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A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it. View table of contents...


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Chapter Fifteen: The Brother's Fight

It was the next morning in Lilia's apartment. Rain was splattering against her window as outside ominous clouds hung over all of New Berlin. She had awoken alone and heard running water coming from the bathroom. She got up from the bed and was now able to walk without limping she went to the bathroom door and look inside. Wolf was wearing only his gray pants and undershirt. He was drying his hair with a towel, when he stopped she realized that he had dyed his hair gray. He then looked towards her.

She asked, "why the change of hair color?"

"Simple," he replied, "make it easier for me to move around unnoticed."

She smiled and chuckled. "The gray makes you look more distinguished. I like it Wolf."

He then walked past her but asked and he passed, "how is the leg Fox?"

She followed him into the main room of the apartment and said, "better. Guess I'm good enough to go outside tomorrow."

Wolf went to the chair, his gray shirt and coat where on it as well as the two holsters. He put on his shirt then the coat. She asked, "are you going somewhere Wolf?"

He looked towards and said, "I need to speak with Royce."

She then went to him and took his hand. "You are crazy enough to go into gestapo headquarters alone?"

"I have a plan," he said.

Lilia then put her other hand on his cheek. "Why do you need to see Royce?"

He looked into her eyes. "Get him to join us. If we had someone in the gestapo on outside, someone with access to their network, it could really be of great help."

She then rested her head on his shoulder, she seemed almost on the verge of tears. She whispered, "Wolf, don't go."

Wolf said, "if you order me not to go, I won't. But Royce could really help us, it is worth the risk. It is your decision Fox."

She then walked away from him then sighed. "Do you think Royce will join us?"

"Probably not," Wolf said, "he'll go out of his way to avoid trouble. But I have to try."

Lilia could not look at him. She told him, "then try Wolf. Just promise me you will come back."

"I promise Fox."

He then went to go out the door when Lilia noticed his holsters. "Won't you need your guns?"

As left he, Wolf said, "going into gestapo HQ with guns will be difficult."

She then muttered, "good luck."

Once he was gone, Lilia feared she would never see him again.

It was later in the morning in Royce's office on the top floor of the gestapo headquarters. His arms where folded across his chest as he looked solemnly out the window and the palace. His eyes seemed weary and he then lowered his head.

He said to himself, "OK Wolf. I gave you a few days. Now I have to tell Hill everything I know. Sorry pal."

Royce then went to towards his door when it opened and a young man with gray hair walked in, he was wearing the black uniform of the gestapo. Royce glanced at him and said, "you are lost."

The man said, "thought I would never see you again Royce."

Then Royce mouth went agape and a mumbled, "Wolf."

Wolf looked at Royce and asked, "why are you on the top floor already?"

Royce did not answer his question but said, "where the hell did you get the uniform?"

Wolf explained, "I killed a gestapo agent in sector zero and took the uniform. Someone downstairs told me you where up here."

Royce seemed angered. "Great, Wolf, just great. In the past week you have resorted to killing people. Just so you can be with some Russian dame."

Wolf then said, "I need your help Royce."

Royce went to walk past him but stated, "I'm going to my boss and telling him everything. You better run before more gestapo get here."

Royce opened door but before he could leave Wolf said, "you owe me Royce."

Royce then slammed the door shut and turned to face Wolf. He raised his voice and shouted, "I owe you nothing! If anyone here owes anything then you owe me! I have defended you all my life, now in the past days I have risked my life just to keep you and your woman safe! I'm not going to die for you Wolf!"

Wolf frowned. "Royce, please."

Royce then locked the door and looked at Wolf. Royce rolled up the sleeves of the uniform and raised his fist. He said firmly, "OK. Put your fists up Wolf."

Wolf backed away from him. "Royce, what are you doing?"

Royce started to approach him. "Because I'm about to kick your ass. Remember when we where around ten and got into the fight about that toy plane, I beat you into the ground then like I'm about to do now. You might be hard headed, but you know damn well I'm one of the few people who can trounce you."

Wolf then said, "OK, I guess we need to do this."

Then Royce punched Wolf in the face, Wolf stumbled back against the desk then Royce delivered an uppercut which sent Wolf tumbling over the desk knocking over the computer. Wolf now was laying on the floor on the other side, blood starting to drip from his nose. Royce then stood over him and said, "I'm just getting started."

Then Wolf kicked Royce in the shin and Royce started to stumble back. Wolf jumped to his feet and charged at Royce, they grappled about the office until Royce finally had Wolf in a headlock. Royce then started punching him in the head.

Royce yelled, "this is for your own good!"

Outside the office, a female gestapo secretary was passing by. She was in a black uniform that had a skirt and she looked at the door as the the sound of things crashing and men yelling came from the other side. She tried to open the door but found it locked and she said loudly, "Mr. Edmond, are you OK?"

She listened as the sounds continued for a few minutes and was about to get help when the noises stopped. It was followed by the sounds of two men laughing. She waited for several moments when the door opened and Royce stood in the doorway. He had a black eye but was grinning widely.

The secretary asked, "are you OK?"

Royce replied, "sure. Some other gestapo agent said he was tougher then me so we had to settle it. Get back to work and have a nice day mam."

Once the door was closed the secretary said as she walked away, "can we have one day here without machismo theatrics. I hate this job."

Inside the office, both Royce and Wolf sat on the floor as they nursed their wounds. They both smiled and where laughing.

Royce said, "I needed that."

Wolf asked, "so what are you going to do?"

Royce sighed loudly. "Guess I'll join the resistance. But I'm not going to die, I promise you that."

"Why the change of heart?"

Royce explained, "I remember why we are friends. Only guy I met who is almost as tough as me, almost. I can't let my foster brother get himself killed."

Wolf smiled and said, "guess you need a codename. How about Unlikely Mole."

Royce slowly got up but said, "sounds good. Wolf, there are some things I must tell you."

Wolf, still on the floor, asked, "like what?"

"They know about Bright Star, your leader."

Wolf said, "I haven't met her. Know anything else?"

"There is a traitor in your group, I don't know who. I'm to meet with them this weekend. Also there is something called Operation Rebirth, some plan the right has to stop a uprising but I don't know much."

Wolf asked, "can you find out more?"

Royce then replied, "if I can find Hill's clearance code, I can find out. Give me a few days. Now, you should go. We'll talk later."

Wolf got up and went to the door but said, "Royce, thanks. Thanks for everything."

"Wolf, just go."

Then they parted. Royce went to the window and looked at the palace and said, "growing old is overrated anyways."

It was later in the day in Lilia's apartment. She stood and looked at the door when it opened and Wolf walked in, still wearing the black uniform. She rushed to him and held him and she asked, "did you see Royce?"

Wolf replied, "he is now with us. He said there is a traitor in the resistance and that the Reich has some kind of plan to stop a uprising. He will find out more."

She then said, "Swift Rabbit will be here tomorrow. We'll tell him and see what he wants to do." Lilia then noticed the blood around the corner of Wolf's mouth. "What happened?"

Wolf told her, "me a Royce just settled things like we sometimes do. I need to sit down."

Then they both sat on the bed, in each others arms.


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