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A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it. View table of contents...


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Chapter Fourteen: Pay Back

The morning sun begin to cascade through the window above Lilia's bed. She was alone in the bed and deep asleep. Then she began to toss and turn for awhile then opened her eyes. She sat up in bed and looked around her apartment.

She called out, "Wolf."

She got out of the bed and began to limp about the apartment looking for him. But when she found that she was alone she began to grow worried then made her way to the front door. She opened the door, leaned out and looked about the hallway. When she saw the hall was empty she closed the door then turned and pressed her back against the door.

She lowly said, "Wolf, where are you?"

Mr. White's office on the top floor of farm tower eight in the agricultural district. Around noon his door opened and the bald, bespectacled doctor in the white lab coat entered holding a black medical bag walked in. Once the door was closed the doctor dropped the bag on Mr. White's desk and he looked at it.

The doctor said, "your reward is inside White."

Mr. White grinned then opened the bag. It was full of large domination bills and the manager began to deeply laugh. He said, "what a red letter day."

The doctor smiled. "As you know, the department of genetic health is payed generously for each citizen we correct. My department appreciates all the business you send our way."

Mr. White shrugged. "To be honest, I love doing it. Anyone in this tower who displeases me gets sent your way, anyone who really angers me gets fired so the gestapo can deal with them. There is this small runt on a lower level of the tower who I think needs to be corrected."

The doctor seemed agitated momentarily. "They still have not found Ford."

Mr. White laughed again. "He is a moron. The gestapo will find him and put him out of his misery."

The doctor then calmed down. "Yes. I'm sure they will."

Mr. White replied, "don't worry, we will never see them again."

Just then the door opened and a man walked in, wearing gray clothes and coat; his head was lowered and his identity concealed by a cap. The doctor and Mr. White looked at the stranger.

Mr. White barked, "get back to work or you will be unemployed."

The man removed the cap and both the doctor and Mr. White gasped.

The manager nervously said, "Ford."

It was Wolf. He looked blankly and the two off them when Mr. White went to hit the button of the intercom on his desk. As soon as he did Wolf pulled a silver pistol out from his coat and aim it and Mr. White. The manager raised his hands and seemed scared, the doctor back up against a wall and shook his head.

Mr. White, scared, said, "Wolf. They will kill you for this."

Wolf squinted his eyes and said, "They are going to kill me anyways. They can't kill me twice."

The manager pleaded, "don't, don't kill us."

Wolf then aimed the pistol and the doctor and pulled the trigger. The office was full of the thunderous sound of a gun shot and the doctor fell to his knees as blood pored from the wound in his stomach. Wolf approached the wounded man and pressed the mussel of the pistol to the doctor's forehead.

The doctor weakly said, "I'm was just doing my job. Don't fire."

Wolf flatly said, "I have the genes of an inferior. Do you expect me to know any better. Goodbye doctor."

Wolf pulled the trigger again and a spray of blood spewed out from a hole in his head and the doctor fell to the ground dead. Wolf then aimed the gun and Mr. White again and sighed.

Mr. White got up from his chair and backed up against the large window behind him. He said, "why are you doing this Ford? What do you hope to gain?"

Wolf frowned. "All I wanted was to do my job and be left alone. That is all. You could not even give me that. If you had just let me work here and left me in peace, well, I would not be here now."

Mr. White looked towards the bag on the desk. "Ford. That bag, there is a small fortune in it. Take it all. Just let me live."

Wolf went to the desk and picked up the bag with his free hand. He then looked harshly and the terrified manager, gun still aimed at him. Wolf said, "thanks."

"So you will let me live?"

Wolf then pulled the trigger and the window behind Mr. White shattered. The manager turned and looked at the fifty story fall behind him. He turned back to Wolf and excitedly said, "this tower needs me."

Wolf shrugged. "There are thousands waiting to take your place."

Wolf then walked around the desk, gun aimed, and stood before Mr. White. Wolf said, "you should have left me alone."

Mr. White screamed, "help me!"

Wolf then kicked the manager back and Mr. White fell through the window. Wolf stepped forward and watched as the obese man fell to his death. Wolf then frowned again and walked out the door as he put his cap back on, concealing his gun again.

As Wolf walked down a hallway; a short, diminutive man ran towards him. He was an older farm laborer Wolf had known by the name of Wally Denton. They stopped in front of each other.

Wally asked, "where those gunshots. What happened?"

Wolf replied, "Mr. White is dead, as well as another man. Check if you want."

Wally then looked at Wolf and gasped. "Ford. Please, don't kill me."

Wolf then opened the black bag he was holding and pulled out a large bill and stuffed it into the pocket on the chest of Wally's shirt.

Wally seemed confused. "What are you doing Ford?"

Wolf began to walk away but said, "when the gestapo gets here, tell them the killer said he was Lone Wolf."

Wally watched him leave and felt a brief pang of joy. Wally lowly said, "good, Mr. White deserved it. Thanks Wolf."

Lilia sat on her bed and looked out the window. Outside the sun was setting as night fell over Sector Zero. She had spent all day hoping the door would open and Wolf would walk in. As the hours passed, she only grew more worried. She then said, "don't do this to me Wolf."

There was an info screen outside Lilia's window. Though she could not see what was on it, she could hear the male voice speaking from it.

"Today, two men where killed in the agricultural. The suspect named himself as Lone Wolf who the gestapo suspects is Wolf Ford. If you see him, inform the gestapo immediately. Thank you."

Lilia then looked at the door and whispered, "Wolf, walk through that door right now. Please."

She watched the door for a few minutes. When it opened and Wolf walked in, holding a black bag in one hand and a shopping bag in the other, Lilia smiled. She got up from the bed, limped across the room and through her arms around Wolf.

She asked, "why did you kill those two men?"

Wolf then pulled away from her and went to a small table and placed both bags on it. He explained, "just settling a score. Thought I could use some experience at this sort of thing."

Lilia limped towards the table and checked the bags. She found the money and some supplies in the shopping bag, among which was men's hair dye for. Wolf then went into the bathroom, turned on the faucet of the sink and doused his face with water. He looked into the mirror as Lilia limped to the bathroom door and looked at him.

She asked, "where did you get the money?"

"Just a fortuitous coincidence."

Lilia was upset and raised her voice. "Wolf, never do that again. I spent all day afraid you would never come back."

He looked at her. "Sorry. I did not mean for you to worry Fox."

Lilia said, "you follow my orders, not go out and act on your own."

Wolf then approached her and looked deeply into her eyes. "It will be the last time."

She held him. "It is OK. Just do not do it again."

Wolf softly said, "I'm hungry, let us have dinner."

Then they pulled away from each other and spent awhile just looking into each others eyes.


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