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A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it. View table of contents...


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Chapter Nineteen: Night of the Death's Head

It was almost night in New Berlin. The rain had stopped but still flashes of lightning sporadically lit up the sky as thunder echoed throughout the city. Citizens had hurried home since the curfew would soon be effect. Cars bustled in the streets and people went along the sidewalks.

A van was parked in the residential area of the city. Around it where the tall, faceless white apartment towers. Lilia sat behind the drivers wheel as Wolf looked at her from the passenger seat. Cobra was in the back, an automatic rifle lying on the man's lap. They had not spoken at all for the past hour.

Then Lilia said, "it is almost nine. We better ready get ready."

Wolf watched the citizens and cars pass by, he then frowned. Wolf said, "should there not be gestapo everywhere."

Cobra spoke up next. "Actually, I have not seen any of them since later this afternoon."

Wolf then muttered, "I think something is going on."

Lilia said, "I'm starting to get a bad feeling guys."

Cobra then lifted the rifle and said, "I'm not worried."

Then every info screen on the street came on, as well as all of New Berlin. On it was the face of the Fuhrer, her eyes cold. Then her voice boomed throughout the city.

"Citizens of the Reich. A terrorist faction has come to our great city as you all know. Last week they tried to destroy the resolve of our empire with a meaningless act of resistance. Tonight though, they will learn the price of defiance. Tomorrow, you will all come to realize that such audacity will never harm our glorious Reich, but it will result in the deaths of many citizens of New Berlin this night. Blame not me for what happens this night, blame the terrorists for they brought this down on you all. You will all witness why the Reich will stand for a thousand years and a thousand after that. I am sorry, but my hand has been forced. For those of you who live to see tomorrow, hate not the Reich, hates those who risk peace you have always known. Goodnight."

Lilia looked at Wolf and said, "what is she going to do?"

Then all three of them could here ominous sounds coming from a few blocks away. The sounds of people screaming, followed by loud gunfire and explosions. Farther down the street from the van, panics citizens appeared and seemed to be running towards the vehicle and away from something. Cars raced past the van and swerved about the road.

Lilia got out from the van and stood on the street and faced the direction the people where running from, she had pulled out her revolver and readied herself. Wolf got out next, went around the van and stood beside her with his pistols in each hand. Cobra opened the vehicle's side door and stood behind them.

Lilia looked at Wolf and asked, "ready?"

They all watched as three things then walked slowly out from behind one of the apartment towers. They stood almost seven feet tall and where dressed from head to toe in black, metallic armor with a skull on the chest; the helmets they whore would sporadically release a jet of vapor and the eyes of the helmet glowed green. One was holding a gigantic Gatling gun, and it began to fire into the crowd of fleeing citizens and many of them fell down dead as their bodies where torn apart by the bullets. The other one was holding a large tube like weapon and it aimed it at a apartment tower and fired, a stream of rockets bellowed out from the weapon and holes where blown into the walls of the tower as rubble fell from the sky. The last one held a massive flamethrower which then then used to torch several small shops along the street. Then the three things stopped and looked at Wolf, Lilia and Cobra and started to laugh loudly. The things laughing was distorted and sounded almost electronic.

The three of them aimed their weapons at the armored things farther down the street and Lilia asked, "what the hell are they?"

Wolf looked at skull on the chest piece of the armor and said, "the Death's Head."

Cobra then walked past Wolf and Lilia and started to fire his rifle. The Death's Head soldier, the one holding Gatling gun, didn't flinch as sparks jumped off it's armor from the bullets. It then looked at the three of them and pointed the Gatling gun at them which began to spin.

Lilia shouted, "get behind cover!"

They then quickly ran behind the van as it was then torn apart by the stream of bullets. Lilia threw herself to the cement ground and Wolf jumped on top of her to shield Lilia. Cobra knelled behind the van as it was ripped into pieces. Once the fire stop they all looked up.

The Death's Head shoulder who had fired then spoke, his voice electronically distorted. It said, "come out and you can die fast. We have a lot of killing to do tonight."

Then the three Death's Head soldiers laughed again.

Wolf looked at Cobra and asked, "what do we do?"

Cobra dropped the rifle and the joyless man said, "After I take them out. Get Fox out of here."

Lilia looked at him from the ground. "Cobra, what are you doing?"

He got up and said, "repaying you for my cowardice last week. Wolf, keep her safe; someone must survive to defeat Axis."

Wolf nodded. "Cobra, thanks."

Lilia and Wolf watched as Cobra stepped out from behind the van with his hands up. Then he slowly walked towards the Death's Head soldiers who all lowered their weapons and laughed.

One of the things said, "we don't take prisoners sand man."

