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The Evil Inside

Short story By: Ben Drake

The evil within is a very violent both sexually and graphically, and a creepy tale. I really enjoyed writing this one, the ideas just kept coming to me. I hope that doesn’t mean that I am a psycho. I draw inspiration from everything when I write. I was thinking about the Iron Maiden song (Fear of the dark) a lot when I was writing it. It's pretty intence. Please let me know what you think of this one. If you get the ending or not? Thanks for reading it.

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Written by, Ben Drake

The Evil inside

Part One

It is mid summer. Two guys are in a pick up truck driving down a busy city highway, there are strip clubs and a very large amount of bright illumination, even though the sun is starting to make it's appearance. They drive past a hooker and the passenger, Dave says "Their's one right there."

The driver Will looks around and says "We'll scope it out and then pick her up."

Dave in an agitated voice says "You pussy, always so careful."

Will, in a very fed-up tone says "I'm just looking out for the both of us. Do you want to go to jail?"

After a pause, Dave says "No."

"Ok we will drive by her and get her attention, then we will pull into that thrift shop's parking lot and wait for her to walk down to us."

She finally gets near there pick-up truck. She is a short strawberry blond lady, looking to be in her mid 30's, although she is not strikingly beautiful she is very nice looking, with a warm smile, and a presence about her that you wouldn't expect from a street woman. She walks up to there truck. Says, "Hi are you looking for a date?"

Will, taken a bit back from the magnetism that he seems to be picking up off of her, says "Sure, hop on in."

She walks around the back of the truck to the other side and opens up the passenger door. With a smile. She says "My name is Kattie. What can I do for you?"

Driving around to the back of the shop. Will says: "Well I was looking for a little half and half. My friend Dave here would like to get in there as well, so while your doing one of us at one end you would be doing the other at the other end. Does that sound ok with you?"

She looks a bit concerned. But money talks in this arena. Knowing this, Will quickly pulls out three hundred dollar bills.

As she quickly grabs it and then puts it in her bra, her thoughts immediately go to how much junk she can buy with this. She will not have to do any more work for the rest of the day, she can get juiced and then be happy. Forget her problems for a little while, of which she had plenty. Danny her pimp was her main problem now.

When she first met him a ways back he seemed like such a nice guy. Back then she was so alone with nothing and no one. She had run away because of some stupid argument with her mom and dad. All alone and broke, with a savvier hatred for her family, she sat down in a bus station and started crying, it was such a sad pitiful sight. Then Danny came from nowhere, he offered her a shoulder to cry on. He took her to a very nice restraint and let her eat what ever she wanted, she was so dammed hungry, the food tasted so good. Though she couldn't remember what the dish was that she had, it could have been a burger, and it would have been the best meal she had ever eaten. By the look in her eyes, he could tell how monumentally grateful she was.

Danny says "You're my girl now."

Just the way he said it made her feel so good. The feeling of being cared about, of belonging once again. She smiled at him with a look, the look that says I want you. He couldn't drive home fast enough, here was a very cute girl in her late teens, or very early twenties that was going to thank this man in every way possible. As they pulled up to his place, he said in a very charming way. "You will have to excuse the mess."

All ready at his door before he had even stopped the car, it seemed like. He was pretty sure that it wasn't going to be a problem. He wasn't lying about the mess, but she had other concerns on her mind. Running to the bed room in the dark they striped off there clothes, and she was giving him head, very good head. Her best friend had taught her how; she remembered Lisa teaching her how to do it with a banana at first. She was so surprised at how fast Kattie had caught on, how she seemed to so much enjoy it, giving great pleasure to Lisa's boyfriend while Lisa watched. Lisa just had to join in and to her surprise and delight, Katie was completely fulfilling the both of them. She just could not get enough. That was amazingly, how Katie lost her virginity.

The last decade had not been kind to Katie's once very good looks. She was still attractive but nothing compared to the days when she was living at home, with the worries of a High School Junior.

