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The Other Shoe Has Finally Dropped

Short story By: hyperforce
Science fiction

After his roommate leaves for work,a guy pops some pills that he had bought from a TV ad and gets himself transformed into the woman that was inside of him.

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You know what one of my pet peeves happens to be?It's those stupid ads on TV that claim to work wonders for whatever the situation and some of us are way too stupid to call the toll free number and buy that product of theirs instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop like everyone else on this very planet of ours known as Earth.I have a feeling that want to know what I'm talking about which does bring us to this one apartment complex within the city of Cleveland,Ohio where two guys named Nick Bixby and Christopher Larson happen to be living at.

It was on the day after Christmas and about five days before New Year's Eve that Nick was going over the guest list for the New Year party that he was planning on hosting that year,only to have him spot his best friend and roommate sitting in front of a TV set with a cell-phone in one hand and a credit card in the other which had caused Nick to walk right over to Chris,look at him straight in the eyes and say,"Now,I know that this might be considered to you as none of my business!But what the hell are you doing?"

"I'm about to order these new pills that could instantly transform you into the person that you really are inside.",that was the answer that Chris had given to Nick while he was pointing to the ad on the TV set and before Nick had rolled his eyes,let out a sigh and say,"Ah,no!Not that bullshit again!Look,Chris!I like you!I really do!And if you really want to wear womens clothing for the rest of your life,I'm not going to be the one to judge!But if you let yourself buy something from a TV ad without getting some scientific proof about it first,you're going to be in for some major disappointment,Man!I mean it!"

Well,not only had Chris not listen to his roommate and purchased those pills,anyway.He had also asked for next day delivery.And as soon as the mail had came,Nick had opened the mailbox and found a box that was addressed to Chris.And when he had discovered that it was from those guys who had produced the TV ad that they had watched the other day,Nick had carried the box into the apartment,placed on the kitchen table and said,"Well,so much for trying to get it through that thick skull of yours.But I'm still saying that you're due for a disappointment."

"I really am sorry about this,Nick.I know that you're concerned about my health and well-being.But it's just that I do not feel like being a woman trapped inside a man's body anymore!And like it or not,I really do believe that these pills are going to help me with that problem once and for all!",that was what Chris had said to Nick before he had opened the box and before Nick had looked at his watch and said,"Okay!Fine!If you want to kill yourself,go right on ahead!I'm not going to try to stop you because if I do,I'll be late for work!Hopefully,you'll be able to come to your senses and still be alive when I get home!"

But after Nick had put on his winter gear and left the apartment,Chris had opened the bottle of the pills that he had bought from the TV ad,taken a deep breath and thought to himself,*Well,Nick.I guess that there's only one way to prove you wrong.*,just before he had read the instructions,popped the pills into his mouth and chased them down with some orange juice.That had suddenly caused Chris to suffer some heavy cramps in the stomach and forced him to rush himself into the bathroom and puke into the toilet before he had turned the water on and crawled into the shower in hopes of cooling off what was causing that poor guy so much pain.

Then,after the pain had subsided and he had stopped screaming his lungs out,Chris had turned the water off and carefully stepped out of the shower and over to the mirror.And when he had gotten a good look at his reflection,a smile had came upon his newly-transformed lips before he had allowed himself to say,"They've worked!They have worked!WHOLLY FUCKING SHIT,HOW THEY HAVE WORKED!"Sometime later,Nick had returned home from work,looked around the apartment and called,"CHRIS!CHRIS,ARE YOU HERE?!AND IF YOU ARE,PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU'RE STILL ALIVE!OKAY?!"

