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The evil inside *

Novel By: Ben Drake

With great deliberation I have added erotica to the tags of this story. I find nothing erotic about rape, but there are parts of this story that are erotic.

I have decided to add to this story. It's very violent and sexually graphic. It is not until chapter 5 that I have added anything to the origanal story; part 9 of that chapter is new. Chapter 5 is a continuation of the origanal short story. View table of contents...


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Written by, Ben Drake

The Evil inside

Part One

It is mid summer. Two guys are in a pick up truck driving down a busy city highway, there are strip clubs and a very large amount of bright illumination, even though the sun is starting to make it's appearance. They drive past a hooker and the passenger, Dave says "Their's one right there."

The driver Will looks around and says "We'll scope it out and then pick her up."

Dave in an agitated voice says "You pussy, always so careful."

Will, in a very fed-up tone says "I'm just looking out for the both of us. Do you want to go to jail?"

After a pause, Dave says "No."

"Ok we will drive by her and get her attention, then we will pull into that thrift shop's parking lot and wait for her to walk down to us."

She finally gets near there pick-up truck. She is a short strawberry blond lady, looking to be in her mid 30's, although she is not strikingly beautiful she is very nice looking, with a warm smile, and a presence about her that you wouldn't expect from a street woman. She walks up to there truck. Says, "Hi are you looking for a date?"

Will, taken a bit back from the magnetism that he seems to be picking up off of her, says "Sure, hop on in."

She walks around the back of the truck to the other side and opens up the passenger door. With a smile. She says "My name is Kattie. What can I do for you?"

Driving around to the back of the shop. Will says: "Well I was looking for a little half and half. My friend Dave here would like to get in there as well, so while your doing one of us at one end you would be doing the other at the other end. Does that sound ok with you?"

She looks a bit concerned. But money talks in this arena. Knowing this, Will quickly pulls out three hundred dollar bills.

As she quickly grabs it and then puts it in her bra, her thoughts immediately go to how much junk she can buy with this. She will not have to do any more work for the rest of the day, she can get juiced and then be happy. Forget her problems for a little while, of which she had plenty. Danny her pimp was her main problem now.

When she first met him a ways back he seemed like such a nice guy. Back then she was so alone with nothing and no one. She had run away because of some stupid argument with her mom and dad. All alone and broke, with a savvier hatred for her family, she sat down in a bus station and started crying, it was such a sad pitiful sight. Then Danny came from nowhere, he offered her a shoulder to cry on. He took her to a very nice restraint and let her eat what ever she wanted, she was so dammed hungry, the food tasted so good. Though she couldn't remember what the dish was that she had, it could have been a burger, and it would have been the best meal she had ever eaten. By the look in her eyes, he could tell how monumentally grateful she was.

Danny says "You're my girl now."

Just the way he said it made her feel so good. The feeling of being cared about, of belonging once again. She smiled at him with a look, the look that says I want you. He couldn't drive home fast enough, here was a very cute girl in her late teens, or very early twenties that was going to thank this man in every way possible. As they pulled up to his place, he said in a very charming way. "You will have to excuse the mess."

All ready at his door before he had even stopped the car, it seemed like. He was pretty sure that it wasn't going to be a problem. He wasn't lying about the mess, but she had other concerns on her mind. Running to the bed room in the dark they striped off there clothes, and she was giving him head, very good head. Her best friend had taught her how; she remembered Lisa teaching her how to do it with a banana at first. She was so surprised at how fast Kattie had caught on, how she seemed to so much enjoy it, giving great pleasure to Lisa's boyfriend while Lisa watched. Lisa just had to join in and to her surprise and delight, Katie was completely fulfilling the both of them. She just could not get enough. That was amazingly, how Katie lost her virginity.

The last decade had not been kind to Katie's once very good looks. She was still attractive but nothing compared to the days when she was living at home, with the worries of a High School Junior.

Taking all of her close off, revealing an extremely nice body that earned her lots of extra tips and return business, she starts giving Will a very good blow job. As Dave gets up behind her. Will says "My friend is going to get you from behind now." Dave gives him a very bad look. "OK" she says "but not to hard though all right, I want to have lots to give to Will."

As he eases inside her, she says "yeah that's it Dave" She licks Will all around the shaft to the tip and then continuing on to sucking him. She had been doing this for long enough to know when it's time for the other half, so taking Will's dick out of her mouth and stroking it she says "Ok, boys time to trade."

Giving no argument they quickly trade, as quick as could be done in that pick up truck. Will is inside her warm, soft, extremely wet vagina, taking great pleasure in the nice features and the simple thoughtfulness of this women.

Dave gives Will a look as though it's time. Yet Will is seeming to not want to do what he knows he must, not this time. But Dave knows how to play Will, how to pull all his strings, and get him to do what ever he wants him to do. Will knows that there is no fighting him, nor any use arguing. Dave is one of those guys who commands immediate and absolute obedience. So with a very heavy heart Will puts his hands around Katie's neck and begins to squeeze so hard that it seems like he snaps her neck before she starts to choke. Her death is pretty quick.

Dave is not very happy, "Were was the fucking fun in that?"

"Sorry I got carried away."

"You bet your ass you did. Next time, we enjoy the kill?"


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