Taking all of her close off, revealing an extremely nice body that earned her lots of extra tips and return business, she starts giving Will a very good blow job. As Dave gets up behind her. Will says "My friend is going to get you from behind now." Dave gives him a very bad look. "OK" she says "but not to hard though all right, I want to have lots to give to Will."

As he eases inside her, she says "yeah that's it Dave" She licks Will all around the shaft to the tip and then continuing on to sucking him. She had been doing this for long enough to know when it's time for the other half, so taking Will's dick out of her mouth and stroking it she says "Ok, boys time to trade."

Giving no argument they quickly trade, as quick as could be done in that pick up truck. Will is inside her warm, soft, extremely wet vagina, taking great pleasure in the nice features and the simple thoughtfulness of this women.

Dave gives Will a look as though it's time. Yet Will is seeming to not want to do what he knows he must, not this time. But Dave knows how to play Will, how to pull all his strings, and get him to do what ever he wants him to do. Will knows that there is no fighting him, nor any use arguing. Dave is one of those guys who commands immediate and absolute obedience. So with a very heavy heart Will puts his hands around Katie's neck and begins to squeeze so hard that it seems like he snaps her neck before she starts to choke. Her death is pretty quick.

Dave is not very happy, "Were was the fucking fun in that?"

"Sorry I got carried away."

"You bet your ass you did. Next time, we enjoy the kill?"

Part Two

Driving down a dirt road, they come to a turn off that Dave points out to Will. "Right here, it is." Dave says, still pissed off at Will. "I used to go fishing all the time in this big pond that's a ways in there. Nobody is around, so we can put the body in a row boat that hopefully is still there, it's been a few years since I've been out here. And then go out to the middle of the pond and drop the body there.

Protesting Will says "But it's still light out. And what if this boat isn't there anymore?"

Dave replies in a sarcastic tone "Always the pessimist, God it must to suck to be such a big pussy."

Will tries to block his teasing out. This infuriates Dave, "You can't ignore me so don't even try. Were the fuck would you be with out me? HUH! Still taking endless abuse from everyone? Maybe I should have just let you pull that trigger and blow your fucking brains out!" Almost crying now, Dave shouts. "But no." still yelling in Will's face. "I killed all of those mother fuckers."

Obviously feeling very guilty, Will with tears in his eyes says, "I'm sorry brother I didn't mean it, I love you. You know this, I would be dead with out you. Or worse, still being pushed around by everyone and being laughed at."

Dave shouts "But I killed every last one of those ass holes because I love you, and don't you forget that!"

As they turn off and are driving along the barley noticeable, bumpy, over grown trail that circles around to the back of this heavily wooded pond. Wills thoughts are of his early days with Dave, just the two of them going hunting in the forest, if you could call it hunting. In the sport of hunting you are after a certain prey, in most cases sitting quietly for hours, awaiting the chance to strike. A better description for what they would do, would be killing haphazardly. Since then the boys had vastly enhanced there hunting skills and upped the anti of there prey. After awhile preferring bruit strength, and agility to any weapon that they could use.

Driving down this pathway that used to be used for hauling small fishing boats out to the old boat launch, Will is just hopping that they don't get stuck. Dave says "You have a lot to learn brother. A solution will always present itself." When they arrive at the launch, Will sees the boat which Dave was speaking of, up on the shore. Such a rusty old thing, he is pretty sure that it will not stay afloat. With some apprehension he asks "We are going out in that thing?" The fury in Daves face gives him his answer. As they are getting the dead hookers body, out of the bed of the truck. Dave lets Will carry the burden by him-self, just standing there pissed. Will try's to carry on with out Dave's help, but it is too much for him. Will breaking his pride asks Dave to help him. Dave, carrying the tarp that is going to be her coffin, and some bricks, and duct tape looking very upset and hurt, finally helps him carry the body as well. The burden of the wait seems to almost completely cease. Dave is so fucking strong! They get to the boat, as they threw her dead body into it she flops down inside the three man fishing boat on her back, and her lifeless legs end-up wide spread. Will knows what Dave is thinking before he even asks him with a jester "One last go, before we rap her up?"

