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The Extraction Drone(for MayIsDaBeast's contest)

Short story By: hyperforce
Science fiction

A depressed college student decides to leave Africa and go home,only to have him step inside an old structure and find a device that transports him to another planet.

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Yes,it really is true that some people would be able to find the lush jungles of Africa to be a wonderful delight to the eyes.But you see,a young and handsome male with dark brown hair named Ryan York was unable to agree those other folks because he was suppossed to go do some bumming around the city of Berea,Ohio.

But instead,he had gotten himself talked by his friends into going on an scientific expedition with one of his Baldwin Wallace College professors to Africa.And it had made poor Ryan become so depressed that he had decided to pack up his stuff,Leave the camp and find a way to get back home on his own.

And as soon as he was about a few hundred yards away from the camp,Ryan had sat himself down on the steps of a very old palace like structure to rest for a little bit,only to have him listen to a beeping sound coming from inside that very structure which had made him become curious enough to go inside and see why anyone would leave a cell phone in there.

But as soon as he had followed the beeping to its source,Ryan had discovered that it had actually came from some machine that an alien race had left on Earth many years ago.And after he had looked around and noticed that none of the other members of the Baldwin Wallace expedition had not followed him,Ryan had closed his eyes,taken a deep breath and pressed a button on the keypad of the device.

And when he had witnessed a pair of lazer type cannons aiming themselves at him and figured it to be some sort of alarm system,Ryan had figured that he had better get his ass out of there before it becomes a human sized piece of charcoal.

But just as he was about to leave that structure,the twin cannons had fired their beams at Ryan and caused him to disappear from that structure.Now,we are getting to the weird part.As soon as Ryan had finally opened his eyes and rubbed the sleep out of them,he had looked out of a window and noticed that the palace structure was no longer very old.

In fact,he had discovered that it had somehow transformed itself into the most wonderful palace on the very planet Earth and a city that was being vibrant with the many colors of the rainbow and teaming with enough people to fill up the entire section of New York City's very own Times Square.

But that was not all that he had discovered because as soon as he had turned towards a doorway,the look onRyan's face had changed into that of shock for he had noticed a huge lion standing in front of him which had forced poor Ryan to say,"Wholly fucking shit!How am I going to get my ass out of this mess now?"

That was before the lion had suddenly turned around and walked out of the room which had allowed Ryan to become curious enough to follow that lion out of that one room,down a long hallway and into an extremely lush bed chamber which was where he had found the lion laying on a bed and next to a beautiful naked maiden who had bared a striking resemblance to a totally hot porn star babe back on Earth named Charmane Star.

And when she had gotten a good look at Ryan,the maiden had gotten herself off the bed and said,"I see that the extraction drone has performed its duty yet again!Iam Queen Jorina and Ihereby welcome you to my world that is the planet Gateven!"

That was before she had noticed that Ryan was staring at the loin on the bed which had made Queen Jorina smile and say,"Oh,I see.You have nothing to fear from Hollar.It is true that he is also from your planet.But I had raised him from a little cub.He will not harm you."

Then,after she had sucked on two of her fingers and started sliding them in and out of her soaking wet pussy,Queen Jorina had placed her other hand on her huge tits,slowly licked her lips and said,"Now,come closer!Come and allow yourself to give me such wonderous pleasure!Allow me to arose your loins more and more!"

That had made Ryan take his clothes off and jerk off on his Kong sized cock before both he and Queen Jorina had laid themselves on the bed and he had started sucking every last drop of juice out of her cunt with his hands on her massive jugs while Hollar had laid there and just watched.

Then,after she had rubbed her hands all over his head and bare shoulders and said something in a language that was way too complex for anyone on Earth to understand,Ryan had placed himself on top of Queen Jorina and poked his finger in and out of her asshole while she was sucking on his hard as steel rod.

And then,after he had taken it out of her mouth,Ryan had put his hands on her shoulders and began sucking on her tits and slamming his Godzilla sized dick deep into her moist snatch which had made Queen Jorina lay her hands on Ryan's bare back and let out a scream that was so loud that any planet within the entire vastness of deep space could hear it.

That was before both Ryan and Queen Jorina had finally came and fallen asleep on that very bed.And while they were sleeping,Queen Jorina's pet lion Hollar had gotten off the bed and left the bed chamber just in time for someone to step inside,tap Ryan on the shoulder and ask,"Ryan?Ryan,are you up?"

And after the stranger had noticed that Ryan was still asleep,the mysterious figure had grabbed hold of a large oval shaped bowl,filled it with water and poured the water directly on Ryan's head.And of course,that had forced Ryan to wake up and yell out these words,"HEY!WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON,MAN?!"

And as soon as he had looked around and noticed that he was still in his tent,Ryan had placed his hands over his eyes and said,"Ah,shit!I don't believe it!It was only a fucking dream!",only to have the one who had dumped water on Ryan's head put the bucket down and say,"Still down in the dumps.Well,Ryan.If I'm not mistaken,there's something outside this tent that might help lift your spirits."

"I know full well that I doubt it.But then again,what else do I have to lose around here?",that was what a depressed Ryan had said before he had followed his friend out of the tent and noticed someone having a discussion with the rest of the group and looking exactly like Charmane Star.

That was before she had given a suddenly awestruck Ryan a friendly handshake,looked at him with a smile and said,"Hi,you must be Ryan York.It's nice to meet you.I'm Jordanna Gateway.The Dean of Students back at Baldwin Wallace figured that you guys might need some extra help around here.And I'm sure that we could be the best of friends.",which had made a still wide eyed Ryan slowly shake his small smiling head and say,"Oh,yeah.Sure.The best of friends."



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