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A short paragraph of a work in progress.

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His body was lying on the damp ground, blood pouring out of a bullet hole in his chest. Peterson was knelt beside him, a dogtag in his hand. I walked towards them. ''I'm sorry. He was a good soldier''. Peterson looked up at me, anger and pain etched across his face. ''This is your fault!!'' he yelled. I looked my dead comrade lying a few feet away. ''I did what I had to do for the mission'' I explained. ''HE WAS MY FRIEND!!''. Petersons voice made me flinch. '' YOU HAD A CHOICE, YOU FUCKED IT UP AND NOW HE'S DEAD!''. He was on his feet now fists clenched, teeth gritted. ''This is war. People die.'' I knew what he was feeling. I wanted to find the bastards that did this and put a bullet in their heads. But training and experience had taught me not to let my emotions get in the way of the mission. '' I know you're angry but you need to control it and finish the mission''. ''FUCK YOU'' He shouted. '' He pulled out his pistol and aimed at me. ''The mission is over'', He claimed. ''We're a man down and heavily outnumbered''. I glared at him. ''Stand down soldier. Intel has information on enemy positions and air support is standing by. We finish the mission''. He wasnt convinced. ''You'll get us both killed. You're insane''. I stared him down refusing to give in. ''I SAID STAND DOWN SOLDIER!!''. He lowered the weapon, his eyes never leaving mine. '' Fine'' He said. '' We finish this. But after that we are done. I dont ever want to see you again''. I nodded. ''Done''. ''Now,Intel says theres an enemy camp a few miles north of here. We need to clear out the hostiles and collect any info we can on Yosaf''. He grunted. ''Lets just get this over with''. I grabbed the radio and clicked the button. ''Come in base. This is Sgt Wilkes''. The radio crackled then a mans voice answered.''Sgt Wilkes this is Base 1 what is your status?''. I looked at Peterson. '' We are currently at checkpoint Delta. Christoph is down. There was a pause on the other end. ''Shit. He was a good man''. I sighed. ''Yeah. We are low on ammunition. Requesting a supply drop''. Peterson was leaning against a wall of what was left of an abandoned house. ''Roger that Wilkes. Theres a chopper on the way. Sit tight''. The radio went quiet and the only sound left was Peterson's heavy breathing. Poor guy. This was only his fifth big assignment and already he'd been through hell and back. Something like that can break a man. I trudged over to him and patted him on the shoulder. ''You ok man?''. He looked at me and I knew how he was feeling. He had a look in his eye of a man who had lived through his worst nightmares and never quite recovered. ''Sometimes I wonder why I joined this shit''. His voice was rough. He turned his head to look at Christoph's body.


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