Will looks very up set. But for some reason he just can not stop starring at her completely relaxed vagina, the beauty, the purity of it. "Man can't we show her a little decency."

"I intend to" Dave says, as he gets down on her. Will can no longer watch. Dave takes her ample breast in his mouth, as he then starts making love to this dead hooker, whose body is still quite flexible, rigomortas has only just started to set in. Meaning that she must have some how still managed to cling onto life for a while longer than they had believed. This thought helps bring Dave to a climax...

Rowing out to the middle of the huge pond, it would have been called a small lake if it wasn't for the fact that it was just a naturally dammed up River, but also spring fed. Dave says "For a hooker she was pretty dame tight", with some satisfaction.

Will, not knowing how to respond to this, having some difficulty with this entire situation just stares blankly at the clear blue water, thinking that he would like to jump in. Sinking down to the bottom and never coming back up, perhaps it may be wrong of them to kill these hookers that no one seems to care about, because at one time most likely someone did. Dave can see this in his eyes, "I'm sorry Will, I get carried away, you know this brother."

Will seeming to get tremendous energy from this apology, knowing that now he can carry on, and help Dave like he took a blood oath to do, says "It's ok, I love you brother."

They wrap the tarp, putting the bricks inside of it, around the dead hookers body, putting layers upon layers of duct tape around it, then they through it over board. It quickly sinks to the bottom of the deep pond. They had put so much tape around the tarp that the body will decompose long before the tape ever does. Will says "good by" to the dead hooker.

Now it's off to the next one

Part Three

And the next one is so much sooner than Will would have liked. As they are driving back down the same dirt road that they took the turn off to the pond , Will's thoughts are of getting back to the trailer which they share, with each other and several different hookers, paying some of them, and killing some. Most hookers would just be about getting you to do your business, getting the money as quick as possible so they could take it and go get there next fix. But some seemed to be the most down to earth people that you could ever meet. Will could talk about anything with a whore. Like a therapist they needed to see the money upfront though. Will had his fare share of therapist at his mom and dads request, or more so at there demand. He was told he was unhappy and unhealthy so he needed some help. On his way home from one of his sessions with a therapist, he meet Dave. And Dave like most of the hookers that he then later introduced Will to, honestly listened to him, and seemed to genuinely care, more so than somebody who was paid to be his friend. He didn't have anything against therapist in particular, if somebody feels like they have something to give, then why shouldn't they be able to make a living at it. But Dave did have a problem with therapist. If Will was having a problem he should talk about it with him, instead of a stand in. Dave would do anything for Will, and Will would do anything for Dave. That's just the way it was.

There was a young couple walking down the unpopulated dirt road, hand in hand. With out Dave even needing to say anything, Will was already making sure that the few houses in the area were set back far enough to not be able to see there faces' or to make out the vehicle, other then just a dark truck if they were even looking out there windows at this particular moment. Every thing checked out, so Will steps hard on the accelerator mowing both off them down. Dave claps in approval. "You're catching on, there may be hope for you yet." He says smiling.

Will just stares at the road.

Back at there trailer, after a quick carwash. Will collapses as soon as they get inside. Dave is kind of glade, he loves Will with a Brotherly love that has no equal. That therapist came to a bad end rather soon in that relationship, when Will mentioned to Dave the fact that he had suggested to Will that he might should take some time away from Dave.

Dave was on his own now, free to do what ever he wanted unburdened and un-tethered by Will's pedantic, goody -goody standpoint for a brief time. Thinking of all the possibilities, he knew that he was going to have to be quick with this time though, because Will would soon be awake, with his neediness that Dave both loved and loathed. Wanting to properly stalk an unsuspecting girl was of course out of the question, that would take far to much time. He needed to rape and kill fast, and he was in luck.

