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Defense Against Demons part one (2 of 2)

Miscellaneous By: Jeffrey John Hersh

the conclusion of my first story in the Defense Against Demons series.

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Callao said, rushing over towards the Priest to knock him out once again.
"Well, please shut him up." Veronika said, "I'm THIS close to breaking him. Anyway, I don't need your little combination. I've got Girl Power on my side…wow that was such a lame line. Please forget I said that." Callao, now sure that he had knocked out the priest, smiled.
"It is already gone out of my brain, my liege."
"Good. Now then…back to work." Veronika then kicked the heavy steel door with her foot and sent it flying into the room behind it. She smiled when she saw the unconscious Illyra in some sort of pod you only see in space movies. She walked over to the pod and smashed it open with her fist. Illyra shot out of the broken pod like money flying out of a slot machine. Her eyes fluttered open immediately. She stood up and looked at her surroundings.
"Where am I? I demand to know!" She cried. Veronika suddenly got tense. What if Illyra didn't remember the spell they needed?
"Illyra, my baby, it is so good to finally see you again! We have a lot of catching up to do!" Veronika said with a sincere grin on her face. Illyra turned to face her.
"Veronika," she said quietly, "Where are we? Why am I coated in glass? And why is the Arachnid still alive?" Veronika was taken aback by Illyra's demanding nature.
"Hey, cool it, Smurf. I just freed you from your prison. You should be thankful!" This seemed to calm Illyra down. She then kept looking at Callao.
"Alright, but still, why is this arachnid still with us? I thought you only wanted to keep him as a pet!" she asked.
"Pet?!?" Callao cried, upset by the statement.
Veronika quickly explained, "Callao took your place after you were taken away by The Man." She said. Illyra walked around Callao, examining all of his features.
"You have replaced me with an overgrown arachnid that smells of failure and rancid cow meat," She said disappointedly, "It would almost be insulting if I knew that you had fantastic judgment." Illyra said. Veronika then rubbed her hands together.
"Alright, time to get to business! I need you to perform that Eradication spell that you taught yourself oh so well so we can get this world back on the right track!" She said excitedly.
Illyra then grinned, "The spell….of course. We need a closed space, the blood of an innocent, and a goat skull."
"Hmm….goat is hard to find. Can't we use a priest skull instead? I've got plenty of those." Veronika said thoughtfully, gesturing towards the unconscious holy men on the floor of the other room. Illyra cocked her head to the right and examined the priests.
"These men are holy. We cannot risk the spell getting corrupted." Veronika frowned when Illyra stated this.
"Are you sure? 'Cause those guys are, like, SERIOUSLY annoying." Veronika growled, cracking her knuckles. Illyra shook her head.
"The spell would get corrupted. Only a goats head will do." She said.
"Oh, fine! Let's do it!" Veronika said. Callao, Veronika, and Illyra all walked out of the church.
Tara jumped out of her car when she came to the church. There were hundreds and hundreds of holes in it, like someone punched through. Not a good sign. She went into the church to find four priests, all scared and lying on the floor. One of them, a bald man, kept saying something that sounded like "the Beast…the Beast..." Tara tried asking them what the heck happened, and none of them spoke. She saw the opening by the wall that lead to a cold, steel room. Inside this room, there was only one thing: a metal pod surrounded by broken glass. She knew what had happened: Veronika had found Illyra. Tara quickly rushed out of the church to see if there was any sign of the villains. They were no where to be found. She quickly got into her car and decided to look around the small town. She had been across town three times now, and the two were still no where in sight. The town was very small, only about seventeen miles across, and there were no houses. After this, Tara was getting frustrated and bored. She then discovered a bright blue light coming from a thicket of trees in the horizon. Tara went full speed toward the direction of the light.
"Shyut dimurko fleshindu mortem," Illyra chanted in the Circle of the Black Thorn that she had drawn on the ground of the woods. Veronika and Callao were watching excitedly. This was their moment, when they would go back to the Old World and not run anymore! Illyra barely had started the dreadfully long spell when all of a sudden a Camaro came crashing through the small thicket of trees. Tara launched herself out of the vehicle, blaster in hand. Veronika's features started to come out as she put herself between Illyra and Tara.
