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Such A Fast Learner

Short story By: hyperforce
Science fiction

A woman wakes up on New Year's Day and discovers that she had somehow gotten herself pregnant and it might have something to do with her latest sexual conquest.

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Oh,do I have such an aching head!I really do need to get an asprin!What the...?Why the fucking hell am I having trouble sitting up?Maybe if could...just...lift my...head up...a little bit,I could...!SHIT!I don't believe...!But it's true!I'm pregnant!I mean,I really am so knocked up and I have no way of knowing how it happened!Whoa!Take it easy,Girlfriend!All you need to do now is take a deep breath,relax and try as best as you possibly could to remember what had happened last night!Okay,I remember that it was December 31st and my girlfriends and I had decided to go over to this bar that was hosting some big New Year's Eve party type of thing!But as soon as we had stepped into the place and looked around,we were all shocked at the sight of all of these people in the strangest costumes on the face of this very planet Earth!

I mean,they were all wearing sci-fi and fantasy costumes but some of those costumes had things that looked like large male dicks sticking out of them!And as for the women,their costumes made them look like they had came from some faraway galaxy just to suck our men dry and eat them alive!That was when I had looked at my girlfriends and said,"Look!I'm sorry!But I really am not into this shit!",before I've got my ass out of there and bumped into this one handsome stud who really does look safe enough to be around with.Yes,I know that he was a white boy.But as long as he was not wearing one of those sick costumes like those other bitches and assholes back in that bar,who gives a shit?But of course,just to be on the safe side,I had looked at this handsome stud with a smile on my face and said,"I bet that you never fucked a black woman before."

That was when he had looked at me with those confused eyes of his and said,"Actually,I had never...'fucked'...any woman before.",which had made me take that poor boy by the hand and say,"Well then,Sweet Thing.Since that's the case,I should take you with me back to my place and show you how it's done."And as soon as we had arrived at my pad,I had stripped off my clothes,stood bare-ass naked in front of that young stallion and said,"Okay.All you need to do now is do what I just did.",only to have him look at me like he had no way of knowing what I was talking about.That had made me laugh,walk up to him and say,"Here.Let's get you naked.",before I had helped him take his clothes off and saw what a truly hot bod this boy had on him.

And after I had placed my hand on his shoulder and said,"Now don't you worry,Sweet Thing.This won't hurt a bit.",I've kissed him on the lips,kneeled myself down and started sucking on that large dick of his just before he had lifted me up and placed me on the sofa which had made me smile and say,"My,aren't we such a fast learner."That was before he had placed his hand on my head and...!OH,SHIT!Now,I remember how this happened to me!Some weird energy had made me lose control of my own body and turned me into this huge puppet!And when he smiled and said,"Let me show you how much of a quick study I really am.",he had moved my legs away from my clit,placed his hands on the arm of the sofa and started slamming that huge cock of his deeper and deeper into my pussy!

That was before he rolled me over and drilled that sucker deep into my ass!I'm telling you right now!I've never cum so much in my entire life!I swear to God in Heven above!And after that was all finally over and all of that cum had gushed right out of us one last time,that strange white boy had stood up,looked at the same weird energy on the palm of his hand and said,"Impregnation process has been successfully completed!I am now ready to return to our home planet!",before he had looked at me and said,"Goodbye and thank you so much for participating in the process!We shall be in touch!"And when I saw him turn into a ball of light and zoom himself out of the window and into outer space,I've finally closed my eyes and gone right to sleep.

And when I woke up...well,I guess that you already get the idea!Oh,sure.I'll be fine.It's just that...well...I've never expected something like this to happen to me so fast!I'm not even sure that I'm ready to be a mom to any baby yet.Much less,one whose father is this glowing light version of those little green guys,if you get my drift.Maybe I should go to the hospital and have myself and this...little bundle of joy...checked up!That is if I could find some clothes that would fit me now!


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