As he was passing by a school there she was, a cute little pre school girl in pig tails with a face as innocent as death it's self. With a smile his thoughts turn to every thing that he would normally do to her, if only he had more time. Dave loves the thrill of the hunt, the chase, but the instant that the victim realized that they are going to die is what he loves must of all, when they stop fighting and accept there fate.

As he mingles his way into the crowd, he lets her pass by him. And she gives him a cute little grin, as she happily skips along. This excites Dave to no end, so much so that he grabs her, right out in front of everyone, luckily for her there are plenty of people around, some moms and dads are there to pick up there kids. Immediate panic and Chaos erupts, some moms take hold of there's and anybody else's kids that they possibly can, a few are just frozen to the spot, but others and a bunch of dads give him chase. Most of them are not in there prime of life anymore, but not being so old that they couldn't all gang up on him and beat the crap out of Dave. Or more likely the case, be able to subdue him long enough for the authorities to arrive. That's saying that the law was halfway competent in this town, he knew he could not take that risk, today the doughnut shops might be closed.

His fun would have to be postponed for the immediate. Very much unsatisfied, Dave makes his get away. He leads them on a wild goose chase in circles. When he is satisfied that he has lost them. He makes his way on the long journey back to Will. Inside the trailer Will is still sleeping. Taking Wills hand in his, Dave falls asleep next to him.

Part Four

After five hours of much needed unbroken sleep Will awakes to find Dave nowhere, with a panic that you could not imagine he starts calling out to Dave. In the kitchen, looking for some food, he says "I'm right here buddy!" After a pause, he says "Man we need some food."

"You said it." Says Will, "I'm starving ." They had let the place go a little bit.

"OK we must go grocery shopping." Dave says. "But first things first, we need some money. Where's the money that we gave that hooker?"

By the look on Will's face, Dave knows that he forgot to get it off of her before they got rid of her. Will is waiting with clenched teeth for Dave's response.

When Dave says "oh well we'll just have to get some more money elsewhere."

Will, with a dropped jaw is literally speechless.

The two set out. Will asks how they are going to get some money. Thinking for awhile Dave finally responds that they don't have the energy or the time to hunt somebody down and beat them to death and take there wallet or there purse.

"No this calls for a much more subtle approach."

With the convenience of Automatic teller machines now-a-days being every where. This means that atms' were sometimes in secluded locations and Dave knew just the place. They arrived at the convenience/gas station that was about ten miles from there trailer. As they get out, Dave says to Will "fill her up."

Will still not knowing were they were going to get the money, does as he is told and puts gas in the truck leaving the nozzle on auto set to stop when the tank is full. He then quickly caches up with Dave. And just there luck, there was a little old lady by her self having some difficulty with the machine. Being the upstanding gentlemen that they are, they offer her some help. Confused, she tells them her personal identification number. Will takes out how much she says she needs, plus five hundred dollars for the two of them. She thanked him for being such a nice boy. Then she slowly walks back in the direction of the old folks home that is in the nearby distance. "Happy, will? Now we go inside and get some food." Says Dave.

"Sounds good to me".

Inside the shop, they are like kids in a candy store. Everything looked so good, they bought some microwave sandwiches first thing. Taking them from the cash counter, the casher an older lady was giving them a very un-approving look. But they didn't care they were too focused on getting the sandwiches in the microwave and eating them as quickly as possible. Will could feel the difference in his body right away, he was so hungry that he felt the replenishing nutrients of the sandwich, plus the sugar rush of the candy bars that they had also bought. He felt his blood moving faster, getting warmer, and he also felt his body making more blood, he felt the same way as a weight lifter would feel after a great work out, or how someone who was getting chocked would feel as the attacker broke there grip and allowed the blood to rush back to the victims head, with tingling hair he felt him self getting physically stronger. Dave, who had already eaten his candy bar, is just staring at him, "You going to make love to that sandwich?" He asks.

Will a bit embarrassed quickly eats the rest of the sandwich.

