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A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it. View table of contents...


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Chapter Eleven: Wolf's First Day in the Resistance

It was around noon in Sector Zero. The gestapo was out in force as people filled the streets and traffic bustled in the streets. The black uniformed gestapo agents took no notice of a young man helping a limping woman towards the heart of Sector Zero.

Katsumi and Venomous Cobra where in Lilia's apartment. Katsumi was looking out and window as Cobra paced about the room.

Katsumi said, "where the hell is Fox?"

Cobra seemed distant but he said, "probably dead."

Katsumi looked at him and frowned. "You where with her last night. What happened?"

"I told you," Cobra replied, "I finished setting up the explosives and waited for her. She never showed up so I had to leave her."

Katsumi seemed angry and upset. "Our first action and already one of the cell leaders is dead."

Cobra shrugged. "Well, it is a good way to die. We'll go along fine without her."

Katsumi returned to looking out the window. "I liked her. Guess she is-"

Katsumi was interrupted when the door opened. He and Cobra watched in disbelief as Wolf helped the limping Lilia into the apartment. Wolf took her and helped her sit on the bed. Katsumi and Cobra where both looking at Wolf with suspicion.

Cobra demanded, "who the hell is he?"

Lilia explained. "Our newest member. His code name is Lone Wolf. He is under my command."

Katsumi looked Wolf then said, "can he be trusted Fox?"

She nodded. "Last night he saved my life by killing a thug of the gestapo. He was going to be sterilized the next day."

Katsumi then shook Wolf's hand. "Lone Wolf. I'm Swift Rabbit. You just saved a real asset to the resistance."

Wolf lowly said, "I did not have much of a choice."

Katsumi looked at Lilia and asked, "what happened last night Fox?"

Lilia looked at Cobra harshly as she explained. "I finished wiring the explosives when a palace guard found me. Cobra left me to die. I killed the guard but was also shot. I made my way to Lone Wolf's home and he helped me."

Wolf looked at Cobra and frowned. Wolf then walked up to him then punched Cobra in the stomach who then fell down winded. Katsumi grabbed Wolf's arm and said, "what are you doing?"

Wolf replied, "he deserves it."

Cobra looked up at Wolf and threatened, "you will regret that, I promise."

Lilia then ordered, "Wolf. Stand in the corner and stay silent."

Wolf then stood in the corner of the room and looked at the wall. Cobra got to his feet and Katsumi looked at him. Katsumi said, "Cobra. I should turn you in to the gestapo myself. I would to if we did not need you. Pull something like that again and I'll do it."

Cobra walked towards the front door. Before he left, he said, "I'll be at my apartment in Sector Zero if you need me. Sorry Fox." There was no conviction in the way he said sorry.

After Cobra left and slammed the door behind him, Katsumi when to the bed and looked down at Lilia. He said, "Wild Fox, you are a tough woman to kill."

Lilia replied, "I'm not dying before a lot of Reich thugs. So what are we to do next?"

Katsumi told her, "Bright Star wants us to wait and week before our next action. She wants the heat to die down a little. That will give you some time to heal. Stay home and nurse your wound. I'll have a member from my cell posted in your apartment for protection."

Lilia shook her head. "Lone Wolf will do that. It will give me some time to train him."

Katsumi looked at Wolf and seemed unsure. "He is new. Maybe you need some with more experience."

She shook her head and said, "he can do it. But he is going to need a weapon."

Wolf then turned around and looked at them. Katsumi shrugged then said, " Lone Wolf, come with me."

Before they both left, Wolf looked back at Lilia and said, "I'll be right back Fox."

They Katsumi and Wolf left the apartment. Once Lilia was alone she lay down in bed and closed her eyes.

A van was parked out Lilia's apartment. Over it was a blank info screen. As people walked past the vehicle, no one took much notice. In the back of the of the van Wolf and Katsumi where kneeling on the metallic floor. A large gym bag was between them.

Katsumi looked at Wolf and said, "Okay Lone Wolf, pick your poison."

Wolf replied, "I don't know what you mean Swift Rabbit?"

Katsumi grinned a opened the bag. Inside where a couple of automatic weapons

as well as many pistols. Wolf looked at the weapons for a moment.

Katsumi asked, "every used a gun before?"

"No, never."

Katsumi then said, "take one, Fox will show you how to use it. I wound recommend an automatic weapon."

Wolf then looked at the guns again. He then pulled out two silver automatic pistols, one in each hand.

Katsumi asked, "why two?"

Wolf looked at the guns then replied, "I've always been ambidextrous."

Katsumi grinned. "Okay Lone Wolf. I you ready to use them?"

Wolf seemed unsure. "Not really. But I will to protect Fox."

Katsumi then asked, "how do you know Fox anyways?"

"We used to be friends. Actually, she is the only friend I've ever really had."

Katsumi then looked towards the front of the van. "Lone Wolf, now I get it. Something tells me you and Fox and more then friends but that really does not concern me. Just follow her orders and keep her safe."

"I will Rabbit."

Katsumi asked Wolf, "every member of the resistance has a reason for joining. What is yours?"

"Simple," Wolf replied, "keep Fox alive. That is it. Why did you join Rabbit?"

Katsumi seemed saddened then crawled into the front of the van and sat in the driver seat while Wolf remained in the back. Katsumi put his hands on the driver's wheel and lowered his head as he explained.

"I was married once. That was before she was taken away by the Japanese equivalent of the gestapo. She had been found with a book that was illegal and subversive. I never knew what happened to her. Before that I believed in fascism completely. That is why I was not suspect. After, well, I founded the Asian resistance cell."

Wolf said, "sorry for you loss."

Katsumi sighed deeply. "I and her will be together someday. Wolf, take to two shoulder holsters. Hide your pistols beneath your coat. And be ready to use them if needed. Now I must be off. We'll meet in a few days."

A few minutes later. Now Wolf's guns where concealed and he stood outside the van's driver door. He looked at Katsumi through the open window and said, "I'll see you later Rabbit."

Katsumi looked at him. "Wolf, some advice. Keep Fox safe, but don't get to attached to her. We may all die on this one. Be ready for that."

Wolf looked away and said, "I'll try."

Suddenly the info screen above the van came on and now Wolf's picture was on it. A male voice spoke and said, "Wolf Ford is wanted for the murder of a gestapo agent. If you see him, tell the gestapo immediately. Thank you."

Once the info screen was blank Katsumi frowned and said, "lay low Wolf. I'll be going now." Before he drove off Katsumi looked briefly at Wolf. "I got a feeling about you. I think you are going to be a real help to the revolution."

Wolf turned to walk away but said, "I don't care about the revolution to be honest. I'm just here to make sure Fox is safe."

Katsumi then drove off as Wolf quickly went back into Lilia's building.

Wolf entered the apartment to find Lilia asleep in her bed. Wolf then sat in a chair across from the bed. He just spent the rest of the day silently watching her sleep.


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