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The Young and the Reckless

Novel By: XMyXsafestXhavenX

Annastasia Milan has it made. She lives in a beautiful seaside pad, she goes to a high privledged private school named De' Anin Honor Academy. Shes head over heels in love with her blind best friend Arrian Amar Tyran and Arrian is anything but easy to deal with. But around every corner and between everyones sheets there is a dirty little secret and there is one secret that is most shocking of all and fatal. And thats the one secret that could change Anna's life for good. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 3, 2010    Reads: 1,187    Comments: 3    Likes: 6   

"The Lincoln Assasination was...................." Mr. Cahill ranted. And i swear i didnt hear a damn thing he said. My thumbs were too busy tinkering away at my keypad. I was texting the forieghn blond boy three seats infront of me. A mear ten meters to say the least. But it wasnt like i could just say what i had to say to him out loud. Well not unless i wanted four weeks worth of detention. I quickly hit send. A text message explaining to him why he couldnt meet me at my pad tonight. I had a date. Well i wish it were. I was meeting my friend Arrian. And to tell you the truth: I loved Arrian. Arrian was my best friend. He was tall and bronzed toned. His hair was like a field of gold and his smile................. Oh god his smile. Arrian had a blinding bleach white smile that mademe go weak in the knees. But out his obvious perfection, there was one thing that kept my love for him from being tottaly superficial; Arrian Amar Tyran was blind. He couldnt see a wink. Hebasedeverything on the soundof my voice and his own intuition.And Arrian was no dummy. He was smart. Athletic. And not to mention beautiful. and i wanted him with every breath of air in my body. Scratch that. I havent the lungs for the amount of my lust or him.

The bell rang and i made my departure. Chase waited outside the door, and i knew good and well he was entitled to an explanation.

"Hey..." Chase Foward motioned for me as i hesitated near Meena crawfords desk. In spite of myself, I stepped forward.

"Hey.." I responded with a sorry excuse for a smile on my lips. "I have something i need to do tonight, really." I tried to convince him. And i was failing horribly. He rolled his gorgeous blue eyes at me.

"Yea, whatever anna." He began to walk away. I watched the back of his lemon blond head casually stride down the huge arched cieling hallway. I thought to run after him but an Alpha didnt run. And thats what i was. The Alpha. I was number one. Or at least thats what i was told. I learned early in life that if i had the approval of all the men then that was all that was needed. Cause every knows that high school revolved around boys and whos man was who. And if you dont get what im saying, then ladies, Try to picture your school without boys or your job or the world. And guys, try to picture a tv show where there are no women. And wwe does not count. (or ufc ultimate fighter) exactly my point? Why the hell does anything matter? Unless your gay, and thats fine all the same. But i use my power over these brain dead boys and envy stricken girls to my own advantage. im not vain, i juyst see the bigger picture. because in a few years after college, who the hell will care who was who in high school? I sashayed my way down the hand crafted hallways to another side of the school. A more special side of the school. Large arch ways were cut out of the old stone walls revealing the beautiful Greenery about 4 stories down. People in this hallway had to be very careful. Because the wrong stumble or trip could send you falling floor after floor to you death. This school was like a castle. there was no such thing as saftey.you make the mistake of trying to skate board in the hall and accidently ollie to you death its all your fault. If the school board were anymore superficial, they'd might even say it should of been a privlidge for you to die at such a historic and pricey school. yea. here, things just suck.

I made it to a large oak door streching high above my head and pulled it open by its midevil times type knocker. Mr. Trenton was deep into his Stephen King novel and hadnt noticed my entrance. Several students in the front of the class sat reading different books in braille. other practiced several instruments. Pianos, guitars and my favorite: the Violin. And there he was. Arrian Amar Tyran sat on the edge of a fluffy white chair, playing his violin. I quickly navigated through the rows of desks toward the back of the room. I placed a hand on Arrian, causing him to jump.

"Its me, anna." I quickly reasured him.