"Now lets do what we intended and get some groceries."

Will grabs a hand basket, and says "you through I catch." They get two loves of bread, five different boxes of Cereal, two gallons of milk, several long life milk cartons, many different candy bars, five (two packs of soap), and a few bottles of shampoo, some underarm deodorant, mouthwash and toilet paper. At the check out, the casher running the items through the scanner is still giving them the same disapproving look. Will looking at Dave, grabbing the hand basket, as Dave with the ferocity of a lion is already over the counter. He hits her so hard in the chest that she goes into cardiac arrest. Collecting all of the items as they put them in the shopping bags, Dave says "Sorry Will, I tried."

"It's ok brother, what should we do now?"

"Now we get these groceries back before the milk spoils." The brothers casually walk out of the convenience store. Leaving the women to die. Outside they make sure that there tank is full, and then drive off.

Back at the trailer, there is a short man in a suit.

"Oh this doesn't look good." Dave says. As they park the truck in there space. Getting out, the man is right there on them with a piece of paper in his hand. "I have a notice of back rent owed here." Says the man. "You are two months behind on your rent."

"Two months?" Will asks trying to remember when they last paid the rent.

The man says "you owe four hundred and ninety two dollars in back rent and fees."

Dave says "Ask him for some identification and then pay the man, Will."

Showing them his collections badge, he says "you have one week to pay or we will start proceedings."

"Well we don't want that, what we do want is a receipt." He holds up the five hundred dollars that they got from the old lady's account.

In a surprised and delighted voice, "Right away!" says the collection man, "I really hate this job, but with people like you, it makes it bearable." He gives them there receipt in exchange for the money. Then he happily walks off. Dave says to will as they watch him leaving, "We have to start being more responsible, and not let this happen again." As they take the shopping into the trailer.

After they have showered, and are looking much more presentable. Dave announces that the place is a dump, and they need to do something about it. "Will says I'll start in the bathroom, if you start on the kitchen."

Dave gives Will a fed up look. "Brother, have I taught you nothing?"

On the road again, Will says to Dave, "Is this idea really going to work."

"Of course." Says Dave. "But I might have to hide in this back compartment ." There truck was an extended cab.

"Why's that?" Will asks, in a curios tone. That shower and food really had a profound impact on his mind-set, his entire outlook on things was getting better.

"Because we want to make this odd request seem as genuine as possible",

"But dude, hookers will do anything for money."

"We may just get one who isn't blitzed yet, and may be thinking with a halve way clear mind. So then she goes back and tells her pimp, he gets involved, and we have to kill him. Then we spend the rest of the night dealing with that and are trailer doesn't get cleaned and we don't get any pussy or a nice easy kill. I don't know about you, but I could handle some of both!"

Part Five

As that day is approaching twilight. There is a drug dealer selling on a street corner, in that same city that they picked up there last hooker from, which just so happens to be next to the town that they live in. This is a big guy with a very broad chest, wearing a nice, dark cardigan with a picture of an eagle in flight with it's enormous wings spread, White trousers, a very big gold medallion around his neck, even a gold tooth. Everything about this man seems to scream drug dealer. Will asks "Should we kill him?"

"No." Dave says. "We'll get his go to."

They went over the plan, and different variations of it depending on circumstances, for hours and hours it seemed to Will. After the dealer had made several more sales they finally get out and stealth-fully pursue the drug dealer to his pay man, who is waiting just behind a small convenience store, that another drop off was just leaving. This guy made that first one seem small. After a few more drops of money Dave says, "Ok now is the time, soon he will be looking to dump that much cash him self." As they very quickly climb up onto the small store's ruff top. Taking one last look to make sure no one else is around. They jump down, Will's boots landing directly on the guys head. They both do a drop and roll just like a parachute jumper, who is trained in hard landings would do. There prey is having spasms all along the ground. With out delay they drag the body, disappearing as quickly and as quietly as they appeared back into the darker shadows. Hastily snapping his neck, emptying his pockets they get three thousand dollars off of him.

