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The One Taste Of Pure Sweet Revenge(for AnyaLovesHerPeterPan's Revenge Is Sweet! Contest)

Short story By: hyperforce
Science fiction

During a Christmas party,one scientist invites another to join him in his basement laboratory to see something that the host happens to label as 'a holiday surprise'.

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It was on Christmas Eve at the home of Doctor George Eaton that everyone who was able to attend his annual holiday party were able to enjoy themselves and thank the host for having them over to celebrate the most joyous season of the year with him before he had given a handsome fellow scientist named Derek Moore a tap on the shoulder and asked,"Say,Derek?Would you please join me in my basement laboratory for a little bit?There is something that I really want to show you!"

And as soon as he had figured that George had possibly hit upon a new scientific discovery,Derek had became curious enough to say,"Sure thing,George!By the way,what is it that you have to show me in your basement lab?"

"You could say that it is 'a holiday surprise'!",that was the answer that George had given to Derek before the host and his curious guest had gone into the basement and over to a strange glowing room which had forced Derek to take a peek into that room with confused eyes and asked,"Say,George?Would that holiday surprise happen to be inside this very room?"

That was when a sinister smiling George had loudly answered,"IT MOST CERTAINLY IS,YOU SON OF A BITCH!",shoved Derek into the room and closed the door.

And after George had locked that door and turned on a few switches,Derek had frantically knocked on the safety glass window and yelled,"COME ON,GEORGE!THIS IS NOT FUNNY!NOW,LET ME OUT OF HERE!",only to have George look at his helpless victim with such devilish glee and say,"WHAT?!AND DENY ME OF THE ONE TASTE OF PURE SWEET REVENGE?!NOT ON YOUR LIFE!BESIDES,THIS PROCEDURE HAPPENS TO BE QUITE HARMLESS!I WILL NOT FEEL A THING!"

Then,after George had turned the power on full blast,the only thing that Derek had no choice but to do was drop down to the floor,close his eyes and let out a scream of intense pain.

That was before Derek had finally opened his eyes and noticed the door was unlocked and open.

And after he had stepped out of that room and into the bathroom because he had felt like he was going to be sick,Derek had looked at his reflection in the mirror and shockingly realized that George's device had transformed him into an exact duplicate of Playboy Magazine's October 2009 Playmate Of The Month Lindsay Gayle Evans.

And when 'she' had stripped off 'her' clothes and noticed the device really had completely transformed him into a woman,Derek had suddenly heard some chuckling coming from right behind 'her' which had caused the newly transformed scientist to turn around slowly and face George just in time to hear him say,"IT WORKS!IT REALLY WORKS!SO,DEREK!HOW DOES IT FEEL TO GET YOURSELF CHANGED FROM A GUY TO A DOLL,EH?!"

That was when 'she' had suddenly deduced the real reason of why George had done that to 'her'.

"Have a heart,George!",Derek had pleaded with pure sadness in 'her' voice."Look,I am sorry that I snatched your girlfriend!I truly am!But if you said that you never want to see the two timing bitch again,then why...?"

But just as 'she' was about to finish asking that question,Derek had watched George take his clothes off with wide eyes and said,"Uuhhh!George,could you stop taking your pants off,please?You're making me nervous!"

"Come on,Derek!You should know full well that you are in need of a good fuck right now!",that was what George had said while he was jerking off on his large dick and before a reluctant Derek had shaken 'her' head and said,"No,George!That's where you're wrong!I don't want you to fuck me!",only to have George point at the spot in-between Derek's legs and ask,"Oh,really?Then why are you pumping your fingers into that pussy of yours,Bitch?"

And as soon as 'she' had came to realize that 'her' newfound sexual urges were way too powerful for 'her' to ignore any longer,poor Derek had no choice but to say,"Yes,George!Fuck me!I really want you to fuck me...right here...and right now!"

But just as 'she' was about to kiss George on the lips,he had given Derek one hell of a hard slap across the face,thrown 'her' down on the bed and handcuffed her wrists to the frame before George had pulled real hard on Derek's hair and said,"As of right now,Derek!You are just a dirty whore!And I want you to say it out loud!"

Then,after he had flipped 'her' over and picked up his belt,George had started shoving and ramming his huge cock straight into Derek's asshole and smacking and smashing that belt of his right on 'her' bare back until it had became all bruised and bloodied.

"SAY IT,BITCH!I WANT TO HEAR YOU SAY IT!I WANT TO HEAR YOU SAY THAT YOU ARE A DISGUSTING FILTHY WHORE!",George had yelled at Derek before he had flipped 'her' over again and started drilling his cock deeper and deeper into 'her' unprotected snatch and slamming and pounding his fists right down on 'her' tits.

And after 'she' had let out a scream of intense pain and yelled,"YEEEESSSS!YEEEESSSS,GEORGE!IT'S TRUE!IT REALLY IS SO TRUE!IREALLY AM A DISGUSTING FILTHY WHORE!",George had looked at his helpless sex toy with a sinister smile on his face and said,"That is all I've wanted to hear,you skanky cow!",before he had started choking 'her' to death before he was about to cum.

That had George wake up in his own bedroom and screaming bloody murder just before he had let out a sigh of relief and thought to himself,*What the fucking hell is wrong with me?I am a scientist!Not a homicidal maniac!*

Then,when he had noticed that the bathroom light was on,a curious George had asked,"REBECCA,WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE?!"

"JUST TALKING TO A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE,GEORGE!GO BACK TO SLEEP!",that was the answer that Rebecca had given George before she had placed her celphone back up to her ear and said in a soft voice,"Yes,Derek!I know that it would break his heart!But it has to be done!Besides,he's really not my type,anyway!"


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