That was when he had heard the sound of a mysterious lady laughing inside Chris' bedroom,where he was embarressed to find a beautiful blonde babe laying totally naked on the bed and had to clear his throat and say,"Sorry to barge in on you like this.I'm looking for my roommate.Is he in here somewhere?",only to have the mystery blonde look at Nick with a smile on her lips and ask,"What's wrong,Nick?Don't you recognize your own roommate?"And just as he was about to ask the blonde how she had came to know his name,Nick had turned his eyes toward the open bottle of his roommate's so-called wonder pills on the kitchen table and noticed that some of them were missing which had made Nick look at the blonde maiden with shock in his eyes,point to his chest and ask in a loud voice,"ARE YOU BULLSHITTING ME?!"

"Look,Nick!I know that this might sound way too much like something out of an episode of The Twilight Zone!But it really is true that I had popped some of the pills!And as you could planely see,they've worked just as they were advertised to work on TV!",that was what the newly-transformed Chris had said before she had gotten off the bed and walked over to a still-shocked Nick."After I had taken those pills,I had felt my male body shrinking in on itself...everywhere but my chest!I mean,as my cock had disappeared into my crotch and started reforming itself into a pussy,my chest had swelled out into these two enormous titties!"

And after she had started pushing her finger straight into the reconstrcuted absence in-between her legs,Chris had slowly licked her lips and said,"Now,I'm hot and ready!My brand-new pussy is soaking wet and my nipples are hard!All I want in the world is a hard cock in my cunt!And you're going to give it to me,aren't you?"And when she had noticed that a reluctant Nick was about to reject that idea,Chris had placed a hand on his chest and said,"Come on,Nick!You can do it!",before she had taken her finger out of her snatch and added,"Look at this little pussy!Does this look like a cock?I'm a girl now!"

Then,she had placed her hands on her large breasts and said,"Look at these huge,fat tits!Don't these make you horny?Wouldn't you like to bury your face between my titties while you fuck me?",before she had looked down at Nick's pantsand noticed a bulge poking out of them.And after she had added,"Oh,yeah!That's it!I can see it getting hard!Now take your dick out and fuck me!",Nick was so overcome with the wave of pure sexual lust that he was unable to stop himself from stripping off his clothes and jerking off on that stiff cock of his just before they had plopped themselves down on the bed and Nick had began sucking every last drop of juice right out of Chris' moist snatch with his hands on her huge tits.

That was before he had laid himself on top of Chris and started poking his finger right into her asshole while she was rubbing his large dick and saying,"Aaaahhhh,sssshhhhit!Yeeeessss!Do it to me,Nick!Do it to me good!Shove that digit into my ass!I love getting it in the ass!Love it so moooorrrrph!"And after she had sucked on his huge cock,Nick had taken it out of Chris' mouth,put his hands on her bare shoulders and began sucking her tits and drilling his large dick deeper and deeper into her soaking wet pussy which had caused Chris to lay her hands on Nick's bare back and let out a scream of such wonderous sexual pleasure before they had let a bucket full of cum gush out of them and stopped to catch their breath.

But when she had looked at Nick's face and noticed that the look of reluctance has returned,a concerned Chris had placed a gentle hand on his cheek and asked,"What's wrong,Nick?Was it not good enough for you?",only to have Nick take a deep breath,look at his newly-changed roommate and say,"To tell you the truth,Chris.It was fantastic.It's just that I'm still waiting for that other shoe to drop."And strangely enough,that other shoe had indeed dropped for it was on the very next day that Chris had suddenly felt the urge to go into the bathroom and 'Leggo Her Eggo',if you know what I mean.

And after she had done that,Chris had placed her hand on her belly and felt that something had started to grow in there just before Nick had stepped into the bathroom,placed a gentle hand on her belly and asked,"You're pregnant,are you?",which had made a scared Chris slowly nod her head in response to that question before Nick had let out a quarter smile and said,"I knew it!I just knew it!The other shoe has finally dropped!"Of course,they had no choice but to get married and make their union official because there was one thing that both Nick and Christine Bixby really had agreed on which happens to be that there was no way that they were going to let their cute little bundle of joy be born out of wedlock.And besides,who said that the Baby New Year does not need to be a real baby anyway,eh?


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