With money in there pocket's they walk back to the truck. "Now we get a hooker." Says Dave to Will, with a smile, as he holds up a bag with crack rocks in it that he relived there last kill of. If a hooker will do anything to you for money. They will do anything for you for drugs.

They soon find a good candidate for the job; she looks to be in her mid thirties. This one is not ugly, but the last one was much hotter, Will thinks out loud to him self as they are driving up next to her. He asks her, "Would you like to go back to my place and burn?" Taking an abrupt turn, she gets into the truck. First thing she says is "You have crack?"

Will says "I sure do. Would you like a hit?" Taking out a pipe that she always has on her, she puts a rock from the bag that Will is holding, into her pipe and lights up.

"I'll take that as a yes." He says.

"Baby I'm gonna make you feel so good." She says as she un-zips Wills paints. Taking his dick out and putting it in her mouth, putting it back and then zipping him back up. In her rush to get high, she didn't take any notice of Dave who was crouching in the back seating compartment that was primarily used for storage. That last hooker that they had gave much better head than this one. In the relatively short drive back to the trailer she lit up a few more times, and then went to light up again. Will says "Before we get to high" although neither of the boys ever touched any thing other than the occasional beer. They didn't like drugs. "I have a proposition for you, if you would give our trailer a very good cleaning, you can have this entire bag of crack." Her eyes light up so brightly.

She cleans that trailer so magnificently that Will is already regretting the fact that they are going to kill her, messing up this pristine looking job that she has done. As they are having sex with her, the boys start getting a bit too rough with her. She says "Slow down!" With a very strong authority in her tone. It had been awhile since she last lit up so she wasn't completely numb, Dave enjoyed this thought. This bitch was in for something special. Pulling her up by her hair Will bangs her face onto the kitchen taps that were close by in this space saving trailer just hard enough to get her attention. Her being a whore, this was not totally uncommon, men would often like to act out some pretty bizarre things. Will trying to be carful to make sure that the hits to her face were not extremely hard, as much as he could and not bang her head so she was to stay conscious for as long as possible. Dave with a tremendous erection is just trying to hold on ramming him self and large kitchen fork into her pussy. It doesn't take her long to figure out that this is not roll play. She starts to panic, getting away from the boys, or the boys letting her feel as if she can escape for a moment. Dave says to Will "We had better kill her pretty quick, before this trailer gets messed up again."

Will says to him "Yeah my thoughts exactly."

With a look of pure horror on her face, realizing the predicament that she has gotten her self into, she cry's "Oh no, your fucking crazy!" She probably wishes that she would have chosen the last words that she would ever say a bit better.

As Will takes her neck in his hands and slowly starts to squeeze. She is still fighting, Dave is just staring into her eyes, awaiting that special moment. Both of the boys find this a very satisfying kill. After she stops fighting, and dies, Dave says with a huge smile of satisfaction. "And we didn't even mess this place up very bad."

Late that night the boys, after eating a very nice meal at a spectacular 24 hour diner. Arrive at the metal foundry that, thanks to endless cutbacks had no security or if they did it was a joke. With there package that was wrapped up in yet another tarp, the same way as the last one. They drive right into the main entrance. "Well these indigent times are good for one thing." Dave says smiling. With it being a foundry, it had plenty of wide open, very large entrances for venting. Driving around to the back of this huge building, pulling up to one of these vents, and then taking there package to one of the incinerators. Will wondered how blazing the fires had to be to get so metal melting hot. Walking up a wide catwalk that seamed to endlessly circle around this huge one hundred foot high cylinder burner. Will says "Man next time we have to get a lighter whore." Dave, impressed with the transformation that Will seams to be undertaking from a weak victim to a strong marauder. Says "There may be hope for you yet. No one is going to push my little brother around anymore." As they open the main vent on the huge burner and then through the body in. A group of late workers probably three or so, just getting off there break, Call out "Hey! Stop that! What are you doing up there?"

