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A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it. View table of contents...


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Chapter Eighteen: The Traitor is Revealed

Later in the day in sector zero. Royce was standing in a alley among garbage dumpsters and trash bags strewn about everywhere. As cold rain fell upon Royce, he watched as a mongrel dog fed on scraps from a torn bag of garbage. He had been waiting twenty minutes, on the ground beside was a briefcase with a fortune in it.

This was the location the traitor had asked to meet with an agent of the gestapo, but Royce was beginning to fear he would not show. Royce intended that if he talked with this person, after he get word to Wolf so he could warn the resistance.

Royce muttered to himself, "where the hell is this person."

The a man's voice said from behind him, "don't be so impatient mate."

Royce turned and saw the man walking up to him, a grin plastered across the traitors face. They faced each other and Royce looked at him then asked, "what is your name?"

"Jumping Kangaroo," he said, "but after today, I an go home a rich man and be finished with this rebel business. Just spend the rest of my days in the outback with some beer and a lot of money."

Royce then asked, "what do you know?"

Jumping Kangaroo explained, "I have not been told where the leaders of the resistance live in sector zero, but I know where they and Bright Star meet. In that radioactive wasteland outside New Berlin. Star is probably hiding there right now."

Royce asked, "what else?"

Jumping Kangaroo grinned and said, "Tonight, those blokes are going to start blowing away gestapo agents across New Berlin. It will be around nine. That is about all I know unfortunately. May I take my money?"

Royce picked up the briefcase and handed it to him. Jumping Kangaroo started to laugh loudly but his laughter stop when he looked inside. He dropped the empty briefcase and loudly asked, "what are you doing mate? What are you trying to pull here."

Then there was the sound of a man clapping his hands. Royce and Kangaroo turned around to see the gestapo head Hill was standing at the entrance of the alley, behind him was twenty gestapo agents with automatic weapons. Hill ceased clapping his hands.

Kangaroo began to back away and said, "what is going on here?"

Hill smiled and said, "I wanted to give you your reward personally."

Kangaroo turned to run but there where ten armed gestapo agents at the other end of the alley. Kangaroo put up his hands and began to softly chuckle. He said, "easy mate, I'm helping you out."

Hill then pulled the pistol from the holster on his belt and aimed it at Kangaroo then walked slowly towards him as Royce watched.

Hill then was in front of Kangaroo and lowered the gun. "The Reich wants to thank you for your loyalty to Axis."

Kangaroo seemed relieved when Hill raised the gun and shot him in the pelvis. Kangaroo fell to the ground as blood gushed from the wound and he looked up at Hill. Kangaroo pleaded, "I can learn more mate, let me live and I'll give you all their hands on a platter."

Hill said, "your reward is that you will die quick instead of living a long life of daily torture."

Kangaroo yelled when Hill pulled the trigger and a bullet went into Kangaroo's face and he lay dead in the alley in a pool of blood. Hill returned the gun to his belt and said, "was not as much help as I hoped. Glad he did not get his money."

Royce raised his voice and asked, "sir, if you where just going to kill him, why did you want me here?"

Hill looked and Royce and smiled, "Edmond, you are gestapo. You can't spend all day in an office, you need to see traitors get what they deserve for defiance. Don't worry, tonight, this pathetic resistance will all be dead."

Royce was puzzled. "But I thought you wanted them alive?"

Hill explained, "we did, but we don't know where they live. But we do know that they will strike tonight so we do not have much time to respond. So we'll do something to strike fear into the heart of any citizen who thinks about defiance."

Hill began to walk away as Royce followed. Hill went to a gestapo agent and said, "order every member of the gestapo to either return to HQ or the Reich bunkers beneath the palace for twenty four hours."

The gestapo agent nodded then he and the rest of the agents began to get into the black vans. Royce looked at Hills back and asked, "won't you need the gestapo tonight?"

Hill turned to face him. "No. The Death's Head will deal with these terrorists."

Upon hearing the name Death's Head, Royce grew afraid. Toward the end of the life of the first Fuhrer, he created a army unit called the Death's Head. The strongest, biggest, most sadistic and psychopathic men where inducted and went through three years of training. They received daily injections of steroids as well as amphetamines and by the end they where more soulless killing machines then the men they might have once been. They where only used once to stop a uprising in Paris that had taken the city. The Death's Head killed every rebel as well as most of the people of the city, but when they where ordered to stop the Death's Head kept on slaughtering the remaining survivors. The Reich army was sent in but the Death's Head started killing them to. But by the end, the Death's Head was killed themselves though countless soldiers died. The first Fuhrer then disbanded the Death's Head, but all the world feared their memory.

Royce said, "but they are gone."

Hill laughed and explained, "the current Fuhrer had the Death's Head formed again ten years ago. This time though, they have the best weapons and armor the Reich can provide. Impervious to small arms fire and wielding weapons that an ordinary man could not carry. After the terrorists act last week, the Fuhrer had a whole battalion flown in. We did not want to use them, but we don't have the time to act otherwise."

Royce got more scared. "They will kill everyone they come across."

Hill shrugged. "They will be given a single night to wipe out the resistance, as well as a lot of people of New Berlin. At dawn, the Death's Head will be neutralized to. There is a device in their armor that will inject them with enough cyanide to kill ten elephants. But bodies are going to litter the streets of the city tomorrow. Also the Luftwaffe has been ordered to bombed that old city, destroying anything that is left. Bright Star will be taken care of to."

Royce started to walk away, intending to warn Wolf. Hill stopped him and said, "I want you to ride with me to the bunker beneath the palace. The Death's Head will slaughter gestapo to, once they start killing, they won't stop."

Royce said nothing as he followed Hill to a black van and got in. As it drove away, Royce was afraid of what the night was to bring.


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