"Oh no you DON'T! I've worked too hard to get this done to have a stick of a girl like you come and ruin it all! Veronika tried to hit Tara, but she ducked out of the way just in time, swiping Veronika off her feet. She was up just as fast as she went down.
"Okay, now I'm getting a little ticked off. You humans just don't know when to quit, do you?" She back handed Tara, sending her flying into a huge oak tree. "Also, you guys are really selfish. At first, we welcomed your new species, and then you chase us out of our own world? I mean, what's up with that? I have done nothing to you guys!" Tara slowly got up. That hurt a lot, but she forced herself to endure.
"You think you didn't do anything to me? You killed my best friend, you drove my coworker crazy, and you're trying to destroy and/or enslave the human race!" Tara blasted Veronika with a blaster gun, making her stumble to the ground. She once again was up in a millisecond.
"Ugh. Boo, who, I'm Tara, I'm sad my little friend died cry, cry, cry. BTW, your little boyfriend was broken long before I stuck a fire poker into his brain. He really hated when I did that. Goddess, Complain, complain, complain-that's all you people do nowadays. Don't you see that the hardest thing to do in this world is to live in it? I mean, you're trying to save a world that wasn't even yours to begin with; all those stories they told you guys in your little G. I Joe base is complete crap. You humans are all too stupid and Naïve to believe that this isn't your world to save. You ignorant savages were just holding it for me until I got back, but NO! You just jump in and say "oh, look at me, I'm cooler than you with my fancy English language, you're evil and do not deserve to live in the world that you once ruled. Now tell me, T-Rex, who sounds like the true villains in this scenario? Fine, I killed and tortured a lot of people in my time, I'll admit- but they were going to die anyway." Veronika stated, "I just got them ahead of the curve. Yet another draw back to your insolent species." Tara charged towards Veronika, now ready for all of her punches. They engaged in a huge fight, with kicks and punches from Veronika never touching Tara, and kicks and punches from Tara barely effecting Veronika. During this Bruce Lee-esque fight between the two girls, Callao was hiding behind a tree, keeping Illyra guarded. Veronika quickly turned her head and shouted "CALLAO! I COULD USE SOME BACK UP HERE!" Callao came out of the trees and also launched himself at Tara. Tara stood shocked when she saw the spider demon.
"How is that thing not dead? I saw it die in the castle!" Tara said while Callao made an attempted round house kick.
"A little magic can go a long way, baby," Veronika said with a smile, " Unfortunately, I'm not very good at it, so I let Illyra here do most of the work." Tara quickly brought out her sword and decapitated the spider demon. Veronika was then enraged, "That was his last resurrection, you insolent girl! That's it; you die NOW!" Veronika once again engaged Tara in combat. She checked to see if Illyra was done with the spell yet; she wasn't even half way through. "Come on now, Ill, let's speed things up a bit." Tara once again got out her blaster and set it on HIGH. She blasted Veronika with everything she had, knocking her to the ground. She used this small interval of time to step into the Circle of the Black Thorn and shatter the goat skull in the middle of it. Illyra let out a shrill scream that was reminiscent of nails on a chalk board and stood up from where she was kneeling. Tara blasted her as well, causing her to fall to the ground. Both Veronika and Illyra stood up and headed towards Tara at full speed. Tara, thinking on her feet, jumped up and grabbed an oak tree branch, swinging herself on top of it. She then climbed the tree. She had only a little bit of time until Veronika kicked the tree down, so she got out the spell she had received from the General. It was mostly English, but had a couple phrases of Latin mixed in. It was probably manipulated so many times that it actually was Latin at one point, but it must have been altered so many times over the years that some of the words changed. Tara did her best to try and read the mixed up Latin, English, and whatever other kinds of words were in this spell:
"The center is dark. Centrum EST obscurus. The darkness breathes. Tenebrae respiratis. The listener hears. Hear me. Unlock the gate, let the darkness shine. Cover us with holy fear. Show me. Corsheth and Gilail, the gate is open. Receive the dark, release the unworthy...Take of mine energy and be sated! Be sated, release the unworthy!"" Tara started to feel dizzy, and the world started to get darker. She was totally insensate, and almost fainted. She almost didn't realize that the tree she was in suddenly started leaning farther backward and she then came into her senses and knew Veronika had knocked down the tree. Tara stood up from the tree and jumped down. The sky suddenly turned from pitch black to light purple, and all around the three girls huge tears in reality began to open.
