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A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it. View table of contents...


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Chapter Twenty-One: Royce's Self Disgust

Royce was in his office as morning drag on and he stood before the window and looked solemnly at the palace. At the moment, not only did he hate that monument of the Reich but also hate himself. All his life he had witnessed the tyranny of the world he had always known and never once did it bother him; he just wanted to live a long happy life. It the past days he had decided to try and help stop the Reich, but he felt maybe there was more he could do.

He had arrived in his office early on in the morning once the gestapo had left the safety of the bunkers beneath the palace. He had emerged from those caverns where the gestapo cowered to find New Berlin a wasteland of death and destruction. He knew Wolf and everyone else in the resistance was dead, as well as many citizens. How could the Reich do this he thought, massacre its own people in such an open and blatant fashion; destroying much of their own capital. It was at that moment that he realized that the Reich was insane, but felt sorrow because he believed that it was also invincible. Royce wished that he could be some place where the world was not one of death and darkness.

Royce sighed heavily then sat at his desk and looked at his computer. He had work to do, since the resistance was neutralized he had been returned to more mundane gestapo work. He would have quite in disgust, but it would have cost him his life and he still wanted to live a long life. He just looked blankly at the screen before him.

Then the door to the office opened and Hill walked in, the man seemed overjoyed and exuberant. Grinning widely, he looked at Royce and said, "what a glorious day in New Berlin."

Royce, full of hatred for the man, did not look at him as he said, "what do you mean? Countless people are dead, much of the city destroyed. What did last night gain the Reich?"

Hill seemed to look Royce over but then explained, "a necessary loss. But now, no citizen of the Reich or any other zone will have the balls to pull a stunt like this again. People have realized that trying to rise up will only result in not only their death's but the death's of many others."

Royce then asked, "have you found the bodies of the resistance members yet?"

Hill shook his head. "There are to many bodies for us to sort it all out. But even if some of those ingrates survived, which I doubt, they probably sooner kill themselves then oppose us."

Royce bit his lip but said, "well, I guess after last night's mess in cleaned up, things in New Berlin can return to normal."

Hill then sat in the chair before Royce desk. He told Royce, "the Death's Head did the Reich and all people of this Earth a service."

Royce lowly said, "by slaughtering thousands?"

Hill then frowned and replied, "had this insipid revolution even had a chance of succeeding, a lot more then a few thousand citizens died. If the Reich had been over thrown, then the death tole would have been in the billions."

Royce then looked up at the screen and stared at Hill. Royce asked, "what are you talking about sir?"

Hill explained, "Operation Rebirth. I still cannot give you all the details, but since those terrorists first act of defiance; the Fuhrer was seriously considering resorting to it. But now, life can continue and people will know that opposing us means death. Today, every citizen of the Reich will have a constant companion. Fear."

Royce then returned to looking at his screen and said, "well, guess I won't have to help you sort out this mess anymore."

Hill then stated, "your foster brother is mostly likely dead to, this so called Lone Wolf."

Royce muttered, "probably in a better place."

Hill then grinned again. "Royce, I like that you value your own interests over that then even those who are closest to you. When we first began to associate with each other, I feared you may have had the personality flaw of a conscience. A real liability in this profession."

Royce frowned. "I just want to stay alive and stay safe. That is it."

"Good," Hill said, "and now that this insurgency is crushed, that will be a lot easier. Stick with me my boy, and the world can be yours. The Reich rewards its servants as you will find out in the coming years."

Royce told him, "we'll see I guess."

Hill then reached into a pocket of his black uniform and pulled out a key and threw it a Royce who caught it. Royce looked at the key and asked, "what is this?"

Hill explained, "well, though you where not instrumental in helping us stop these terrorists; I still felt you needed a reward. A token of gratitude."

Royce asked, "what does the key open?"

Hill smiled. "Your new penthouse apartment in the residential zone. There was a nicer one, but it was destroyed in lasts nights fighting. But your new home, it is something that would make any citizen envious. A life of luxury awaits you, if you stick with us."

Royce then put the key in a pocket and said, "thank you sir."

Hill then said, "why don't you take the day off. Go see your new residence. Relax. Beside, I do not think there is a citizen in the entire city who will so much as sneeze today. You can return to work tomorrow."

Royce nodded then got up. He said, "thanks, I need a day off anyways. I would like to be alone."

Hill then got up but said, "Edmond, I want to groom you to be my left hand here. And in many years, I want you to take my place in the gestapo."

Royce's stomach got upset and the prospect of several more decades in the black uniform he whore; he wanted to punch Hill right in the face more then anything. But he simply ignored the feeling, for he knew there was nothing he could do. But at that moment, he was full of guilt for who he was and what he now stood for by the uniform he wore.

Royce said, "well, sir, I will see you tomorrow."

Before Royce left, Hill told him, "and Edmond, find some woman tonight and have some fun. You seem tense, I think you could use a little relaxation."

Royce said nothing and just silently left the office, unsure what to do. And he came to the realization there was nothing he could do, just spend the rest of his life hating himself and this world he had always known.


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