Then Cobra was standing a few feet in front of them when he then fell to his knees. The three Death Head's soldiers then surrounded him and then looked at each other.

One asked, "how do we kill him?"

Another replied, "I'll crush his skull beneath my boot, splatter his brains on the street."

The last one then laughed, looked at Cobra and said, "you should have kept squatting in your cave in the desert."

Then Cobra pulled something out from his coat. A small metal cylinder with a red button on top, a wire went from its button to inside Cobra's coat. The Death's Head all laughed.

One of them said, "do you think your little toy can hurt us."

Cobra then pulled open his coat and revealed several sticks of plastic explosives strapped to his chest. Cobra then said, "tonight, we'll all sleep in Hell."

The Death's Head all looked at each other when Cobra let out a piercing scream then pushed the button. All four of them disappeared in a huge explosion as a orange fireball ascended into the sky. After the smoke and dissipated, there was no trace of any of them.

Wolf and Lilia got up and looked at each other. He asked, "what are we going to do Fox?"

Lilia told him, "we have to get away from the city."

He nodded and they turned to run when Lilia turned back to where Cobra had been and whispered, "I'll never forget you Cobra."

Then she and Wolf ran in the direction the panicked citizens had fled.

A few blocks away. Wolf and Lilia ran down the street which was now full of rubble and bodies, most of the surviving citizens had either taken refuge in the towers or in alleys. Fires had broken out all over the residential zone. Explosions could be heard coming from every direction.

Farther down the street, a little girl sat on the ground over the body of a woman. The child cried and muttered, "wake up mamma, please."

Wolf and Lilia stopped and watched as a single Death's Head appeared from the entrance to an alley, a flamethrower in its hands. Once it saw the kid it laughed and slowly approached her. The girl looked up and once she looked into the glowing green the child began to scream. The Death's Head dropped its weapon and picked the girl up and lifted her up into the air as the child yelled.

The thing said, "I think I'm going to pull both your arms right out of their sockets."

Then Lilia started running towards the two of them with her revolver aimed at it. Wolf was right behind her with one of his guns out. The Death's Head noticed and lowered the child but did not let go. Lilia then fired a single shot which went right into one of its glowing green eyes and it stumbled back, dropping the girl. Then Wolf ran past Lilia and then climbed up the front of the Death's Head armor and pressed his gun into the broken eye piece of helmet and repeatedly fired. The Death's Head let out a scream then fell back onto the ground with Wolf on top of it. It writhed around for a brief moment then stopped moving. Wolf got up and both he and Lilia went to the girl.

Lilia asked, "are you OK little girl?"

She nodded but was still crying. Then a man appeared from behind a car, ran to them and picked up the girl. He hugged her and looked at Wolf and Lilia. The man said,

"thank you for saving my daughter."

Lilia turned to Wolf and said, "we have to get a vehicle."

The man looked back at the small at the small car he had come out from behind then face Lilia and Wolf again. He pulled some keys out from his coat and handed them to Lilia. He said, "take my car. Please."

Lilia looked at the man and told him, "go somewhere safe."

The man nodded and ran off with his child. Wolf and Lilia got into the car and sped off.

As Lilia drove quickly through the streets, she glanced at Wolf beside her and said, "we have to get to the old city!"

Wolf was about to say something when a car in front of them exploded. He looked backed and realized that a large, black armored truck was following them and gaining. A Death's Head was standing out from a hatch on the truck's roof, holding one of those rapid repeat rocket launchers. It fired several times and the car swerved about as explosions blasted areas near the fleeing car.

In the distance was a long bridge, it led out from New Berlin towards the ruins of the old city; it stood at least a hundred feet over a river. The car then started to drive across the bridge.

Both Lilia and Wolf looked towards the horizon in the direction of the old city. They they saw the flashes of gigantic explosions in the area of the ruins and Lilia turned to Wolf.

"What are we going to do?"

Wolf said nothing when he realized that another Death's Head truck was parked at the other end of the bridge. Instead of slowly down, Lilia floored the accelerator and the car picked up speed.

Wolf looked at her and asked, "Fox, what are you doing?"

She then said, "if we are going to die tonight, it will be together."

Then she jerked the wheel and the car barrel towards a barrier along one side of the bridge. Wolf and Lilia then held each others hand when the car hit the barrier and crashed through it; it then plummeted and vanished into the blackish water.

The truck that had been perusing them came to a rumbling stop. Two Death's Head got out and walked to the broken barrier and looked down at the water. Then they both laughed.

One said, "I'm bored. We have a lot more people to kill."

They walked to the truck and got in. Then it drove towards New Berlin as the night's orgy of death continued.


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