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A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it. View table of contents...


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Chapter Thirteen: Training

Early the next morning in Lilia's apartment. Wolf had fallen asleep in the chair and was snoring, Lilia lay in her bed asleep as the morning sunlight began to shine through the window over the bed. After several moments she began to awake from her slumber. She sat up in bed and looked about the apartment, when she saw Wolf asleep she smiled. She slowly got up from her bed, her wounded leg still hurt but was getting better. She limped across the room and stood before Wolf, looking down at the sleeping man.

"Wolf, time to get up."

He then slowly opened his eyes and looked up at her. He groggily said, "morning Fox." He then yawned loudly.

Lilia limped towards the kitchenette and told him, "I'll make us breakfast."

Minutes later she was standing over a small stove and cooking. Wolf had gone into the bathroom, after he emerged he returned to sitting in the chair. Lilia looked up from the sizzling bacon then asked, "Wolf, can I ask you something?"

Wolf replied, "sure."

"Why did you not sleep in the bed last night. I would not have minded."

Wolf explained, "I thought you needed a good nights sleep; I did not want to disturb you."

She smiled at him. "Thank you, but you would not have bothered me."

He asked, "how is the leg?"

"Better," she said, "in a few days I should be able to get around more easily. OK, let us have some food."

Later in the morning. Wolf stood in the center of the apartment. He had removed in drab gray coat and now whore only his pants and undershirt. He was wearing his two shoulder holsters, the two pistols hanging on either side of his torso. Lilia was standing behind him. She hand a hand on his shoulder.

"OK," she said, "when I saw, pull out your guns as fast as you can and pull the triggers."

She had spent the past hour showing him how to reload and other basics of guns, he seemed to learn quick.

He then whipped out the guns with much speed and aimed them forwards, when he pulled the triggers there where two metallic clicks since the guns where empty. He then returned the guns to there holsters.

Lilia nodded and place her free hand on Wolf's other shoulder. "That was good. With two guns you'll have trouble reloading, but you'll do your best. Are you ready to use them?"

He nodded then turned to face her and looked into her blue eyes. "If that is your order then I really do not have a choice."

She then walked away from him and sat upon the bed again. Her large, silver revolver was on the bed beside her and she picked it up and looked at it. She seemed to be thinking about something.

Wolf asked, "something wrong Fox?"

She seemed saddened as she explained. "Just thinking about the first time I used this gun. After my parents where taken away, I went to the home on the KGB agent responsible to settle the score. It was a snowy night in Leningrad as I knocked on the door to his home. He opened the door and as soon as he did I shot him between the eyes."

He was looking at her. "How did you feel?"

"Well," she replied, "I thought it would have given me solace. But not really. In the following years though, I lot of soviet thugs would join him by my hand."

"Do you like killing Fox?"

She then seemed unable to look at him. "No Wolf, but it has to be done. The timid nature of most honest citizens these days just make our oppressors for bold. It has to be done but it gives me no pleasure. Are you ready to shoot Reich servants?"

He approached the bed and looked at her. "No, I do want to shoot anyone. But they are really not leaving me a choice. I'll do what ever it takes Fox."

She then coyly smiled and asked, "Wolf, sit on the bed with me for a moment."

He hesitated then sat beside him and rested her head on his shoulder. "Since I joined the resistance, even though I was around many others I always felt so alone. But now that you are here, I do not feel so alone anymore."

Wolf said, "I know how you feel Fox."

Lilia seemed sad again. "Long ago I accepted I would die a young woman, though death has no fear for me. I am glad you are with me Wolf, but I am afraid that I will get you killed. I do not want to see he die."

He put his hand on hers. "Fox, a week ago all I wanted was to live a long life as an anonymous laborer. Now, even if we die together tomorrow or the day after next, those few days are worth more to me then a long life alone."

She softly. "Wolf, I promise you will never alone again. We will always be together, till the end."

"Do you really mean that?"

"Yes. Should we parish next week or in forty years, that time we will always be together. Now, let us get back to training."

Night. Lilia and Wolf had spent the rest of the day training, she told him about explosives and munitions. He seemed to be a fast learner. Then as the sun set over Sector Zero, and the day of training was over.

Wolf lay face down on the bed with his shirt off and his back bare. Lilia was straddling his back and was holding a electric tattooing needle was was making an image on Wolf's back, as she had worked at this for the past two hours, they hardly spoke.

Wolf then broke the silence by asking, "what did you draw?"

Lilia turned off the needle and now looked down at the stylish image of a gray Wolf running down his back. She smiled and said, "that is a surprise."

Then they where silent as she looked down at him. Then she began to unbutton her gray blouse then through it to the floor. She then leaned down and began to kiss Wolf's back.

He said, "what are you doing Fox?"

"Wolf," she said, "I'm giving you a direct order to keep your mouth shut."

He then told her, "I don't think we should do this."

Lilia stopped kissing his back then got up from the bed and put her blouse back on. She walked across the room and her back was to him. He sat up in the bed and looked at her.

Lilia asked, "don't you want me Wolf?"

He got up, walked slowly up behind then put his arms around Lilia. He whispered, "I've wanted that since the first time we spoke, never thinking it could happen."

She sighed then asked, "then why don't we."

He replied, "because I want to wait for the right moment. We are in the middle of something serious Fox, our heads should be elsewhere. But I promise, when we finally are together; we will know it was meant to be then."

She then turned to face him and they held each other. Lilia said, "I then look forward to when it is right. Wolf, have you ever been with anyone?"

He shook his head. "No, never. But I'm glad that it will be with you. Fox, you are the only woman for me. I've always known that."

She slightly laughed. "You can be so sentimental. I'm tired, so let us go to bed."

Wolf said, "I'll sleep in the chair."

Then then pulled away from him but took his hand and took him to the bed. She lay down in it and looked up at him. "Please, I do not want to sleep alone. Just hold me till tomorrow."

He looked at Lilia then got into the bed with her and they began to embrace each other. They remained like that for awhile until they both finally fell asleep.


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