"Oh, hey Anna. Your not supposed to be here, its your lunch hour." He put his violin away. he patted his lap for me to sit. I made myself comefortable in his lap. We had a strange relationship, and trust me, it was not the good kind. I wanted Arrian With the lust of a thousand men in hell but he had no interest in me at all. Not a lick. He didnt even know how much i loved him. Arrian only saw me as a sister. Not good at all. I wanted Arrian so bad. My lips thirst for his. I dreamt about him. I wanted so badly for me to be the one who consouled him at night. My lust for him opened up a hole in me that no man could possibly begin to fill. They lacked his beauty.

"I came to kidnap you." I giggled.

"No Anna, i never got to finish that test last week and im already in the hole." He said. His pastel pink lips poking out just the slightest bit. My heart instantly melted. He unknowingly rested a hand on the upper region of my thiegh. I shivered at the close vicinity of it all.

"Yea, it is a bit cold in here," He murmured, misinterperating my shiver. He was starring aimlessly about the class. If he only knew. His hand began to caress my leg. I silently thanked god for having gotten a fresh wax just days earlier.

"This is smooth, what am i-" He quickly pulled his hand back, having realized what he was touching. I held back a laugh. It was just hillarious how adorible i found him.

"God, Anna, tell me your wearing pants." He tensed under me. His hand hovered over my thieigh clearly contemplating whether to check and see if i was wearing any type of bottoms at all.

"Anna, just bacause this part of the school is blind doesnt mean you can just-"

"Im wearing a skirt you perv." I laughed at his overeaction. He untensed and decided better to rest his hand at his side.

"So are you coming over tonight or what? I bought your favorite CDs. Avenge sevenfold And slipknot." I bragged for having being preparred just for the occasion. He ran a nervous hand through his silk blond messy hair. It was strange how messy his hair could be, yet it still fell right back into place. And blonds wer'nt usually my type but in his case, id make an exception.

"Um i cant....................." He tried to make up an excuse. I didnt wait for his excuse. I simply got up and left.

'Anna?" I heard him call after me but i didnt give a fuck. Always an excuse not to be alone with me. Well screw him.

I began a text message as i made my way to lunch with out a single glance backward.

The text message read: Meet me after school(bring the condoms)

I pressed send. In a matter of seconds, Chase Forward would be recieving my message.


I looked at myself one final time in my full-body vanity mirror hanging on the back of my bathroom door. i had one motive: forget Arrian. I didnt wanna think about him at all. I didnt want to remember his shiny gold hair or his heart stopping smile. i only wanted to think about Chase Forward and the image of his adonis type body laying comfortably on my pink comforter. I had threw on my typical victoria secret lace boy shorts and a mathcing bra. my hair dangled loosely from a loose pony tail. make no mistake, i was no brunette. I had a strange grade of hair actually. My hair was a light brown. annoyingly curly, and naturally too long for my taste. I got many complements on it but i think there just being nice. i took one final deep breath and stepped out.

As i walked into the room, Chases head shot up. Amazment crawled upon his face. I couldnt help but let out a shy smile in response.

"Woah, you look amazing...." He stuttered. I suddenly realized it. Chase wasn't the stud he wanted everyone to think. He was a cute boy trying to be what society wanted him to be. He was sitting on my bed, nervously twiddling his fingers in his lap. He was wearing a clean polo and a regular pair of Levi's. He looked so...so....not ready. He was probably pushed to do this by one of his friends. But my mind didnt ponder on this. i was lost in the field of gold the sat atop his beautiful head. New images crept into my head. Images of Arrian. Him and his beautiful smile. Or him and his hands sliding a bow skillfully across the strings of a voilin. I felt sick. Sick with myself. Chase was not the boy i wanted. Him and his a blue eyes were nothing in comparason with Arrian. I felt an extreme wave of dissapointment and regret flush through me.

"Is something wrong?" Chase asked standing now. His arms extended slightly toward me. I must have looked a little sick.

"No,no....Im fine." I quickly reasured him. There was an anxious look on his face.

"You know, we dont have to do anything if you dont want," he said, mostly for his own sake.

"No, really, its ok" I walked into his arms. I pressed my lips to his without a second thought. There was no time to think. Only time to feel.

To be contiued...........


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