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A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it. View table of contents...


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Chapter-Twenty-Eight: The Holding Cells

It was night over New Berlin as the moon hung over the city.

In the basement of the Gestapo headquarters where the holding cells, where the agents would take prisoners and interrogate them for information. It was a large room of bared cells which where all empty. To the end of the holding cells was a large iron door which was now closed. The sounds of a man yelling bellowed out from inside.

Royce was inside. Two gestapo agents a few years old where inside. One was behind Royce and holding his arms behind his back. The other man in the black uniform was repeatedly punching Royce in the stomach. They had ripped the badge from Royce's uniform and he know had bruises covering his face a blood gushing from his nose. As the man punched Royce again and again, he would grunt with each blow.

The agent behind Royce yelled, "tell us what we want to know!"

The other man stopped punching Royce and dropped him to the floor. Then one of them started to kick Royce in the chest and head as he tried to cover his face. The other man looked at his fellow gestapo agent and said, "I hope he does not talk. I like beating this little pansy."

They kept kicking Royce then stopped and looked at the broken man on the floor. One of them said, "I don't know why Hill wanted to favor this traitor."

Then they started to beat Royce again and he just lay on the floor as he was beaten harder. But then the two men stopped when the iron door opened and Hill walked in, a pistol in one of his hands. The two agents looked at him and Hill told them, "would you please leave and let me have a word with Edmond alone."

The two man said nothing as they left and closed the door behind them. Hill then looked down and Royce and said, "just tell us who you told and what they intend to do. Tell us and we will let your parents go. I'll still end your pathetic life, but your silence only ensures that your loved ones will meet a horrible end."

Royce said nothing and just lay on the ground. Hill shook his head and explained, "I liked you Edmond, though I feared you may have had the personality flaw of a conscious. You would have gone far, you could have been a powerful man of influence and wealth. Now just because of some misinformed sense of morality and what is right, you and your parents will die."

Royce, still hurt badly, lowly said, "would you just shoot me, I would rather not have to listen to you talk anymore sir."

Hill then knelt down and pressed the barrel of the gun and said, "say this ill-advised uprising and been able to other throw the right. What then, return the world to how it used to be? A world full of unworthy people who only exist to taint the world with their sickness? A world where disorder and anarchy plunge all of society into chaos?"

Royce then grunted and said, "sounds better then the world you are trying to protect sir."

Hill then pulled back the hammer of the pistol. He shook his head and stated, "you told me would would die an old man in your bed, and you would have been right had you done your job and not betrayed my confidence. Now, you will die and young man and your treachery will result in nothing."

Royce then said, "just kill me."

Hill then grinned. "Well, we need information from you but I get the sense that you are not going to talk. I respect your silence though the cause you gave your life for disgusts me. I should pull this trigger and end your wretched existence."

Royce breathed heavily as he felt the cold steel of the gun pressed to his skin. The Hill slowly pulled the pistol away and said, "I will kill you, but my men want to settle things they way men of this profession do. So I will let them continue for a few more days. Then you, your parents and many others will be removed from this world."

Royce then said, "sir, if there is a hell, I'll see you there."

Hill then went to the door and faced the two agents waiting outside. Then looked at their superior who said, "go back in there, and men, stop being so soft on Edmond. He can take a lot more."

Then two men smiled then went back into the room with Royce closed the iron door behind them. As Hill walked away, the sound of Royce's grunting and the two men yelling echoed out from the room.


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