutionary rhetoric meant to inspire the masses to riot; but those lights are from about thirty landing pads indicating they are about to launch ships. Since the lights are red, it means it is a priority one launch, which means once they are on they are on their way, they won't respond to radio until they reach their destination."

Lilia looked at Wolf and said, "they are launching the bombers."

The pilot said, "those landing pads are real hush hush, all the cargo pilots know about them but the Luftwaffe hide it in a crater. If it is hidden, its means its military. If those are bombers, then unless the Reich has declared war on mars or Pluto, then I would say they where headed for earth."

Wolf asked, "can they be stopped?"

Jansen shrugged. "They are fueling up, probably will be on route in a few hours. But to get to those pads you would need a space suit and about six hours."

Lilia asked, "captain, we really need your help."

Jansen sighed and replied, "unless you know how to destroy about thirty bombers in a couple of hours, you really may between a rock and a hard place. But if you want the advice of a humble captain, maybe you could do something if you could get into the command center."

Wolf asked, "why would they be of any help?"

Jansen said, "every function of the base is controlled there, I'm not sure what you could do but it is your best chance."

Lilia then turned to Wolf and said, "then that is where we are going."

Jansen smirked. "Well my co-pilot won't be a problem, but the command center is in the most secure section of the base. Between you and that room is going to be several hundred cold blooded killers who have spent a few years bored out of their minds and aching to shoot holes in anything. Once Brenner knows there are intruders, he will call for a security alert and the base will be locked down. If that happens, it won't be easy to get into the deeper parts of the base."

Wolf asked, "are you going to help us?"

Jansen looked back at then, grinned then turned back to the cockpit's window and said, "I like my job and don't think helping two rebels get into Brenner's base will look good on my next performance evaluation. But as captain of this ship, it is my duty to get my passengers to their destination which I guess is the control room. Beside if you two are not pulling the captain's leg, then I guess I have to help. I left a cat on Earth when I left five years ago, I like that cat and don't want to see it get hurt."

Lilia looked at the pilot and said, "the resistance could use a captain."

The pilot remarked, "well, this fighting the power thing and going on suicide missions is really not captain Jansen's cup of tea. But after five years of Brenner's constant verbal abuse, I think I deserve a few hours of disobedience."

Wolf said, "we appreciate the help."

Jansen told him, "no problem, you got the captain on your side. Everyone stationed at that base knows I'm the smartest, most competent and respected person at that base."

Wolf looked at the pilot and asked, "is that sarcasm?"

Jansen laughed briefly and said, "lady, I think there is hope for your boyfriend. Buddy, next we'll work on humorous criticism. Stick with Captain Jansen, you grow a sense of humor."

Wolf and Lilia took out there pistols and cocked and loaded them. Jansen heard this and said, "there are a few things you should know. If you expect to run around, have heroic gunfights, dodge enemy fire and jumped through hatches to avoid explosions; we'll be in the moons low gravity your more like to start bouncing of the walls and crack your heads open on the ceiling. Also, I'll help you get to the edge of the secured parameter; if I come anywhere near the command center; Brenner will order the security detail to use large munitions even if he does not know your in his base."

Wolf took out his other gun and said, "you might need this."

The pilot looked back forward and said nothing. Wolf told him, "it is a gun."

Jansen replied, "oh, I thought it was a toothbrush. During this caper, the captain's weapon will be a very wry wit. Beside, you go in there a start shooting the place up; we'll you do it in the wrong place and the base could loose pressure in that section. Beside, we'll have to sneak you in there. Real silent like. But once they know they got two rebels in the place, well everyone in the place is going to go berserk. But if Brenner thinks you are getting to close command center, well, he probably turn those bombers around and have them destroy the moon to stop you."

Lilia looked at Wolf and said, "we'll, they won't reach earth for two days."

Jansen explained, "wish we where that lucky. If those are Luftwaffe space bombers, they get to Earth in about twelve hours. A lot faster then my ship. So if there is anything you two can do, well, I would not take a coffee brake anytime soon."

Wolf leaned over and whispered to Lilia, "can we trust him, he sounds insane."

Jansen flatly said, "lady, tell your boyfriend that if he had spent the past five years in a very claustrophobic environment with several hundred guys who have as much respect for you as stomach cancer, then he would spend his all free time in his quarters talking to his only friend. I brought this plant from Earth, about the only person on the base who I can have an informative conversation with."

Lilia looked at Wolf and said, "I trust him."

Wolf nodded then the pilot said, "once we land go in the cargo hold, there is a locker in there with some boots. There magnetized so you can walk a little easier. Get the lady a flight suit as well, there are some in the back. If anyone see's either you down there, they'll know you don't belong since those guys have spent years together. But the suits have some padding made of extremely dense polymers, could work a little like armor. Get ready to land."

Wolf and Lilia looked at each other and she said, "ready captain."

Jansen then told them, "the first hurdle is that since I have been out of contact with the base, as soon as we dock Brenner will send some of his security detail to greet me. If I don't have a good excuse, then this mission will be real short. Plus, my co-pilot's body could possibly make them suspicious, though I'm not entirely sure."

Wolf and Lilia looked at each other then Wolf looked at the pilot and said, "the fate of a lot of people is riding on you."

Jansen replied, "we'll do our best. But I guest I should thank you two, if you can pull this off commander Brenner is going to regret the day he said captain Jansen was the most incompetent guy under his command. Now we are about to land. Hope you two like intense experiences."

They said nothing as the ship descended towards the base.


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