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A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it. View table of contents...


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Chapter Twenty-Four: The Reich's Rebirth

It was the following morning in gestapo headquarters. On the top floor not far from Royce's office was the office of Hill which was now empty. It was large and adorned with expensive trinkets. There where pictures on the walls, including a portrait of the first Fuhrer.

Everything was silent when the door slowly opened and Royce leaned in. Once hew saw that the office was empty, he entered and closed the door behind him. He then stood in the middle of the office and looked around.

He muttered to himself, "if I was a pompous, sadistic bastard, where would I hide something I did not want people to find."

Royce then went to the desk and searched the drawers. All he found where papers and documents. He then walked around the office, worried that he would not find Hill's access code. But then Royce noticed the portrait of the original Fuhrer, he looked at it for a moment and smirked.

Royce said under his breath, "Hill, would you really be so obvious."

When Royce pulled the picture off the wall, a small plastic card then fell to the ground since it was behind the portrait. Royce put the picture back on the wall then picked up the card. Hill's name was on it, as well as the gold iron cross symbol. Royce smiled as he looked at the card.

Royce quipped, "Hill, you should really hide your stuff better."

He then left the office.

Royce was at his desk and had inserted the card into his computer which gave him access to the most classified files of the gestapo. Then he accessed the Operation Rebirth file and as Royce read, he became greatly afraid.

Once Axis had conquered the world, the first Fuhrer grew worried that the people might one day rise up and challenge his rule. He was also not content to share the world with the other Axis powers and secretly looked for a way to prepare for a global uprising. But the technology of the time time made this difficult. Soon after the Fuhrer death, his successor then finalized her fathers ambition. The Luftwaffe had built a gigantic base on the moon, Moon Base Alpha near the sea of Tranquility. For the past few decades the Reich had been collecting genetic samples of most of the life on Earth and these samples had been stored in a massive vault in the lunar base. Vast hydroponic facilities had been built which could sustain the bases inhabitants for centuries. A decade before, the Reich had finished construction of a gigantic particle accelerator on the moon's surface which was used to created a explosive material using something called anti-matter which could instantly convert matter into energy and was unequaled in destructive power. A large fleet of Luftwaffe space bombers had been stationed at Moon Base Alpha which could reach Earth in two days. In the event that there was a global uprising which Axis could not thwart, then the highest and most powerful members of the Reich would secretly be taken to the moon. Once there, the space bombers then would depart for Earth. Once there, they would use this advanced weapon to destroy all life on Earth. The survivors of the Reich would then return to Earth in 500 years and rebuild their empire again.

Royce then gasped and said, "they are out of their bloody minds."

Just then the door opened and Hill walked in, the large man seemed angry. Royce quickly pulled the key card from the computer and hid it under the desk, the screen went blank.

Royce asked, "something wrong sir?"

Hill grimaced as he said, "we have just received news that riots are breaking out in several Reich cities, among them Paris and Old Berlin. Thousands of citizens are openly fighting the gestapo, our people are opening fire but these rioters but it does not seem to convince them to stop. All the other Axis zones are reporting similar incidents, and their armies and security services are massacring these fools, but they still are openly revolting."

Royce said, "why are they rioting?"

Hill seemed more upset. "The entire world knows about the attempted insurrection in New Berlin, my hunch is that these stupid bastards have been inspired to try and rise up. The Fuhrer has sent in the Death's Head, they are on route to the afflicted cities."

Royce replied, "they should stop it sir."

Hill then looked behind Royce and said, "the Fuhrer has decided to prepare for that solution to revolt, our most valuable people are being evacuated to Moon Base Alpha as we speak. The Reich will survive, I can't say the same for the people of this world. I think you know what I mean. Edmond, you'll be glad I took you under my wing; it might just save your life. If this revolt becomes more wide spread, then the Fuhrer will be escorted to the base. Once all our people are there, then we'll teach these people why the Reich will live forever."

Royce got up and said, "sir, I have some business to attend to. I'll be back in a few hours."

Royce went to leave but Hill grabbed his arm and looked at him, "where are you going Edmond?"

Royce told him, "just going to see my parents to make sure they are all right."

Hill said, "don't get to attached to them, worry about your own life."

"Yes," Royce replied, "I will."

Then Royce excited through the door and Hill was alone. He looked around the office when he saw some shiny under Royce's desk. Hill went to it and picked the object up, when he saw that it was his access card, he frowned and gritted his teeth.

Hill, in a deep voice, said, "guess you where not as smart as I hope you where Edmond. I told you the price of betrayal. I'll kill you myself."


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