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A speculative novella where Axis won in World War 2. But in 2012, a resistance faction has decided to overthrow the shackles of Axis. It is mostly a action love story. It is not finished. Any feed back about if it is any good would be appreciated. Forgive me I have not edited it. View table of contents...


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Chapter Ten: Royce's Investigation

Early the next morning in Royce's office. He sat at his desk and was going through the secret archives of the Gestapo was Hill had given him access. He had been at his desk all night reading information and he seemed tired. There was stubble on his chin as he read. He had heard the explosions and was told of what happened. But he just remained at his desk and worked.

He looked at the names of the countless secret files on his screen. Unsure where to start he just accessed one at random. The files name was The Final Solution to the Jewish Question. He had to idea what Jewish meant but was about to find out as he read. As he read the file be became shocked and somewhat disgusted.

The file recorded a history of a religion named Judaism which was a ancient faith. But once Adolf Hitler had taken power, he was determined to exterminate every member of this religion in Germany. They where all rounded up into camps and exterminated. Men, women and even children. After Axis had conquered the world, the rest of this faith where secretly killed. It was believed that no Jew was still alive. As he read, he learned the icon of this faith was a six pointed star called the Star of David.

Royce stopped reading and muttered, "Bright Star."

There was a knock at the door. Royce looked towards the door and said, "come in!"

The door open and Gestapo Head Mr. Hill walked in and seemed upset. He said, "Royce, we need to speak. It is urgent."

Hill sat in the chair in front of Royce and used a handkerchief to wiped the sweat from the brow. He then said, "I need to speak with you about your foster brother Wolf Ford."

There was a knot in Royce's stomach. "What about him?"

"Last night, we believed he killed a Gestapo agent. Ford was under house arrest when the Gestapo was alerted that his door was opened. The Gestapo agent who went to respond was found dead an hour later, no trace of this Wolf Ford. Know anything about this?"

Royce decided to lie. "We grew up together but I never really liked the guy. He had a head full of bad wiring and was a social outcast. Honestly, I always knew he would end up killing someone. Guess when you find him he will be put to death. Why was he under house arrest."

Hill told him, "A routine sterilization. Now, we are going to sterilize this Wolf Ford from this Earth. If you hear from him, tell me immediately. If he does and I find out you hid it. Then Royce Edmond, you will soon find yourself a lifeless corpse. Am I understood?"

Royce nodded. "Honestly. Wolf would be better of dead. Was never happy in life anyways."

"I like you Edmond. I feared you might have some misplaced loyalty to your foster brother."

Royce said, "the guy always gave me the chills."

Hill explained, "well, know we know this terrorist faction is here. They destroyed icons that the Reich as well as the Fuhrer worshiped. Actually, I have spent the past five hours in a conference with her."

Royce asked, "what did she say?"

Hill then grinned. "She has ordered that the Gestapo to capture every terrorist alive."

"Why alive. Should you not want them dead?"

Hill then let out a deep laugh. "They are going to wish that we would just kill them. Once we have them, they will spend the rest of their lives being brutally hurt on a daily basis. They are going to know long lives of pain and suffering. They will all regret there audacity to think they can make the Reich afraid."

"Seems extreme," Royce said.

Hill grinned. "There torment will be regularly displayed on every info screen in the Reich. Citizens must be made to be afraid of thinking they can possibly rise up. Trust me, in the coming of months; the Gestapo is going to shed an ocean of blood in New Berlin."

Royce said, "guess they deserve it."

Hill asked, "do you fear death Edmond?"

Royce leaned back in his chair. "I promise you, when I die, I'm going to be an old man in my bed surrounded by friends and family. I am not going to die anytime soon."

Hill nodded. "I like you answer Edmond. Now have you learned anything while going through the secret archives?"

Royce explained. "I think this Bright Star, she might be a Jewish woman."

Upon hearing this Hill grunted and slammed his fist down on Royce's desk. Spittle bellowed from his mouth as he spoke. "Those subhumans are all dead. The Reich removed their pathetic race from this planet."

"But," Royce said, "I saw Bright Star's picture when it was recorded from the info screen last night. That tattoo of a star, I think it is a Star of David."

Hill calmed down. "The Fuhrer suspected. But no wants to believe any of those wretches are left. If some are, then we will finally rid this planet of there blight."

Royce told him, "I'll try to learn more Mr. Hill."

Hill then smiled and reached into the pocket of his uniform and pulled out a badge, a silver iron cross. He dropped it on Royce's desk and said, "Edmond. Good work. You know are Fifth Level Gestapo. Tomorrow, you will be given a large office on the top floor. May I ask you something?"

Royce replied, "Sure Mr. Hill."

"Know that you have learned of the secret history of the the so called Final Solution, how does that make you feel?"

Royce could not look at him as he lied again. "During my life, I have met many people who I think should be killed before they can contaminate the world with their inferiority."

Hill began to cackle briefly. "I totally agree. Now I must go. Get back to work. See if you can learn Bright Star's real name."

"Of course sir."

Hill got up then silently left. Once the door was closed Royce picked up the silver badge and looked at it. He then found and through it towards a wall then it lay upon the ground. He was worried about being killed and about Wolf.

He muttered, "Wolf. I giving you a week. After that, I'll tell Hill about Lilia and her involvement. You might be my half brother, but I am not going to get myself killed to be you alive. Sorry, but the friend of Royce pass has its limits."

Royce then lowered his head and sigh. He whispered, "forgive me Wolf."


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