"WHAT DID YOU DO?!? YOU JUST BROKE THE WORLD, SMART ONE!" Veronika said to Illyra. Illyra was dumbfounded, not realizing what just happened. Tara then rammed both of Veronika and Illyra like a football player. She had knocked Illyra unconscious, miraculously, but Veronika was still up. They once again got into a fist fight, and Tara twisted Veronika's arms around her back. All around them in the woods, the wind had picked up almost as if a tornado was starting to form. Veronika and Tara were now locked with each other. Tara felt HER arms being pulled, and realized Veronika had regained control over the fight. Tara cried out as Veronika pulled; she finally broke free and fell to the ground.
"Looks like you're fighting a losing battle, sweet cheeks. You can just give up now if you like- wait, what are you doing?" Veronika asked. Tara now had the unconscious body of Illyra in her grasp, and she was swinging her around and around. She finally let go of her, and Illyra went flying into Veronika, making her stumble back into one of the dimensional rips behind her. Veronika stumbled into the rip and fell in. "This fight is SERIOUSLY starting to suck on my part. I'll leave with a bang then: T, I'm going to come back and my numero uno on my to -do list is to use your flattened corpse as a human skinned rug. Then, I'm going to do the same thing with your entire selfish, brain-dead race. Ohh, yes, when I come back from this weird vortex thingy, I'm going to have LOTS more sarcasm and witty pop culture lines! Always remember: I'll kill your Loves, I'll kill your friends-and I'll make you watch as I do it with a song in my heart. No matter what you do, You'll always be a broken doll to the world. A secretly messed up girl who can't even save her own friends from either going crazy or dying without going mad herself." Veronika said in a booming voice. Tara glared into Veronika's eyes as if she was staring into the very pith of Veronika's soul.
"Drop dead, Medusa." Tara said. She then kicked Veronika into the rip, causing her to fall backwards. Tara could hear her terrified scream for a long time. She then sensed Illyra, fully conscious, came up behind her. Illyra launched herself at Tara, but missed as Tara duck. She then fell, face first into the rip after Veronika. After she fell, Tara gathered Callao's remains and threw them in with the girls. She then uttered the last part of the spell, which sealed all the rips, "Signum porta," she said, and all the rips, one by one, sealed themselves, and the last one to seal was the one Illyra and Veronika fell through. Smiling, she gathered all the weapons she dropped, remembering the loss of her scythe at the Castle. She then silently got into her car and drove back to headquarters, satisfied with what she had accomplished. She had peace now; she could now go on guilt free. It was time to start new.
Six Months Later
Tara drove down the highway in her Yellow, newly-fixed up Camaro. The battle with Veronika was now over, and Tara had to fulfill a promise to start fresh. She now lived back home with her parents, whom she had newly made up with after disappearing off the face of the Earth without a single word five years before after flunking college. She will never tell them where she was, because as far as anyone knows, the place she was in didn't even exist anymore. She was now currently studying at The University of California in Sunnydale, California to be an elementary school teacher. Tara pulled into the parking lot of her Therapist's offices. She got out of the car and walked in through the front door. The receptionist, Amy, greeted Tara with a friendly smile.
"Good afternoon, Miss Harris. Doctor Landry will see you now in the group therapy room." She said sweetly.
"Thank you, Amy. I love your dress by the way." Tara said with one of the first sincere smiles she has had on in months.
"Why thank you! It's a Versace original piece. I almost got killed trying to look for it!" Amy said with a laugh.
"Yeah, well, it looks great. I'll see you later." She waved at Amy and proceeded toward the Group Room. She found all of her new friends there. Doctor Landry greeted Tara with a warm smile.
"Why, hello, Miss Late. Please introduce yourself; there are some new people in our room today." said the Doctor.
"Um, okay," said Tara in an awkward voice, standing before the big circle of people. She cleared her throat and stood up straight, "My name Is Tara Harris, and I've been fighting depression for five and a half years."
Illyra weakly sat up from the white space surrounding her. Veronika was asleep behind her, just like she had been ever since they landed in this new dimension. Illyra almost had it. She concentrated with all of her power until finally- blue sparks weakly attempted to flare from her hands. Illyra started chuckling to herself.


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