Dave says "we need to get out of here." Running down the long catwalk to the bottom were the workers were, Will with the momentum that he gained in the run down just pushes right through the few workers who were there, all this commotion attracts more workers to them. But the boys are running so fast that there is not much chance of anything getting in there way. Sprinting to the exit and making it to the truck there is plenty of people who see them and the pickup. Calling the police on there cell phones, they give a pretty good description of his truck as it all seamed to happen so fast in that dark foundry that they couldn't give a good physical description. But the video camera in that convenience store drew a close enough likeness to Will, even from the very bad description that the workers gave. With this new information the police are even more motivated to find him then they already were, with Wills therapist, his mom and dad , and the cashier all murdered, and a string of missing hookers. Pealing out in the parking lot the boys speed towards the exit

Part Six

Will and Dave are on the run, and they pull into a small house's driveway. Will, with the intention of killing the owner, knocks on the door. After awhile an older gentleman with a friendly looking face answers the door. "Can I help you?"

Will looking very tired and very out of breath asks if they can come in. The old man looks kind of concerned, but being a sucker for anyone in need, he allows them in. Will quickly introduces him self and Dave to the old man, who is wearing a very typical old man looking sweater. Will is taken aback by the smells and the sights of the warm house it all seems to be very familiar. An older woman comes into the living room. "Ted is everything ok?"

Ted says "of course. Would either of you boys like anything to drink?"

Will says "A cup of coffee would be great."

Jane says, "Sure thing, I'll be in the kitchen."

Ted asks Will what brings him out here at this time of night Will taking an automatic trust to the man tells him how people are chasing them.

The old man asks "Why?"

Will not wanting Dave to get any more upset than he already is, tells the man that he can not really talk about it. Not wanting to pry the old man says "ok". They sit in awkward silence for awhile. Suddenly Dave is almost frantic about them leaving right now. Will seeing the urgency in his face knows that there is no arguing, actually he is kind of glad that Dave is not going to make him kill these nice people. Will stands up and says "I'm sorry but we must go now!"

Jane comes back into the room with Wills coffee.

Dave gives her an evil look. "Will now we must go!"

Jane says, in a very concerned voice "Were are you off to in such a hurry, You haven't had your coffee?"

Dave says "I've had enough of this." He goes to take care of her. Ted attacks Will who is in the way. Ted is abnormally strong for someone of his age, it's almost like he wants Dave to kill his wife, with the ferocity of which he seems to be fighting Will.

"Not me. Get him?" Will says.

Dave soon comes back to lend Will a hand, of which Will is both grateful, and heart broken, he knows that Dave is not going to stop until the old man is dead. And of course he is right. But as soon as he kills him he oddly doesn't go for Jane. He franticly screams to Will "We have to get out of here Will. Now, please?" Will is already running for the door. Out side they can here the faintest of sirens. They both fly into the pick up truck.

Part Seven

Will, not understanding what just happened, is screaming at Dave, while they are doing about 80 miles per hour down an old dirt road. "Why the fuck did you do that? You asshole, I hate you!"

"She was calling the police Will they want to break us up, I need no other reason than that" came back Dave's reply. "On the news on there TV in there kitchen was a recording of us in that convenience store. Will just started to break down. "You're fucked up, you bastard!"

Will stops' the truck because he can no longer contain him self as he is sobbing uncontrollably. Dave takes Wills hand in his, and rubes it gently "I love you Brother, till the end of time."

"I love you to Brother" came back Will's reply, "I think are end is coming soon."

"Yes" says Dave.

The police are upon them totally surrounding them with shotguns and pistols trained on them. In total there are about 40 guns pointed at them. The two brothers holding hands just sit there and wait for the police to move in. Which they do in a very organized pattern As the police all get to with in touching distance of the truck. One of the officers says get out of the vehicle and get on the ground with your hands behind your head.

"Here we go" Says Will, as he gives Dave one last look. To see no one there.


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